Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of The devil’s son episode 34

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef


Klaras m!nd had been unable to rest s!nce $h£ came [email protected]¢k home. All $h£ could th!nk ab©vt was what $h£ had said to Roshan. Why would $h£ do someth!ng so stupid $h£ couldn’t compreh£nd.

“Idiot.” $h£ called h£rself and slapped h£r foreh£ad th£n fell [email protected]¢k on th£ b£d. $h£ stared at th£ ceil!ng wonder!ng what to do to avoid an awkward encounter with Roshan. Maybe $h£ should pretend like $h£ didn’t remember anyth!ng.

Yes, $h£ would pretend like everyth!ng was normal and act like noth!ng has ever happened. Stay!ng locked !n h£r room ©vt of fear of meet!ng Roshan made h£r feel muffled so $h£ decided to go ©vt. Open!ng th£ door $h£ s1©wly peeked h£r ©vtside ch£ck!ng both sides before stepp!ng ©vt.

Th¡s is stupid Klara. You can’t avoid someone !n th£ir own home.

As $h£ walked d©wΠ th£ stairs $h£ came across Lothaire. h¡s usually serious face now seemed upset. $h£ usually greeted h¡m wh£n th£y crossed paths but as th£y locked eyes th¡s time th£ words died !n h£r throat. h¡s angry eyes were frighten!ng. Klara wondered what angered h¡m so much.

Cont!nu!ng furth£r $h£ decided to ch£ck on Irene. Maybe th£y had a fight $h£ thought. Mak!ng h£r way to Irene’s room $h£ knocked on th£ door ¢ar£fvlly but no one answered. $h£ knocked aga!n but it was still quite.

“$h£ is not h£re.”

Klaras h£art skipped a b**t. Oh no, h£ was h£re. $h£ turned @r0vnd s1©wly and tried to keep a straight face but as soon as $h£ saw those s£nsual l¡ps curved !nto a smile $h£ knew $h£ was !n trouble.

“Th£n wh£re is $h£?” $h£ asked try!ng to keep h£r cool.

“If you hadn’t been locked !n your room th£ wh0l£ day you would know.” h£ po!nted.

God, h£ was so annoy!ng yet so…

$h£ stopped h£rself before gett!ng any bad ideas. “I wasn’t locked !n my room. I was j√$t rest!ng.”

“Or maybe avoid!ng me…” h£ added.

“Why would I?”

“Why would you not? If I were you I would avoid me.” Klara felt as though th£re was anoth£r mean!ng to h¡s words.

“I am not s¢ar£d of you.” $h£ said.

h£ took a step toward h£r while hold!ng h£r !n place with h¡s gaze.

h£ leaned closer, “You should be. You don’t know th£ th!ngs I want to do to you.” h£ spoke !n a low husky tone that made h£r |ns!des quiver.

Klara couldn’t br!ng h£rself to say anyth!ng th¡s time.

“Not as bold as last night I see.” Roshan drawled.

Last night. Klara felt h£at creep to h£r face as $h£ remembered begg!ng h¡m to klzz h£r. $h£ was supposed to pretend like $h£ didn’t remember but h£r expression probably exposed h£r already.

$h£ took a step [email protected]¢k. “Don’t you know how to keep a distance?”

“Says th£ person who was throw!ng h£rself !n my arms last night.”

Th¡s time $h£ got angry. “I wasn’t… I mean !n my right m!nd. I have no desire to be !n your arms or even near you.” $h£ clench£d h£r fists.

h£ tilted h¡s h£ad to one side, “That’s sad. I would have shown you th£ ₱1ea$vres of th¡s world.”

“I doubt that.”

“If you let me, I’ll get rid of your doubts.”

Th£ way h£ looked at h£r !n that moment made h£r feel weak !n th£ knees. For a short moment $h£ wondered what h£ would show h£r but $h£ quickly dismissed th£ thought. If $h£ stayed a bit longer h£r $h£ might th!nk of even worse th!ngs.

With©vt say!ng a word $h£ walked past h¡m and went ©vtside. Th£ cold air made h£r cool d©wΠ a bit. Th¡s man, what was h£ do!ng to h£r?

Look!ng beh!nd $h£ was thankful that h£ didn’t follow h£r. ¢ar£fvlly $h£ sat d©wΠ on a bench. How was $h£ supposed to live like th¡s? !n th£ same house as a man that made h£r imag!ne th!ngs that is forbidden for a maiden like h£r. $h£ had to f!nd some oth£r place to stay but $h£ wouldn’t be able to f!nd anyth!ng if $h£ only stayed !n th¡s place.

h£r gaze fell on th£ iron gate. Yes, $h£ needed to leave for a while and see th£ life ©vtside.

Th£ irongate was h£avy and [email protected] to ₱ush open but at last $h£ succeeded. Now if $h£ only had a horse it would be much easier to get acqua!nted with th£ area but unfortunately $h£ had to walk.

Despite hav!ng been walk!ng for a good while Klara still didn’t come across a house, a market or anywh£re $h£ could f!nd people. $h£ had been walk!ng alone among trees and bu$h£s and look!ng ah£ad it seemed like $h£ wouldn’t meet anyone soon. Why did th£y live so far from th£ city and th£ people Klara wondered, and would $h£ be able to f!nd h£r way [email protected]¢k?

$h£ touch£d h£r ch£st to see if $h£ was still wear!ng th£ necklace Irene gave h£r and $h£ was. Now $h£ didn’t have to worry ab©vt not f!nd!ng h£r way [email protected]¢k.

Klara walked through th£ woods but $h£ seemed to get nowh£re and soon $h£ was becom!ng tired. j√$t as $h£ was ab©vt to give up and sit d©wΠ somewh£re $h£ h£ard some footsteps. F!nally someone. Maybe $h£ was near!ng th£ city or a village and $h£ could ask for direction.

Klara looked to wh£re th£ sound came from and saw a man walk!ng from a distance. “Excuse me,” $h£ called approach!ng th£ man but froze !n place wh£n h£ turned and looked at h£r.

What on earth? Th¡s man looked frighten!ng.h¡s sk!n was too pale, almost turn!ng blue or maybe purple and h¡s l¡ps were black. Klara thought that maybe h£ was j√$t sick and tried to not be !ntimidated despite th£ crazed look !n h¡s eyes.

“What is a young beautiful lady like you do!ng h£re alone !n th£ woods?” h£ asked look!ng h£r up and d©wΠ.

“I am…” $h£ abruptly stopped wh£n $h£ felt someone beh!nd h£r. Turn!ng @r0vnd $h£ realized that $h£ was surrounded by strange look!ng men. Th£y all had those black l¡ps. One of th£m even had a black t0Πge as h£ |¡¢ked h¡s l¡ps while scann!ng h£r b©dy.

“Zul, what a nice meal you have found us.” One of th£m spoke.

Klara’s legs trembled wh£n $h£ realized that th£y had po!nted teeth while speak!ng of h£r as a meal.

“Not nice broth£r. Delicious.” Th£ one beh!nd h£r corrected h¡m.

Oh god, were th£y go!ng to eat h£r?

Th£y encircled h£r, clos!ng !n on h£r s1©wly.

Th£ir eyes turned red and Klara had to bl!nk several times to make sure $h£ wasn’t los!ng h£r m!nd. Adrenal!ne flooded through h£r ve!ns mak!ng h£r h£art b**t [email protected] and f*ster as if it wanted to jump ©vt of h£r ch£st. h£r eyes widened with fear and $h£ wanted to run but h£r legs refused. $h£ knew $h£ couldn’t j√$t stand th£re if $h£ wanted to live. $h£ had to do someth!ng.

Th£ necklace. Klara reach£d for it but it wasn’t @r0vnd h£r neck. h£r h£art pumped even f*ster realiz!ng th£ danger $h£ was !n, adrenal!ne kicked !n [email protected] and $h£ turned @r0vnd hastily punch!ng th£ one beh!nd h£r !n th£ face th£n knee!ng h¡m !n th£ stomach. Wh£n h£ doubled over !n pa!n $h£ ₱u$h£d past h¡m and ran as f*st as $h£ could with©vt look!ng [email protected]¢k.

$h£ ran so f*st $h£ stumbled and fell but picked h£rself up quickly and cont!nued runn!ng. Suddenly ©vt of nowh£re someone appeared !n front of h£r but it was too late to stop h£rself from runn!ng !nto h¡m and [email protected]||!ng [email protected]¢k.

$h£ [email protected] !n pa!n and looked up.


It was th£ scary man from earlier. Soon all of th£m surrounded h£r aga!n. Klara couldn’t understand what was happen!ng but $h£ was !n big trouble.

“You cannot run from us, darl!ng and you don’t need to. We are go!ng to take good ¢ar£ of you.” h£ said with an unsettl!ng smile that showed h¡s ugly teeth.

Whatever th£se th!ngs were th£y seemed dangerous. $h£ reach£d for h£r neck aga!n hop!ng to f!nd th£ necklace but $h£ truly lost it. Why did $h£ have to lose it now?

Th£ man or whatever h£ was ¢rov¢h£d to h£r level and Klara crawled [email protected]¢k !nst!nctively. Up close h£ looked even scarier. h¡s sk!n looked thicker than normal and h¡s ears were slightly po!nted. h¡s neck was covered with marks that looked like cha!ns strangl!ng h¡m. h£ grabb£d h£r leg with h¡s clawed [email protected] and ₱v||ed h£r toward h¡m.

Klara s¢r**med and kicked. “Let go of me!” but h£ was too strong. Suddenly anoth£r one came from beh!nd and grabb!ng h£r wrists h£ p!nned h£r [email protected] d©wΠ. $h£ s¢r**med louder and fought [email protected] but th£y only laugh£d.

“I said let go of me now. You won’t be happy wh£n my friends f!nds ©vt what you have done.”

Th£y laugh£d aga!n. “And who are you friends?” One of th£m asked.

“My broth£r is th£ K!ng of Gatrish.”

Th£y paused for a moment th£n one of th£m spoke. “A pr!ncess as well. What a treat.”

“My friend is a witch.” Klara hurried to say.

Th£y wr!nkled th£ir face with what looked like disgust. “We a!n’t afraid of witch£s darl!ng. I hope your friend comes to f!nd you th£n we will take ¢ar£ of h£r as well.” h£ smirked. “Now we will take ¢ar£ of you first.” h£ reach£d for h£r dress.

“You touch me and I will make sure that you can never use your [email protected] aga!n.” $h£ threatened even though $h£ was s¢ar£d to death. |ns!de $h£ begg!ng for someone to come and save h£r and th£ first person $h£ thought of was Roshan. But with©vt th£ necklace h£ wasn’t go!ng to be able to know $h£ was !n trouble.

Suddenly all of th£m let go of h£r and were swiftly on th£ir feet. Klara got confused.

“Lord Ramiel. What br!ngs you h£re?” One of th£m asked !n a respectful tone yet th£re was fear !n h¡s eyes as h£ looked beh!nd h£r.

Klara turned to look at th£ person that made th£m look d©wΠ !n fear.

“Roshan!” $h£ could h£ar th£ relief !n h£r own voice. $h£ wanted to cry, or run to h¡m and hug h¡m for com!ng to save h£r.

Th£ man looked surprised. “I am sorry my Lord. I didn’t know $h£ was yours or I wouldn’t hurt h£r.” h£ said look!ng regretful and terrified.

Roshan turned h¡s gaze to Klara. “Who said $h£ is m!ne?”

Th£ man looked confused and so was Klara. Of course $h£ wasn’t h¡s but it seemed like h£ was tell!ng th£m that th£y could do whatever th£y wanted with h£r.

$h£ gave h¡m a question!ng look and h£ gave h£r an amused one. What was h£ do!ng?

“I am sorry my Lord I didn’t ask. Is $h£ yours?” h£ corrected h¡mself.

“Only if $h£ says $h£ is m!ne.” Roshan replied.

Now th£y all turned to h£r wait!ng for an answer. Klara got a feel!ng that if $h£ said $h£ wasn’t h¡s th£n $h£ could be !n trouble.

Stand!ng up $h£ faced Roshan. “What happens if I say I am not?”

“Th£n Zul seems to like you very much.” h£ said speak!ng of th£ man who j√$t tried to eat h£r or **** h£r, $h£ wasn’t sure.

$h£ shook !n fear. Why did th£se be!ngs call h¡m th£ir lord? Th£y had red eyes and fangs and claws and…a $h!very went d©wΠ h£r sp!ne. Was Roshan one of th£m?

Suddenly $h£ became much m©r£ afraid. $h£ looked b£tweeΠ th£ man and Roshan and even though th£ man looked scarier, Roshan seemed m©r£ dangerous. $h£ knew h£ was because all of th£m seemed to fear h¡m. Was $h£ m©r£ safe with h¡m?

“I wouldn’t dare if $h£ is yours My Lord.” Zul spoke.

“But $h£ isn’t.” h£ said sound!ng somehow disappo!nted.

Klara panicked. Was h£ go!ng to leave h£r h£re with th£se th!ngs?

“I am.” $h£ hurried to say. “I am h¡s.”

Th£ scary men looked at each oth£r !n fear th£n th£y went d©wΠ on th£ir knees. “I am sorry My Lady. Please forgive us.”

Klara knew from th£ way th£y acted that Roshan was a powerful man, if h£ was one to beg!n with and powerful men were scary. Th£y did as th£y pleased and maybe Roshan had worse plans for h£r. h£ did warn h£r after all.

Suddenly $h£ felt as if $h£ did a great mistake by say!ng that $h£ was h¡s. That meant someth!ng but $h£ wasn’t sure what.

$h£ turned to Roshan and th£ look !n h¡s eyes told h£r th£re was no go!ng [email protected]¢k. h£ was go!ng to make h£r h¡s wh£th£r $h£ liked it or not.



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