Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of The devil’s son episode 26

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef


I [email protected] !n b£d with Lucian while watch!ng th£ clouds ©vtside th£ w!ndow. h£ was sleep!ng while I was try!ng to figure ©vt what th£ clouds looked like. One of th£m looked like a butterfly while th£ oth£r looked like a s¢ar£d ghost.
A s¢ar£d ghost? That was funny but I didn’t laugh or smile.
Wh£n I was younger, every time I felt sad I would watch th£ clouds. Th£y would m©v£, mix togeth£r and look like some funny creature that would make me laugh. I guess it didn’t work anym©r£. Despite be!ng happy that I was f!nally with Lucian I was still sad somehow.
Earlier h£ had told me to tell h¡m everyth!ng, but as I started tell!ng h¡m I saw too much guilt and pa!n !n h¡s eyes, so I stopped.
“Why did you stop? Tell me.” h£ said.
“Lucian, me tell!ng you everyth!ng won’t h£lp you at all. It will only add to your confusion. It’s better that you take your time and remember on your own. I will h£lp you.”
h£ looked at me h£sitantly for awhile. “Alright, but j√$t tell me one th!ng.”
I nodded.

“What do I mean to you?”
I was surprised by th£ question. Of everyth!ng h£ could ask, of everyth!ng h£ probably wondered, I was surprised that h£ asked that particular question. Even if h£ didn’t remember h£ still ¢ar£d. h£ ¢ar£d of wh£th£r h£ meant someth!ng to me or not.
“You mean everyth!ng to me. I loved you even wh£n I hated you. I trusted you even wh£n I doubted you. I was s¢ar£d of you yet I felt th£ most safe with you. It doesn’t make s£nse right? But th£n aga!n noth!ng made ever s£nse with you. Even wh£n I disliked you, doubted you and feared you I still fell !n love with you. Do you know why?”
h£ j√$t looked at me. “Because you are Lucian, man of light, my light. You have brought so much brightness !nto my life that I was unable to see anyth!ng else. I could j√$t see your light and your love and I can still see it now.”
A tear fell d©wΠ h¡s ch£ek and I wiped it away with my thumb. I didn’t realize that I was cry!ng too before h£ wiped a tear away from my face as well. Th£n h£ drew me !nto h¡s arms and hugged me t!ghtly.

“I am sorry I can’t remember.”
“It’s alright.” Maybe it was for th£ better. I feared that if h£ remembered h£ wouldn’t forgive h¡mself. Still, some part of me, th£ selfish part of me wi$h£d that h£ would remember. I didn’t want to be th£ only one remember!ng all th£ precious moments we had togeth£r.
h£ drew me closer and as I [email protected] !n h¡s arms h£ had gone to sleep quickly as if h£ hadn’t had any sleep for days. And th£re I [email protected] watch!ng th£ clouds, happy and sad at th£ same time until h£ woke up aga!n.

h£ squ!nted h¡s eyes at me, “How long did I sleep?”
“Not very long.” I smiled. “You seemed really tired?”
h£ nodded. “I have been unable to sleep s!nce…” h£ stopped as if h£ was ab©vt to say someth!ng h£ shouldn’t. “…for a long time.” h£ th£n proceeded. “But strangely everytime you are with me I am able to sleep well.”
“I am glad.” I smiled.
“Hazel, it’s not safe for you h£re. I will f!nd a way to take you ©vt of h£re.”
“You don’t have too. I can leave myself, but…but can’t you come with me? I don’t want to lose you aga!n.”
I knew h£ wouldn’t agree but it was worth try!ng.
“Th£re are th!ngs I need to take ¢ar£ of.” h£ said.
“Do you really have to? Can’t you j√$t forget everyth!ng and start anew with me?”
h£ put h¡s [email protected] on my ch£ek and ¢ar£ssed it with h¡s thumb. “I wish I could. But I feel like go!ng crazy if I don’t punish anyone.”
I could see it !n h¡s eyes. Anger, betrayal, guilt, pa!n and vengeance. I should let h¡m do what h£ wants if that gives h¡m even th£ t!niest bit of relieve, so I j√$t nodded. “Alright.”
“But how will you leave?”
“Th£re are people I trust that can take me ©vt of h£re.”
“Are you sure you can trust th£m?” h£ asked.
I nodded.

“Th£n why didn’t you leave before?”
I was wait!ng for you, I wanted to say but that would only add to h¡s guilt.
“I couldn’t reach th£m but now I can.” I lied.
Pierre was los!ng h¡s m!nd th£se days. First th£ guard had told h¡m h£ had seen Lucian th£n several oth£r guards and maids thought that th£y had seen Lucian and now th£ wh0l£ k!ngdom was talk!ng ab©vt how h¡s broth£r could be alive.
But it wasn’t only th£ talk!ng that had been both£r!ng h¡m, it was th£ nightmares as well. h£ had dreamt of Lucian, tower!ng over h¡s sleep!ng b©dy, putt!ng h¡s [email protected] @r0vnd h¡s neck and strangl!ng h¡m. Th£ dream would feel so real, that wh£n h£ woke up !n th£ morn!ng h¡s neck would feel sore and h£ would f!nd f!ng£rpr!nts on it.
h£ was probably j√$t be!ng paranoid, but even tonight as h£ tried to sleep h£ could feel someone !n h¡s room, hid!ng !n th£ darkness and wait!ng until h£ fell asleep so that it could harm h¡m. h£ began to sweat and h¡s h£art thumb£d |ns!de h¡s ch£st. h£ wanted to call th£ guards |ns!de but h£ was afraid that rumors ab©vt h¡m be!ng s¢ar£d of th£ darkness would $pr£@d !n th£ castle. A k!ng could not show fear so h£ swallowed th£ lump !n h¡s throat and curled !n b£d shak!ng and wait!ng for th£ night to end.

“Your highness. Are you ill? You don’t seem well.” A maid asked th£ next morn!ng as $h£ h£lped h¡m get dressed.
Pierre slapped h£r across th£ face. “I am f!ne.” h£ yelled. “Stop talk!ng and do your work.”
h£ was boil!ng over. h£ was supposed to get married and strength£n h¡s position as a k!ng, not have sleepless nights because of some baseless rumors.h£ needed to get married soon so h£ went to meet Alexander to set a date for th£ marriage.
Alexander was sitt!ng at th£ table !n th£ d!n!ng room, hav!ng h¡s Lunch. Wh£n Pierre walked |ns!de everyone stood up and bowed except for Alexander. h£ cont!nued to eat with©vt even look!ng up.

Th£re was someth!ng ab©vt Alexander that Pierre didn’t like much. h£ seemed very arrogant.
“I hope you are enjoy!ng your lunch.” Pierre said to get h¡s attention.
Alexander put h¡s fork and knife d©wΠ s1©wly on each side of th£ plate th£n grabb£d th£ napk!n and wiped h¡s m©vth.
“I am.” h£ looked up and th£n h£ arch£d one brow. “You don’t look well.”
“I am f!ne. Thank you for your concern.”
“Oh…I am very concerned. I keep h£ar!ng rumors ab©vt your broth£r, that h£ might be alive. How can I let you marry my sister with such rumors circulat!ng?”
Pierre cursed !nwardly. h£ needed th¡s marriage and th£se rumors were ru!n!ng all h¡s plans. “I thought you were a man who didn’t ¢ar£ ab©vt rumors?” Pierre said.

“You thought right. But th¡s is ab©vt your broth£r you see, th£ one who is said to be th£ devil’s son. By th£ way…, I am really curious. Why do th£y call h¡m that?”
Pierre tried to th!nk, but h£ couldn’t remember exactly wh£n people started to call h¡s broth£r th£ devil’s son. Wh£n h£ was little h£ j√$t remembered h¡s fath£r warn!ng h¡m to ₱|@y with Lucian and wh£n h£ got older h£ j√$t hated h¡s broth£r. h£ always seemed to get all th£ attention wh£th£r it was from soldiers because of h¡s fight!ng skills or from women because of h¡s looks. Even h¡s own wives and mistresses couldn’t h£lp but stare at h¡m everytime h£ walked !nto a room.

h£ hated that man and h£ couldn’t count how many times h£ wi$h£d h¡s broth£r was dead. But everytime h£ and h¡s fath£r s£nt h¡m to war, hop!ng that h£ would never come [email protected]¢k th£y always got disappo!nted. Not did h£ j√$t come [email protected]¢k but h£ came [email protected]¢k with victory and as a h£ro. People seemed to like h¡m despite fear!ng h¡m and despite th£ rumors. h£ couldn’t stand that man and h¡s guts.
“You know people j√$t want someth!ng to gossip ab©vt.”
“Don’t underestimate gossip. It can cause a lot of damage.” Alexander said stand!ng up. “You need to take ¢ar£ of th¡s mess before th£ marriage and if your broth£r is really alive th£n…”
“h£ is not.” Pierre cut off anger build!ng |ns!de.
“I wouldn’t be so sure if I was you.” Alexander threw th£ napk!n on th£ table th£n strode ©vt of th£ room.
Lucian, that man, why was h£ still hunt!ng h¡m? Why could h£ j√$t never disappear?!
Why?! Why?!

Grabb!ng th£ table cloth h£ threw everyth!ng off th£ table, h¡s face turn!ng red with fury. Some guards and maids came runn!ng !nto th£ room witness!ng th£ mess h£ caused.
“I will kill whoever talks ab©vt Lucian. Do you understand?!” h£ yelled.
Th£y nodded.
h£ turned to th£ guards. “Beh£ad anyone who talks ab©vt h¡m!” h£ said before stump!ng ©vt of th£ room.
As h£ walked through th£ halls everyone looked at h¡m as if h£ was crazed. Th£y kept wh¡sper!ng and star!ng. h£ wanted to kill all of th£m but h£ would j√$t prove that h£ was !ndeed deranged.
h£ went |ns!de h¡s room and found h¡s wife Elsa th£re. “Get ©vt. I need to be alone.”
“Your highness, I need to tell you someth!ng.”
“Not now. Leave!”
“It’s Levi.”
Pierre stopped. “What ab©vt h¡m?”
“h£ says h£ saw h¡s uncle. Lucian.”


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