Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of the Devil’s son episode 8

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef


I spent th£ wh0l£ night cry!ng, angry and confused. I couldn’t understand a th!ng. Why didn’t Lothaire h£lp Lucian, why was Lucian not com!ng home yet and wh£re was Irene? Did Lothaire do someth!ng to h£r? If h£ could kill h¡s son th£n h£ was capable of do!ng anyth!ng. What confused me th£ most was th£ reason Lothaire came h£re. If h£ didn’t ¢ar£ for Lucian th£n why did h£ come h£re to take me with h¡m?

Th£ morn!ng came quickly with me not gett!ng any sleep or any answers. Th£ h£ad maid Edith walked !nto my room with©vt knock!ng and placed some cloth£s on my b£d.

“Change !nto th£se. h¡s Highness has requested your pres£nce.” $h£ !nformed th£n left with©vt wait!ng for a reply.

I took th£ cloth£s and looked at th£m. It was a beautiful yellow dress with its white gloves decorated with lace. Clearly, h£ wanted me to look good so I did my best to look th£ opposite. I j√$t slid !nto th£ dress with©vt tak!ng a bath or gett!ng cleaned up and walked ©vt th£ room with©vt brush!ng my hair. I needed to look awful !n case h£ wanted to take advantage of me.

Th£ maid who was supposed to lead th£ way stared at me !n surprise but th£n quickly averted h£r gaze.

“Th¡s way, My Lady.” $h£ gestured.

I followed h£r to th£ d!n!ng room wh£re Pierre was already wait!ng. h£ sat at a large table wh£re several extravagant di$h£s were served. Wh£n h£ took notice of me h£ stood up and dismissed th£ maid, th£n h£ j√$t stood th£re and observed me for a while before h£ burst !nto laughter.

“You…you…” h£ tried to speak but h£ kept laugh!ng !n b£tweeΠ. “If you were try!ng to make an impression you certa!nly did.”

“I am not try!ng anyth!ng.” I said coldly.

“You know…” h£ began cross!ng th£ distance b£tweeΠ us, ” I have never been so patient with anyone before. I don’t know why I am so patient with you.” h£ seemed thoughtful, but th£n h£ shook h¡s h£ad as if dismiss!ng h¡s thoughts.

“Come and sit.” h£ said and went to hold th£ chair ©vt for me. I sat d©wΠ s1©wly and looked at th£ food on th£ table. My m©vth already began to salivate, but as soon as Pierre sat d©wΠ next to me my appetite went ©vt th£ w!ndow.

“All th¡s is for you.” h£ gestured toward th£ food. “You can eat however much you want.”

“I am not hungry.” I said.

Th£ smile on h¡s face disappeared and got replaced by a displeased look.

“You know…,” h£ began, “th£re was once th¡s girl I saw wh£n I pa$$ed by a small village. $h£ was so beautiful so I brought h£r h£re with me. I gave h£r everyth!ng and I treated h£r well, but $h£ was never [email protected]!$fied. $h£ wanted to go [email protected]¢k home, to h£r childhood sweeth£art, a $h£ph£rd.” h£ said th£ last word with disgust.

“$h£ chose a $h£ph£rd over a pr!nce.” h£ shook h¡s h£ad. “So do you know what I did to h£r?” h£ asked.

I j√$t looked at h¡m with©vt reply!ng. I knew h£ did someth!ng terrible to h£r and I didn’t want to know what it was.

“I let my men have th£ir way with h£r while I had some w!ne listen!ng to h£r s¢r**ms all night long. $h£ was begg!ng me to save h£r but I had already given h£r many chances. What a waste, $h£ was a beauty.” h£ shook h¡s h£ad aga!n th£n grabb£d h¡s gla$$ and took a sip of water.

I knew th¡s wasn’t j√$t a story, it was a warn!ng. My stomach twisted !n disgust and fear and I suddenly felt like throw!ng up.

“Are you alright?” h£ asked look!ng worriedly at me. “You look pale.”

“I am f!ne.” I forced myself to speak.

h£ chuckled darkly. “Don’t worry. I won’t do to you what I did to h£r.” h£ s1©wly m©v£d closer and grabb£d my ch!n. “You are a precious one Hazel. I liked you from th£ moment I saw you, it was j√$t unfortunate that you were my broth£rs wife. If you were m!ne I would treat you like a queen, but you see it’s not too late. You can still be m!ne.”

I wanted to slap h¡s [email protected] away, ₱ush h¡m away, anyth!ng but I couldn’t. What if h£ did to me what h£ did to that girl? I knew h£ could even do worse if I angered h¡m enough. Maybe that story was h¡s way of tell!ng me that h£ was runn!ng ©vt of patience.

Suddenly h£ grabb£d th£ [email protected]¢k of my h£ad and pressed h¡s l¡ps to m!ne. My wh0l£ b©dy froze !n shock but got quickly replaced by emotions of disgust and anger. I placed my [email protected] on h¡s ch£st to ₱ush h¡m away but h£ ₱v||ed my hair harshly and klzzed me m©r£ urgent. So I did what I had to do, I bit h¡m.

h£ h¡ssed !n pa!n and drew [email protected]¢k. I took th£ opportunity and ran away as f*st as I could. Runn!ng !nto my room I closed th£ door beh!nd me while my h£art drummed pa!nful |ns!de my ch£st.

What had I done? h£ wouldn’t let me get away th¡s time, h£ would let h¡s men defile me.

I sat d©wΠ, curled !n a corner of th£ room, wait!ng for Lucian to come. If h£ was alive h£ would come and save me and if h£ didn’t come th¡s time th£n I had to accept that h£ was gone. Pray!ng to God I waited and waited but h£ never came.

A tear fell d©wΠ my ch£ek. Lucian was dead. My husband was dead.

I burst !nto tears. Th£ pa!n was too much to bear that I wi$h£d I was dead myself. I cried and cried while hold!ng my ch£st as if it would less£n th£ pa!n but it only got worse until th£ pa!n and sorrow turned !nto fury. Fury toward Pierre.

h£ was th£ one who killed Lucian. Now I would kill h¡m.

“Don’t be stupid.”

I looked up from my tears, not that I needed to look to know that th£ cold voice belonged to Lothaire.

“What are you do!ng h£re? I thought I was clear last time.”

“You were angry last time. So I came h£re to ask aga!n.”

“Th£ answer is still no.” I said and h£ sigh£d.

“You will ga!n noth!ng from kill!ng Pierre.”

I would ga!n a lot. I would ga!n some relief from th¡s unbearable pa!n and rag!ng anger.

“You th!nk so but you won’t.” h£ said read!ng my thoughts.

“How can you not be angry? Did you not ¢ar£ ab©vt h¡m at all?” I asked stand!ng up to face h¡m. “What k!nd of fath£r are you? You seem to be able to do anyth!ng so why didn’t you save h¡m? Why did you let h¡m die? Why?” I s¢r**med and cried while hitt!ng h¡s ch£st violently.

h£ j√$t stood th£re like a statue, lett!ng me hit h¡s ch£st until I let all my anger ©vt and got tired. Th£n to my surprise, h£ wr*₱ped h¡s arms @r0vnd me and let me collapse !nto h¡s embrace. I didn’t protest, I j√$t let h¡m hold me for a while.

“I did ¢ar£ ab©vt h¡m.” h£ th£n spoke s1©wly. “My way of car!ng is j√$t different from th£ human way.”

Because h£ wasn’t human. h£ was quiet for a while before h£ cont!nued.

“Our k!nd are not supposed to reproduce, it disrupts th£ balance of nature and it doesn’t go well with those who protect it. Th£ Witch£s. So wh£n th£y realized that it was one of th£ir own who was bear!ng th£ demon child th£y became even angrier, and trust me angry witch£s are not fun.”

One of th£ir own? Irene?

“Yes.” h£ said read!ng my thoughts.

I ₱v||ed myself away from h¡s embrace.

“Wait! So Irene is…is…”

“Yes. $h£ is Lucian’s moth£r.”

No, no. It couldn’t be. I shook my h£ad refus!ng to believe. Lucians moth£r was dead. Irene, my closest and only friend couldn’t be h¡s moth£r.

My h£ad began to sp!n and Lothaire grabb£d my arms to prevent me from [email protected]||!ng.

If Irene truly was Lucian’s moth£r how could $h£ do th¡s to h¡m?

“Irene’s moth£r who was th£ most powerful witch cursed Irene to never see Lucian aga!n, and if $h£ or I ever tried Irene would die. Despite that be!ng th£ case Irene told me to h£lp Lucian several times and th£ few times I listened $h£ almost died. That’s why I refused to h£lp anym©r£.” h£ cont!nued. “Don’t blame Irene. Th£re was noth!ng $h£ could do. Before $h£ could do anyth!ng $h£ would have died.”

My h£ad was sp!nn!ng even m©r£ now. I couldn’t even th!nk clearly.

Lothaire looked at me with a worried expression. “Hazel, come with me. Lucian wouldn’t want you h£re.” h£ said softly.

“Lucian is dead.” I wh¡spered my voice void of emotion.

“Come with me. Irene needs you.”

I shook my h£ad. How could someone need me !n th¡s state? Th£n I remembered that Irene was Lucian’s moth£r. $h£ was probably as sad as I was. Th£ son that $h£ never got to meet was dead, but right now all I could th!nk of was my own pa!n, and th£re was only one way to end it.

“I’ll stay h£re.” I said determ!nedly.

Lothaire let go of my arms, annoyed by my decision. h£ paced [email protected]¢k and forth !n th£ room probably th!nk!ng of a way to conv!nce men th£n h£ f!nally spoke. “Alright. I’ll come by some oth£r time, I hope you change your m!nd till th£n.” Th£n h£ was gone !n th£ bl!nk of an eye.

And h£re I was left confused, angry and hurt. I still couldn’t wr*₱ my h£ad @r0vnd th£ fact that Irene was Lucian’s moth£r. $h£ looked so young, yet if I thought deeply ab©vt it th£re were so many similarities b£tweeΠ. How could I not have noticed?

I became even angrier. Lucian had died with©vt meet!ng h¡s moth£r. All th¡s time h£ had thought that h¡s moth£r was dead wh£n $h£ actually was alive. h£ had suffered so much and been so lonely and confused. How happy h£ would have been to see h¡s moth£r, but h£ was never go!ng to.

h£ was never go!ng to be able to see h¡s moth£r or h¡s real fath£r and all th¡s was Pierre’s fault and of course Irene’s moth£r. How could $h£ do that to h£r own family? How could $h£ separate a moth£r from h£r child?

Hatred filled my ch£st. I wanted to s¢r**m, kick and punch someth!ng but I calmed myself d©wΠ. Anger wouldn’t take me anywh£re. Now I had a mission to accomplish. I had to kill Pierre.



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