Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of the Devil’s son episode 10

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef


“My lady, h¡s Highness has requested your pres£nce.”

“You may leave.” I said as my [email protected] began to sweat and my h£art began to hammer |ns!de my ch£st. I had spent th£ wh0l£ night plott!ng my revenge, th!nk!ng of different ways to kill Pierre. None of th£m seemed [email protected]!$fy!ng enough. Death was a too small a punishment.

But I couldn’t give h¡m th£ punishment h£ deserved. Th¡s was all I could do.

I looked myself one last time !n th£ mirror. I chose a beautiful peach dress that complimented my sk!n and let my hair d©wΠ !n beautiful waves. Putt!ng some perfume I pa!nted my l¡ps th£ same color as my dress. Tak!ng a deep breath to calm my nerves d©wΠ I stepped ©vt of th£ room. I needed to be calm and confident if I wanted my plan to succeed.

On my way to Pierres room I thought ab©vt all th£ th!ngs that could go wrong and what would happen to me if I failed. I was sure I wouldn’t live to see anoth£r day th£n.

Th£ guards opened th£ door immediately with©vt !nform!ng my pres£nce and gestured for me to go !n. I ₱u$h£d all of my fears aside and h£ld my h£ad high as I walked !n with steady, determ!ned steps.

“Good morn!ng, Your Highness.” I curtsied.

Pierre who was sitt!ng comfortably !n an armchair looked up !n surprise. s1©wly h¡s l¡ps formed !nto a smile of [email protected]!$faction.

“Good morn!ng, my dear.” h£ said gett!ng up from h¡s chair while lett!ng h¡s gaze sweep over my b©dy, from h£ad to toe. “You look lovely today.”

“Thank you.” I tried to smile with©vt sound!ng nervous.

h£ narrowed h¡s gaze as if try!ng to figure me ©vt. “Is th£re a special occasion I don’t know of?”

“No Your highness. I j√$t decided to not act childish anym©r£.” I began. “I have thought alot ab©vt what is best for me and as you said it’s not be!ng on your bad side. ”

I looked up to meet h¡s gaze and h£ was still look!ng calculat!ngly at me. At last h£ crossed th£ little distance b£tweeΠ us and wr*₱ped one arm @r0vnd my [email protected]¡$t ₱v||!ng my b©dy to h¡s. I fought [email protected] not to look disgusted.

“Are you say!ng you agreed to become m!ne?”

I nodded. “But I need some time.You killed my husband after all, it’s impossible to like you overnight.”

h£ let go of me look!ng amused. “I appreciate your honesty but still you see, I feel…hurt. I will give you th£ time you need but meanwhile you will not live as a pr!ncess but as my personal maid. How ab©vt that?” h£ said rais!ng one brow.

“You still want to punish me?”

“Oh no.” h£ shook h¡s [email protected] “I j√$t wanted you to not take too much time. I am become m©r£ and m©r£ impatient, you see.”

Yes, I could see. h£ would make my life miserable as h¡s personal maid so that I would make up my m!nd f*st. Neverm!nd, h£ would already be dead by th£n. As h¡s personal maid I would get many opportunities to be alone with h¡m and that was j√$t what I needed.

“Now, I need a bath.” h£ said enjoy!ng th£ situation h£ put me !n.

“Of course, Your highness. I will prepare one immediately.” I said annoyed that h£ couldn’t even wait a moment before h£ could beg!n to order me @r0vnd. I didn’t even get a chance to change from th£ beautiful dress I was wear!ng.

Thanks to Lydia I knew how to prepare a bath. I filled th£ bathtub with h°t water, put some scented oils and soap, th£n went on to br!ng some towels.

My h£art was b**t!ng all th£ time th!nk!ng how uncomfortable it would be to bath someone, especially someone as dirty as Pierre. Even if h£ used all th£ water !n th£ world h£ would still be as dirty as h£ was.

“Are you done?”

I turned round. “Yes, Your Highn…” I couldn’t f!nish th£ s£ntences as my gaze fell on a completely n.a.k.e.d Pierre. Shocked and embarra$$ed I quickly averted my gaze.

h£ chuckled as I kept look!ng away until h£ slid !nto th£ water. “I’m wait!ng.” h£ said mockery clear !n h¡s voice.

I quickly went to th£ side of th£ tub, avoid!ng to look at h¡m I grabb£d a wash cloth£s. Before I could ₱0ur some soap on it h£ shook h¡s h£ad. “No, I want you to use your [email protected]

One brow raised h£ waited for my reaction.

A curse almost escaped my l¡ps but I urged myself to stay calm. ₱0ur!ng th£ soap !nto my [email protected] I pretended that I was wash!ng cloth£s !nstead of a person but h£ knew how to anger me.

“No, not th£re, h£re. No no, th£re.”

“Yes, j√$t like that.”

“Be ¢ar£ful, not to [email protected]

“Don’t be so s1©w. Wash f*ster.” And h£ kept on and on.

I had never been so annoyed !n my life before. I j√$t wanted to ₱ush h¡m d©wΠ th£ water and make h¡m drown. Sadly I wasn’t strong enough.

Th£ days went by very s1©w as h¡s personal maid and it was a torture but it gave me many opportunities to be with h¡m wh£n h£ was alone and vulnerable, such as wh£n h£ was asleep.I towered over h¡m wh£re h£ [email protected] on h¡s b£d, watch!ng h¡s ch£st rise and [email protected]|| as h£ went !nto a deep slumber. Th£n I s1©wly grabb£d a knife that I had stolen from th£ kitch£n and tied to my th¡gh under my dress.

My h£art accelerated as I lifted th£ knife !n th£ air hold!ng it t!ghtly with both my [email protected] Th¡s time I told myself not to fail, not to be afraid. h£ deserved to die so why was I h£sitat!ng? As usual my [email protected] began to shake and I began to sweat. I told myself to br!ng th£ knife d©wΠ and stab h¡m once and for all but my b©dy refused to listen. I listed to myself all th£ reasons I had to kill h¡m but my b©dy still refused to obey.

I don’t know why I was conv!nc!ng myself over and over aga!n wh£n I knew deep d©wΠ I that I couldn’t kill h¡m. I could j√$t now kill a liv!ng breath!ng human be!ng. I could j√$t not.

s1©wly I let my [email protected] [email protected]|| to th£ sides still hold!ng th£ knife !n one. I was angry and disappo!nted with myself. Why couldn’t I do th¡s? It shouldn’t be difficult to kill someone you despise so much. Th¡s was th£ fifth time I tried and failed.

Maybe I should have j√$t gone with Lothaire, far away from th¡s place. If h£ came [email protected]¢k th¡s time I would. I had noth!ng left h£re to do if I couldn’t even kill Pierre.

Stuff!ng th£ knife [email protected]¢k I went to th£ storeroom wh£re I sleep on a th!n mattress among stored food. I did not cry th¡s time as I went [email protected]¢k to sleep. I felt empty, as if no emotions were left |ns!de of me and my h£art froze to stone. No pa!n, no anger. I didn’t want to feel it anym©r£ and I was thankful those feel!ngs were gone. I closed my eyes and with it I closed everyth!ng else, especially my h£art.

!n th£ morn!ng I was [email protected]¢k to my daily r©vt!ne. I made my way to Pierres room, prepared some new cloth£s th£n went on to prepare a bath.

h£ was already awake and seemed a little stressed as h£ looked at th£ cloth£s I prepared.

“Don’t you like th£m, Your highness?” I asked with a monotone.

Cross!ng h¡s arms over h¡s ch£st h£ looked at it calculat!ng for a while. “Give me someth!ng m©r£ lavish. I need to impress my future wife.”

“Future wife?” Doesn’t th¡s man ever get enough of women?”Why?” h£ asked turn!ng to me. “Jealous?”

I wanted to laugh. “Not at all….Your Highness.”

“But you will be.” h£ smirked [email protected]!$fy!ngly. “You see…my future wife is one beautiful th!ng but that’s not why I am marry!ng h£r so don’t worry.” Cross!ng th£ distance b£tweeΠ us h£ traced one f!ng£r d©wΠ my ch£ek and over my l¡ps. “You will always be th£ most beautiful th!ng for me.”

I am not a th!ng, I wanted to say but it didn’t matter what I was anym©r£.

As I h£lped h¡m get ready I was surprised that h£ didn’t t£@$e me or annoy me as usual. h£ was rath£r busy with h¡mself, try!ng to look perfect. I didn’t know h£ ¢ar£d that much ab©vt h¡s appearance but h£ did. I wondered who h¡s future wife was that h£ was prepar!ng th¡s much.

“Well done, Hazel.” h£ said look!ng h¡mself !n th£ mirror. “You have became much better, !n fact I th!nk it must have been an accident that you were born as a pr!ncess !nstead of a maid.”

I rolled my eyes with©vt h¡m see!ng me.

“You may leave now.” h£ waved h¡s [email protected]

And never did h£ let me leave so soon.

I left th£ room quickly and went [email protected]¢k to th£ kitch£n wh£re I met Ylva. “Did it go well?” $h£ asked.

“Thankfvlly, h£ is absorb£d with h¡mself today. Apparently h¡s future wife is com!ng.” I wh¡spered to h£r th£n went to grab a pot to make some tea.

“Yes right. h£r broth£r is th£ k!ng of…I don’t remember th£ name but it’s a wealthy k!ngdom. That’s probably why h¡s Highness wants to marry h£r.”

“Who made th£ proposal?” I asked suddenly !nterested.

“Probably h¡s Highness. I hope th£ wealthy k!ng rejects h¡s proposal.”

I hoped so too.

After mak!ng th£ tea I put everyth!ng on th£ plate th£n went to serve it to Pierre. As I walked d©wΠ th£ stairs ¢ar£ful not to spill th£ tea I h£ard some maids gossip…ab©vt me.

“I wonder why h¡s Highness wants h£r so badly. $h£ is not even that beautiful.”

I was so used to it that I wasn’t both£red by it anym©r£ or maybe I was j√$t ly!ng to myself, as I didn’t pay attention to wh£re I was putt!ng my feet and suddenly I was [email protected]||!ng. Th£n someth!ng strange happened, an arm came @r0vnd my [email protected]¡$t prevent!ng me from [email protected]||!ng flat on my stomach.

Who could have saved me th¡s time?



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