Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of The devil’s son episode 35

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef

CHAPTER 35 ( Bonus episode )

“Wh£re are we?” Klara asked wh£n Roshan teleported th£m to somewh£re $h£ didn’t recognize.

It looked like it was |ns!de a castle or a big mansion. Klara panicked. Did h£ br!ng h£r h£re to f!nally do whatever h£ had planned to do with h£r from th£ beg!nn!ng. $h£ was sure it was someth!ng $h£ wouldn’t like, not after what $h£ had seen and what $h£ believed h£ was.

A demon.

h£ had been speak!ng th£ truth th¡s wh0l£ time and $h£ had thought that h£ was only frighten!ng h£r. h£ had said that $h£ wouldn’t want to see what h£ looked like. Did h£ look like those men?

“Well, you said you were m!ne so I brought you home.” h£ said simply.

“I only said that to save myself. I am no ones.”

“Now you are!” h£ said with an authoritative tone that s£nt chills d©wΠ h£r sp!ne.

Klara began to feel afraid of h¡m.

“My Lord.” A man dressed !n servant cloth£s suddenly stood beside th£m. “Your fath£r wants to see you.”

“I’ll be th£re.” Roshan said while never look!ng away from Klara.

Th£ man disappeared j√$t, like that, !nto th!n air. Klara felt h£r h£ad sp!n. Th£ th!ngs $h£ had seen today were too much and $h£ felt as thought $h£ was [email protected]||!ng which maybe $h£ was Because $h£ felt Roshans arm @r0vnd h£r [email protected]¡$t.

“Are you alright?” h£ shook h£r slightly.

Klara looked !nto h¡s worried eyes. Was h£ really worried for h£r? Or did h£ j√$t want h£r alive so that h£ could possess h£r? What did demons do with human by th£ way?

“Klara.” h£ wh¡spered h£r name. $h£ realized that h£ never called h£r by h£r name. h£ usually called h£r pr!ncess. “I want you to trust me. j√$t do as I say and you will be safe.”

Trust h¡m? How? $h£ j√$t found ©vt that h£ was a demon. Actually not. h£ had told h£r, $h£ j√$t didn’t believe h¡m. Maybe now $h£ should, it’s not like $h£ had a choice. h£ could kill h£r easily if $h£ disobeyed or maybe posses h£r.

Once $h£ could stand steadily on h£r own h£ let go of h£r but grabb£d h£r [email protected] !nstead. h£ led th£ way through some large halls until th£y walked !nto what looked like a h*g£ d!n!ngroom. At th£ end of th£ large d!n!ng table sat a man $h£ couldn’t see clearly because it was too far, but $h£ could see that h£ wore luxurios cloth£s and had long silky black hair. Th£ man stood up and started walk!ng toward th£m. Once h£ was near enough Klara could see how much h£ resembled Roshan. Th£ same bonestructure, sk!ntone, eyecolor and even th£ same facial expression $h£ noticed wh£n h£ raised a brow quistion!ngly.

“A blonde? I see your taste have changed son.” h£ said look!ng at Klara.

“Fath£r. I need to expla!n.” Roshan began but h¡s fath£r h£ld up a [email protected] to stop h¡m from speak!ng any futh£r.

Th£ man was strik!ngly beautiful j√$t like Roshan but what caught Klara of guard was that h£ didn’t seem old enough to be Roshans fath£r. !n fact th£y seemed to be j√$t th£ same age. That had to do someth!ng with th£m be!ng demons $h£ thought and felt h£r h£ad sp!n aga!n.

Roshan put h¡s [email protected] lightly on h£r [email protected]¢k.

“I know th£ human is not yours but you stopped anoth£r one from claim!ng h£r.” h¡s fath£r po!nted.

“It was aga!nst h£r will. h£ wasn’t plann!ng on manipulat!ng h£r and th£n eras!ng h£r memory. h£ was enjoy th£ torture. If I remember correctly that is not how we do th!ngs.” Roshan said.

Manipulate? Erase memory? Klaras hans turned cold and h£r throat felt dry.

“Very protective I see.” h¡s fath£rs l¡ps curved !nto a slight smile, th£n h£ turned h¡s gaze to Klara and $h£ felt h£r h£art skip a b**t.

“And who are you young lady?” h£ asked.

Even though h£ had that frighten!ng aura $h£ decided to not be !ntimidated. “I am Klara Alriksson, daughter of Alrik th£ first and sister of K!ng Rasmus.” $h£ said and was glad h£r voice didn’t shake.

“You are th£ warrior pr!ncess.” h£ said thoughtful. “Fasc!nat!ng. Beautiful and brave.”

“Thank you.” Klara forced h£rself to smile.

“But what is a pr!ncess do!ng h£re? If I may ask.”

Klara froze. $h£ hadn’t thought ab©vt it before splurt!ng ©vt that $h£ was a pr!ncess. $h£ looked at Roshan for some h£lp.

“Fath£r, $h£ is tired and !n shock right now. I’ll show h£r to a room.”

“Yes of course.” Roshans fath£r nodded th£n turned to Klara. “Feel at home.”

Roshan led Klara ©vt with one [email protected] on h£r [email protected]¢k, still. $h£ followed h¡m ob£diently not want!ng to stay a m!nute longer with h¡s fath£r. If $h£ thought Roshan was dangerous than h¡s fath£r was deadly dangerous.

Roshan took h£r up a few stairs th£n led h£r |ns!de a room before clos!ng th£ door. Klara was still !n shock, h£r m!nd still try!ng to process everyth!ng that j√$t happened.

$h£ felt Roshans [email protected] ¢ar£ss!ng h£r [email protected]¢k gently. “You don’t have to be s¢ar£d. I won’t let anyone hurt you.” h£ spoke gently and $h£ felt h¡s h°t breath !n h£r hair.

Klara turned to h¡m, h¡s face was close to h£rs, h¡s eyes star!ng deep !nto h£r own. Why did $h£ believe th¡s man? $h£ shouldn’t. Was it because h£ had been honest with h£r from th£ beg!nn!ng? Still.

“You said I should be s¢ar£d of you.” $h£ rem!nded.

Roshan put h¡s [email protected] on th£ nape of h£r neck, trac!ng h£r jawl!ne with h¡s thumb.

“I am not a good person. I would never hurt you physically but I might manipulate you, take advantage of you or use you. That’s hurt!ng you !n some way I believe.”

“Why are you tell!ng me th¡s?” $h£ asked.

“Because I don’t want to do those th!ngs, I j√$t might not be able to stop myself everytime.”

Klara wondered what would happen if h£ couldn’t stop h¡mself. How would h£ take advantage of h£r? What would h£ manipulate h£r to do? A $h!very went d©wΠ h£r sp!ne. Th£ thought that h£ could easily do whatever h£ wanted with h£r s¢ar£d h£r, but only slightly. Strange.

“You are s¢ar£d of me now.” h£ frowned s£ns!ng h£r fear.

“I should be m©r£ s¢ar£d than I am.” $h£ said honestly.

h£ let go of h£r and took a step [email protected]¢k. “Take some rest.” h£ said.

“I want to go home.” $h£ suddenly blurted. Maybe $h£ was m©r£ s¢ar£d and shocked than $h£ thought. Demons exist!ng and walk!ng among th£m was not an easy th!ng to digest.

Roshans frown deepend and h£ seemed somehow hurt.

“Is that really what you want?” h£ asked.

Klara nodded.

Roshan felt a st!ng of pa!n !n h¡s h£art. h£ didn’t like to see h£r so shaken up but it was somehow h¡s fault. h£ should have known that $h£ wouldn’t take it well, no humans did. Know!ng that dangerous creatures exist!ng among th£m made th£m never feel safe aga!n. h£ knew $h£ needed time to process th!ngs, $h£ had seen to much !n one day and to h¡s surprise $h£ hadn’t fa!nted. Now h£ wondered if h£ would be selfish and force h£r to stay h£re with h¡m or let h£r go. Th£ right th!ng would be to let h£r go but h£ didn’t want to. No h£ wouldn’t let h£r go, h£ would make h£r stay wh£th£r $h£ liked it or not.

To h¡s surprise h£ took h£r [email protected] and drew h£r !nto h¡s embrace. Maybe h£ wasn’t as selfish as h£ thought and h£ cursed h¡mself for that. h£ knew h£ would regret it later but h£ hated to see h£r so frightened.

Klara was surprised wh£n th£y arrived at th£ top of h£r broth£rs castle. h£ knew $h£ had expected h¡m to deny h£r and maybe that’s why h£ didn’t. h£ wanted to prove h£r wrong. Even though th£y arrived $h£ didn’t let go of h¡m and h£ld h¡m t!ghtly and so did h£. h£ didn’t want to let go, how could h£ wh£n it felt as though $h£ was made to be !n h¡s arms.

$h£ looked up at h¡m h£r eyes swirl!ng with many unaswered questions and unwanted feel!ngs. h£ knew $h£ felt someth!ng for h¡m but $h£ didn’t want to.

“Will you be alright h£re? With your broth£r.”

“I am not sure.” $h£ said worriedly. “But I can’t be runn!ng forever.”

$h£ felt Roshans arm loos£n @r0vnd h£r [email protected]¡$t and panicked. Why $h£ wasn’t sure. A part of h£r felt empty wh£n h£ let h£r go and $h£ began to doubt h£r decision of want!ng to come [email protected]¢k home. But $h£ knew $h£ had to.

“I see you have lost you necklace.” h£ said reach!ng @r0vnd h¡s neck. h£ was wear!ng one h¡mself but h£ took it off and placed it @r0vnd h£r neck. “Th¡s works th£ same way. If you need me I’ll be h£re.”

Why? Why was h£ do!ng all th¡s for h£r? $h£ had been try!ng so [email protected] to not feel anyth!ng for h¡m but h£ wasn’t h£lp!ng. $h£ wasn’t ready to [email protected]|| !nlove aga!n. Not after all th£ pa!n $h£ went through. And what would it mean to [email protected]|| !nlove with a demon?

“I won’t be need!ng you. I am with my family now.” $h£ said.

h£ gave h£r a fa!nt smile but $h£ had a feel!ng that h£ got deeply hurt by h£r words.

Why do you always have to be so harsh with your words Klara, $h£ scolded h£rself.

“I am really thankful for everyth!ng.” $h£ hurried to say. “I never thanked you before. I guess I am not a good person eith£r.”

h£ put one [email protected] lightly on h£r ch£ek. “You are wonderful, Klara.” Th¡s was th£ second time h£ said h£r name and it made h£r h£art flutter.

$h£ had j√$t a moment ago been s¢ar£d and confused but now all was forgotten as $h£ looked !nto h¡s eyes. $h£ didn’t want h¡m to go. $h£ wanted h¡m to stay, to hold h£r and klzz h£r. Yes, it wouldn’t hurt with a klzz.

s1©wly Roshans [email protected] slid to th£ [email protected]¢k of h£r neck and th£ oth£r went @r0vnd h£r [email protected]¡$t. h£ drew h£r !nto h¡s arms, h¡s eyes look!ng at h£r !ntensly, tak!ng h£r breath away. Did h£ know what $h£ wanted or was th¡s h¡m manipulat!ng h£r?

All h£r thoughts escaped to th£ [email protected]¢k of h£r m!nd wh£n $h£ felt h¡s h°t breath tickle h£r face. h£r h£art fluttered aga!n and th£n ever so lightly h£ bru$h£d h¡s l¡ps aga!nst h£rs. Klara felt h£ady with desire. h£r m!nd was not !n its right place anym©r£ but h£r b©dy seemed to be j√$t right were it was. !n Roshans arms.

Roshan leaned closer and th£ir noses collided before thier l¡ps locked !n a fiery pa$$ionate klzz. Klara tiptoed and wr*₱ped h£r arms @r0vnd h¡m as h£at flooded h£r be!ng. $h£ had never felt anyth!ng like th¡s before. h¡s l¡ps were soft and warm and h¡s klzz s1©w and s£nsual. It made h£r feel as though $h£ was walk!ng on air but soon $h£ was [email protected]¢k on th£ ground.

Th£ir l¡ps parted and Klara felt a strange long!ng. $h£ almost wanted to scold h¡m for stopp!ng. It wasn’t enought, $h£ couldn’t ger enough. $h£ looked at Roshan and felt h£r ch£eks burn at th£ way h£ looked [email protected]¢k at h£r, as thought h£ wanted to devour h£r. God, $h£ wanted h¡m as bad but h£ was leav!ng now and $h£ should let h¡m leave.

“Take ¢ar£, pr!ncess.” h£ said.

Klara nodded. “You too.” $h£ smiled and j√$t like that h£ was gone.

Klara rema!ned stand!ng th£re for awhile before walk!ng |ns!de to meet h£r family.



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