Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of The devil’s son episode 30

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef


It was late and Pierre should have gone to sleep but !nstead h£ decided to dr!nk. Sleep was not someth!ng h£ looked forward to th£se days especially with Lucian hunt!ng h¡m !n h¡s dreams, or m©r£ correctly h¡s nightmares. Everyone @r0vnd h¡m were only mak!ng th!ngs worse by talk!ng ab©vt Lucian all th£ time. Now even h¡s own son claimed to have seen Lucian. Levi was probably j√$t affected by th£ rumors as h£ h¡mself was.

h¡s broth£r could not be alive. h£ would not allow it.

“Your Highness.” A guard barged |ns!de Pierres chamber. Pierre who was ab©vt to ₱0ur some liquor !nto h¡s gla$$ stopped halfways and turned to th£ guard.

“Didn’t I say that I don’t want to be disturb£d?” h£ asked ©vtraged.

“Your highness, pr!nce Lucians men are gone.”

Pierre stood up with such force that th£ chair fell [email protected]¢kwards.

“What do you mean gone?!” h£ asked.

Th£ guard shook !n fear. “Th£y escaped.”

“How can th£y escape?” Pierre yelled.

“I th!nk someone h£lped th£m.” Th£ guard said look!ng terrified.

“Are you tell!ng me now that my dead broth£r came [email protected]¢k to life and h£lped th£m escape?”

Didn’t sound logical but Pierre knew someth!ng wasn’t right. Th£re was someone who was try!ng to frighten h¡m and h£ would f!nd th£ bastard and make h¡m leave th¡s world !n th£ most pa!nful way.

Th£ guard stood th£re shak!ng !n fear. “I am not sure but someone or…someth!ng h£lped th£m ©vt.”


“And wh£re are those who were supposed to guard th£ place?”

Th£ guard shook even m©r£ as if h£ had seen someth!ng that terrified h¡m to death and h¡s face turned pale. “Th£y are gone. We can’t f!nd th£m.”

Pierre sma$h£d th£ bottle on th£ ground mak!ng th£ gla$$ shred !nto a thousand pieces. “I want you to f!nd th£m and br!ng th£m alive or I’ll deliver you corpse to you family. Do you understand?!” Pierre tried to hide h¡s fear with anger.

Th£ guard nodded and hurried away. Pierre fell [email protected]¢k on h¡s chair feel!ng defeated. Maybe h¡s broth£r was alive. It would expla!n how Hazel disappeared and now even h¡s soldiers. But how was that possible? Could Lucian really th£ devil’s son?




“Your Highness, everyth!ng is ready. Th£ rumors worked and people are now wait!ng for your return. To speed up th£ process we even $pr£@d rumors that Pierre is not mentally well to be rul!ng a k!ngdom and now th£ royal army are gett!ng concerned. General Black has decided to visit to see if it’s all rumors or not. That’s wh£n you need to strike and use your m!nd games on your broth£r.” Julian expla!ned.

“I don’t need to do much. Pierre is already los!ng h¡s m!nd.”

Pierre had become aggressive s!nce h£ found ©vt that Lucians men had escaped. h£ had been kill!ng h¡s own men, b**t!ng th£ maids, never sleep!ng and only dr!nk!ng. Lucian didn’t th!nk it would be th¡s easy to make h¡s broth£r lose h¡s sanity. Everyone !n th£ palace were already talk!ng ab©vt h¡s condition and it wouldn’t take long before people ©vtside knew as well.

“Good. General Black is a very powerful man. h£ is th£ one who leads th£ royal army and everyone !n th£ army is very faithful to h¡m. h£ is th£ one to impress. Once h£ loses hope !n Pierre I’ll !ntroduce you to h¡m.”

Lucian nodded.

“And yes, don’t try to use your tricks on h¡m. Some people are j√$t immune to it.”


“I am not sure.” Julian shrugged.

Would that expla!n why h£ couldn’t read Hazel’s thoughts?

Suddenly th£ door to h¡s room swung open and Alexanders annoy!ng sister stepped |ns!de

“Alexander! I can’t marry that…that man.” $h£ said with a wr!nkled nose.

“Which man?” Lucian asked with th£ purpose to annoy h£r.

“Oh come on! You know who I am talk!ng ab©vt. Pierre!”

“And why don’t you want to marry h¡m?”

“Because h£ is !nsane and no one likes h¡m. You know I want to marry a charm!ng man.” $h£ said cross!ng h£r arms and lift!ng h£r ch!n.

“Alright th£n. Pack your th!ngs. You can leave tomorrow with Jade. I need to stay h£re a few m©r£ day and take ¢ar£ of a few th!ngs.”

$h£ looked at h¡m surprised. “Really?”

h£ nodded. “Oh god, thank you.” $h£ said look!ng up but th£n [email protected]¢k at h¡m. “I’ll go pack my th!ngs. Don’t change your m!nd.” Th£n $h£ left quickly.

Julian appeared aga!n. “I’ll s£nd h£r broth£r once $h£ is home.”

Th£ plan was to manipulate h£r broth£r !nto th!nk!ng that h£ was h£re and th£refore h£ would never know that h£ had been gone for days.

“I’ll see you tomorrow. Have a good night.” h£ said and vani$h£d aga!n.

Alone aga!n, Lucian wondered if h¡s men reach£d home safely and s!nce h£ had noth!ng to do for now h£ decided to go and look for th£m. h£ could of course teleport but th£n many question of how h£ got th£re would arise so h£ decided to ride.

Th£ first place h£ rode to was L!ncoln’s home and h¡s wife almost died !n shock wh£n $h£ opened th£ door and found h¡m stand!ng on th£ oth£r end.

“Yo..your highness?” $h£ reach£d h£r [email protected] ©vt to touch h¡m and h£ took h£r [email protected] !n h¡s. “You are alive.”

From th£ way h£ surprised h£r Lucian knew that L!ncoln was not home yet. “Yes, and so is you husband. h£ will be home soon.”

h£r eyes widened. “h£ is alive?”

Lucian nodded and h£r eyes teared up. “Is…is h£ alright. Wh£n will h£ be home?” h£r voice broke several times as $h£ spoke.

“Very soon. Take good ¢ar£ of h¡m.” Lucian said

$h£ nodded.

“I have to go now. Take good ¢ar£ of yourself as well.”

“You too. I am glad you are alive.”

Lucian was surprised that $h£ wasn’t mad at h¡m for almost gett!ng h£r husband killed. Now h£ had to make sure that L!ncoln and all h¡s oth£r men got home safely. Wav!ng goodbye h£ climb£d h¡s horse and rode away to f!nd h¡s men. Th£y had to be somewh£re close.

Lucian sharpened h¡s s£nses to see if h£ could h£ar th£m or smell th£m, but !nstead h£ h£ard someth!ng else. Someone or someth!ng was follow!ng h¡m. h£ looked beh!nd h¡m but saw noth!ng.

Lucian rode f*ster through th£ woods but th£n suddenly th£ horse stopped and reared caus!ng Lucian to almost [email protected]||. Lucian t!ghtened h¡s hold tried to take ¢©Πtr0| over th£ horse but it kept rear!ng wildly until h£ fell off and th£ horse rode away on its own. Lucian [email protected] on th£ ground confused. Someth!ng had s¢ar£d off th£ horse and Lucian could feel it near!ng.

As h£ stood up many red dots that gleamed !n th£ darkness surrounded h¡m block!ng h¡s way everywh£re and soon several bodies appeared from th£ shadows. Th£se bodies did not belong to humans.

Th£se be!ngs were tall, with long limbs and claws. Th£ir sk!n looked thicker than normal and somehow had a purple undertone to it. As th£y neared Lucian could see that th£y had some strange marks on th£ir neck that looked like cha!ns and th£y wore several earr!ngs on th£ir po!nty ears. As th£y grimaze h£ could see fangs hid!ng beh!nd black l¡ps.

Whatever th£se creature were Lucian knew th£y wanted to hurt h¡m.

One of th£m lurch£d try!ng to claw h¡s face but Lucian was quick enough to reach for h¡s sword and cut its arm off. Th£ creatures stumbled [email protected]¢kward hold!ng h¡s bleed!ng arm and th£ oth£r began to attack viciously.

Lucian was very f*st, dodg!n th£ir attacks h£ struck at every opportunity until all of th£m fell dead @r0vnd h¡m. Or maybe not. j√$t wh£n h£ was ab©vt to put h¡s sword [email protected]¢k th£y suddenly rose from th£ ground, th£ir bodies !ntact as if noth!ng happened.


Th£y j√$t looked at h¡m with crazed eyes, strid!ng toward h¡m. What were th£se th!ngs and what did th£y want? h£ would ask th£m but th£y didn’t seem like th£ type to communicate with words.

Lucian decided to save h¡mself som trouble and teleported somewh£re else but j√$t th£n h£ felt someth!ng sharp tear th£ f|£$h on h¡s [email protected]¢k and before h£ could turn @r0vnd one of th£ creatures clawed at h¡s face.

Th£y teleported with h¡m?

Blood seeped d©wΠ h¡s face blurr!ng h¡s vision and anger built |ns!de of h¡m. h£ would not waste time fight!ng, h£ would j√$t burn th£m. Sett!ng th£ir bodies on fire, h£ wiped th£ blood from h¡s face but what h£ saw shocked h¡m.

Th£ fire got consumed, almost s√¢ked !nto th£ creatures sk!n and th£ sk!n color turned from purple to grey. Smoke came ©vt of th£ir th£ir nostrils and th£ir eyes turned !nto a dark red.

Th£y looked m©r£ mad than before.

Lucian was utterly confused. Maybe h£ was !n a bigger trouble than h£ thought. Th£se monsters were not dy!ng.

Grabb!ng h¡s sword h£ h£ld it !n a steel grip. Th£re had to be someway to kill th£m. h£ would f!nd th£ir weakness sooner or later.

j√$t as th£y were ab©vt to attack th£y got distracted by someth!ng. Th£y bloody red eyes darted @r0vnd th£ darkness and th£y seemed slightly s¢ar£d.

Lucian could see someth!ng mov!ng very f*st through th£ darkness and th£n suddenly someth!ng jumped ©vt of th£ woods and began fight!ng th£ creatures. It looked like a man, hold!ng a dagger !n each [email protected]

Lucian watch£d stunned. Th£ man, if h£ was one, was very f*st. h£ striked precisely with©vt miss!ng once and m©v£d with such ease and grace as if fight!ng was someth!ng h£ was born do!ng.

Th¡s time wh£n th£ creatures fell to th£ ground th£y turned !nto dust. Lucian was confounded. Who was th¡s man and how did h£ kill th£m all and so f*st?

Now that h£ stood still Lucian could take a closer look at h¡m. Th£ man was tall and well built, with black hair that reach£d h¡s shoulder and a tanned sk!n. h¡s eyes were a mixture of brown and green and th£y stared at h¡m with curiosity.

“You should have protected that f!ne face of yours.” h£ said wav!ng h¡s dagger !n circular motion.

“Who are you?” Lucian asked.

“Are you ask!ng my name or are you ask!ng if I am a friend or a foe?”

“I am ask!ng both.” Lucian said.

“Human name? Roshan. Demon name? Ramiel. Friend or a foe? Neith£r.”

Demon name?

“What are you?”

Roshan or Ramiel gr!nned, show!ng long po!nted fangs. “What do you th!nk I am?” h£ said fl¡pp!ng th£ daggers b£tweeΠ h¡s f!ng£rs.

h£ was a demon. Why wasn’t Lucian very surprised? !n fact h£ thought that h£ might j√$t have found th£ answers to h¡s questions.

“And do you know what I am?” Lucian asked.

Th£ man with too many names tilted h¡s h£ad to one side and arch£d a brow. “Do you know what you are?” h£ said po!nt!ng h¡s dagger at h¡m.

Lucian wasn’t sure yet. Even though h£ proved to be a witch h£ felt like a demon. Someth!ng |ns!de of h¡m wh¡spered to h¡m everyday that h£ was a demon.

“I believe I am demon.”

“Demons don’t believe th£y are demons, th£y know th£y are demons. It’s |ns!de of you and it rem!nds you everyday of what you are.”

Th¡s man j√$t describ£d what Lucian felt everyday. It meant only one th!ng, Lucian was !ndeed a demon. Th£n what ab©vt h¡m be!ng a witch?

“Th£se th!ngs that you killed…” Lucian began.

“Yes, th£se hideous th!ngs were also demon. Different k!nd of demons.” h£ expla!ned.

Different k!nd?

“And by th£ way, burn!ng doesn’t work on demons, we are creatures of fire, and wh£n you kill th£m you need to stab th£ir sp!ne. That’s th£ only way th£y die.”

“Why are you tell!ng me? I could kill you.”

Th£ man swung h¡s daggers and put th£m [email protected]¢k !n th£ir pockets on each side of h¡s h.i.p.s. “You could try.” h£ smirked and began to walk away.

Th£ man had confidence. Lucian still had some unanswered question so h£ followed h¡m.

“Thank you for sav!ng me…Re..Ro..”

“Roshan.” h£ prefered to be called h¡s human name. !nterest!ng.

“And you are Lucian.”

“How do you know that?”

“Every demon knows that.”

“Why? How?”

Roshan came to a halt, th£n turned to h¡m. “Because you are half witch and we hate witch£s.”


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