Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of The devil’s son episode 25

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef


Klara hadn’t believed Roshan wh£n h£’d told h£r that Lucian was alive but th£n $h£ saw Irene cry!ng with happ!ness and sadness at th£ same time after meet!ng h£r son $h£ was a$$ured that Lucian was !ndeed alive. $h£ had cried as well, !n relief, togeth£r with Irene. That day had felt like forever.

Now $h£ was sitt!ng !n th£ garden, alone, th!nk!ng of what to do next. $h£ could not stay h£re forever, $h£ didn’t want to feel like a burden.

“You are not a burden and you can stay h£re as long as you want.” Suddenly Irene spoke from nearby as though $h£ had been th£re th£ wh0l£ time.

Klara turned h£r h£ad slightly and found Irene stroll!ng toward h£r look!ng as h£r usual self, beautiful and elegant at th£ same time.

“You can h£ar my thoughts.” Klara asked surprised.

“Don’t be so surprised. I told you I was a witch.” Irene smiled and came to sit next to h£r on th£ bench.

“Why are you so nice to me?” Klara asked. “I was not very nice to your son and h¡s wife.”

Irene smiled. “You loved my son despite s£ns!ng that h£ was different. How were you not nice to h¡m?”

Klara looked d©wΠ at h£r [email protected] Th£re were th!ngs that Irene didn’t know. Th!ngs like how $h£ forced Lucian and threatened Hazel. $h£ wasn’t proud of those th!ngs.

“I know those th!ngs.” Irene said surpris!ng h£r aga!n. “Sometimes love can make us do crazy th!ngs. What matters is that you h£lped th£m !n th£ end and… I actually enjoyed your fight with Hazel.” $h£ laugh£d. “You are a strong and determ!ned woman who goes after what $h£ really wants. Not many have that courage.”

Klara was confused. Irene liked h£r despite know!ng everyth!ng? Th¡s woman really amazed h£r.

“As I said, you can stay h£re as long as you want.”

“I might never f!nd somewh£re to go.” Klara said realiz!ng th£ gravity of h£r own words. What if $h£ really never found somewh£re to go?

“I doubt that.” Irene smiled, h£r eyes swirl!ng with th£ knowledge of someth!ng that Klara couldn’t understand. Th£n swiftly $h£ stood up “I’ll see you at d!nner.” $h£ said and left.

Klara sat alone aga!n, h£r thoughts drift!ng away to Lucian. Was h£ alright? Was Hazel alright? Klara knew that if Hazel got hurt th£n that would hurt Lucian and $h£ didn’t want h¡m to hurt because that would hurt h£r.

And th£n s1©wly h£r thoughts drifted to Astrid. h£r sister must be so worried right now. Klara felt guilty for be!ng th£ troublemaker. $h£ always put h£r sister !n difficult situations and made h£r worry. $h£ really was good for noth!ng.

With sunken shoulders Klara stood up to walk [email protected]¢k to h£r room wh£n $h£ took notice of Roshan stand!ng two steps away. $h£ had almost walked !nto h¡m if $h£ hadn’t looked up.

“God, you s¢ar£d me. Don’t you know how to keep a distance?”

Aga!n h¡s l¡ps curved !nto that wicked smile that annoyed h£r so much. $h£ had tried h£r best to avoid h¡m th£se last few days but it was difficult s!nce $h£ was liv!ng !n h¡s house. Everytime h£ spoke to h£r $h£ found h£rself blush!ng, everytime h£ looked !nto h£r eyes $h£ found h£rself los!ng track of h£r thoughts and stutter!ng, and everytime h£ smiled like that $h£ found h£rself want!ng to slap h¡m and klzz h¡m at th£ same time. h£ was j√$t pla!n annoy!ng.

“Why? Do I make you nervous?” h£ asked.

“Nervous?” $h£ laugh£d nervously. “You don’t make me feel anyth!ng.”

“Is that why you are avoid!ng to look at me?”

Klara lifted h£r ch!n and looked directly !nto h¡s eyes. Th£ way h£ looked [email protected]¢k at h£r made h£r h£art skip a b**t. Why did h£ have to look so good? It would have been easier to hate h¡m if h£ didn’t.

“I am look!ng at you now.” $h£ said challeng!ngly. “Now if you will excuse me.” $h£ ₱u$h£d past h¡s shoulder but h£ grabb£d h£r wrist prevent!ng h£r from leav!ng.

Klara was ab©vt to jerk h£r [email protected] away wh£n h£ said. “I can take you to your sister.”

How did h£ know? Klara turned [email protected]¢k, “I thought you couldn’t read my thoughts.”

“I cannot…well, most of th£ time. Anyway, do you want to go and see your sister or not?”

Klara nodded, suddenly excited and happy. Th¡s time $h£ didn’t both£r to ask how, th£y would probably go through some gate or th£ ground might open and swallow th£m. Anyway, $h£ didn’t ¢ar£. $h£ j√$t wanted to see h£r sister.

h£ ₱v||ed at h£r wrist and drew h£r !nto h¡s arms. “Close your eyes.” h£ said and Klara complied. $h£ shut h£r eyes t!ghtly and wr*₱ped h£r arms @r0vnd h¡m !n a steel grip embrac!ng h£rself for whatever was com!ng, but noth!ng happened. $h£ j√$t felt some weird s£nsation go through h£r b©dy before Roshan told h£r to open h£r eyes aga!n.

Klara opened h£r eyes and realized that $h£ was !n Astrid’s room, already.

“Oh…that was f*st.” $h£ breath£d but risky. What if Astrid or some maids had been !n h£re?

“I made sure no one was h£re before we came.” h£ expla!ned. “Stay h£re, I will br!ng your sister.”

Klara panicked and grabb£d h¡s arm to stop h¡m. “How? Th£y will see you if you leave h£re.”

“Don’t worry. I have some tricks under my sleeve.” h£ w!nked th£n left.

Klara waited and waited, gett!ng m©r£ anxious for every m!nute that pa$$ed by. What if Roshan got caught? What if h£ was !n trouble because of h£r?

j√$t wh£n $h£ decided to leave and look for h¡m th£ door to th£ room opened and Astrid entered. At first $h£ didn’t notice h£r but as $h£ walked furth£r !n $h£ almost stumbled [email protected]¢k at th£ sight of Klara. h£r eyes widened !n shock.

“Klara? How…? Are you alright?”

Klara didn’t reply. $h£ j√$t went and hugged h£r sister. “I miss you.”

“I missed you to.” Astrid said wr*₱p!ng h£r arms @r0vnd h£r t!ghtly. “I was so worried. I thought someth!ng happened to you. Wh£re did you go?”

“I am sorry for mak!ng you worry, but I’m alright. I’m stay!ng with a friend.”

Astrid took a step [email protected]¢k and looked at h£r sister skeptically. “What friend? I didn’t know you had friends.” $h£ wh¡spered with tears !n h£r eyes.

“Th£re is someone.” Klara smiled.

“Did that friend br!ng you h£re?” Astrid asked.

Klara nodded.

“Can you trust that person?”

“Yes, don’t worry.”

Astrid sigh£d not entirely [email protected]!$fied. “Rasmus will calm d©wΠ eventually so make sure to come [email protected]¢k. Until th£n be ¢ar£ful.” $h£ said.

“I will.”

After talk!ng for awhile it was time for Klara to go [email protected]¢k. $h£ klzzed and hugged h£r sister t!ghtly, tell!ng h£r not to worry.

“Now, my friend is wait!ng ©vtside. I need your cloth£s.”

Astrid undressed and gave h£r dress to Klara and th£n th£y said goodbye aga!n before Klara went to look for Roshan wh£re th£y decided to meet. Now $h£ could walk with©vt hid!ng s!nce everyone thought that $h£ was Astrid, th£ benefits of be!ng Identical tw!ns $h£ thought with a smile.

Klara hurried to th£ castles rooftop wh£re Roshan was already wait!ng.

“I am sorry I took so long.” $h£ said breathless after walk!ng up all th£ stairs.

“It’s alright.”

Roshan took th£m [email protected]¢k home with©vt ask!ng anyth!ng and Klara was relieved. $h£ didn’t feel like talk!ng after see!ng how worried h£r sister was. $h£ wondered if $h£ would ever be able to go [email protected]¢k home and live with h£r sibl!ngs aga!n. $h£ missed th£m so much, especially Astrid.

Klara turned !n b£d and shut h£r eyes. Everyth!ng would be alright $h£ told h£rself and tried to sleep but as much as $h£ tried $h£ couldn’t.

Th¡s time h£r thoughts drifted to Roshan. Why was h£ h£lp!ng h£r and even tak!ng h£r to see h£r sister? And if h£ wasn’t a witch th£n what was h£?

Klara couldn’t quite figure h¡m ©vt, or what h£ wanted and that both£red h£r, even m©r£ than th£ bruises that covered h£r b©dy and hurt everytime $h£ turned !n b£d. Th£ wh0l£ sleep!ng experience was pa!nful and both£rsome so $h£ decided to go ©vt !nstead.

$h£ wr*₱ped h£r shoulders !n a scarf and went to sit !n th£ garden.

“Couldn’t sleep?”

Roshan. h£ always seemed to appear ©vt of nowh£re.


h£ sat d©wΠ opposite h£r, aga!n wear!ng all black. $h£ wondered what h£ would look like !n oth£r colors.

“Is someth!ng both£r!ng you?” h£ asked !n a soft tone that made h£r want to tell h¡m everyth!ng.

“No, I am j√$t not tired.” $h£ looked at h¡m, h¡s expression was soft, almost worried.

Th£ w!nd blew some strands of h¡s hair onto h¡s face which h£ rem©v£d by runn!ng h¡s f!ng£r through h¡s hair. Th£ m©r£ closely Klara looked at h¡m th£ m©r£ impossibly beautiful h£ seemed, yet h£ had that dark aura that surrounded h¡m, warn!ng h£r of someth!ng unknown.

“I thought you would be relieved now that you have met your sister and know that Lucian is alive.”

Yes, $h£ should be m©r£ relieved but $h£ wasn’t. $h£ had met h£r sister but $h£ didn’t know if th£y would ever be togeth£r aga!n. And Lucian, yes h£ was alive but h£ could never be h£rs. $h£ hoped that h£ was at least happy with Hazel. h£ deserved it after everyth!ng.

“Why did you love h¡m?” Roshan asked suddenly. Klara knew h£ was talk!ng ab©vt Lucian.

At first Klara liked Lucian because h£ had saved h£r, not j√$t once but twice and th£n $h£ liked h¡m because h£ respected h£r and didn’t treat h£r as j√$t a b©dy but as a human be!ng. h£ showed h£r that h£ was a man who kept h¡s word and protected and ¢ar£d for oth£r people. Th£ opposite of what all th£ rumors said ab©vt h¡m.

Klara had thought that $h£ would like h¡m less wh£n $h£ found ©vt that h£ was married but as $h£ saw h¡s loyalty and love to h¡s wife $h£ liked h¡m even m©r£. Men like h¡m were rare and difficult to f!nd, th£refore $h£ had decided to become h¡s second wife.

But s1©wly as $h£ tried to conv!nce h¡m $h£ realized that $h£ was miserable. $h£ went to b£d every night feel!ng like th£ villa!n !n th£ books $h£ usually reads. Th£ villa!n who tries to come !n b£tweeΠ th£ h£ro and th£ h£ro!ne. Klara didn’t want to be th£ villa!n. $h£ didn’t want to go to b£d feel!ng guilty and mean. $h£ didn’t want to be selfish or greedy. $h£ knew $h£ had to let h¡m go, not j√$t for h¡s sake but for h£rself as well. Deep d©wΠ $h£ knew $h£ wouldn’t be happy after ru!n!ng someone else’s happ!ness.

Th£n th£ day came, wh£n Lucian f!nally agreed to marry h£r and $h£ hadn’t felt happy as $h£ had expected, !nstead $h£ felt strange and guilty. That made h£r realise that $h£ !ndeed couldn’t live with mak!ng th£ person $h£ loved unhappy. How could that be called love? That was j√$t h£r own greed. Yet, $h£ had persisted for awhile because $h£ couldn’t imag!ne h£r life with©vt h¡m until $h£ couldn’t anym©r£. h¡s h£art already belonged to someone else, th£re was no mean!ng !n j√$t keep!ng h¡s b©dy so $h£ let h¡m go. $h£ even h£lped h¡m escape and after that even went to save h¡s wife.

$h£ smiled at h£r craz!ness. Irene was right. Love does !ndeed make us do crazy th!ngs. It had been very pa!nful to let h¡m go and $h£ had felt very sad and empty but at least $h£ was at peace with h£rself. $h£ had felt proud of someth!ng $h£ had done after such a long time.

Maybe lov!ng someone isn’t always fight!ng for th£m, sometime lett!ng th£m go is also a way of lov!ng and that $h£ learned th£ [email protected] way.

“h£ seemed like someone who needed love.” Klara shrugged.

Roshan j√$t looked at h£r, h¡s eyes focused as though h£ was try!ng to read h£r.

“By th£ way, thank you for tak!ng me to see my sister.” $h£ smiled.

Someth!ng !n th£ way h£ looked at h£r change. h£ made h£r nervous. “What?” $h£ asked.

“I haven’t seen you smile before. You look beautiful that way.”

Klara felt h£r ch£eks burn. “Thank you.” $h£ said shyly, but th£n quickly tried to change th£ topic. “But you still haven’t told me what you are? You said you are not a witch and I know you are no ord!nary man, th£n…?”

“Th£n what?” h£ raised a brow.

“Th£n what are you? And don’t try to lie to me or make th!ngs up.” $h£ warned.

“If I don’t, I don’t th!nk you can [email protected] th£ truth.”

“Try me.” $h£ challenged.

Roshan watch£d h£r silently for a while. “I am a demon.”


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