Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of the Devil’s son episode 12

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef


Lucian tried to pay attention to what h¡s broth£r was say!ng but h¡s m!nd kept drift!ng [email protected]¢k h£r, th£ maid who had spilled tea on h¡m. For some strange reason h£ had felt a st!ng of pa!n wh£n Jade had slapped h£r and wh£n h£r eyes welled with tears, anger filled h¡s ch£st. But why h£ couldn’t’ understand. h£ certa!nly didn’t know h£r and h£ couldn’t say h£ felt attracted to h£r. Or did h£?

$h£ didn’t look attractive to h¡m. $h£ was too th!n for h¡s taste, almost as if $h£ had been starved. h£r hair was short and ragged and h£r complexion looked rath£r unh£althy. $h£ had dark spots under h£r eyes and h£r l¡ps were chapped, yet h£ hadn’t been able to stop h¡mself from star!ng at h£r. Someth!ng ab©vt h£r drew h¡m !n. Was it th£ !nnocence !n h£r big beautiful chocolate eyes? Or was h£ !ntrigued by th£ way $h£ kept h£r calm even though $h£ was go!ng to get puni$h£d? Eith£r Way, h£ couldn’t stop th!nk!ng ab©vt h£r.

What was h£r name h£ wondered but th£n scolded h¡mself for be!ng distracted by a simple woman wh£n h£ came h£re with an important mission. h£ was h£re to get revenge not women.

Travel!ng to Osakar h£ had disguised h¡mself as th£ir k!ng Alexander and with some h£lp from Nora and Julian h£ got hold of all th£ !nformation h£ needed. Julian had put Alexander to sleep and Nora hid h¡s b©dy with a spell. Lucian didn’t th!nk it would be that easy but h£ soon realized that witch£s could do much m©r£ than h£ had thought. Th£ question was could h£ trust Julian and h¡s sister?

As h¡s m!nd went [email protected]¢k to th£ pres£nt Pierre was still talk!ng, try!ng to make a great impression and Lucian j√$t couldn’t bare to listen anym©r£. Maybe now was th£ time to use some of h¡s devilish tricks h£ thought amused. Go!ng |ns!de h¡s broth£rs h£ad h£ manipulated h¡m !nto th!nk!ng that h£ was done talk!ng.

“Alright th£n. I’ll leave you to rest and we will talk ab©vt th£ details tomorrow.” Pierre said.

Lucian smiled !nwardly. Maybe it wasn’t that bad to be whatever h£ was after all.

On h¡s way [email protected]¢k to th£ room that was arranged for h¡m Lucian came across Levi. h£ was ₱|@y!ng with oth£r kids and th£y were chas!ng each oth£r through th£ halls. Lucian felt a sta!n of guilt watch!ng h¡m, know!ng that h¡s happ!ness would soon come to an end and that h£ would be th£ reason. Th£se were th£ times h£ didn’t feel too excited ab©vt h¡s revenge.

Lucian took one last look at Levis smil!ng face and impr!nted it on h¡s m!nd, th£n h£ cont!nued furth£r and buried h¡s guilt deep |ns!de h¡s h£art.

Once h£ reach£d th£ room h¡s guards stayed beh!nd as h£ walked |ns!de. Lucian had expected to f!nd th£ maid on h£r knees and Jade walk!ng @r0vnd h£r !n circles while mak!ng threats, but nor was Jade !n th£ room and nor was th£ maid on h£r knees. Confused Lucian walked furth£r !n and was astoni$h£d to f!nd th£ maid sleep!ng on h¡s b£d, comfortably. Lucian stared !n shock, th¡s woman was eith£r very brave or very foolish.

!nstead of wak!ng h£r up and scold!ng h£r h£ found h¡mself star!ng once aga!n. $h£ looked so !nnocent and fragile [email protected]!ng !n h¡s large b£d and h£ found h¡mself want!ng to touch h£r. h£ shook h¡s h£ad.


h£ couldn’t be distracted now wh£n h£ came h£re with a clear purpose. j√$t as h£ was ab©vt to wake h£r up $h£ stirred !n h£r sleep and opened h£r eyes s1©wly. $h£ bl!nked several times before rubb!ng h£r eyes and th£n, still unaware of h¡s pres£nce $h£ put h£r arms over h£r h£ad and stretch£d. Half way through h£r stretch $h£ took notice of h¡m and froze !n place. h£ wanted to laugh at how funny $h£ looked but kept a serious face. Once $h£ came ©vt of h£r state of shock $h£ rolled off th£ b£d quickly and stood on th£ oth£r end. h£r eyes darted @r0vnd th£ room look!ng everywh£re except at h¡m.

“Your Highness…I…” $h£ swallowed [email protected], “I…I was j√$t…I didn’t mean to [email protected]|| asleep…I…apologize.”

$h£ rubb£d h£r [email protected] togeth£r nervously still avoid!ng to look at h¡m. Wh£n h£ said noth!ng $h£ raised h£r gaze s1©wly, look!ng directly !nto h¡s eyes. For a moment it felt like $h£ could see through h¡m, through h¡s disguise and deep !nto h¡s soul. h£r eyes h£ld so many emotions that it was overwh£lm!ng yet h£ couldn’t look away. Th£re was a magnetic power !n h£r gaze that had h¡m spellbound and h£ found h¡mself stroll!ng toward h£r. As $h£ saw h¡m walk closer h£r eyes widened !n fear but $h£ didn’t [email protected]¢k away and h£ didn’t stop until h£ stood a breath away from h£r.

Up close h£ found h£r even m©r£ beautiful and $h£ smelled of honey and coconut, a very familiar scent that evoked a hunger !n h¡m h£ never felt before. With©vt realiz!ng h£ raised h¡s [email protected] and put h¡s f!ng£rs lightly on h£r ch£ek. $h£ squirmed at th£ contact but as h¡s f!ng£rs ¢ar£ssed h£r soft sk!n h£r eyes s1©wly fluttered closed and h£r l¡ps parted slightly. Someth!ng stirred to life |ns!de of h¡m and h£ was !n no ¢©Πtr0| of h¡s b©dy anym©r£. h¡s was unaware of h¡s actions as h¡s arm slid @r0vnd h£r [email protected]¡$t and drew h£r b©dy close to h¡s. Even though h¡s m!nd s¢r**med at h¡m to stop h£ leaned closer and buried h¡s face !nto th£ crook of h£r neck. h£ !nhaled deeply, lett!ng h£r sweet scent !ntoxicate h¡s m!nd. How would $h£ taste? h£ thought. How would $h£ taste if $h£ smelled so good?

As if $h£ knew what h£ was ab©vt to do $h£ tilted h£r h£ad [email protected]¢k and grabb£d onto h¡s arms. h£ buried h¡s f!ng£rs !nto h£r hair and th£n s1©wly f|¡¢ked h¡s t0Πge over h£r neck. A sweet sound of ₱1ea$vre escaped h£r l¡ps that set fire to th£ hunger h£ was already feel!ng. ₱ush!ng h£r !nto th£ wall beh!nd h£ h£ld h£r !n place with h¡s b©dy while trail!ng klzzes up h£r neck and jaw. $h£ jerked aga!nst h¡m, want!ng m©r£. h£ ₱u$h£d [email protected] !nto h£r and th£n captured h£r l¡ps with h¡s. h£at exploded |ns!de of h¡m at th£ taste of h£r, a taste that made h¡m wild yet th£ familiarity of it comforted h¡m, calmed h¡m. h£ thought h£ was go!ng to devour h£r but !nstead h£ klzzed h£r softly, touch£d h£r s1©wly, as if h£ wanted to comfort h£r as well. Th£ warmth of h£r b©dy welcomed h¡m, enveloped h¡m !n a world of pa$$ion, desire and love.


Startled h£ ₱u$h£d h¡mself away from h£r and $h!veryed at coldness h£r abs£nce brought.

“Who are you?” h£ asked.

$h£ looked up s1©wly, h£r ch£eks flu$h£d and h£r eyes still hooded with desire.

“Who are you?” $h£ breath£d as $h£ fixed h£r gaze on h¡m.

$h£ was brave !ndeed, but h£ felt as if th£re was m©r£ to h£r question from th£ way $h£ was look!ng at h¡m.

Mov!ng from h£r place $h£ started walk!ng toward h¡m, h£r gaze never leav!ng h¡s until $h£ stood a breath away. h£r eyes s1©wly welled with tears “Who are you?” $h£ asked aga!n and h£ could h£ar desperation !n h£r voice.

$h£ put one [email protected] on h¡s ch£st “Please…” h£r voice cracked as a tear fell d©wΠ h£r ch£ek. Lucian got suddenly confused. Why was $h£ cry!ng all of a sudden?

“Please…” $h£ begged aga!n. Lucian didn’t know what $h£ was begg!ng for but see!ng h£r cry felt like a knife twist!ng !n h¡s h£art. With©vt th!nk!ng h£ wr*₱ped h¡s arms @r0vnd h£r but that seemed to have made th!ngs worse as $h£ suddenly burst !nto tears at h¡s gesture. h£r wh0l£ b©dy shook while $h£ cried and Lucian froze !n place unsure of what to do.

Th£n h£ remembered h£ could go |ns!de h£r h£ad to f!nd ©vt why $h£ was cry!ng. Block!ng everyth!ng else away h£ focused on h£r thoughts but h£ h£ard…noth!ng. h£ tried aga!n but still h£ h£ard noth!ng. Maybe h£r thoughts were a mess s!nce $h£ was cry!ng h£ thought.

Grabb!ng h£r arms h£ ₱v||ed h£r away from h¡s hold.

“Why are you cry!ng?” h£ asked.

A thousand emotions crossed h£r eyes at h¡s question and for awhile $h£ j√$t looked at h¡m, h£r expression s1©wly turn!ng to confusion.

“Who are you?”

“You may call me Your Highness.” h£ said confused at h£r question.

$h£ shook h£r h£ad as if deny!ng h¡s answer.

“And you? Who are you?” h£ asked.

$h£ gazed up, anger fla$h£d through h£r eyes as $h£ gazed !nto h¡s. “I am your wife.”



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