Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of The devil’s son episode 23 – 24

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef


It felt so refresh!ng to get clean and th£ h°t water was very sooth!ng, but I couldn’t spend th£ wh0l£ day h£re even though I wanted to. Wash!ng th£ soap off I began to dry myself with a clean towel that I found. I was surprised by how many bruises I found on my b©dy while dry!ng myself. I must look awful I thought.

Once I was dry I looked @r0vnd for someth!ng to wear, but th£re was noth!ng. That meant that I had to walk ©vt with only a towel. I didn’t want Lucian to see my bruised b©dy and cause h¡m even m©r£ guilt, but s!nce I had no oth£r option I walked ©vt of th£ bathroom and !nto th£ chamber.

Th£re I found Lucian pac!ng [email protected]¢k and forth look!ng disturb£d and !n deep thoughts that h£ didn’t even notice my pres£nce.

“Lucian.” I called ¢ar£fvlly.

Lucian stopped !n h¡s tracks and s1©wly turned @r0vnd. h¡s eyes widened !n surprise.

“I couldn’t put my dirty cloth£s [email protected]¢k on.” I said expla!n!ng why I was half n.a.k.e.d.

h£ stood completely still and look!ng appalled for a short while but th£n s1©wly someth!ng f|¡¢kered !n h¡s eyes and h¡s gaze darkened. I don’t know what happened but suddenly h£ was stand!ng right !nfront of me, so close I could smell h¡s Add¡¢tive scent.

“Good.” h£ said grabb!ng my ch!n gently and lift!ng my h£ad so that I was look!ng !nto h¡s eyes. Th£n h£ leaned closer, “I want you n.a.k.e.d.” h£ said !n a deep husky voice that made my h£art race. It had been so long s!nce I felt th¡s way and I j√$t wanted h¡m to klzz me, and do much m©r£.

As if know!ng what I was th!nk!ng h£ grabb£d th£ [email protected]¢k of my h£ad and devoured my m©vth. I sigh£d !nto h¡s m©vth at th£ sudden ₱1ea$vre that I felt and wr*₱ped my arms @r0vnd h¡s neck. h¡s klzz was h°t, persistent and hungry mak!ng my legs wobble !n weakness and my breath hitch.

I ₱u$h£d h¡m away slightly j√$t to catch my breath but h£ h£ld me !n place and cont!nued klzz!ng d©wΠ my jaw and furth£r d©wΠ to my neck. I shut my eyes and threw my h£ad [email protected]¢k feel!ng h¡s h°t m©vth nip and s√¢k its way up to my m©vth aga!n. Th¡s time h£ slid h¡s t0Πge |ns!de and th£ taste of h¡m made all rational thoughts leave my m!nd. All I wanted was feel h¡m, taste h¡m. Yes, th¡s time I was th£ one that wanted h¡m n.a.k.e.d.

I tugged at th£ strap on h¡s robe to take it off but h£ suddenly grabb£d my wrists and broke th£ klzz.

“Wait.” h£ breath£d h£avily hold!ng my wrists !n a steel grip.

“I don’t want to wait anym©r£. I want you.” I need you.

I sounded like a desperate woman, or maybe I was but I didn’t ¢ar£. It wasn’t a s!n to want your husband.

s1©wly h£ let go of my wrists and I thought h£ was go!ng to leave, but !nstead h£ took off h¡s robe. It felt strange to look at h¡s bare b©dy, and now th!nk!ng ab©vt it even h¡s face. Even though I knew h£ was Lucian it would be strange to be with h¡m look!ng like th¡s. I wanted to be with h¡m look!ng like h¡mself.

“I want to see you.” I said.

h£ looked at me for while, “m©r£?” h£ asked th£n began to open th£ botton on h¡s [email protected]

“No, I don’t mean like that.” I almost panicked despite hav!ng seen h¡m completely n.a.k.e.d. “I mean I want to see th£ real you, I want to see Lucian.”


Suddenly someth!ng c|¡¢ked !n Lucian h£ad. Wait! Was Hazel seduc!ng h¡m on purpose j√$t to make h¡m expose h¡mself? But what would $h£ get ©vt of it? Still, h£ shouldn’t trust h£r, h£ knew h£ shouldn’t, not after everyth!ng h£ went through, but it was too late to conv!nce h¡mself. h£ already trusted h£r. Those !nnocent eyes of h£r told h¡m h£ could trust h£r, told h¡m that $h£ would never do anyth!ng to hurt h¡m. As h£ looked !nto those eyes h£ saw a reflection of h¡s own feel!ngs, pa!n, guilt and a deep long!ng to be togeth£r.

Yes, h£ wanted th¡s woman. Not j√$t today but everyday. h£ knew h£ was be!ng !nsane but it didn’t matter anym©r£. Everyth!ng felt right with h£r, it felt as if $h£ was made for h¡m. Made to make h¡m feel safe, to make h¡m feel loved and happy and forget ab©vt all th£ pa!n even if it was for a short while.

“Is it important?” h£ asked.

$h£ nodded. “Yes. I want to feel you and not someb©dy else.”

Lucian let h¡s disguise [email protected]|| off and watch£d Hazels expression ¢ar£fvlly. $h£ looked at h¡m surprised for a long while that h£ became concerned.

“Is someth!ng wrong?”

Hazel shook h£r h£ad violently still h£r eyes wide. “No…no. You j√$t…you j√$t look m©r£ beautiful than I remember.”

Lucian couldn’t h£lp th£ smile that crept to h¡s face. To be called beautiful by th¡s particular woman made h¡m happy.

Th£n suddenly Hazel frowned and extended h£r [email protected] to touch h¡s hair. “Your hair. You cut your hair?” $h£ said shocked.


“Th¡s short?!” $h£ almost sounded upset.

Why did Lucian suddenly feel as if h£ was be!ng scolded? $h£ had j√$t said that h£ was beautiful, did $h£ change h£r m!nd? h£ knew h£ that h£ had cut m©r£ than half h¡s hair and now it was only a bit past h¡s shoulders but h£ hoped that $h£ wouldn’t dislike it.

“You don’t like it?” h£ asked.

$h£ tilted h£r h£ad slightly and looked at h¡m with amus.e.m.e.nt. ” You look good !n whatever. I was j√$t a little surprised.” $h£ smiled at h¡m.

That smile aga!n made h¡m lose track of h¡s thoughts. h£ slid one arm @r0vnd h£r [email protected]¡$t and ₱v||ed h£r aga!nst h¡m. h£ didn’t want to talk anym©r£. h£ wanted h£r, and h£ wanted h£r now.

“Do you still want me?” h£ asked.

$h£ nodded blush!ng.

“But we have to do th¡s quietly. You can’t make a sound.”

Lucian could h£ar Hazel’s h£art race |ns!de h£r ch£st. h£ll, even h¡s h£art was rac!ng at th£ thought of not mak!ng a sound. h£ was already imag!n!ng Hazel bit!ng h£r l¡p and digg!ng h£r nails !nto h¡s shoulders to stifle a m.o.a.n and h£ imag!ned h¡mself teas!ng h£r until $h£ couldn’t stay quiet anym©r£.

“I can’t promise.” Hazel said with a h£avy breath.

“You have to.” h£ said slid!ng h¡s [email protected] up h£r bare leg while press!ng h¡s l¡ps to h£r neck.

Th£ thought of h£r promis!ng h¡m and th£n mak!ng h£r break h£r promise was very tempt!ng.

Why did h£ want ₱|@y th¡s sly game with h£r so badly?

“Alright.” $h£ sigh£d wr*₱p!ng h£r arms @r0vnd h¡m.

“Alright what?” h£ asked klzz!ng up h£r jaw.

“I…I promise.”

Good h£ thought. Because now h£ wanted to ₱|@y a game with h£r. How long would it take h¡m to make h£r break h£r promise?


Author: Jasm!ne Josef


I could not make a sound? Good lord!

Why did th£ thought of it arouse a flutter!ng feel!ng to my stomach?

Lucian drew h¡s l¡ps from m!ne and looked at me worriedly.

“Are you sure you want th¡s?” h£ asked. “If you don’t want to I’m not go!ng to force you.”

I was confused. Had I done someth!ng to make h¡m believe I didn’t want to? I thought I sounded desperate.

“You are trembl!ng and you seem stressed.” h£ expla!ned.

“Oh…” Yes I was stressed, stressed to have h¡m. It was like I couldn’t wait. “I am trembl!ng !n need Lucian. I need you.” I a$$ured h¡m not th£ least embarra$$ed.

Lucian’s eyes darkened and h£ took my m©vth with h¡s !n a wild klzz. h¡s [email protected] roamed th£ sides of my b©dy, d©wΠ my [email protected]¢k, over my bottom and th£n grabb!ng my th¡ghs h£ lifted me up. Tak!ng th£ h!nt I wr*₱ped my legs @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t and h£ carried toward th£ b£d with©vt tak!ng h¡s l¡ps away from m!ne. Th£re h£ [email protected] me d©wΠ gently and ₱v||ed away.

A sigh of frustration escaped my l¡ps at th£ abs£nce of h¡s clos£ness. h£ looked d©wΠ at me wh£re I [email protected] b£tweeΠ h¡s legs, h¡s eyes study!ng me with curiosity. I could still not believe my eyes everytime I saw at h¡m. I had always thought h£ looked to good to be true but now look!ng at h¡m h£ took my breath away. I couldn’t quite put my f!ng£r on what exactly changed ab©vt h¡s appearance, h£ j√$t seemed overall different.

s1©wly h£ hovered over me, us!ng one arm to support h¡s weight while th£ oth£r [email protected] went to graze my th¡gh. h£ leaned !n and placed soft quick klzzes on my l¡ps teas!ngly until I couldn’t ¢©Πtr0| myself anym©r£. Reach!ng up, I grasped h¡s hair and brought h¡s face closer to m!ne, seek!ng h¡s m©vth, want!ng m©r£ of th£ sweet taste of h¡s l¡ps.

h¡s l¡ps curved !nto a smile at my desperation before h£ gave !n and klzzed me !n th£ same desperate need that I was feel!ng. h¡s l¡ps m©v£d with greed, nipp!ng and s√¢k!ng, mak!ng me shudder with want. My [email protected] reach£d for h¡m feel!ng h¡s b©dy, clutch!ng at th£ muscles on h¡s arms and [email protected]¢k. Th£ feel of h¡s bare sk!n made me wish that I was n.a.k.e.d, I wanted feel h¡s sk!n mov!ng aga!nst m!ne.

Lucians klzzes m©v£d d©wΠ my jaw trail!ng h¡s t0Πge over my earlobe. A sigh escaped my l¡ps and my b©dy shuddered !nvoluntarily.

“You like that?” h£ murmured !n my ear.

I $h!veryed aga!n and nodded.

“What ab©vt th¡s?” h£ asked and klzzed right under my ear. That was my weak spot. How did h£ know? Did h£ remember?

But th£ thoughts fled my h£ad as quickly as h£at $pr£@d through my b©dy. My breath came ©vt !n shallow [email protected] as h£ cont!nued to torture me with h¡s t0Πge. I tilted my h£ad [email protected]¢k and arch£d aga!nst h¡m while feel!ng h¡s [email protected] trail!ng d©wΠ my ch£st and th£n swiftly remov!ng th£ towel from my b©dy.

Cold air hit my sk!n before Lucians warm b©dy pressed aga!nst m!ne. I bit my l¡p and fought [email protected] not to make a sound at th£ feel of h¡s bare sk!n aga!nst m!ne.

Lucian’s b©dy tensed for a moment before h£ drew [email protected]¢k. I opened my eyes quickly afraid that h£ had changed h¡s m!nd and decided to leave but we locked eyes all I saw was a burn!ng hunger. Yes, h¡s eyes seemed to burn, literally. Th£ flames !n th£m seemed wild, as if th£y wanted to consume me.

My h£art began to race as h¡s gaze swept over my b©dy. h¡s jaw tensed and th£ flames !n h¡s eyes seemed to burn h°tter. Th¡s time I didn’t feel shy at all under h¡s gaze, I j√$t wish h£ would touch me while watch!ng me.

As if read!ng my thoughts h£ ran two f!ng£rs d©wΠ th£ path b£tweeΠ my b.r.e.a.s.t, follow!ng th£ m©v£ment with h¡s gaze. I shut my eyes feel!ng h£ady with desire. I had promised to not make a sound but I was s¢r**m!ng |ns!de as h¡s f!ng£rs cont!nued d©wΠ my stomach but stopped j√$t right above my pelvic before travel!ng up aga!n.

I thought I was los!ng my m!nd before h£ ran h¡s f!ng£rs @r0vnd each one of my b.r.e.a.s.ts excruciat!ngly s1©w. I wh¡mpered !n need of h¡s touch.

“Shhh…” h£ said lean!ng d©wΠ and brush!ng h¡s l¡ps lightly aga!nst m!ne. “I haven’t started yet.”

Th£n h£ cupped my b.r.e.a.s.t !n h¡s palm, ma$$ag!ng it’s fvllness and th£n sqv££s!ng it lightly while cover!ng my m©vth with h¡s, muffl!ng th£ sound that was ab©vt to escape my l¡ps. I writh£d beneath h¡m, free!ng my legs and th£n wr*₱ped th£m @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t, want!ng to feel h¡m closer but h¡s [email protected] were !n th£ way.

My [email protected] search£d for th£ buttons on h¡s [email protected] but before I could do anyth!ng h£ grabb£d my wrists and p!nned th£m d©wΠ.

“Not yet, or I might lose my m!nd.” Th£ hunger !n h¡s voice s£nt a $h!very d©wΠ my sp!ne, but I was glad I wasn’t th£ only go!ng mad.

Releas!ng my wrists h£ m©v£d h¡s [email protected] to my oth£r b.r.e.a.s.t, brush!ng a t!ght peak before captur!ng it and roll!ng it b£tweeΠ h¡s f!ng£r and thumb.

“Oh.” I sigh£d unable to stop myself as jolts of ₱1ea$vre sh°t through my b©dy and settled b£tweeΠ my legs.

“What did you promise me?” h£ asked lower!ng h¡s h£ad s1©wly while look!ng me !n th£ eyes. I felt h¡s h°t breath b£tweeΠ my b.r.e.a.s.ts and I knew what was ab©vt to come. My stomach quivered !n anticipation as h¡s f!ng£rs grazed th£ sides of my b©dy before digg!ng !nto my h.i.p.s.

“What did you promise Hazel?” h£ repeated.

“To not make I sound.” I breath£d even though I wasn’t sure I could keep my promise.

“And if you make a sound?” h£ cont!nued, h¡s [email protected] reach!ng my !nner th¡ghs. h£ didn’t even start I was close to break!ng my promise. “What should I do with you?” h£ asked. “Tell me.”

“I…I don’t know.” I couldn’t th!nk straight.

“Should I stop touch!ng you?” h¡s [email protected] s1©wly m©v£d up my !nner th¡gh.

“No, please.” I thought I was go!ng to die if h£ stopped touch!ng me.

“Th£n keep your promise.”

I nodded and h£ gr!nned devilishly.

“Good.” h£ breath£d aga!nst my sk!n before trail!ng h¡s t0Πge up th£ path b£tweeΠ my b.r.e.a.s.ts and @r0vnd th£m teas!ngly. I squirmed un¢©Πtr0|lably but Lucian’s arms came @r0vnd my [email protected]¢k to hold me !n place.

Th¡s time h£ captured a peak with h¡s m©vth and s√¢ked on it lightly. My b©dy jerked as I became delirious with l.u.s.t. Th£ annoy!ng ach£ that settled b£tweeΠ my legs !ntensified.

“m©r£” I wh¡spered but it almost came ©vt as a cry.

Oh, did I break my promise? Would h£ stop touch!ng me? No, please.

Lucian didn’t stop. h£ worked one b.r.e.a.s.t with h¡s m©vth and th£ oth£r with h¡s f!ng£rs. Th¡s time I got completely lost !n h¡s sweet torture. My b©dy was not m!ne anym©r£, it was act!ng on its own accord, writh!ng and rubb!ng aga!nst h¡m to ease th£ ach!ng b£tweeΠ my th¡ghs.

Lucian h¡ssed and drew [email protected]¢k. “God, what are you do!ng to me?”

I took th£ chance to catch my breath but as h£ began to undress completely my breath caught !n my throat. My gaze traveled d©wΠ h¡s perfectly sculpted b©dy, before settl!ng on th£ [email protected] b£tweeΠ h¡s legs. I hadn’t felt embarra$$ed th¡s wh0l£ time but th¡s time I felt my ch£eks burn.

Lucian chuckled at my reaction and leaned d©wΠ to klzz me. Th¡s time I klzzed h¡m [email protected]¢k fiercely touch!ng every part of h¡s b©dy with©vt shame before tak!ng h¡s [email protected] !nto my [email protected] h£ made an animalistic sound deep !n h¡s throat and h¡s muscles tensed.

“You are go!ng to be th£ death of me.” h£ said and I couldn’t h£lp but smile !nwardly, proud of myself for mak!ng h¡m feel that way.

h£ took my [email protected] away, “I want it to last.” h£ expla!ned before mov!ng h¡s l¡ps d©wΠ my b©dy. h£ klzzed my stomach, swirl!ng h¡s t0Πge @r0vnd my belly before mov!ng d©wΠ my h.i.p.s. I didn’t realize that my h.i.p.s were s£nsitive as well. I found myself curl!ng my toes and th£ ach!ng b£tweeΠ my legs became unbearable.

“Lucian.” I [email protected], grasp!ng h¡s hair.

“I know.” h£ cut off and th£n m©v£d up captur!ng my l¡ps with h¡s. I returned th£ klzz with th£ same !ntensity, wr*₱p!ng both my arms and legs @r0vnd h¡m. I could feel h¡s [email protected] press aga!nst my pelvic and I couldn’t h£lp but thrv$t my h.i.p.s aga!nst h¡m.

Lucian growled aga!nst my l¡ps. Tak!ng my [email protected] h£ p!nned th£m above my h£ad with one [email protected] while th£ oth£r s1©wly slid b£tweeΠ my th¡ghs touch!ng me wh£re I needed to be touch£d th£ most. I cried !nto h¡s m©vth at th£ !ntense s£nsation that went through my b©dy.


God, I begged everytime. I j√$t couldn’t stop.

“Please, what?” h£ said lower h¡s h£ad to my b.r.e.a.s.ts aga!n. My m!nd went blank as I felt h¡s h°t breath on my sk!n th£n ever so s1©wly h£ f|¡¢ked h¡s t0Πge over a peak before tak!ng it !nto h¡s m©vth all while still touch!ng th£ w€tness b£tweeΠ my legs.

Th¡s time I couldn’t h£lp th£ m.o.a.n that escaped my throat. I was far too gone to th!nk ab©vt keep!ng my promise. Touch!ng two of th£ most s£nsitive parts of my b©dy at th£ same time was to much to [email protected] and soon I was mak!ng a lot of noise.

Begg!ng, [email protected]!ng, squirm!ng until h¡s f!ng£rs were |ns!de of me.

I cried ©vt, digg!ng my f!ng£rs !nto h¡s [email protected]¢k while arch!ng up aga!nst h¡m. h¡s f!ng£rs slid !n and ©vt ₱ush!ng me to madness, mak!ng every muscle !n my b©dy tense. j√$t wh£n I thought I was go!ng to explode h£ took h¡s f!ng£rs aways. I cried ©vt aga!n, th¡s time !n frustration.

Why did h£ stop? I opened my eyes and saw a confused look on h¡s face.

“Is someth!ng wrong?” I asked breathless.

h¡s gaze m©v£d to my neck search!ng and th£n h¡s eyes widened with realization.

“We did th¡s before? And…and I bit you?”

As h£ spoke I realized h¡s teeth had grown aga!n, now look!ng like fangs.

h£ seemed disgusted and confused.

I catch£d my breath and th£n sat up. I took h¡s face !n my [email protected] and gazed !nto h¡s eyes. ” You are different Lucian and I always liked you that way. You will s1©wly and eventually remember everyth!ng until th£n I will be h£re for you.” I smiled.

“You are not s¢ar£d?”

I shook my h£ad. “You would never hurt me and you know it deep d©wΠ. You might not remember me but you feel me th£ way I felt you even though your were disguised as someone else.”

“Are you really my wife?”

Th£ way h£ asked pa!ned me. h£ sounded desperate for answers. I could only imag!ne los!ng my memories and feel!ng utterly lost.

“Until you remember I will be whatever you want me to be.”


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