Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of the Devil’s son episode 20

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef



Roshan had j√$t come ©vt of th£ tub and was still n.a.k.e.d wh£n Lucifer appeared ©vt of nowh£re.

“And you could not wait until I got dressed.” h£ said grabb!ng a towel and wr*₱p!ng it @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t.

Lucifer seemed stressed and maybe even…s¢ar£d. Roshan had never seen h¡m like th¡s before. h£ was walk!ng [email protected]¢k and forth and th£n abruptly h£ stopped.

“Lucian is alive.” h£ breath£d.

Roshan paused. “Alive? How? I can still not s£nse h¡m.”

“I don’t know how h£ does it but h£ better keep do!ng it now that th£ curse is broken, or else…” Lucifer clench£d h¡s fists.

Or else th£ demons would try to kill h¡m now that th£ curse was not protect!ng h¡m anym©r£. Th£ curse didn’t only keep Irene and Lucifer from meet!ng th£ir son but every oth£r demon as well, and s!nce Lucian was half witch h£ was basically an enemy.

Witch£s and demons never mixed well and while witch£s protected th£ir k!nd no matter what demons never took risks, even with th£ir own k!nd. Anyone who could be a threat needed to be wiped away and quickly, especially if th£y had anyth!ng to do with witch£s.

“Roshan, as soon as you s£nse Lucian I want you to summon everyone and if anyone shows a rebellious behavior get rid of th£m.”

Roshan nodded. h£ could s£nse Lucifers uneas!ness.

Once Lucifer wanted to kill h¡s own son, not because h£ hated h¡m but because h£ knew h£ would suffer a lot and wanted to save h¡m from that. h£ knew that be!ng th£ son of th£ devil and a witch would never allow h¡m to live a normal peaceful life and that both witch£s and demons would try to elim!nate h¡m. But while h£sitat!ng to kill h¡s own son Irene’s moth£r was able to put a curse prevent!ng any demon to come near Lucian.

Roshan wasn’t sure if Lucifer was happy to see h¡s son alive or if h£ regretted h£sitat!ng, caus!ng h¡s son to live !n lonel!ness and torture while h£ h¡mself was unable to do anyth!ng.


“Have you told Irene yet?” Roshan asked.

“Yes, but I shouldn’t have.”

Irene had probably not been able to keep h£rself from see!ng h£r son which probably added to h¡s confusion.

“Maybe you want to tell your human friend that h£ is alive.” Lucifer noted before leav!ng.

Human friend? Klara was anyth!ng but a friend.

S!nce $h£ found ©vt ab©vt Lucians death $h£ had been !n a bad state. Sometimes $h£ would deny h¡s death and say that $h£ was go!ng to f!nd h¡m and sometimes $h£ would not leave h£r room and would j√$t cry for th£ wh0l£ day.

Th£re were some oth£r days that $h£ would not cry but th£n $h£ wouldn’t leave h£r room eith£r, or eat or dr!nk. $h£ really made h¡m confused and sometimes h£ wondered why h£ even brought h£r h£re and caused all th¡s trouble for h¡mself.

Today h£ found h£r [email protected]!ng on th£ b£d be!ng very quiet.

“Good morn!ng.”

$h£ still [email protected] unmov!ng on th£ b£d. “Don’t you know how to knock?” $h£ asked !n a flat tone.

h£ did knock but $h£ never seemed to h£ar h¡s knock!ng.

“Or maybe you lost your h£ar!ng.” h£ stated.

$h£ sat up hastily and glared at h¡m with annoyance.

“You could knock louder. It’s not of good behavior to enter a lady’s room with©vt permission.”

Good behavior? And h¡m? Roshan fought th£ urge to laugh. h£ was actually at h¡s best behavior right now or else $h£ would have found h£rself !n h¡s b£d. N.a.k.e.d.

“Pr!ncess, you are !n no position to teach me good behavior. You have been !n my home for almost a week, eat!ng and dr!nk!ng for free with©vt contribut!ng with anyth!ng.”

h£r face turned red with embarra$$ment and $h£ looked d©wΠ at h£r [email protected]

“I…I..” Roshan knew $h£ wanted to apologize but $h£ was too stubborn. “What do you want me to do?” $h£ asked rais!ng h£r ch!n aga!n.

“How ab©vt tak!ng a bath, chang!ng and comb!ng your hair first?” $h£ looked like a mess.

h£r ch£eks flu$h£d aga!n. “I will if you leave.”


Klara looked h£rself !n th£ mirror. $h£ had never looked like th¡s before, $h£ looked like th£ homeless people $h£ sometimes saw on th£ streets. What happened to h£r? What happened to th£ strong woman $h£ was? Was $h£ j√$t go!ng to believe what people told h£r or was $h£ go!ng to f!nd ©vt th£ truth h£rself?

$h£ better f!nd ©vt h£rself before griev!ng someone who was probably not even dead. Lucian could not be dead.

Decid!ng that $h£ was go!ng to leave th¡s place today to go and f!nd Lucian $h£ went to th£ bathroom. Klara was surprised to f!nd that someone had already prepared a bath. It was probably Roshan $h£ thought.

Why was h£ tak!ng ¢ar£ of h£r so much?

h£ had let h£r stay, given h£r food and cloth£s with©vt ask!ng for anyth!ng !n return. Still, $h£ didn’t trust h¡m. h£ had that look !n h¡s eyes that told h£r h£ wanted someth!ng but $h£ wasn’t sure what it was.

Klara got !nto th£ h°t water and cleaned h£rself th£n $h£ slid !nto a new dress that Roshan had prepared for h£r as well before walk!ng ©vt and !n to h£r room. Th£re $h£ dried h£r hair with a towel while wonder!ng wh£re $h£ could f!nd a comb. $h£ didn’t want to risk leav!ng th£ room and gett!ng almost killed aga!n.

While contemplat!ng on what to do someone knocked on th£ door and soon Roshan walked |ns!de.

h£ had a comb !n h¡s [email protected] Th¡s man was someth!ng else, Klara thought to h£rself. $h£ had to be ¢ar£ful.

“You hair is a mess.” h£ said [email protected]!ng h£r th£ comb.

Klara took th£ comb, ignor!ng h¡m $h£ went to th£ mirror and started to comb h£r hair. It was m©r£ difficult than $h£ had thought. It was all tangled up.

“You seem to need h£lp.” h£ po!nted

“I am f!ne.” $h£ said but before $h£ was done with th£ s£ntence h£ already stood beh!nd h£r star!ng at h£r through th£ mirror. Klaras h£art jumper to h£r throat but $h£ swallowed it.

“I could still h£lp.” h£ said !n a low voice lean!ng right next to h£r ear.

Klara froze !n place as h£ reach£d for th£ comb !n h£r [email protected], which $h£ j√$t let slide through h£r f!ng£rs. Th£n h£ s1©wly began to comb h£r hair. Why was $h£ not protest!ng?

As h£ comb£d h£r hair h¡s f!ng£rtips would sometimes touch h£r neck and $h£ would feel h£at creep !nto h£r sk!n. h¡s clos£ness made h£r imag!ne th!ngs $h£ normally wouldn’t, like tak!ng a step [email protected]¢k and lett!ng h¡m wr*₱ h¡s arms @r0vnd h£r, or lean!ng h£r h£ad [email protected]¢k onto h¡s shoulder and lett!ng h¡m klzz h£r neck. $h£ wondered what it would feel like, to let a man have h£r, to let h¡m klzz h£r and ¢ar£ss h£r. h£r b©dy $h!veryed !n sudden want. If $h£ didn’t distance h£rself from th¡s man $h£ would end up do!ng someth!ng $h£ would regret.

Tak!ng a few steps away from h¡m $h£ turned @r0vnd. “I th!nk it f!ne now. Thank you.”

Roshan smiled and someth!ng ab©vt h¡s smile told h£r h£ knew th£ effect h£ had on h£r.

“Why do you do th¡s?” $h£ asked cross!ng h£r arms over h£r ch£st.

“Do what?” h£ said !nnocently.

“h£lp!ng me. What do you want !n return?”

A mischievous smile crept to h¡s face. “You know what I want.” h£ said !n a way that made h£r h£art skip a b**t.

“No, I don’t know.” $h£ said try!ng not to sound nervous.

“You know, you j√$t want me to say it ©vt loud.” h£ said s1©wly stroll!ng toward h£r “or maybe you want me to show you.”

Klara [email protected]¢ked away until $h£ collided with th£ dresser beh!nd h£r. Roshan crossed th£ distance b£tweeΠ th£m th£n placed h¡s [email protected] on th£ dresser on each side of h£r b©dy trapp!ng h£r b£tweeΠ h¡s arms. Klaras m!nd went blank as h£ leaned closer and spoke next to h£r ear. “I want to please you.” h£ said as h¡s h°t breath ¢ar£ssed h£r sk!n.

A $h!very went d©wΠ h£r sp!ne. Please h£r? How?

Roshan chuckled. Lean!ng [email protected]¢k h£ looked !nto h£r eyes. “If you are really curious….” h£ wh¡spered lett!ng h¡s f!ng£rs brush th£ sk!n on h£r face, “th£n close your eyes.”

Klara felt as though $h£ was under some spell that $h£ couldn’t resist so $h£ closed h£r eyes despite know!ng what was com!ng next.

Roshan leaned !n, br!ng!ng h¡s l¡ps close to h£rs. Th¡s was so unlike h¡m. h£ never used h¡s powers to seduce a woman, not that h£ needed to but th¡s woman was tempt!ng h¡m to much. With h£r w€t hair and bare shoulders $h£ was provok!ng th£ demon |ns!de of h¡m. Still, h£ shouldn’t manipulate h£r, h£ didn’t want to. h£ wanted h£r will!ngly so h£ took a few steps [email protected]¢k and left h£r m!nd and thoughts alone.

Klara opened h£r eyes and looked at Roshan confused. What was wrong with h£r? $h£ was j√$t ab©vt to let h¡m klzz h£r, to let an unknown man klzz h£r. No. $h£ needed to make it clear that $h£ was not !nterested !n h¡m, at all.

“Listen…” $h£ began.

“It know.” h£ cut h£r off. “You plan on escap!ng


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