Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of The devil’s son episode 21 – 22

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef


“Your highness, let me br!ng a physician.”

Lucian shook h¡s h£ad and Jade’s frown deepened.

“But your highness, your fever is not go!ng d©wΠ I have to do someth!ng.”

“Listen to me Jade. I don’t need nor do I want h£lp. I j√$t want to be alone.”

Jade was ab©vt to protest but Lucian cut h£r off. “It’s an order, and don’t tell my sister.”

Lucian had no energy to deal with Alexander’s sister. h£ was already !n enough pa!n. Why h£ was so sick h£ couldn’t understand but h£ couldn’t j√$t [email protected] h£re. h£ came h£re for a reason, for revenge, but got so distracted and now h£ was even m©r£ confused. Who was th£ woman that hugged h¡m and why did $h£ make h¡m feel th£ way h£ did.

Despite know!ng that $h£ would only be a distraction Lucian wanted to meet h£r aga!n. h£ had so many questions to ask.

Lucian ₱u$h£d h¡mself ©vt of th£ b£d with a [email protected] h¡s wh0l£ b©dy ach£d, th£n h£ summoned Julian with a spell that h£ had learned.

Julian appeared so quietly as if h£ had always been th£re !n h¡s room. “Your highness, you don’t seem well. h£ said upon see!ng h¡s face.

“Any news from ©vtside?” Lucian ignored h¡s remark. h£ had no reason or energy to expla!n h¡s condition.

“Well th£ citizens are not very impressed with th£ir new k!ng, !n fact many of th£m dislike h¡m, especially th£ poor s!nce h£ raised th£ taxes for th£m. Th¡s will be to you advantage. We have now $pr£@d some rumors that you might be alive and people seem to respond well, th£y have hope that you might be a better ruler than your broth£r.”

“Good.” Now h£ only needed to get rid of h¡s broth£r but gett!ng rid of h¡m was not enough for Lucian. h£ wanted to torture h¡m, to make h¡s life so miserable that h£ would want to end it h¡mself. h£ would make h¡m beg, h£ would make h¡m wish that h£ was already dead.

But first h£ would pay h¡m a visit.

Lucian boiled with anger upon see!ng h¡s broth£r sitt!ng comfortably on th£ throne while order!ng some servants @r0vnd proudly. h£ didn’t deserve to sit on that chair or have that crown on h¡s h£ad. h£ didn’t deserve to order people @r0vnd and fill h¡s stomach while h¡s people were starv!ng.

“Oh look who is h£re. Come !n.” h£ said stand!ng up from h¡s seat. “How is your stay h£re?”

Lucian walked |ns!de while h£ spoke. “I like it very much.” h£ faked a smile.

Th£y made th£ir way to a table and sat d©wΠ. Pierre ordered a maid to br!ng some snacks and th£n turned [email protected]¢k to h¡m.

“I h£ard you were look!ng for some maid who caused you some trouble?”

“Oh…” Pierre waved dismissively with h¡s [email protected] “It’s j√$t some servant who needed to be puni$h£d, but we have found h£r so everyth!ng is f!ne.” h£ said.

Found h£r? Lucian wanted to laugh. h¡s broth£r still lied easily.

“How is th£ wedd!ng preparation go!ng?”

“h£r Highness is very specific, $h£ wants th£ wedd!ng to be extravagant and I want h£r to be [email protected]!$fied of course.”

Alexander’s sister was spoiled and arrogant. $h£ and Pierre deserved each oth£r Lucian thought.

“But I am little worried…” Lucian began, “I h£ard your broth£r is alive.”

Pierre was ab©vt to take a sip from h¡s w!ne but paused.

“Which one?” h£ asked.

“Th£ youngest one.”

Pierre laugh£d, almost nervously.

“Oh…I can a$$ure you all of my broth£rs are dead. People j√$t like to gossip.”

“If you say so…th£n we have no problem.”

Pierre narrowed h¡s gaze. “You look pale.” h£ po!nted.

“Yes, I haven’t been ©vt much lately, which I usually do. I should go ©vt for a while.”

“Yes of course. We have beautiful places h£re !n Decresh. I could arrange someone to show you @r0vnd.” Pierre offered.

“It’s alright. I will be f!ne by myself.”

As Lucian left h¡s broth£r alone h£ s£nse that h¡s broth£r was nervous and confused. h£ even called for th£ guards that killed Lucian to make sure h£ was dead.

“What did you do with th£ b©dy?” h£ asked.

“We threw h¡m !n an empty well and burned it. h£ could not have lived through that, Your Highness.” Th£y a$$ured h¡m.

“Of course not.” Pierre said with smug look on h¡s face. h£ was relieved aga!n, but that would only last for a short while.

As soon as th£ sun set Lucian took th£ first step toward h¡s plan. h£ found one of th£ guards who burned h¡s b©dy and followed h¡m to somewh£re quiet wh£re h£ was wanted to pee. j√$t as h£ was ab©vt to ₱v|| h¡s trousers d©wΠ h£ felt someone stand!ng beh!nd h¡m. h£ froze !n place, who was th¡s, h£ was sure no one had followed h¡m. h£ s1©wly reach£d for th£ dagger !n h¡s pocket and th£n turned sw!ng th£ dagger but it only cut through th!n air.

No one was th£re. Th£ soldier frowned. h£ was sure h£ felt someone stand!ng beh!nd h¡m. h£ looked @r0vnd ¢ar£fvlly but not a soul was @r0vnd. Maybe h£ had too many dr!nk h£ thought and proceeded to pee. Wh£n h£ was done h£ ₱v||ed up h¡s [email protected] and wh£n h£ turned h£ almost walked !nto someone.

h¡s h£art jumped up to h¡s throat and h£ was ab©vt to curse whoever it was wh£n h£ saw what h£ thought h£ would never see.

No, it could not be possible. Right !n front of h¡m stood someone who was supposed to be dead, someone who could not be alive. Th¡s had to be a dream.

“It’s not a dream, but I sure will make it a nightmare.” Lucians l¡ps curved !nto an evil smile.

Th£ soldier still stood frozen. Adrenal!ne ru$h£d through h¡s ve!ns but still h£ couldn’t m©v£. Th£ horror made h¡m completely paralyzed and soon h£ couldn’t even stand still so h£ fell to h¡s knees. Th¡s couldn’t be true but it felt so real.

Lucian looked at th£ soldier !n front of h¡m. All th£ blood had dra!ned from h¡s face and h£ shook !n fear. “Yo..yo..your high…ness.” h£ stuttered wh£n h£ f!nally could speak. h£ reach£d h¡s [email protected] to touch h¡m as if to make sure it wasn’t an imag!nation or a dream and wh£n h£ ensured that it was !ndeed real h£ began to shake h¡s h£ad !n refusal.

“Im…impossible.” h£ said crawl!ng [email protected]¢kwards.

Lucian took a few steps toward h¡m and th£ soldier kept crawl!ng [email protected]¢kwards until th£ cement wall beh!nd h¡m blocked h¡s way.

“Pl…please. I did noth!ng wrong. I…I j√$t did what…what I was ordered.” h£ said shak!ng !n fear. “Please…I will do whatever you want. j√$t…don’t kill me.” h£ said throw!ng h¡mself at Lucians feet.

Lucian had no !ntention of kill!ng h¡m…yet. “Yes you will. You will go and tell Pierre that I am com!ng for h¡m. Tell h¡m to be prepared.”


Pierre was enjoy!ng h¡s time with h¡s women, or maybe not much. Hazel kept com!ng to h¡s m!nd and h£ wondered wh£re $h£ could be hid!ng. Why h£ was so obsessed with h£r h£ couldn’t understand but th£ m©r£ $h£ resisted h¡m th£ m©r£ h£ wanted h£r. h£ was determ!ned to make h£r h¡s.

“Are you not enjoy!ng yourself, Your Highness.” One of h¡s mistresses Kayla spoke next to h¡s ear as h£r [email protected] slid d©wΠ h¡s ch£st.

“No I am not. You should all leave!” h£ said stand!ng up and ₱v||!ng up h¡s robe. Th£y looked at h¡m confused for a while but th£n left quietly.

h£ was !n a bad mood although h£ couldn’t understand why. h£ had everyth!ng, h£ had money, power and beautiful women, lots of th£m. h£ couldn’t be feel!ng d©wΠ because of one worthless woman whom h¡s broth£r had already used. No, h£ would not let h¡mself feel d©wΠ because of h£r.

₱0ur!ng some w!ne !nto h¡s gla$$ h£ was ab©vt to sit d©wΠ and relax wh£n suddenly someone knocked loudly on th£ door. “I need to speak to you Your Highness. It’s important.”

Had th£y found Hazel?

“Come !n!” Pierre called.

One of h¡s guards David barged !nto th£ room, [email protected]!ng, look!ng like h£ had seen a ghost. “Your highness…” h£ looked like h£ was go!ng fa!nt anytime.

“What is it?”

“I…I…” h£ tried to catch h¡s breath. “I j√$t saw h¡s highness Lucian. h£ is alive.”


Author: Jasm!ne Josef


“What nons£nse are you say!ng?”

“I swear Your Highness. I saw h¡m with my two own eyes.” David shook as if remember!ng what h£ had seen.

Fear crept its way s1©wly !nto Pierre’s h£art. Lucian could not be alive. h£ had made sure that h¡s broth£r was not breath!ng before lett!ng th£ guards take h¡m away.

“You said you burned h¡m.” Pierre accused.

“I…I did.” David said h¡s eyes widen!ng !n realization and fear at what h£ had done. “h£ will not spare my life.” h£ said m©r£ to h¡mself.

Th£ horror on David’s face was so real that it made Pierre wonder how h¡s broth£r could have survived all that? Was h£ really th£ devil’s son?

h£ chuckled darkly. That was ridiculous. David must have been feel!ng guilty that h£ started imag!n!ng th!ngs.

“j√$t leave.” h£ said wav!ng with h¡s [email protected]

David stared at h¡m for a short while th£n with a low voice, as if h£ was s¢ar£d that someone would h£ar h¡m h£ said “h£ is com!ng for you. h£ told me to tell you to be prepared.”

A frown settled on Pierre’s face and h£art began to pump !n fear. “Stop talk!ng nons£nse and Leave!” h£ yelled.

Lucian could not be alive and even if h£ was h£ couldn’t have entered th£ castle with©vt anyone notic!ng. Everyone h£re knew what h£ looked like.

Pierre took a deep breath to calm h¡mself d©wΠ. h£ had noth!ng to be s¢ar£d of yet h£ put m©r£ guards ©vtside h¡s room before h£ went to sleep.

Lucian watch£d h¡s broth£r turn!ng [email protected]¢k and forth !n h¡s b£d while unable to sleep. Th¡s was only th£ beg!nn!ng. Pierre would have many m©r£ sleepless nights.



I jumped at th£ sound of Irene’s voice. Turn!ng @r0vnd I found h£r stand!ng !n th£ middle of th£ room with shoulders dropped. h£r once gorgeous face looked unh£althy and h£r once vibrant eyes looked dead.


“I know you probably don’t want to see me but I couldn’t h£lp myself from com!ng to see you.” $h£ rubb£d h£r [email protected] togeth£r nervously. “I wanted to tell you everyth!ng but I couldn’t because of th£ curse. Now I guess you already know.”

$h£ was speak!ng of be!ng Lucian moth£r.

“Yes I know.”

As $h£ looked m©r£ closely at me a frown settled on h£r face. “Oh…” $h£ breath£d. “Who did th¡s to you?” $h£ said cross!ng th£ distance b£tweeΠ us an grabb!ng my shoulders to look m©r£ closely. h£r sad face turned !nto one of anger, as if $h£ wanted to punish whoever hurt me.

“Yes, I want to.” $h£ said and I could h£ar th£ anger !n h£r voice. My once closest friend, my only friend turned ©vt to be Lucians moth£r. I still couldn’t digest that fact.

Irene’s expression turned !nto one of sadness aga!n upon h£ar!ng my thoughts. “I am sorry.” $h£ apologized. “I know you are angry with me but I can’t let you stay h£re. You have to come with me.”

I shook my h£ad. “I want to see Lucian. h£ needs me.”

“It’s dangerous to stay h£re and Lucian doesn’t remember yo..” Before $h£ could f!nish th£ s£ntence $h£ stopped h£rself and looked at me apologetically

“So h£ is really not pretend!ng?” I asked feel!ng my h£art break !nto thousand pieces.

“No… but don’t worry. h£ will remember you.”

I felt my eyes tear up. ” And if h£ doesn’t?”

“h£ will.” $h£ a$$ured.

“Why doesn’t h£ remember me?” I h£ard my voice crack. No, I was not go!ng to cry aga!n.

“h£ probably feel to much guilt that it’s pa!nful for h¡m to remember.” Now h£r eyes teared up.

“Guilt? Why?”

“Because h£ feels that h£ failed to protect you. h£ feels guilty for leav!ng you beh!nd !n th£ [email protected] of h¡s enemies. h£ probably imag!ned many times before h£ died what would happen to you once h£ left and it was too pa!nful for h¡m, so h£ suppressed all h¡s memories that !ncludes you.”

Oh Lucian. I didn’t know h£ was !n so much pa!n. I needed to make h¡m see that I was j√$t f!ne.

“I want to see h¡m Irene. Please take me to h¡m.” I was almost cry!ng.

Irene sigh£d. “h£ can hurt you right now.”

“No h£ won’t.”

Irene sigh£d. “Alright, come with me.”


Lucian was half asleep wh£n h£ h£ard th£ door to h¡s room open quietly and someone sneak!ng |ns!de. h£ s1©wly reach£d for th£ dagger under h¡s pillow mak!ng h¡mself ready as th£ person’s footsteps neared, but th£n suddenly Lucian stiffened. h£ recognized th¡s scent, th£ scent of honey and coconut, th£ scent of Hazel.

What was $h£ do!ng h£re and how did $h£ get !n?

Putt!ng th£ dagger [email protected]¢k h£ pretended to be asleep. Hazel walked closer, h£ could feel h£r lean!ng over h¡m and th£n s1©wly $h£ sat d©wΠ on th£ b£d next to h¡m. After that it was quite for a while and th£n h£ felt h£r f!ng£rs on h¡s face, remov!ng th£ hair from h¡s face and tuck!ng it beh!nd h¡s ear.

“Lucian.” $h£ wh¡spered h¡s name but h£ kept h¡s eyes closed. “You have gone through alot and I could do noth!ng to h£lp you.” $h£ ran h£r f!ng£rs through h¡s hair. “I don’t want you to hurt anym©r£. I wish you could come with me and leave all th¡s beh!nd. We could live happily togeth£r and forget ab©vt th£ hurt and th£ pa!n.” It was silent for a moment. “Is that possible?” $h£ th£n asked. $h£ seemed to ask h£rself m©r£ than h¡m.

s1©wly $h£ leaned even closer to h¡m and Lucian wondered what $h£ was ab©vt to do before h£ felt h£r l¡ps on h¡s foreh£ad. “I love you.” $h£ wh¡spered and th£n stood up to leave.

Lucian panicked for an unknown reason and grabb£d h£r wrist to prevent h£r from leav!ng. Hazel [email protected] startled but th£n looked [email protected]¢k at h¡m. “You are awake.” $h£ looked shocked and s¢ar£d.

Lucian looked up at h£r. “Don’t leave.” h£ said to h¡s surprise which seemed to surprise h£r as well. $h£ was a little reluctant but th£n decided to stay with h¡m. h£ made some place for h£r on th£ b£d next to h¡m and $h£ [email protected] d©wΠ ¢ar£fvlly. Th£re th£y [email protected] face to face look!ng at each oth£r, both a bit confused by what th£y were do!ng.

“How did you get !n h£re?” h£ asked break!ng th£ silence.

“You’re guards are sleep!ng.” $h£ wh¡spered.

“Why did you come h£re?”

“I wanted to see you.”

Why h£ wanted to ask but th£n aga!n h£ knew what $h£ would say, because h£ was h£r husband. h£ felt as though h£ was, s!nce h£ felt way too comfortable with h£r.

From what h£ had learned, h£ was only married once and to a pr!ncess from Maebeth whom h¡s broth£r would never keep alive. Th¡s woman was alive and $h£ could not be human. $h£ had been able to see through h¡s disguise and h£ could not read h£r thoughts like oth£r humans. $h£ was someth!ng else and $h£ probably wanted someth!ng from h¡m. What h£ didn’t know but th£re was one way to f!nd ©vt, to keep h£r close to h¡m and ₱|@y along with h£r. Eventually $h£ would show h£r true colors.

“I am dirty, and your b£d is clean.” $h£ said wh£n it became too quiet.

“It’s alright. Get some sleep.” h£ said th£n closed h¡s eyes and before h£ knew h£ was already asleep.


Lucian woke up feel!ng refre$h£d. It had been so long s!nce h£ had a good sleep and with©vt a nightmare. h£ wondered what went different th¡s time, but that’s wh£n h£ noticed Hazel sleep!ng next to h¡m. Was $h£ th£ reason? How could h£ have [email protected]||en asleep and even felt comfortable next to a woman h£ suspected to be h¡s enemy?

Lucian stared at Hazel’s relaxed face as $h£ was asleep. $h£ looked so !nnocent that h£ had a [email protected] time believ!ng $h£ could be anyone’s enemy at all. h£ reach£d for h£r face, feel!ng h£r now bruised sk!n under h¡s f!ng£rs. h£ felt a sudden urge to punish whoever did th¡s to h£r. Car!ng for someone h£ didn’t even know made h¡m feel even m©r£ upset.

“Hazel.” What am I supposed to do with you?

Hazel opened h£r eyes s1©wly as if $h£ had h£ard h£r name be!ng called. Afte bl!nk!ng several times $h£ looked at h¡m and smiled. That smile, that annoy!ng yet beautiful smile tugged at h¡s h£art !n strange ways. Lucian got hastily ©vt of b£d, irritated by h¡s own feel!ngs. Hazel sat up and looked at h¡m with a hurt expression that $h£ tried to hide.

“You can use th£ bathroom to clean up.” h£ said as an excuse to be with©vt h£r for a moment, to collect h¡s thoughts.

“Thank you.” $h£ smiled gett!ng ©vt of b£d and th£n tiptoed to th£ bathroom.

Lucian let ©vt a deep breath once $h£ was ©vt of sight. Th¡s woman was do!ng th!ngs to h¡s m!nd and b©dy. What was wrong with h¡m? h£ had seen much m©r£ beautiful women than h£r and still not felt th£ way $h£ made h¡m feel. h£ paced [email protected]¢k and forth !n th£ room try!ng to calm h¡s nerves d©wΠ, but h¡s demon was be!ng rebellious aga!n.

I thought we made peace, h£ told h¡s demon as if h¡s demon was someone oth£r than h¡mself. h¡s demon was only a name for h¡s dark side, th£ evil |ns!de of h¡m, th£ anger, th£ wickedness, th£ frustration and of course th£ l.u.s.t and hunger. Th£ will to manipulate and to seduce was usually what h¡s demon enjoyed th£ most and usually that side of h¡m, h¡s demon was stronger than h¡s good side.


Hazel’s voice !nterrupted h¡s fight with h¡s demon but as h£ turned @r0vnd and laid eyes on h£r h£ knew th£re was no go!ng [email protected]¢k.

Hazel was stand!ng !n front of h¡m, w€t and with noth!ng but a small towel wr*₱ped @r0vnd h£r b©dy.

“I couldn’t put my dirty cloth£s [email protected]¢k on.” $h£ said completely !nnocent.

Lucian s1©wly strolled toward h£r fvlly aware that h£ had let h¡s demon w!n. Hazel didn’t step away and th£re was no fear !n h£r eyes th¡s time as h£ grabb£d h£r face softly.

“Good.” h£ breath£d. “I want you n.a.k.e.d.”


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