Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of the devil’s son episode 3

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef


“Good morn!ng, sweet wife.”

Lucian. My husband. h¡s hair as dark as ever and h¡s smile brighter than th£ sun. h£ looked at me with those golden eyes filled with love.

“Wh£re have you been. I have been wait!ng for you.”

“I am always with, wh£rever you are.” h£ smiled ¢ar£ss!ng my ch£ek with th£ [email protected]¢k of h¡s [email protected]

I leaned !nto h¡m wr*₱p!ng my arms @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t but I grasped th!n air. h£ was gone, j√$t like that.

“Lucian?” I called ¢ar£fvlly, fear creep!ng !nto my ch£st.

“Lucian wh£re are you? Lucian? Lucian?!”

“Don’t you understand? Lucian is dead. h£ is dead!”

I sh°t my eyes open. Pierre was tower!ng over me, gaz!ng d©wΠ at me with annoyance.

“Lu…cian..” I tried to sit up but my b©dy refused.

Pierre [email protected] h¡s [email protected] on my shoulder and ₱u$h£d me d©wΠ gently.

“Don’t exhaust yourself, let me take ¢ar£ of you now.” h£ said nicely but that nice smile of

h¡s was disturb!ng.

h£ turned to th£ maids. “What are you wait!ng for? Br!ng th£ best food you can.” h£ ordered, “and br!ng h£r some new cloth£s.”

I wanted to laugh. Was h£ now ₱|@y!ng th£ car!ng husband? Really? I forced myself up from th£ b£d which made me almost [email protected]|| but Pierre grabb£d my arms to steady me.

Disgusted I ₱u$h£d h¡m away. “Don’t touch me!”

For some reason, h£ found that amus!ng. “You really are impossible. I am so go!ng to enjoy th£ day you beg for my attention.” h£ smirked.

And I am so go!ng to enjoy th£ day Lucian tears you !nto pieces. But I didn’t say that ©vt loud as I didn’t have th£ energy to fight. Th£ little strength I had left I needed to use to get ©vt of th¡s room and far away from h¡s disturb!ng pres£nce as possible.

My legs wobbled as I stood up from th£ b£d but I forced myself to walk. I took small steps but Pierre placed h¡mself !n front of me.

“You want to go th£ [email protected] way I see.”

Some maids came !n with food and began to set th£ table,

“Take th£ food [email protected]¢k. I th!nk th£ pr!ncess h£re needs to do some m©r£ work to deserve some food. Take h£r [email protected]¢k to th£ kitch£n!” h£ ordered.

I didn’t protest. I would rath£r work than stay with h¡m.

Th£ maids h£lped me to th£ kitch£n as I could barely walk steadily but as soon as we reach£d th£y gave me a slight ₱ush and I lost my balance and fell to th£ ground. Laugh!ng th£ left me [email protected]!ng th£re. I was used to th¡s by now. Th£ maids always came up with ways to torture me.

“My Lady!” I h£ard Ylva [email protected] $h£ hurried to h£lp me up but I ₱u$h£d h£r away.

“Don’t! I don’t need your h£lp. I can stand up on my own.”

Ylva looked at me confused and $h£ seemed a little hurt, but it was for th£ best. If th£ oth£r maids noticed that Lydia and Ylva were close to me th£y would make life difficult for th£m as well.

I forced myself up and looked Ylva !n th£ eyes. “I can take ¢ar£ of myself from now on. Don’t ever h£lp me.”

h£r expression changed from confusion to worry, but $h£ j√$t nodded and left.

“h£re!” Someone said from beh!nd me. Turn!ng @r0vnd I found th£ h£ad-maid Edith. $h£ [email protected] me a gla$$ of water and a bowl of rice. “Eat th£n you can start with th£ di$h£s.” $h£ said th£n left.

I had a [email protected] time understand!ng Edith. Sometimes $h£ was nice to me and sometimes not. $h£ would protect me from th£ oth£r maids yet $h£ would give me loads of work. Really, $h£ was confus!ng.

Th£ rest of th£ week I spent work!ng to survive. Luckily I was gett!ng m©r£ used to it now and it wasn’t as difficult as before, yet it wasn’t an easy job. It really made me understand th£ maids’ anger toward me. Most of th£ time people like me didn’t even treat th£ maids like humans, with feel!ngs. No wonder th£y hated me so much.

Pierre only made th!ngs worse. Sometimes h£ would visit th£ servants quarters to see if th£ [email protected] work had changed my m!nd and I was ready to [email protected]|| !nto h¡s arms, but h£ would always leave disappo!nted. Afterwards, h£ would make me suffer for reject!ng h¡m, like s£nd!ng me to th£ stall to clean up horseshit or to cut th£ gra$$ under th£ h°t sun for a wh0l£ day or even worse make me wash h¡s mistresses feet.

“Aren’t you Pr!nce Lucian’s wife?” One of h¡s mistresses asked while I cleaned h£r feet. I nodded.

“h£ was one exquisite man. Shame h£ died.”

If $h£ only knew. I would make sure h£ paid h£r a visit once h£ was [email protected]¢k.

“How was h£ !n b£d?” h£r question made me stop !n my tracks. I was not used to speak!ng ab©vt !ntimate th!ngs.

“Oh, come on. Don’t be shy. We are very open h£re.” Anoth£r one of h¡s mistresses spoke. “So tell us. Did h£ give you multiple [email protected]? Is h£ th£ pa$$ionate type or th£ e.r.o.t.i.c and s£nsual type?”

“I bet h£ is all and m©r£.” Anoth£r one spoke and th£n th£y cont!nued speak!ng ab©vt h¡m. My m!nd drifted away, to th£ memories of h¡m, h¡s beautiful face, h¡s lov!ng eyes, h¡s gentle smile, h¡s calm!ng voice, and h¡s sooth!ng touch. A pa!nful long!ng crept !nto me and fear. Fear that h£ would never come [email protected]¢k, that I would never see h¡m aga!n or never hold h¡m.

No Hazel, h£ is com!ng [email protected]¢k. j√$t endure a little longer and everyth!ng will be f!ne, I encouraged myself.

I was never th£ type who liked violence but th£ only th!ng that kept me go!ng was th£ thought of Lucian com!ng [email protected]¢k and ripp!ng h¡s broth£rs h£ad off, after tortur!ng h¡m of course.

“I h£ar th£ crown pr!nce wants you as h¡s mistress but you are refus!ng. Is it m©r£ fun to wash h¡s mistresses feet?” $h£ looked at me with genu!ne curiosity.

I could understand h£r. Many women fought for that position and h£re I was refus!ng, but $h£ couldn’t understand me. I wasn’t all those women. I was Hazel, Lucian’s wife.

“I must tell you how stupid you are. Men use women, th£y use us for our bodies and you, my dear need to be smart. Use th£m [email protected]¢k, for th£ir power, for th£ir money.”

“I am not !nterested !n money or power.” I said.

“I can see that. I wonder what k!nd of man your husband was that you are so loyal to h¡m?”

Why was $h£ so !nterested !n me?

“Magdela, you are giv!ng h£r too much attention.” Even th£ oth£r mistresses noticed.

“Leave now!” $h£ told th£m, rais!ng h£r voice.

Suddenly th£re was tension !n th£ air and th£ oth£r mistresses glared at Magdela with distaste while leav!ng th£ room. I guessed Magdela was th£ favorite mistress s!nce th£ oth£r ones left with©vt protest!ng.

“So why are you not sad?” $h£ asked wh£n all of th£m left. “Or at least angry s!nce your husband died?”

“I j√$t th!nk of someth!ng that makes me happy and I focus on it.”

“And what is that?”

I lift my gaze and looked !nto h£r eyes. “I th!nk of wh£n my husband comes [email protected]¢k and creates h£ll on earth for all those who wronged me and h¡m.”

It became dead silent for a while th£n suddenly a guard !nformed Pierres pres£nce and shortly after h£ entered.

Magdela ₱v||ed h£r legs away and stood up quickly. “Your highness.” $h£ curtsied with a smile.

“You may leave.” h£ told h£r as h£ fixed h¡s gaze on me.

Magdela curtsied one m©r£ time and left th£ room. I didn’t need to see h£r face to know that $h£ was disappo!nted. Th£ guards closed th£ door beh!nd h£r and I was left alone with Pierre. Lord, how I hated th¡s man. If h£ was h£re to conv!nce me to give up aga!n th£n h£ would be disappo!nted aga!n and I feared what k!nd of punishment h£ had !n store if I denied h¡m th¡s time.

“So…how is it go!ng? You know…with wash!ng oth£r people’s feet.” h£ asked with a shrug.

“It is go!ng very well. I am actually good at it.”

Don’t anger h¡m m©r£ Hazel, I told myself but I couldn’t stop myself. j√$t th!nk!ng of h¡m made me sick and angry.

h£ crossed th£ distance b£tweeΠ us th£n grabb£d my jaw harshly. “I thought I would go easy on you but you know what?” h£ asked br!ng!ng h¡s face close to m!ne. “You are so stubborn so I changed my m!nd.Guards!”

Oh god! What was h£ go!ng to do to me?

Th£ door opened and two guards entered. Pierre let go of my jaw and turned to th£ guards. “Take h£r to th£ dungeon!”

Th£ dungeon! What?!

“Once you change your m!nd feel free to tell th£ guards until th£n enjoy sleep!ng with rats.


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