Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of the Devil’s son episode 9

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef


It was late at night and Lucian [email protected] on h¡s b£d, unable to sleep. Someth!ng both£red h¡m. Was it th£ fact that h£ was go!ng [email protected]¢k home? Or th£ fact that John and h¡s family believed that h£ was a witch? It was m©r£ likely that h£ was th£ devil’s son than a witch, h£ thought.

Leav!ng th£ room Lucian decided to go ©vt for a while. Th£ w!nd was cold and blew h¡s hair onto h¡s face. As h£ drew h¡s hair [email protected]¢k h£ thought ab©vt cutt!ng it. Hav!ng it th¡s long would only make people suspect h¡m of be!ng royalty or someone very wealthy. Besides h£ found it difficult to keep it clean now that h£ had to do it h¡mself.

h£ looked up th£ sky. It was dark with only a few sh!n!ng stars and th£ moon hid beh!nd th£ clouds. Soon th£ w!nter would come with it’s cold.

“Aren’t you cold?” Nora came and stood next to h¡m. $h£ had a shawl wr*₱ped @r0vnd h£r shoulders which $h£ h£ld t!ghtly.

“No.” h£ never felt too cold or too h°t. That was one of th£ many strange th!ngs ab©vt h¡m.

Nora shook h£r h£ad at h¡s answer. “You couldn’t sleep?” $h£ asked.

Now Lucian shook h¡s h£ad.

“I would be confused if I were you too.”

“What do you mean?” h£ asked turn!ng to h£r.

$h£ turned h£r gaze away and looked at th£ sky. “You don’t know what you are.”

“No…, but I am not a witch.”

Nora laugh£d. “You know, it is not a bad th!ng to be a witch. You should be concerned ab©vt what else you could be.”

“Are you say!ng I am someth!ng else?”

$h£ looked at h¡m for a while as if decid!ng what to say, th£n $h£ took h¡s [email protected] “Come.” $h£ said. “I want to show you someth!ng.”

h£ followed h£r curiously.

“Look.” $h£ said po!nt!ng at a plant dead plant !n th£ir garden. “You can use a spell to make it alive and grow. Only witch£s can use magic !n form of spells which means if you are able to make th£ plant grow with a spell, th£n you are a witch.”

Lucian looked at th£ plant. h£ hadn’t tried to use th£ spellbook that John had given h¡m so h£ didn’t know wh£th£r h£ could cast a spell or not. Do!ng th¡s would less£n h¡s confusion and maybe stop John and h¡s family from call!ng h¡m a witch.

“I don’t know any spell.”

“j√$t do as I do.” $h£ said ¢rov¢h!ng d©wΠ. “Place your [email protected] h£re.” $h£ placed h£r [email protected] j√$t above th£ plant to show h¡m how and h£ did th£ exact same th!ng.

“Th£n repeat after me ‘Glisco vivere’.”

“Glisco vivere.”

Lucian felt a strange energy surge through h¡m, th£n s1©wly th£ plant began to grow and change color. From dusty dead colors to vivid ones. Th£ leaves and petals came to life and grew wh0l£.

Lucian was stunned to see th£ wh0l£ th!ng happen !n front of h¡s eyes. No. h£ couldn’t be a witch. h£ refused.

“See, I told you. You are a witch.”

h£ shook h¡s h£ad !n denial as h£ stood up. All those times h£ wondered what h£ was and h£ turned ©vt to be a witch.

As if Nora read h¡s thoughts. “Look you are not a simple witch. You are a drosht.”

“What’s that?” h£ asked !n an almost harsh tone. Why was h£ so upset?

“It’s a l!ne of very powerful witch£s, th£ most powerful ones. Th£y are usually th£ leaders of a coven. Th£y are called drosht. You come from that l!ne. Eith£r your moth£r or fath£r is a drosht.”

“How do you know all th¡s.” h£ tried to soften h¡s tone but h£ could still h£ar th£ irritation !n it.

Nora sigh£d. “It’s [email protected] to expla!n, but I have a special ability. I can’t really expla!n how it works but I can see what people are. I can see th£ir strength and weakness, th£ir fears, dreams or powers. I can even sometimes see th£ir feel!ngs, if th£y are strong ones, like yours.”

“Like m!ne?”

“Yes. I feel like you are !n a lot of pa!n and… guilt.”


“I don’t know what you are guilty ab©vt but don’t punish yourself too much. It’s late. I’ll go to sleep now. Good night.”

And th£re $h£ left h¡m confused and upset. All th¡s time h£ was seek!ng answers, th£ answer couldn’t be as simple as h¡m be!ng a witch. h£ had to be m©r£ than j√$t that. h£ knew h£ was m©r£ than that. Someth!ng |ns!de of h¡m spoke to h¡m ab©vt what h£ really is, someth!ng dark and dangerous. Someth!ng…devilish. It only !ntensified after h¡s near death experience.

Or did h£ die?

h£ felt like everytime h£ got answers only m©r£ questions appeared. Would h£ ever get all of h¡s questions answered?

Go!ng [email protected]¢k |ns!de Lucian decided to take one th!ng at a time. Now h£ would get some sleep and tomorrow h£ would f!nd a way to go [email protected]¢k home.

!n th£ morn!ng h£ was met by Julian as soon as h£ walked ©vt of h¡s room. “We need to talk.”

As th£y went !nto th£ liv!ng room everyone seemed to be wait!ng for th£m. Julian began to speak. “Alright. h¡s Highness and I are leav!ng today and Nora is com!ng with us.”

“Today?” [email protected] looked surprised.

“Yes, moth£r. We need to take action f*st.”

“But do you even have a plan?” John crossed h¡s arms over h¡s ch£st.


A thousand questions followed, such as what th£ plan was, why Nora had to go with th£m if th£y would be safe and so on. Julian answered all of th£ir questions calmly and patiently, rea$$ur!ng h¡s family that everyth!ng would be alright.

Lucian wasn’t listen!ng much to everyth!ng that was be!ng said. h¡s h£art and m!nd were elsewh£re. Suddenly th£re was a will!ngness to go [email protected]¢k, a long!ng for someth!ng that awaited h¡m at home. What it was h£ wasn’t sure but it wasn’t th£ first time h£ felt th¡s way.

Why would h£ long to go home wh£n h£ hated that place?

After Julian calmed d©wΠ h¡s family and rea$$ured th£m ab©vt h¡s and Nora’s safety h£ left to br!ng th£m horses to travel with. Meanwhile Nora and Lucian bid farewell to everyone.

Julian was already [email protected]¢k after a short while. h£ klzzed everyone goodbye and gave h¡s fath£r a hug. Lucian grabb£d a horse and was ab©vt to get on wh£n someone tugged at h¡s cloth£s. Turn!ng @r0vnd h£ found Elle with teary eyes.

“Can’t I go with you?” $h£ asked with a sad p©vt.

Lucian couldn’t h£lp but smile. ¢rov¢h!ng to h£r level “No you can’t. But I will come [email protected]¢k to you.” h£ said patt!ng h£r h£ad.

Sadness settled !n h¡s h£art. h£ had grown fond of Elle. $h£ would always make h¡m smile !n all th£ pa!n and darkness that surrounded h¡m.


“I promise.” h£ said hat!ng h¡mself for that s!nce h£ wasn’t sure wh£th£r h£ could keep h¡s promise or not.

klzz!ng h£r foreh£ad h£ climb£d h¡s horse. Julian gave h¡m a nod and all three of th£m rode away. As h£ rode a strange feel!ng came over h¡m. What j√$t happened felt oddly familiar, as if h£ had experienced it before. As h£ pondered over th£ odd feel!ng a memory fla$h£d through h¡s m!nd.

h£ was klzz!ng someone on th£ foreh£ad. “I’ll be [email protected]¢k wife.”

Wife? Why would h£ say that? h£ didn’t have any wife. Strange.

₱ush!ng th£ thought aside h£ realized h£ was far beh!nd Julian and Nora.

Julian had already expla!ned th£ plan for Lucian. Th£ k!ng of Osakar was com!ng to Decresh to marry h¡s sister off to Pierre. That way th£y would create an alliance b£tweeΠ th£ir k!ngdoms. Osakar is a k!ngdom nows for its abundance. Pierre was very clever to become an ally to such k!ngdom.

“You will disguise as th£ k!ng of Osakar.” Julian had expla!ned.

Lucian had been surprised. How did Julian know h£ could disguise as someone else. Was it a witch th!ng?

“Yes, that way you can get |ns!de th£ castle and f!nd ©vt everyth!ng ab©vt Pierre.” Nora cont!nued.

h£ could get |ns!de with©vt disguis!ng h¡mself as someone else but that h£ didn’t tell th£m. Th£ less th£y knew ab©vt h¡m th£ better. h£ would not make th£ same mistake of trust!ng someone easily.

“What do you want me to know exactly?”

Nora opened h£r m©vth to say someth!ng but Julian stopped h£r.

“You will know what you need to do once you get |ns!de th£ castle. j√$t don’t let your emotions get away. I know you want revenge and you will get it but you need to be patient. Th£re are many people support!ng your broth£r right now. You need to destroy your broth£rs support system and make h¡s allies h¡s enemies, meanwhile, wh£n th£ time is right, we will $pr£@d rumors that you are still alive.”

Lucian was confused for a short while but th£n everyth!ng fell !nto place. If Lucian j√$t killed h¡s broth£r and appeared ©vt of nowh£re th£ people of h¡s k!ngdom would not be keen to have h¡m as th£ir k!ng, and h¡s broth£rs allies would still be a threat. But, by turn!ng th£ people of decresh and Pierres allies aga!nst h¡m, people would be m©r£ will!ng to have Lucian as th£ir k!ng.


Lucian wasn’t sure ab©vt th£ plan but h£ didn’t ¢ar£ much. Once h£ got |ns!de th£ castle h£ would enjoy tortur!ng Pierre before giv!ng h¡m a s1©w and pa!nful death, even if it meant that th£ plan would fail. h£ didn’t need people to accept h¡m nor welcome h¡m as th£ir k!ng. Once h£ got h¡s revenge h£ had no !ntention to become k!ng. Meanwhile, h£ would follow Julian’s plan and f!nd ©vt m©r£ ab©vt be!ng a witch.



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