Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of the devil’s son episode 5

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef


Eyes wide, m©vth open th£y stared at h¡m for a while. Lucian began to worry. Did h¡s appearance change? h£ needed a mirror.

Th£ man was th£ first to break th£ silence. “You are [email protected]¢k. Please come and sit.”

Everyone followed h¡m with th£ir gaze as h£ made h¡s way to th£ circle and sat d©wΠ. Th£ man cleared h¡s throat and gave th£m a look so that th£y would stop star!ng and eventually th£y did.

“So what’s your name young man?” Th£ man asked.


“Lucian, I am John and th¡s is my wife [email protected]” h£ !ntroduced th£ middle-aged woman sitt!ng next to h¡m. Th£n h£ cont!nued !ntroduc!ng everyone else. John and [email protected] had three daughters, th£ youngest was, of course, Elle and th£n th£re was Anna seventeen and Nora n!neteen. Th£ old woman was John’s moth£r, Charlotte.

“We also have a son, Julian. h£ serves !n th£ royal army.”

“Royal army?” h£ wondered which one th£y spoke of because h£ didn’t even know !n which k!ngdom h£ was right now.

“Yes. h£ has been busy with all th£ war go!ng on but now it has come to an end h£ believes. Soon th£ crown pr!nce will be crowned k!ng.”

War. Crown pr!nce. h£ was still !n Decresh.

“By th£ way how did you [email protected]|| |ns!de th£ well?”

Oh, now came th£ question h£ had been dread!ng. Th£y began ask!ng h¡m question after question and Lucian tried to answer all of th£m. Of course, none of h¡s answers were true. h£ told th£m that h£ was travel!ng wh£n some thieves attacked h¡m and ₱u$h£d h¡m |ns!de th£ well.

“Wh£re were you travel!ng?”

“I…I was…” Lucian had never had to lie th¡s much before. Com!ng up with all those lies was m©r£ difficult than h£ thought. “I don’t remember.”

“Oh dear. You must have hit your h£ad.” Charlotte said.

“Fath£r why don’t you let h¡m stay h£re?…until h£ remembers,” Nora suggested.

Charlotte nodded h£r h£ad !n agreement.

“Thank you for your generosity but I should go.” Lucian said.

“But wh£re? You don’t know wh£re to go and you have noth!ng to travel with.” Nora said.

$h£ was right. h£ had no money and h£ didn’t know wh£re to go…yet.

John seemed to th!nk for a while. “I th!nk you should stay h£re until you recover.”

Lucian looked at each one of th£m, th£y all thought h£ should stay. Why were th£y be!ng so nice to h¡m?

“So…are you a witch?” John asked once everyone left and th£y were alone. Lucian was surprised by th£ question.

“What makes you th!nk so?” h£ asked.

“Well…it impossible for a normal human to crawl ©vt of a well that’s so deep and secondly your wounds j√$t h£aled so I am guess!ng you used your magic.”

From th£ way John spoke Lucian guessed h£ was a witch h¡mself.

“Are you a witch?”

John narrowed h¡s gaze. “Yes. So it’s f!ne you can tell me.”

Lucian didn’t know what to reply. If h£ said h£ was a witch, h£ would be ly!ng and if h£ said h£ wasn’t how was h£ supposed to expla!n h¡s h£al!ng?

“I am not sure if I am one.” h£ replied !nstead.

John nodded thoughtfvlly. “So you never tried to use magic?”


“Well, th£re is only one way to know if you are a witch, try us!ng magic.” John suggested.

Lucian nodded thoughtfvlly.

“Wait!” John stood up and left quickly but h£ was [email protected]¢k shortly after with a book !n h¡s [email protected]

“h£re.” h£ said [email protected]!ng h¡m th£ book. “Th£re are some simple spells h£re. You can try th£m.”

Lucian took th£ book from h¡m. “Thank you.”

“I should go to work now.”

“I should come with you. I…can h£lp with anyth!ng.” Lucian suggested.

“Alright th£n, come on.”

John owned a little shop !n a big shopp!ng market. h£ sold different k!nds of fabrics and cloth£s, mostly women’s. Lucian realized that Johns shop wasn’t very popular as only one man entered th£ entire time th£y were th£re.

“No one is com!ng to buy anyth!ng” Lucian said.

“Yes. That’s how it usually is.” John seemed unboth£red by th£ situation.

“If you are a witch, why don’t you use some magic to attract some customers?” Lucian asked.

John stopped whatever h£ was do!ng and gazed at Lucian seriously. “Magic is not someth!ng to use easily. If you happen to be a witch remember th¡s.”

Lucian wanted to ask what h£ meant but before h£ could a Lady walked !nto th£ shop.

“Good day Mr….” $h£ stopped halfway wh£n $h£ laid eyes on Lucian. “Oh…”

Lucian didn’t know what $h£ meant by that but th£ look !n h£r eyes h£ knew very well. Th£ admir!ng, astoni$h£d completely captivated by you look. Maybe h£ should take advantage of that h£ thought.

Walk!ng up to th£ woman, “how can I h£lp you?” h£ asked charm!ngly.

Th£ woman j√$t stared at h¡m for a few seconds. “Uh…I was look!ng for some fabric to make a dress.” $h£ said fl.u.s.tered.

Lucian knew noth!ng ab©vt fabrics but John had shown h¡m wh£re h£ could f!nd fabrics for dresses.

“Th¡s way.” h£ gestured.

While h£ led th£ way h£ could h£ar h£r h£art b**t!ng wildly |ns!de h£r ch£st.

“h£re.” h£ said and began to show h£r a few different fabrics but $h£ wasn’t pay!ng any attention at all. All of h£r attention was directed at h¡m !nstead.

“I th!nk th¡s color would suit you very well.” h£ said pick!ng a light blue fabric and show!ng it to h£r.

“Really?” $h£ smiled blush!ng.


“I will take it.” $h£ decided with©vt even tak!ng a closer look.

Th£ woman paid at th£ desk th£n said h£r goodbye with a dreamy look on h£r face. After that one visit from h£r Johns shop became suddenly popular. Women came and went and Lucian knew h£ was th£ reason.

“Never had th£se much customers before,” John said surprised. “You really are popular among women.”

If h£ only knew. Popular was an understatement. Most women who came to th£ shop didn’t even need any fabric. Th£y j√$t came to take a look at h¡m, or speak to h¡m, if lucky maybe even get a compliment and at th£ end of th£ day th£y would spend th£ir money and buy that fabric th£y probably didn’t even need.

“You have really brought luck to my shop.” John said as th£y walked [email protected]¢k home. “You can stay with us as long as you want… as a thank you, and I should give you a salary.”

“That’s very k!nd of you but I will be leav!ng soon.”

“Did you remember wh£re to go?”

Lucian wasn’t sure. h¡s memories were a mess and h£ had been hav!ng th£ worst nightmares lately but th£re was one th!ng h£ knew, one face that haunted h¡s dreams. Pierre. Every night Pierre would come !nto h¡s dreams and kill h¡m over and over aga!n and Lucian would relive th£ same agoniz!ng pa!n. h£ would wake up !n th£ middle of th£ night, covered !n sweat, h¡s h£art b**t!ng pa!nfvlly |ns!de h¡s ch£st. h£ would have difficulty breath!ng as if h£ was drown!ng or be!ng choked. How could a dream feel so real that h£ would feel th£ pa!n even after h£ woke up?

But that wasn’t th£ worst part. Th£re was someth!ng else. Someth!ng h£ couldn’t understand or remember, a part of h¡s dream that was m©r£ pa!nful than h¡s death, so pa!nful h£ would have tears !n h¡s eyes wh£n h£ woke up. What was it? And why couldn’t h£ remember?

“Yes. I need to go [email protected]¢k home.”

Lucian had always wanted a simple life and now h£ had th£ chance to live that, yet h£ was go!ng [email protected]¢k to th£ life h£ hated. For what? Revenge? What would h£ ga!n of it except that h¡s nightmares would end? h£ could j√$t stay h£re, start a new life and live freely th£ way h£ wanted, yet someth!ng drew h¡m to go [email protected]¢k. It was as if a part of h¡m was still th£re, call!ng for h¡m, wait!ng for h¡m to come.

“Fath£r.” Elle sh©vted runn!ng and enveloped John !n a hug. $h£ would always welcome th£m both with hugs wh£n th£y came [email protected]¢k from work.

“My little pr!ncess.” John smiled as h£ picked h£r up th£n went and gave h¡s wife a klzz on th£ ch£ek.

Lucian would always get an odd feel!ng every time h£ saw John and [email protected] togeth£r. Th£y seemed deeply !n love, and it brought a s£nse of empt!ness, a void !n h¡s h£art. Why h£ felt that way h£ couldn’t expla!n.

Shak!ng off th£ odd feel!ng once aga!n. Lucian went to h¡s room and closed th£ door beh!nd h¡m. h£ wanted to be alone but before h£ could do anyth!ng someone already knocked on th£ door.

“Come !n.”

Th£ door opened with a creak!ng sound and Nora stuck h£r h£ad |ns!de.

“Am I disturb!ng you?” $h£ asked !nnocently.

“No, please come !n.”

$h£ walked !n, a shy smile on h£r face. Lucian knew $h£ had a th!ng for h¡m. Th£ way $h£ blu$h£d or smiled shyly every time h£ spoke to h£r, or th£ way $h£ would peak at h¡m wh£n h£ wasn’t look!ng or th£ way h£r h£art would speed at h¡s clos£ness. h£ knew all of that, and even though $h£ was pretty h£ wasn’t th£ least !nterested !n h£r.

“I j√$t wanted to thank you. You have been a great h£lp to my fath£r’s bus!ness.” $h£ said.

“No need to thank me. Your family saved my life and let me stay h£re, I am j√$t repay!ng th£ favor.” Lucian expla!ned

$h£ nodded. “My fath£r told me you could be a witch. Have you tried a spell yet?”

h£r gaze shifted to th£ book on th£ table that h£r fath£r gave h¡m, to try and learn magic.

“No I haven’t.”

Lucian had been avoid!ng th£ book as if h£ was afraid to know th£ answer of what h£ was.

“I could h£lp you…if you want.” $h£ shrugged.

“Thank you but I’ll manage myself.”

“j√$t be ¢ar£ful.” $h£ warned a little worried.

“Why?” h£ frowned.

“I can s£nse your power. You have too much of it.”


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