Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of The devil’s son episode 36

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef

CHAPTER 36 ( Bonus Episode )

I sat up on th£ b£d and looked @r0vnd. Wh£re was I? Th£ last th!ng I rememb£d was sleep!ng next to Lucian !n th£ woods and now I woke up !n a strange room. Before I could dwell furth£r on it Lucian walked |ns!de.

“Good morn!ng.” h£ smiled.

“Good morn!ng. Wh£re are we?” I asked.

h£ came and sat next to me on th£ b£d. Th£n h£ took my [email protected] !n h¡s before look!ng deeply !nto my eyes.

“We are !n th£ royal armys camp. Th!ngs are go!ng to get difficult and ugly from now on.” h£ expla!ned.

h£ was go!ng to dethrone Pierre. But would th£ royal army h£lp h¡m? I got suddenly concerned.

“Will th£y h£lp you?”

“Yes.” h£ said with confidence. “And If th£y don’t I’ll do it myself.”

A war. Aga!n. I j√$t wanted to live peacefvlly with Lucian but after everyth!ng h£ went through and those who betrayed and tortured h¡m, th£y deserved to get puni$h£d.

A knock on th£ door made us both turn and soon a man !n a military attire entered th£ room.

“Your Highness. General Black is ready to meet you.” h£ said.

Lucian turned [email protected]¢k to me. “Rest and I’ll come [email protected]¢k.” h£ said.

“I’ll come with you.” I !nsisted.

h£ looked at me for a while th£n nodded.

General Black sat laid [email protected]¢k !n h¡s chair, watch!ng some of h¡s men fight!ng with th£ir swords. Once th£ soldier !nformed our pres£nce General Black tore h¡s gaze from th£ fight and turned to us. h¡s eyes widened as h£ stood up s1©wly from h¡s seat and approach£d us.

“Your Highness. It’s really true that you are alive.” h£ spoke.

“I am and you know what that means.”

General Black frowned. “Yes I do. You want th£ crown.”

“Yes and I need your army by my side.”

Alright. Th¡s was too straighforward I thought.

General Black shook h¡s h£ad. “I am glad that you are alive but unfortunatley I can’t h£lp you.”

“Why?” I suddenly blurted.

h£ turned h¡s gaze to me with a confused look on h¡s face th£n turned to Lucian.

“Th¡s is my wife, Hazel.” Lucian expla!ned.

My h£art stopped for short while. h£ said I was h¡s wife. h£ believed me!

General Black turned [email protected]¢k to me. “Your Highness, with all do respect th¡s is a political matter and I don’t th!nk you understand.” h£ said.

“Th£n expla!n to me.” I demanded.

“Well…” h£ looked b£tweeΠ me and Lucian. “K!ng Pierre has many powerful allies. h£ could gath£r th£m all to defeat my army. Why would I let my men die !n va!n?”

“Pierre won’t be able to gath£r h¡s allies because I have th£ seal.” Lucian expla!ned.

I could see that general Black got even m©r£ surprised but h£ didn’t ask any furth£r questions.

“Th£ people of th¡s k!ngdom are suffer!ng. Your fath£r was a great ruler, your broth£r isn’t. I am not sure if you will be a great ruler eith£r.” h£ expla!ned.

“Th£re is only one way to f!nd ©vt.” Lucian said. “Are you will!ng to take that risk?”

“Don’t dissapo!nt me.” general Black warned.

I was glad that h£ had agreed to h£lp and th£y sat ©vtside for awhile speak!ng and plann!ng on what to do next while I watch£d th£ men fight!ng with th£ir swords.

My thoughts wandered to Klara. $h£ had promised me to teach me how to fight but would I ever meet h£r aga!n? I had hoped $h£ would teach me some th!ngs ab©vt politics as well. I didn’t want to be someone who distributed with noth!ng. I wanted to be useful.

People admired Klara. Th£y called h£r th£ warrior pr!ncess. Not only brave but beautiful and smart as well. $h£ wasn’t only th£ leader of th£ir army but $h£ was also politicaly active, especially !n matters of war. $h£ was an impressive woman !ndeed. I couldn’t say that I didn’t envy h£r.

Th£n my thoughts drifted furth£r to Irene. I wondered if $h£ was alright after meet!ng Lucian but probably not. I j√$t wanted Lucian to reunite with h¡s parents but I knew it would take a lot of time and work. Deep wounds didn’t h£el f*st and even wh£n th£y did, th£y left a scar.

Lucian was busy th£ wh0l£ day plann!ng with general Black and took only lunch and d!nner breaks. I was shown to a guest room, th£ room that I had woken up !n earlier and I stayed th£re alone ponder!ng ab©vt a lot of th!ngs. Noth!ng seemed to be right j√$t yet. I didn’t know wh£re Lucian and I was !n our relationship and if h£ remembered me although h£ seemed to not have remembered. I thought of ways to reunite Lucian with h¡s parents and worried ab©vt Lucians plan to take th£ throne. I didn’t want to lose h¡m aga!n.

While ponder!ng on many th!ngs I went to th£ garden right beh!nd th£ room and decided to spend some time th£re while wait!ng for Lucian. I was surprised wh£n I found a sw!ng j√$t right next to a big trea. It rem!nded me of th£ white sw!ng !n our own garden excpet th¡s one was a bit smaller and it was grey !nstead of white. I [email protected] d©wΠ on it and began to sw!ng [email protected]¢k and forth while recall!ng good memories and smil!ng to myself.

“What makes you smile so?” Suddenly Lucian was tower!ng over me wh£re I [email protected] on th£ sw!ng.

I j√$t looked up at h¡m for a while wonder!ng how h£ still looked perfect after such a long day.

“I was recall!ng good memories.” I said.

“Tell me ab©vt th£m.” h£ urged.

I swung my legs d©wΠ to make some place for h¡m and h£ sat d©wΠ.

“You won’t believe it, but I was once j√$t like today [email protected]!ng on a sw!ng and smil!ng to myself wh£n someone asked me th£ question you j√$t asked.”

“And…that person is me?” h£ asked rais!ng a brow.

“Yes.” I nodded. “Th£ white sw!ng !n our garden was my favorite place to kill some time. I miss it.”

h£ looked at me thoúghtful for while. “You will get it [email protected]¢k. I’ll get it [email protected]¢k for you.” h£ said !n a serious tone.

“For us.” I corrected.

“Yes. For us.”

“I wish to sit th£re with you every afternoon.” I said entw!n!ng my f!ng£rs with h¡s.

h£ stared at our entw!ned [email protected] for a while. “And I wish to grant that wish.” h£ smiled.

I snuggled up aga!nst h¡m and h£ put h¡s arm @r0vnd me. We sat th£re for awhile until I fell asleep.

Th£ next morn!ng I woke up !n b£d but I was still [email protected]!ng !n Lucians arm. From th£ way h£ breath£d I knew h£ was sleep!ng peacefvlly. I rema!ned [email protected]!ng !n h¡s arms for a while but th£n I h£ard a strange sound com!ng from th£ garden. ¢ar£fvlly I slid away from Lucians arms and got ©vt of b£d before mak!ng my way to th£ garden.

I opened th£ door s1©wly as to not wake Lucian and th£n peeked ©vtside. Th£re, on th£ grey sw!ng Irene sat comfortably look!ng @r0vnd. I stepped ©vtside and ¢ar£fvlly closed th£ door beh!nd me.

“Irene.” I wh¡spered to grab h£r attention.

$h£ turned h£r h£ad. “Hazel. I am sorry I woke you up.” $h£ said gett!ng up from th£ sw!ng.

“You didn’t. I was awake. How are you?”

“I am alright.” $h£ shrugged but I could see $h£ wasn’t. “How ab©vt you?”

“I am f!ne and so is Lucian.” I knew that $h£ wanted to know how h£ was.

$h£ nodded. “I j√$t…I don’t know why I am h£re. I…I don’t want to confuse h¡m anym©r£. I want h¡m to be happy but I am only hurt!ng h¡m. Maybe I should stay away.”

“No! Don’t! h£ is hurt!ng because h£ has been alone for many years but that doesn’t mean that h£ wants you to stay away. You have to fight for h¡m.” I said.

$h£ looked d©wΠ at h£r [email protected] “I don’t know if I have th£ right to do that. I am not a good moth£r.”

“You are and even if you are not you can be. For Lucians sake.”

$h£ nodded aga!n.

“And…I want to know everyth!ng Irene. Could you cont!nue with your story? Maybe if I know th£ wh0l£ story I can h£lp better.” I expla!ned.

“Yes. But some oth£r time. Lucian might wakeup now.”


We looked at each oth£r for a while and th£n $h£ reach£d |ns!de th£ arm of h£r dress. “I have someth!ng for you.” $h£ said tak!ng ©vt a small book. “I know you are bored on your stay h£re so you can read th¡s meanwhile.”

“Oh, thank you.” I said.

$h£ reach£d h£r [email protected] |ns!de aga!n. Th¡s time $h£ took ©vt a wooden flute. “And I know you like to ₱|@y th¡s.”

“Good lord. How did you know?” I reach£d for it and grabb£d it ¢ar£fvlly. “It has been so long s!nce I ₱|@yed th¡s.”

“Do tell me if th£re is anyth!ng else you need. I have to leave now but I’ll come [email protected]¢k.”

“I will and thank you.”

And th£n as usual $h£ vani$h£d !nto th!n air. I stared at th£ empty place $h£ had j√$t been stand!ng on. I knew I would never get used to th¡s.

Lucian woke up after hav!ng th£ most harmonious sleep. h£ always slept well wh£n Hazel was near but as h£ looked to h¡s left $h£ wasn’t th£re. h£ sat up on th£ b£d and looked @r0vnd. Wh£re had $h£ gone?

Gett!ng ©vt of b£d h£ began to dress wh£n h£ h£ard a sound com!ng from garden. It sounded like someone ₱|@y!ng an !nstrument. Curious h£ went to th£ door and opened it ¢ar£fvlly. Look!ng ©vtside h£ found Hazel sitt!ng on th£ sw!ng ₱|@y!ng th£ flute. Th£ sound was beautiful and very familiar to h¡s ears. It made h¡m feel a k!nd of way h£ couldn’t expla!n.

Lucian kept stand!ng th£re, star!ng at h£r while $h£ ₱|@yed. $h£ looked much h£alth£r now and h£r beauty seemed to come through. h£r sk!n was less bruised and h£r hair fell d©wΠ h£r shoulders !n sh!ny waves. Th£ little weight $h£ ga!ned took away th£ unh£althy appearence and enhanced h£r curves. Wh£n th£ w!nd blew h£r hair onto h£r face, $h£ closed h£r eyes. $h£ seemed lost !n th£ sound and soon h£ was lost as well.

h£ didn’t know wh£re h£ was but suddenly h£ got caught by a sweet sound. It was Hazel ₱|@y!ng th£ flute. Lucian had never seen h£r look!ng th¡s beautiful. $h£ was wear!ng a white wedd!ng dress adorned with golden jewlery. h£r beautiful redish brown hair was comb£d [email protected]¢k and h£ld !n place with golden hairpa!ns, and h£r ch£eks and l¡ps wh£re pa!nted. h£r long la$h£d fell over h£r ch£eks as h£r eyes were closed while $h£ ₱|@yed th£ flute. Once $h£ opened h£r eyes $h£ stared directly !nto h¡s and h£ felt h¡s h£art skip a b**t.

Th£n h£ remembered th£ first time $h£ said h¡s name. Th£ warmth that had $pr£@d throught h¡s b©dy and th£ first time th£ir l¡ps touch£d. h£ remembered a thousand lights surround!ng th£m.

h£ remembered h£r arms @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t while th£y rode, @r0vnd h¡s neck while th£y klzzed and @r0vnd h¡m while h£ died. h£ remember h£r tears and h£r laugh and all th£ conversations th£y had, but most of all h£ remembered confess!ng h¡s love for h£r. And togeth£r with th£ memory came th£ feel!ng. Th¡s woman was h¡s wife and h£ loved h£r m©r£ th£n anyth!ng !n th£ world. Yet, h£ didn’t recognize h£r. How could h£ not?

Unaware h£ took a step [email protected]¢k !nto th£ room.

Hazel. h¡s wife.

How could h£ forget h£r? Th£ only person who ¢ar£d for h¡m, th£ only person who knew th£ real h¡m yet still loved h¡m. How could h£ do th¡s to h£r? Suddenly h¡s throat felt dry and h¡s h£ad throbb£d !n pa!n.

Rage and guilt filled h¡s ch£st. h£ felt useless and unworthy. h£ felt disgusted with h¡mself. h£ was used to hat!ng h¡mself but th£ selfhatred h£ felt now was like noth!ng h£ felt before. h£ wanted to dissapear, th£ pa!n h£ felt was too much for h¡m to endure.

“Lucian, you are awake.” Suddenly Hazel was |ns!de th£ room. Before h£ could th!nk $h£ crossed th£ distance b£tweeΠ th£n and wr*₱ped h£r amrs @r0vnd h¡m. h£ wanted to hug h£r [email protected]¢k and cry but h£ didn’t deserve to be comforted.

h£ didn’t deserve h£r at all. h£ felt too dirty to hug h£r [email protected]¢k as if h£ would sta!n h£r with h¡s dirt.

After awhile Hazel drew [email protected]¢k and gazed at h¡m with a worried look on h£r face. “Is someth!ng wrong?” $h£ asked.



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