Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of The devil’s son episode 32

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef


I closed my eyes and s1©wly vivid images appeared.

I saw th£ [email protected]¢k of a girl runn!ng. $h£ had long black hair that swayed side to side as $h£ ran greet!ng and wav!ng to people $h£ pa$$ed by. $h£ seemed to know th£m very well.

“Good morn!ng uncle Ben.” $h£ waved to an old man who was j√$t ab©vt to open h¡s store.

“Good morn!ng Nyx.” h£ waved [email protected]¢k and th£ girl cont!nued runn!ng.

$h£ stopped wh£n $h£ saw a women try!ng to pluck some apples from a tree but had a [email protected] time reach!ng.

“Good morn!ng, Mrs Pearl.”

“Oh, good morn!ng Nyx. Good you are h£re. I would need your h£lp to…”

Before $h£ f!ni$h£d h£r s£ntence Nyx had already climb£d th£ tree and was now throw!ng apples d©wΠ !nto Mrs Pearls basked.

“It’s enough. Thank you dear.” Mrs Pearl smiled.

Nyx climb£d d©wΠ. “Of course. Anyth!ng to have a taste of your apple pie.” $h£ w!nked.

Mrs Pearl laugh£d. “How did you know I would make an apple pie?”

“What would you need so many apples for oth£rwise?”

“Clever girl.” Mrs Pearls said clapp!ng Nyx on th£ shoulder. “Come by later and take some pie home with you.”

“I will. I’ll see you later Mrs Pearl.”

Nyx cont!nued runn!ng and h£lp!ng a few m©r£ people on h£r way. People !n h£r village seemed to like h£r a lot. $h£ was vibrant and beautiful, charm!ng everyone @r0vnd h£r with h£r personality.

“Nyx! Come h£re!” A woman called stand!ng at th£ doorstep to a little house with arms crossed and a displeased look on h£r face.

Th£ smiled that had been on Nyx’s face th£ wh0l£ time disappeared as $h£ walked up to th£ woman. “Moth£r.”

“How many times have I told you to not run @r0vnd like a child. You are go!ng to be a leader and a queen so act like one.”

“But moth£r, I told you I don’t want to be a leader or a queen. I want to marry someone I love.”

h£r moth£r turned h£r h£els and walked |ns!de. “Selfish as always. Haven’t I told you that th£ coven comes first and your desires after. Th£ demons are !ncreas!ng th£ir power and we have to do th£ same.”

Nyx followed h£r moth£r |ns!de. “By mak!ng me a queen? How is that go!ng to h£lp? It’s not like queens rule.”

h£r moth£r stopped and turned [email protected]¢k @r0vnd. “I am not talk!ng ab©vt you. I am talk!ng ab©vt your son. I saw h¡m !n my dream, I saw h¡m become a great ruler. You know what my dreams mean right?” h£r moth£r asked.

“Yes. Th£y become true.” Nyx’s shoulders fell !n disappo!ntment.

“You know that I didn’t go to th£ k!ng myself and asked h¡m to marry you. h£ came h£re on h¡s own after hav!ng seen you somewh£re. h£ was bewitch£d by your beauty and h£ isn’t bad look!ng h¡mself.” h£r moth£r tried to ch£er h£r up.

Nyx had seen h¡m. h£ did look good and h£ had seemed like a gentlemen but Nyx was used to liv!ng freely, and gett!ng married to th£ K!ng would force h£r to sit locked !n a big castle with people serv!ng h£r and follow!ng h£r everywh£re. It wasn’t th£ K!ng $h£ was oppos!ng, $h£ didn’t know h¡m after all, it was th£ lifestyle of a queen $h£ didn’t want.

“Sometimes we have to sacrifice a few th!ngs for bigger purpose.” h£r moth£r expla!ned. “Now, your wedd!ng is soon so behave yourself.” $h£ returned to h£r stern self.

Nyx knew that h£r moth£r and th£ coven would not let th¡s opportunity sl¡p away and th£y would do everyth!ng to make h£r marry th£ K!ng so $h£ j√$t decided to accept h£r fate. Maybe God had planned someth!ng better for h£r.

But th£ day came too soon, wh£n $h£ would be taken away from h£r home and !nto a new one. Th£ K!ng had s£nt a lot of gift to h£r family and a carriage for h£r to be taken home. $h£ said goodbye to h£r family and th£n $h£ was on h£r way to a man $h£ knew noth!ng ab©vt. Th£re was no doubt that $h£ would use h£r magic if $h£ had to.

Suddenly th£ carriage stopped on its way and $h£ h£ard th£ sound of cl!nk!ng swords. “My lady run!” Someone called.

Th£y had been attacked.

Nyx quickly got ©vt of th£ carriage to h£lp th£ men but realized th£y were already dead.

“Kill h£r!” One of th£ enemies ordered. Nyx gath£red h£r strength to use h£r magic but to h£r surprise $h£ failed. h£r magic was not work!ng. $h£ tried aga!n but to know avail. What had h£r moth£r done?

Th£ man walk!ng toward h£r seemed to have changed h¡s m!nd wh£n h£ saw h£r face. “It would be a waste to kill h£r sir.” h£ said eye!ng h£r up and d©wΠ.

Th£ one who gave th£ command turned @r0vnd and once h£ saw h£r h£ |¡¢ked h¡s l¡ps.

“I th!nk you are right.” h£ agreed.

Nyx took a few steps [email protected]¢k but th£ men surrounded h£r and two of th£m grabb£d each of h£r arm hold!ng h£r !n place.

Suddenly th£ sound of a horse gallop!ng from a distance made th£ men stopp !n th£ir tracks. A man with a black cloak rid!ng on a white horse came !nto sight. As h£ neared Nyx called for h£lp.

“Shut up!” Th£ soldier yelled.

Wh£n th£ man was close enough h£ stopped. Nyx got h£r hopes up even though $h£ didn’t th!nk a s!ngle man could defeat all those armed men.

“Cont!nue furth£r like you have seen noth!ng and you will live.” Th£ commander spoke.

Th£ man !n th£ black cloak that hid most of h¡s face was silent for a moment but th£n h£ climb£d d©wΠ th£ horse and walked up to th£ commander. “Let th£ Lady go and I’ll spare your life.” h£ spoke !n an icy tone.

“Alright th£n. If you want to die f!ne by me.”

Th£ soldier was ab©vt to draw h¡s sword but th£ man !n th£ black cloak already snapped h¡s h£ad off. Th£ oth£r men stared with shock and began to h£sitate.

“Someone else who wants to die? I’ll make it quick.” j√$t h¡s voice made th£m tremble !n fear. One of th£m took th£ courage and m©v£d forward but h¡s arms were shak!ng.

“I’ll give you one last chance to leave, with your b©dy !ntact.” Th£ man warned.

Th£y looked at each oth£r before retreat!ng ¢ar£fvlly and th£n runn!ng away. Someth!ng ab©vt th£ man’s pres£nce was too frighten!ng. Nyx could feel it. h£ was one of h£r enemies, but why did h£ save h£r? Maybe h£ had oth£r, worse plans for h£r.

Th£ man rem©v£d th£ cap from h¡s h£ad and Nyx could f!nally see h¡s face. h£ was th£ most beautiful sight $h£ had ever seen, yet frighten!ng. h£r moth£r had told h£r that demons looked beautiful but $h£ said to not be deceived by th£ir beauty because it was only a mask to hide all th£ ugl!ness beh!nd. Even though Nyx knew $h£ couldn’t h£lp but gawke at th£ man !n front of h£r.

No! h£ was not a man, h£ was a demon $h£ rem!nded h£rself. A very powerful one and h£ probably j√$t saved h£r to kill h£r !n a m©r£ pa!nful way.

“What do you want?” $h£ asked.

h¡s expression rema!ned th£ same. “What made you th!nk I want someth!ng?”

“Why did you save me?”

“You called for h£lp.” h£ said simply rem!nd!ng h£r.

“You are a demon.” $h£ po!nted still suspicious of h¡s !ntentions.

“Th£ K!ng of demons.” h£ corrected.

Nyx froze !n place. Th£ K!ng of demons? h£ was th£ devil h¡mself.

God! $h£ was !n a big trouble. What would h£ do to h£r? Especially now wh£n h£r magic was not work!ng. While weigh!ng different options th£ man turned @r0vnd and climb£d h¡s horse.

h£ was leav!ng h£r?

“I see your magic is not work!ng. I would take you home but I am sure you don’t trust me.” h£ said.

Was th¡s one of h¡s tricks? h£ was th£ master of manipulation after all.

“My magic is work!ng j√$t f!ne.” $h£ lied.

“Alright th£n.” h£ said turn!ng h¡s horse and th£n rid!ng away.

Nyx was confused. Did h£ j√$t leave h£r despite know!ng that $h£ was a witch? $h£ shook h£r h£ad still !n disbelief that $h£ had met th£ devil and h£ actually let h£r live. $h£ had a story to tell but first $h£ needed to figure ©vt how to get home. To h£r new home.

Th£ sun went d©wΠ and Nyx had still not found h£r way to th£ castle and h£r magic had still not returned. Th¡s was all h£r moth£r’s fault. Why would $h£ take h£r magic away wh£n $h£ had agreed to marry th£ k!ng. $h£ wouldn’t have agreed of $h£ had planned to escape.

It was gett!ng darker and darker and $h£ was still clueless as wh£re $h£ was go!ng. $h£ had asked some people for direction but that didn’t h£lp at all. Th¡s was bad, walk!ng alone at night wh£n $h£ was th£ k!nd to attract attention and now some men were already follow!ng h£r. $h£ tried to pick up h£r steps but th£y kept follow!ng h£r.

“h£y, you beautiful lady. Why are you runn!ng away?” One of th£m called.

Th£y were close so Nyx began to run afraid.

“h£y! Wait!” Th£y started to chase h£r.

j√$t wh£n $h£ rounded a corner someone grabb£d h£r arm and with a ₱v||, a magnetic force swept h£r away. $h£ knew th¡s feel!ng and soon $h£ found h£rself somewh£re else, ©vtside an old dark castle.

With th£ devil.

“I knew you wanted someth!ng.” $h£ said afraid [email protected]¢k!ng away from h¡m.

h¡s icy eyes gazed !nto h£rs. “You are right. Maybe I do.” h£ said tak!ng a step toward h£r.

$h£ h£ld h£r arms ©vt to stop h¡m from com!ng any closer. “What do you want?” $h£ asked look!ng @r0vnd for an escape, as if that would be possible.

“Your name?”

What?! Nyx wasn’t sure if $h£ h£ard it right.

“If I tell you my name, will you let me go?”

“You mean let you go [email protected]¢k to th£ streets were you can get r.a.p.ed.”

“It’s not like you would do anyth!ng less.” $h£ retorted.

h¡s face that had rema!ned with©vt expression now looked upset.

“I don’t force myself on anyone.” h£ said !n a cold tone.

Nyx could see that h£ got upset by h£r remark.

“F!ne. Take me home, to my husband and I’ll tell you my name.”


!n a bl!nk of an eye $h£ stood !n front of anoth£r castle $h£ recognized. Th¡s was wh£re th£ k!ng of Decresh lived, h£r now husband.

“How do I know you will leave me h£re once I tell you my name?” $h£ asked.

“We made a deal and I am th£ devil. I never break my part of th£ deal.” h£ expla!ned.

$h£ shouldn’t believe h¡m but $h£ did. Maybe th¡s was how easily h£ manipulated people.

“Nyx. My name is Nyx.”

For a short moment h¡s expression softened and looked at h£r !n a way that made h£r $h!very for all different reasons. What did h£ want? It was not h£r name $h£ was sure.

“Nyx..” th£ way h£ said h£r name made h£r h£art flutter. ” If you ever want to make a deal, j√$t call me.”

“And what should I call you?” $h£ asked.

“You know my name. Everyone does.”

h£ took h£r [email protected] and klzzed h£r knuckles. h¡s l¡ps were cold yet h£at $pr£@d through b©dy.

“Good night, Nyx.” And th£n h£ vani$h£d !nto th!n air.

“What happened? Why did you stop?” I had j√$t began to enjoy th£ story wh£n th£ pictures suddenly disappeared.

I looked at Irene who looked like $h£ had seen a ghost. “What is wrong?” I asked concerned.

“h£ is h£re.” $h£ said. “My son is h£re.”



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