Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of the Devil’s son episode 16

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef



“Wh£re are we go!ng?” Klara asked as $h£ followed Roshan through th£ dark woods.

“You will see once we get th£re.” h£ said.

Late at night, !n th£ woods, alone with©vt a weapon and with a man who could fight ten men on h¡s own was maybe not a great idea after all.

Klaras began to calculate all th£ possible ways $h£ could defend h£rself if h£ ever tried to do anyth!ng.

“What did you do to th£ guards?” $h£ asked.

While th£y were escap!ng $h£ noticed that all th£ guards [email protected] unmov!ng on th£ ground.

“I put th£m to sleep.” h£ said simply

“How? I thought you couldn’t use magic.”

“No…but I sang th£m a lullaby.”

Even though Klara couldn’t see h¡m clearly !n th£ darkness $h£ knew h£ had a smirk !n h¡s face.

Not want!ng to be mocked anym©r£ $h£ cont!nued is silence. Meanwhile $h£ tried to f!nd th£ perfect opportunity to escape but it was so dark $h£ was afraid to leave Roshans side. Once th£ sun rises $h£ would escape $h£ thought to h£rself.

“h£re.” Roshan said as h£ came to a halt and turned to h£r.

Klara looked @r0vnd. Wh£re? $h£ could see noth!ng but trees and darkness.

Suddenly h£ crossed th£ distance b£tweeΠ th£m, wr*₱ped h¡s arm @r0vnd h£r [email protected]¡$t and ₱v||ed h£r to h¡s b©dy. Before Klara could ₱ush h¡m away $h£ felt th£ ground underneath h£r feet open and th£n suddenly $h£ was [email protected]||!ng. A cry escaped h£r l¡ps and $h£ h£ld onto Roshan for dear life.

Klara couldn’t understand what was happen!ng but $h£ j√$t wanted it to end. Or maybe not, because [email protected]||!ng th¡s far $h£ would probably die by th£ end of it. Good lord, $h£ way dy!ng.

“I wouldn’t let you die… yet.”

“Huh.” Klara sh°t h£r eyes open and found h£rself pressed aga!nst Roshans b©dy. $h£ would have ₱u$h£d h¡m if $h£ wasn’t th£ one hold!ng h¡m so t!ghtly. s1©wly lett!ng h£r [email protected] [email protected]|| $h£ took a few steps [email protected]¢k relieved that $h£ could feel th£ ground underneath h£r feet aga!n, th£n $h£ looked @r0vnd study!ng h£r surround!ngs. Wait! $h£ knew th¡s place. It was th£ place Irene had brought h£r and Hazel before.

“Shall we.” Roshan motioned for h£r to go !n.

Klara h£sitated for a moment but th£n walked |ns!de.

“Wh£re is Irene?” $h£ would feel a lot m©r£ safe if a woman was h£re.

“$h£ is not h£re.” h£ said shortly. Open!ng a door h£ led h£r !nto a room.

“You can stay h£re.” h£ said.

Stay? Even though Klara didn’t know wh£re to go, th!nk!ng of stay!ng h£re with Roshan alone s£nt a $h!very d©wΠ h£r sp!ne. Th£re was j√$t someth!ng ab©vt h¡m that frightened h£r and made h£r feel unsafe. h£ had that dark aura that spoke of danger and that spellb!nd!ng look. $h£ felt afraid to look !nto h¡s eyes, it was as if h£ could see unravel h£r deepest darkest secrets of $h£ did.

h¡s l¡ps curved slightly as if h£ could read h£r thoughts.

Klara cleared h£r throat “You said you were not a witch?”

“I am not.”

“Th£n how did you br!ng us h£re ©vt of nowh£re?” $h£ asked.

“Well, th£re are some benefits with hav!ng a friend who is a witch.” h£ expla!ned.

Klara couldn’t follow s!nce h£ was speak!ng !n riddles. “Anyway, I don’t plan on stay!ng h£re.”

No! $h£ couldn’t stay alone with a man, but wh£re would $h£ go? $h£ had no frien…Hazel?

No, Hazel would be uncomfortable to have h£r. Klara h£rself would be uncomfortable as $h£ didn’t want to see Lucian aga!n. It would make h£r effort of forgett!ng h¡m all go to waste.

“Th£n do you have somewh£re else to go?” h£ asked rais!ng one brow.

No $h£ didn’t. As if h£ could s£nse h£r fear, “Don’t worry, I don’t eat humans.” h£ a$$ured show!ng h¡s perfect white teeth with slightly longer and po!nted can!nes.

Klara felt disturb£d, even m©r£ at th£ way h£ referred to humans, as if h£ wasn’t one h¡mself.

“Th£n I’ll leave you to rest.” h£ said us!ng a m©r£ polite tone before h£ left and closed th£ door beh!nd h¡m.

Klara suddenly panicked. What if h£ locked h£r |ns!de?

Turn!ng @r0vnd $h£ hurried ©vt of th£ room.

Roshan who was amost halfway through th£ hall turned @r0vnd. “Is someth!ng wrong?” h£ asked.

“I am hungry.” $h£ said and it wasn’t a lie, but that wasn’t th£ ma!n reason $h£ wanted to eat. $h£ needed a weapon to defend h£rself and !n th£ kitch£n $h£ could f!nd many useful th!ngs.

Roshan turned @r0vnd and for a moment $h£ thought h£ was go!ng to ignore h£r and leave before h£ said “Follow me.”

Klara followed h¡m eagerly as h£ led th£ way to a d!n!ng room. No, th¡s is not wh£re $h£ wanted to be.

“Sit and I’ll br!ng someth!ng.”

“No need. I can follow you, maybe I can h£lp.”

Roshan raised a brow. “h£lp? I am sure you have never even cut a vegetable !n your life, pr!ncess.”

“No. But I have cut people. Vegetable can not be m©r£ difficult.” $h£ said confidently.

Roshan shook h¡s h£ad with a smile. “F!ne th£n. Follow me.”

Th¡s time h£ took h£r to th£ kitch£n. “What do you want to eat?”

“j√$t someth!ng simple.” Klara shrugged.

Roshan put a salad, a cuc.u.mber, an onion, tomatoes and pepper !nfront of h£r. “Cut th£se.” h£ said [email protected]!ng h£r a knife.

Klara stared at th£ vegetable !nfront of h£r wonder!ng which one $h£ should start with. Grabb!ng th£ cuc.u.mber, because it seemed th£ most easy one, $h£ started to cut it !nto round shapes.

“Cut th£m !nto small squares.” Roshan !nstructed.

Klara became confused. How was $h£ supposed to cut th¡s round shaped th!ng !nto small squares.

“You can cut th¡s.” $h£ said putt!ng it aside. “I will cut th¡s.” $h£ said pick!ng th£ th£ union. Klara began to cut it !nto round shaped as well.

“You need to cut that !nto strips.” h£ !nterrupted h£r aga!n.

Strips? Klara tried to figure ©vt how to cut it !nto strips but ended up cutt!ng it !nto all k!nds of different shapes.

Roshan shook h¡s h£ad look!ng at th£ mess $h£ created. “You see, pr!ncess. To cut people you don’t need skills but for vegetables you need skills and…you j√$t don’t have it.”

h£ took th£ knife from h£r. “Now let me show how it’s done.”

Klara studied h¡m closely and was fasc!nated by how f*st and precise h£ cut th£ vegetables. h£ cut th£m !nto all k!nds of different shapes and th£n mix!ng th£m togeth£r h£ ₱0ured everyth!ng !nto a bowl. h£ even added a few oth£r th!ngs like olives, white ch£ese, corn and lastly some flavor.

At th£ end it looked delicious and Klara could wait but to have a taste. $h£ had never seen salad look so tasty before.

“What do you say pr!ncess?” Roshan asked proudly.

“It looks tasty.” $h£ smiled.

Th£y sat at th£ table !n th£ d!n!ng room and $h£ started eat!ng. It even tasted better than it looked. Roshan had even prepared some chicken to eat with. As $h£ was eat!ng $h£ didn’t even realize that Roshan was study!ng h£r all th£ time or that $h£ forgot to take someth!ng from th£ kitch£n to protect h£rself. Wh£n $h£ was fvll $h£ felt really tired. $h£ hadn’t slept th£ wh0l£ night after all.

“Do you want me to show you [email protected]¢k to your room?”

Suddenly Klara panicked remember!ng $h£ didn’t take a knife from th£ kitch£n. $h£ had been so distracted with Roshan and h¡s vegetables. $h£ looked at th£ food knife on th£ table. It wasn’t sharp but it would do for now $h£ thought.

“Yes.” $h£ said and s1©wly hid th£ knife as h£ stood up to take h£r [email protected]¢k to th£ room.

“So…wh£n is Irene com!ng [email protected]¢k.” $h£ asked on th£ir way [email protected]¢k.

“Not anytime soon.”

Klara nodded. $h£ didn’t feel th£ least bit safe with Roshan but $h£ had nowh£re to go. Only tonight th£n tomorrow $h£ would leave $h£ thought.

Once th£y reach£d th£ room “Good night.” h£ said and left with©vt wait!ng for h£r to say anyth!ng [email protected]¢k.

As h£ walked away Klara realized that th£ smirk h£ usually had on h¡s face had been abs£nt. h£ had looked serious th¡s wh0l£ time. $h£ wondered what happened.

Th£ room was big and th£ b£d comfortable yet Klara couldn’t sleep despite be!ng very tired. $h£ kept h£ar!ng weird noises or was it wh¡spers $h£ wasn’t sure. Sometimes $h£ would feel as if someone was !n th£ room, watch!ng h£r silently.

wr*₱p!ng th£ $h£ets @r0vnd h£r t!ghtly and $h£ shut h£r eyes. $h£ was probably imag!n!ng all th£se th!ngs because $h£ was away from home and $h£ didn’t feel safe !n th¡s place. $h£ would rath£r sleep !n th£ woods. At least $h£ knew what to expect th£re.

Th£ m©r£ $h£ tried to ignore th£ noises th£ m©r£ clear th£y became and suddenly $h£ h£ard a cry. Someone was cry!ng loaudly. Klara was unsure wh£th£r to stay !n th£ room or go and see wh£re th£ noise was com!ng from. At last $h£ decided to go and ch£ck. Tak!ng th£ knife under h£r pillow $h£ walked ©vt of th£ room. Follow!ng th£ sound $h£ came to a closed door. Now $h£ could h£ar that th£ noise came from a woman.

Klara thought it was th£ saddest cry $h£ had ever h£ard and wanted to see who was so sad that th£y would be cry!ng like th¡s. s1©wly $h£ opened th£ door and peeked h£r h£ad |ns!de. Th£re a woman sat on th£ b£d, h£r long black hair covered h£r face and $h£ cried with h£r arms wr*₱ped @r0vnd h£rself. It looked like $h£ was try!ng to stop h£rself from cry!ng but couldn’t.

As if s£ns!ng Klara’s pres£nce th£ woman stopped cry!ng and lifted h£r h£ad s1©wly.

A [email protected] escaped Klaras l¡ps




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