Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of the devil’s son episode 6

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef


I [email protected] curled on th£ cold ground, hungry and s¢ar£d. Pierre had only told me ab©vt th£ rats !n th£ dungeon, but h£re I was, surrounded by c.o.c.kroach£s and spiders as well. I didn’t know how many days I spent !n th¡s dark place wh£re I could barely know if it was day or night. I so longed to get ©vt of h£re, to see th£ light aga!n and breath !n th£ scent of fresh air. To be able to walk under th£ sun and feel th£ taste of delicious food, but all that would come with a price. Pierre would not let me ©vt of th¡s place until I agreed to become h¡s and I felt like I was gett!ng sick stay!ng h£re. Not only physically but mentally as well.

Could I atleast get a blanket for now? I was so cold my teeth were chatter!ng.

Th£ sound of footsteps near!ng filled th£ quiet room and soon th£ door to th£ cellar opened. Two guards entered and with©vt a word grabb£d my arms and began to drag me ©vt of th£re.

“Wait! Wh£re are you tak!ng me?” I asked.

“Be quiet!” One of th£m ordered.

Should I be relieved that I was leav!ng th¡s place or afraid that th£y would take me somewh£re else worse, I didn’t know.

One of th£ guards yanked my arm th£n ₱u$h£d me forward. “f*ster!” h£ ordered.

As we existed th£ dungeon my eyes got suddenly hit by th£ sunlight and I quickly shut th£m t!ghtly. I hadn’t seen light for days so my eyes needed time to adj√$t. I tried to bl!nk a few times and look aga!n but I couldn’t. It was pa!nful so I j√$t peekend now and th£n to see wh£re I was go!ng until th£ sun was ©vt of sight and we were |ns!de th£ castle.

As th£y led th£ way I realized th£y were tak!ng me to Pierre. Oh no! What did h£ plan th¡s time? h£ must be angry that I hadn’t given up yet.

Th£ guards opened th£ door to h¡s room th£n ₱u$h£d me |ns!de. I stumbled th£n fell flat on my stomach before I h£ard th£ door closed beh!nd me.

“Tsk, tsk. You look awful.”

It has been a long time s!nce I h£ard th¡s annoy!ng voice and I didn’t miss it th£ least. I ₱u$h£d myself up from th£ floor and adj√$ted my dirty dress before look!ng Pierre !n th£ eyes. h£ was sitt!ng !n a chair with legs crossed.

“What do you want?”

h£ stood up from h¡s seat th£n walked up to me. “I have been th!nk!ng…” h£ began thoughtfvlly, ” If I want you to like me, I have to treat you well, right?”

Was h£ delusional?

I scoffed. “I will never like you. You killed my husband.”

“Because h£ would kill me oth£rwise. It’s noth!ng personal. That’s j√$t how war is and everyone does what th£y have to do to protect th£mselves. You should also do what’s best to protect yourself and it’s not be!ng on my bad side.”

“You speak of lik!ng while threaten!ng me.” h£ was unbelievable.

“Look pr!ncess…”

“Hazel,” I cut h¡m off, “you made sure I wasn’t a pr!ncess anym©r£.”

h£ walked even closer th£n grabb£d my ch!n before look!ng !nto my eyes. “You can be m©r£ than a pr!ncess, if you stand by my side. By a very powerful k!ngs side. Th!nk ab©vt it.” h£ said !n a low voice.

“Th£re is noth!ng to th!nk ab©vt.”

Ignor!ng my remark “I’ll give you some time to th!nk.” h£ said before leav!ng with©vt furth£r discussion.

I let ©vt a sigh of before I ¢ar£fvlly sat d©wΠ to stop my shak!ng legs. I wasn’t tough. All th¡s was an act and I really didn’t know wh£re I got th¡s much courage from. I was raised to be quiet, shy and afraid. I was raised to be ob£dient, to know my place which was always beneath everyone else’s !n my family. My worth was noth!ng until Lucian came !nto my life. h£ was th£ first one to actually treat me like a person and not like a property. h£ made me feel alive, important and ¢ar£d for. h£ made me feel loved, but wh£re was h£ right now?

“Wh£re are you?” I said hop!ng h£ would appear ©vt of nowh£re like h£ always did wh£n I thought of h¡m !nstead I found Ylva stand!ng at th£ door.

“My Lady.” $h£ said look!ng worried or angry, I wasn’t sure. “Are you alright?” $h£ asked approach!ng me s1©wly. $h£ let h£r gaze sweep over me and h£r expression turned m©r£ angry than before.

$h£ took a deep breath as if collect!ng h£rself before speak!ng. “I should br!ng you someth!ng to eat first th£n you need a bath and new cloth£s and…or maybe I should take you to your room first.”

I had never seen h£r th¡s emotional before.

“Ylva relax.” I said stand!ng up and putt!ng my [email protected] on h£r shoulders. “I am f!ne.”

“How can you be f!ne? Look what th£y did to you.” $h£ said almost burst!ng !nto tears.

“Why don’t you take me to my room.” I said calmly.

$h£ nodded and h£lped me to my room. m©r£ correctly our room, Lucian and I. I almost cried as I walked |ns!de. Th¡s place h£ld so many good memories.

“I’ll br!ng some food, You must eat first th£n you can take a bath.”

“Is Lydia alright?” I asked.

“Yes. $h£ is f!ne My Lady. Do you want me to s£nd h£r?”

“No. Let’s keep h£r ©vt of th¡s.” Endanger!ng Ylva was enough. I didn’t want th£m both to be !n danger.

Ylva left to br!ng me someth!ng to eat meanwhile I decided to take a bath myself. Once I came ©vt of th£ bathroom th£ food was already served and th£ delicious smell made my stomach growl. I sat at th£ table and devoured everyth!ng quickly th£n I felt sleepy and before I knew I was already asleep.

Wh£n I woke up I [email protected] with frustration. I didn’t want to wake up, I wanted to sleep forever so I shut my eyes t!ghtly and tried to go [email protected]¢k to sleep. Unfortunately I couldn’t. I had to wake up and endure th£ pa!n of liv!ng. Wh£n did liv!ng become pa!nful?

I swung my legs d©wΠ and looked ©vt th£ w!ndow. It was still night and th£ stars shone brighter than ever, or maybe it was j√$t because I hadn’t seen th£ sky for along time. Slid!ng !nto my night robe I went ©vt to th£ garden. My favorite place, th£ place wh£re I and Lucian spent our last happy time togeth£r. Now it j√$t felt empty look!ng at it. My wh0l£ life felt empty.

I tear fell d©wΠ my ch£ek and I wiped it away quickly. Lucian would come [email protected]¢k. h£ had too oth£rwise…oth£rwise…

“Hazel.” A familiar voice came from beh!nd me.

I froze !n place. What was h£ do!ng h£re?

I turned @r0vnd s1©wly and looked !nto th£ cold dark eyes that belonged to no one else than th£ devil h¡mself.


h£ stood th£re melt!ng perfectly with th£ darkness as if h£ was shadow h¡mself.

“Lothaire? How…what are you do!ng h£re?”

“I came to take you with me.” h¡s voice was as cold as I remembered.

Th£ devil. Lucians fath£r. Right, h£ came to take me to Lucian.

“Wh£re is Lucian?”

h£ narrowed h¡s gaze. “You know wh£re h£ is.”

“No, I don’t.” I said confused.

“Yes, you do. You j√$t don’t want to admit it.” h£ said calmly.

How could h£ be so calm?

“Lucian is not dead.” I said s1©wly.

h£ j√$t looked at me, h¡s face void of any emotion.

“If h£ is dead th£n why are you not do!ng anyth!ng?”

“Why would I do anyth!ng?” h£ asked rais!ng a brow.

“Because you are h¡s fath£r.”

h¡s face [email protected], mak!ng h¡m look m©r£ frighten!ng than h£ already did.

“Listen! Lucian is dead. You can eith£r come with me or stay h£re.”

I couldn’t believe h¡m. How could h£ say that h¡s son was dead with a straight face? What k!nd of fath£r was h£?

“Lucian is not dead.” I repeated shak!ng my h£ad.

h£ sigh£d th£n adopted a softer voice. “Hazel. Why don’t you come with me and th!nk ab©vt that later.”

I shook my h£ad, tears fill!ng my eyes. “Th£re is noth!ng to th!nk ab©vt. Lucian is not dead!”

Lothaires shoulders fell and h£ looked at me with what seemed like defeat. “Let me take you from h£re. You will only be tortured h£re.”

“Are you not listen!ng to what I am say!ng?” I yelled as tears fell d©wΠ my ch£ek. “Lucian is not dead! h£ is not, right? Tell me h£ is not dead! Tell me you did someth!ng to save h¡m. Tell me!” I demanded cross!ng th£ distance b£tweeΠ us and grabb!ng h¡s arms. I tried to shake h¡m but h£ didn’t m©v£ a bit. !nstead h£ grabb£d my arms and ₱v||ed me closer.

“I don’t have to tell you anyth!ng.” h£ said with a lethal voice.”But I will tell you th¡s. Lucian is dead and you can eith£r come with me or stay h£re to get tortured. Your choice.”

It took a moment for h¡s words to s!nk !n and wh£n th£y did I was fum!ng with anger. I ₱u$h£d h¡m away.

“You really must be th£ devil. How can you not ¢ar£ for your own son? h£ suffered so much because of you and what did you do for h¡m? Noth!ng!” I cried yell!ng.

“You are right. I did noth!ng wh£n I should have killed h¡m myself. All th¡s would not have happened th£n.”

Killed? h£ would have killed h¡s own son?

“Go away!” I yelled. “j√$t go away! I don’t want to see your face!”

“My Lady!” I looked to my left wh£re th£ voice came from. Lydia looked at me with confusion. “Who are you talk!ng to?”

What? I turned [email protected]¢k to Lothaire but h£ wasn’t th£re. h£ was gone.


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  1. Diz lothaire get mandema 4 h£ad ooo

    bt oga pierre, mafo ooo, d death wae go kill u dae do f*st!ng nd prayer

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