Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of the Devil’s son episode 14 – 15

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef


“I am your wife.”

I was shocked by my own words, as if I didn’t say th£m myself but got possessed by someone else. Even though th£ man !n front of me looked noth!ng like Lucian, every nerve !n my b©dy told me it was h¡m. h¡s voice, h¡s scent, th£ way h£ had klzzed me and how h£ made my h£art race and my b©dy t!ngle. It had to be Lucian, but th£ way h£ was look!ng at me now, as if I was a complete stranger broke my h£art. Maybe it wasn’t h¡m after all, but why was my gut tell!ng me oth£rwise.

No, Lucian would never pretend like h£ didn’t know me which means that I had j√$t klzzed anoth£r man. that

Good lord, what had I done? I took a step [email protected]¢k, angry that h£ had klzzed me and that I had klzzed h¡m [email protected]¢k. Angry that h£ made me feel th£ way Lucian did. I could not feel th¡s way ab©vt anyone else. I shouldn’t!

“Excuse me?” h£ said with a frown.

m©r£ tears fell d©wΠ my ch£ek. I wanted to beg h¡m aga!n. Beg h¡m to tell me that h£ was Lucian, beg h¡m to hold me aga!n so that I would feel safe. But h£ wasn’t Lucian. Lucian would never hurt me like th¡s, h£ would never j√$t watch me cry.

I really must be desperate to klzz anoth£r man, to even let myself believe that h£ was my husband. Embarra$$ed I ran ©vt of th£ room. I knew I would be !n big trouble later but right now I didn’t ¢ar£. I went to th£ storeroom wh£re I sleep at night and j√$t cried and cried while hop!ng for Lothaire to appear ©vt of nowh£re. All I wanted right now was to leave th¡s place.

Th£ day went by with me work!ng to death and cry!ng !n b£tweeΠ and dread!ng Jades arrival. I had escaped my punishment after all, but Jade never came and now it was almost midnight and I was prepar!ng to get some sleep. My eyes had become so swollen from all th£ cry!ng that I could barely keep th£m open. Clos!ng my eyes I somehow wi$h£d for th£ sun to never rise aga!n.


Lucian turned [email protected]¢k and forth !n b£d unable to sleep. h£ was still th!nk!ng ab©vt h£r, th£ woman who made h¡m feel… h£ wasn’t sure what it was h£ felt. h£ closed h¡s eyes once aga!n and tried to take h£r ©vt of h¡s m!nd but h£ couldn’t. Wh£th£r h¡s eyes were open or closed, h£r face was th£ only th!ng h£ saw. Th£ image of h£r pa!ned expression and h£r teary eyes made h¡s h£art t!ghten !n an uncomfortable way. And h£r voice kept repeat!ng !n h¡s h£ad.

‘I am your wife’.

Did Alexander have a hidden wife? A mistress? But th£n why didn’t $h£ say anyth!ng th£ first time th£y met?

Lucian sigh£d !n frustration. What was h£ do!ng? h£ should stop ponder!ng ab©vt h£r and go have some fun. Mak!ng h¡mself !nvisible h£ went to h¡s broth£r’s room. Pierre was go!ng [email protected]¢k and forth, wait!ng for someone it seemed. As h£ h£ard th£ creak!ng sound of th£ door open!ng h£ stopped !n h¡s tracks and waited for th£ person to come !n. Lucian felt suddenly uneasy wh£n h£ realized it was h£r broth£r had been wait!ng for.

Why was h¡s broth£r anxiously wait!ng for a maid?

“Come h£re!” h£ ordered wh£n $h£ h£sitated at th£ door.

Lucian didn’t like th£ way h¡s broth£r was talk!ng to h£r.

“I said come h£re, Hazel!”

Hazel? Suddenly Lucian felt some pa!n !n h¡s ch£st and h¡s h£ad began to throb.

“You have been cry!ng.” Pierre po!nted.

Hazel shook h£r h£ad. “I haven’t.” $h£ lied.

“Why don’t you come to me? I’ll not let you cry.” h£ said soften!ng h¡s voice.

Lucian got confused. Was Pierre !nterested !n th¡s maid. Sure h¡s broth£r loved women but h£ never fooled @r0vnd with maids. h£ found th£m dirty and ugly.

Maybe th¡s woman was not merely a woman. $h£ had made h¡m feel th!ngs and maybe $h£ did th£ same with h¡s broth£r.

Hazel shook h£r h£ad deny!ng h¡m. Too brave for h£r own good Lucian thought.

“I am done wait!ng”. Pierre said ₱v||!ng h£r to h¡s ch£st. h£ grabb£d h£r hair and tried to klzz h£r but Hazel turned h£r h£ad and ₱u$h£d h¡m away.


“No, you stop!” h£ yelled grabb!ng h£r aga!n before $h£ could run and th£n throw!ng h£r on th£ b£d. Plac!ng h¡mself on top of h£r h£ p!nned h£r [email protected] d©wΠ and tried to klzz h£r aga!n.

Lucian clench£d h¡s fists as anger build |ns!de of h¡m. h£ got so furious h£ could feel h¡s demon tak!ng ¢©Πtr0| over h¡s b©dy. Th¡s was not good, h£ was go!ng to get h¡mself exposed but h£ couldn’t stop h¡mself from do!ng someth!ng. Us!ng h¡s prenatural power h£ put th£ lights ©vt th£n ₱u$h£d h¡s broth£r off Hazel with such force that h£ fell off th£ b£d.

Pierre [email protected] !n pa!n and Hazel took th£ chance to run away.

“Catch h£r!” Pierre s¢r**med to th£ guards who stood ©vtside th£ door.

One of th£ guards came !n to h£lp Pierre while th£ oth£r chased after Hazel Lucian cursed under h¡s breath. Before th£ guard could catch h£r h£ exterm!nated every lightsource !n th£ castle.

Th£ guard stopped halfways startled by th£ sudden darkness.

Lucian who could see clearly !n th£ dark grabb£d Hazels arm. “Come with me.” h£ said as if $h£ would trust h¡m. At first $h£ got afraid and tried to ₱v|| h£r arm away th£n as if realiz!ng someth!ng $h£ followed h¡m quietly. Lucian led h£r to h¡s hide©vt spot, a place only h£ knew ab©vt. It was an underground place located !n h¡s personal garden.

As th£y arrived to th£ place Lucian used h¡s powers aga!n to light th£ candles.

Look!ng @r0vnd Lucian noticed that everyth!ng was j√$t as h£ had left it which meant that th£ place was still undiscovered. Th¡s was wh£re h£ used to hide wh£n h£ wanted to be alone, or wh£n h£ was hurt!ng, or h£al!ng, or wh£n h£ was afraid that h¡s demon would take ¢©Πtr0| over h¡m. h£ had never brought anyone h£re before. Why did h£ br!ng h£r?

Lucian turned to Hazel, “Are you alri…”

h£ stopped wh£n h£ found h£r star!ng at h¡m frightfvlly. “How did you know ab©vt th¡s place?” $h£ asked.

Surprised by th£ question Lucian didn’t know how to answer it. h£ hadn’t thought ab©vt it before h£ brought h£r h£re.

“Th¡s place…” $h£ began confused. ” it’s under our garden…” h£r voice was low as if $h£ was speak!ng to h£rself.

s1©wly $h£ looked up with eyes wide as if $h£ realized someth!ng th£n $h£ frowned. “Why do you look like th¡s?”

Lucian was confused what $h£ meant by that. $h£ m©v£d even closer to h¡m th£n lift h£r [email protected] s1©wly to touch h¡s face. As h£r f!ng£rtips ¢ar£ssed h¡s ch£ek warmth $pr£@d through h¡m and h£ forgot for a moment what $h£ had asked.

“I wasn’t wrong.” $h£ breath£d. “I knew it was you.”

$h£ cupped h¡s face with both h£r [email protected] as tears filled h£r eyes. “I have been wait!ng so long…I thought…I thought you were…you would never come [email protected]¢k.” $h£ wr*₱ped h£r arms @r0vnd h¡m t!ghtly and began cry!ng.

Why was th¡s woman cry!ng all th£ time? Lucian ₱v||ed away from h£r hold.

“Listen…” h£ began to warn h£r but th£ rest of th£ words died !n h¡s throat wh£n h£ saw th£ hurt !n h£r eyes. $h£ looked tormented.

“You don’t have…” h£r voice cracked. “to pretend anym©r£.”

Lucian felt uneasy and h¡s h£ad began to throb !n pa!n aga!n. h£ could barely th!nk anym©r£.

“You can stay h£re if you want…” h£ said try!ng to leave with unsteady feet.

Th¡s woman was mak!ng h¡m nervous, uncomfortable and…and s¢ar£d.

$h£ grabb£d h¡s arm before h£ could leave. “Lucian!”


Author: Jasm!ne Josef


Th£ world went suddenly still @r0vnd Lucian and th£ only th!ng h£ could h£ar was h¡s name echo!ng through th£ silence. h£ wasn’t sure if h£ h£ard it right or if it was all !n h¡s h£ad. How could $h£ know h¡s name? h¡s real name.
s1©wly h£ turned @r0vnd, h¡s h£art b**t!ng £[email protected] |ns!de h¡s ch£st. Hazel still h£ld onto h¡s arm and h£r eyes swirled with so many emotions and unanswered questions. Lucian had h¡s own unanswered questions. Who was th¡s woman and how did $h£ know h¡s name?
“My name is Alexander.” Lucian tried to correct h£r but $h£ shook h£r h£ad. $h£ didn’t believe h¡m.
“No…no…” a tear fell d©wΠ h£r ch£ek “you are Lucian…my husband.”
Husband? Lucian laugh£d nervously.
“Alright, it’s enough.” h£ said ₱v||!ng h¡s arm away and turn!ng @r0vnd to leave but Hazel stopped h¡m aga!n by suddenly wr*₱p!ng h£r arm @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t from beh!nd.
Lucian froze !n place shocked by h£r action. “Please don’t leave me aga!n.” $h£ cried. “I know it’s you, why did you save me oth£rwise? Why did you klzz me?”
Why? Th£ question l!ngered !n th£ air and as h£ couldn’t figure ©vt why h£ acted that way h£ s1©wly became angry.
“You know I have been wait!ng for you. I prayed everyday that you would come [email protected]¢k so don’t tell me you didn’t come [email protected]¢k for me.”
Lucian felt suddenly strange. All th¡s time h£ had wanted to come [email protected]¢k h£re and even though h£ conv!nced h¡mself that it was because h£ wanted revenge deep d©wΠ h£ knew th£re was someth!ng else. Someth!ng h£ was afraid to discover and th¡s woman…$h£ terrified h¡m.
Tear!ng h¡mself forcefvlly away from h£r “Listen, I am not your husband and I know noth!ng of what you are talk!ng ab©vt. I would have h£lped anyone !n your situation but if you don’t want any h£lp you are free to go. ”
Hazel looked at h¡m m©r£ closely as if try!ng to figure h¡m ©vt. “I don’t know why you are do!ng th¡s but you are hurt!ng me. Please stop.”
Th£ way $h£ begged h¡m to stop made h¡s h£art ach£. h£ shook h¡s h£ad gett!ng angrier for th£ way $h£ made h¡m feel. $h£ was noth!ng to h¡m, h£ didn’t ¢ar£ ab©vt h£r. Turn!ng h¡s [email protected]¢k h£ left with©vt a word.
On h¡s way [email protected]¢k to th£ room h¡s anger only !ncreased and by th£ time h£ reach£d th£ room h£ was boil!ng over. Grabb!ng a chair h£ threw it across th£ room and th£n h£ took h¡s anger ©vt on every s!ngle furniture.
Wh£n th£re was noth!ng else to break h£ sat d©wΠ on th£ floor feel!ng defeated. h£ had been angry before but never th¡s much and h£ was not th£ type to break or throw th!ngs. See!ng th¡s side of h¡mself appalled h¡m. What was happen!ng to h¡m? Why was act!ng th¡s way.
Jade suddenly barged !nto th£ room and was ab©vt to say someth!ng wh£n $h£ [email protected] eyes on th£ mess h£ made. $h£ drew !n a sharp breath “Not aga!n.”
Clearly Alexander liked to make a mess as well.
“Your highness…what happened th¡s time?” $h£ asked.
Wh£n h£ didn’t reply $h£ ordered some maids to clean up. Meanwhile Lucian calmed d©wΠ and tried to figure ©vt how th!ngs turned th¡s way. h£ felt though h£ knew noth!ng and understood noth!ng and h£ was too tired to try and figure it ©vt on h¡s own, so wh£n everyone left h£ summoned julian.
Julian appeared j√$t like that, ©vt of th!n air. “Your highness.” h£ bowed deeply.
Lucian wasn’t sure what to ask h¡m and h£ didn’t trust h¡m eith£r.
“Yes your highness?”
“Is it possible for someone to see through my disguise?”
“No Your Highness. Even I can’t see through…unless you want me to.”
Lucian thought for a moment. Could it be that with©vt know!ng h£ had wanted h£r to see h¡m? And even if $h£ saw th£ real h¡m, how could $h£ know h¡m wh£n h£ didn’t know h£r? $h£ had even called h¡m h£r husband.
“Is someth!ng wrong?” Julian asked.
“Was I married?” Lucian asked wonder!ng why h£ even asked such question.
h£ would know if h£ was married but h£ felt as if some pieces of h¡s memory were gone. Not that Julian could h£lp h¡m. Th£ royal army belonged to th£ k!ng so th£y didn’t know much ab©vt what went on !n th£ castle. Besides every pr!nce married at least four or five times so it would be difficult to keep track on all th£ women.
Julian frowned. “You don’t remember?” h£ seemed to th!nk for awhile. “I know you married once. $h£ was a pr!ncess from Maebeth.”
h£ was married?! How could h£ not remember?
“Did…did $h£ also…die?”
Julian gazed d©wΠ. “I am sorry, Your Highness”
Lucian suddenly felt a lump !n h¡s throat. Even though h£ couldn’t remember h£r but th£ thought of h£r dy!ng !n th£ [email protected] of h¡s broth£r made h¡m furious.
“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”
Julian looked guilty. “I didn’t know you ¢ar£d for h£r.”
Lucian couldn’t blame h¡m. Not many pr!nces ¢ar£d ab©vt th£ir wives or mistresses. But Lucian did. Even if h£ didn’t remember h£r h¡s h£art felt h£avy. Too h£avy that h£ had a [email protected] time breath!ng.
“Are you alright, Your Highness.” Julian looked concerned.
“I want to be alone.” h¡s voice was resolute.
Julian retreated with©vt a word th£n disappeared.
Lucian [email protected] d©wΠ on th£ b£d hold!ng h¡s ch£st. What was th¡s pa!n h£ was feel!ng and why couldn’t h£ remember h¡s wife? Everytime h£ tried to remember h¡s h£ad throbb£d so pa!nfvlly it made h¡s eyes water, until h£ gave up and went to sleep.
That night h£ had a dream, ab©vt h£r, h¡s wife. $h£ was walk!ng @r0vnd th£ir garden !n a beautiful white dress and with th£ smile of an angel. Walk!ng among th£ flowers $h£ looked like a flower h£rself, a white rose, pure and beautiful. Suddenly $h£ turned to h¡m, th£ smile gone from h£r face, replace by a look of sadness.
$h£ reach£d h£r [email protected] to toward h¡m. “Don’t leave me, Lucian.” h£r voice was th£ saddest sound h£ had ever h£ard.
Lucians [email protected] reach£d for h£rs but h£r f!ng£rs sl¡pped through h¡s and suddenly $h£ was [email protected]||!ng.
“No! No!” Lucian woke up h¡s h£art pound!ng |ns!de h¡s ch£st and sweat dripp!ng from h¡s foreh£ad. h£ looked @r0vnd. h£ was still !n b£d, but th£ dream had felt so real. h£
could still feel th£ touch of h£r [email protected]
h¡s wife, h£ must have loved h£r but th£n why couldn’t h£ remember h£r. h£ couldn’t even remember h£r face from th£ dream.
“Your highness.” Jade was already !n th£ room gaz!ng at h¡m with a look of concern.
“What is it now?” Lucian didn’t want to deal with anyone at th¡s moment.
$h£ h£sitated for a while th£n began with h£r tattl!ng.
“Can you believe it? Th£ maid that I was ab©vt to punish disappeared. Th£y have been look!ng for h£r th£ wh0l£ night but th£y didn’t f!nd h£r anywh£re.”
Lucian had almost forgotten ab©vt h£r. $h£ had said that $h£ was h¡s wife but h¡s wife was dead and h£ felt guilty for even worry!ng ab©vt th¡s maid wh£n h£ should avenge h¡s dead wife.
Lucian decided to forget ab©vt h£r and focus on h¡s revenge but even as day went by and h£ sat !n front of h¡s broth£r all h£ could th!nk ab©vt was h£r. $h£ was still !n that cold place and had spent th£ wh0l£ night and th£ morn!ng after with©vt any food. $h£ must be hungry and freez!ng h£ thought slightly worried but th£n shook h¡s h£ad.
Th¡s time h£ was determ!ned not to ¢ar£. h£ cont!nued h¡s day listen!ng to h¡s broth£rs nons£nse until th£ sun went d©wΠ, th£n h£ went [email protected]¢k to h¡s room and went to b£d as quickly as h£ could. As h£ [email protected] d©wΠ h£ realised that h£ hadn’t done anyth!ng productive th£ wh0l£ day, h£ didn’t even th!nk once ab©vt h¡s revenge, th£n what was h£ th!nk!ng ab©vt?
!n th£ [email protected]¢k of h¡s m!nd, $h£ was still th£re try!ng to swim to th£ surface. What has th¡s woman done to h¡m? Maybe $h£ was a witch because $h£ had truly bewitch£d h¡m. What Lucian couldn’t understand is why $h£ would put h£rself !n such danger. $h£ knew that defy!ng h¡s broth£r would mean death. $h£ probably had some tricks under h£r sleeves h£ thought th£refore h£ shouldn’t ¢ar£.
My stomach growled once aga!n but m©r£ than th£ hunger th£ cold was kill!ng me. My toes and f!ng£rs went almost numb. I $h!veryed as I waited and waited for Lucian to come.
I knew h£ would come j√$t as I knew h£ was my husband. Everyth!ng couldn’t have been a co!ncidence. Th£ way h£ smelled, that spicy scent I could never forget and th£ way h£ made me feel, but wh£n I became certa!n that h£ was Lucian was wh£n h£ had saved me.
Lucian had told me once that h£ could ¢©Πtr0| fire and wh£n h£ saved me suddenly all th£ lights were gone, and of all th£ places h£ brought me h£re. A hidden place !n our garden. I remembered that it was dark |ns!de th£ room at first but th£n suddenly th£ candles were lit. It rem!nded me of th£ time h£ saved me from those men who tried to **** me. h£ had burned th£m alive. A frighten!ng sight !ndeed but what made me confused was why h£ was deny!ng that it was h¡m?
I couldn’t th!nk furth£r as my teeth began to chatter because of th£ cold and m©r£ parts of my b©dy became numb. Was Lucian really go!ng to let me die h£re? My face [email protected] and I couldn’t focus anym©r£ because of th£ pa!n. Everyth!ng became a blur th£n…. suddenly I h£ard th£ creak!ng sound of th£ door open!ng.
Lucian. I tried to lift my h£ad to look but I couldn’t.
I h£ard footsteps rush!ng toward me th£n suddenly Lucian scooped me !nto h¡s arms. h¡s b©dy was so warm aga!nst my cold one that I almost sigh£d !n relief.
It had been such a long time I h£ard h¡m call my name. It warmed me up from th£ |ns!de.
“I am so sorry.” h¡s voice was thick with guilt and worry. h£ ₱v||ed me even closer and wr*₱ped me !n a blanket. I closed my eyes relieved that I was safe now and th£n th£re was no pa!n anym©r£, no worry only darkness and I wasn’t s¢ar£d anym©r£.


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