Revenge? Episode 21 – 22



Quarter- Finale💘

. 💟💟 Episode 21💟💟

Review from the last episode💥💥

“Plan B, find Sharron”

He drove out of the company premises, playing one of Westlife albums and singing along.

😩 Sharron 😩

“today is the day Stan told me I’ll die and Evans hasn’t come to my rescue” I lamented inside and sweating profusely when I heard a distinct voice asking “where’s she?”

The door opened with a bang and I heard someone walk close to me to untie my blindfold. Since it’s today I’ll die, they want me to see their faces before they finish me off.

I was rough- handled to an open field, Stan following close behind since he’s always on mask.

I was made to kneel while my hands were tied to the back. I didn’t even bother struggling since it’ll be a lost cause and from my view, looks like we’re in a desert.

Stan came to squat infront of me and opened his mask.

I came face to face with someone I wouldn’t in a thousand miles think off. My lips became hard to move just to pronounce his name.


🧔 Evans 🧔

I burst the door to the house open and ran inside with a gun. Police surrounded the area leaving no chance for escape.

I searched every nook and crannies but didn’t find anything. I went back outside, my heart beating fast hoping it’s not too late.

😩 Sharron 😩

“Steve??” I asked, still unable to believe it

“Yeah Steve” he replied laughing maniacally

“Why are you after my life?”

“Why?? there’re so many things to be after your life for” he answered bringing out a gun

“And you even went as far as killing a German Shepherd and put it in my bathroom??”

“Me?” He furrowed his brows in confusion and narrowed his eyes at me “I wouldn’t do that to scare you because I can’t have you run away”

I remembered all what the voice said again, does it mean I guessed correctly and it was Stan that came to visit??


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to earth Sharron” Steve yelled at my face “you can’t tune out when I’m talking to you” he waved the gun in my face, his nostrils flared in anger

I shook my head in fear, suddenly afraid of the beast standing in front of me, he’s nothing like the gentleman I knew.


as I was saying, there are lots of reasons why you deserve to die and you can only die my hands” he smiled eerily ” You are too stubborn for my liking, after warning you to stay away from Jessica, you kept your relationship with her and even had the nerves to go clubbing!!!” He screamed causing me flinch

“Is that why you killed her?” I managed to ask

“No, she threatened to reveal my relationship with a mistress to you and all my drug deals. I had to stop her fast so I did what I had to do not to lose you”


you want to lose me now?”

“Yes, I have no use of you since you ran back to your lost love all in the name of work and if I can’t have you, no one else would”

Now it’s my turn to be confused “what do you mean?”

“Don’t play dumb with me, I know everything” he said and shot one of his men in anger

I screamed in fear, I have never hear a gunshot so close before. “pls think about all we’ve shared, I’m so sorry” I sobbed

“No, I stopped thinking of that when he made me sign the divorce papers unknowingly, now prepare to say your last prayer but before that, where’s Jessica? My sources say she’s alive and if she’s truly alive she’ll get in touch with you.”

“Jessica is alive??!” I asked excitedly momentarily forgetting my situation he was about to knock my head with the butt of his gun but his phone rang saving me

“Hello?” he asked irritatedly, annoyed of being interrupted

“Jessica is my sister!!!” he screamed over the phone

“Are you sure of what you’re saying?” he asked

“you’re saying I killed my sister!!!!” he yelled

“Hello bro, how have you been?”

I looked sideways and saw


Semi- Finale💘

. 💟💟 Episode 22💟💟

Review from the last episode💥💥

“you’re saying I killed my sister!!!!” he yelled

“Hello bro, how have you been?”

I looked sideways and saw



We heard a gunshot coming from a distance, immediately, the police evacuated the perimeters of the house while Stan was directing us with a map.

Yes Stan, Stan had come to me two days ago and told me about Sharron and where she’s been held. Heavens have just been making things go easy from the beginning.

We reached the clearing in few minutes just in time to see the drama unfolding.

“Jessica is our sister!?” Stan asked in shock


narrowed his eyes at Stan “what are you doing here?”

“I know about everything right from the start Bro, your trusted hand- man is my best friend and best friends don’t secrets from each other even if it’s dirty”

“Are you saying Daniel didn’t kill her but kept her in hiding instead??”

“No, he made an attempt on me and left me to bleed to death but I escaped since the injury was much, just a stab in my arm” Jess replied, her eyes laughing at the memory. “and he told me you sent him”

“Then, how come the Sheriff said you’re confirmed dead?” Sharron asked

“plan work that involves money, that man loves money too much. We need to lay a complaint to the government”

“Fine but that doesn’t stop me from killing Sharron” Steve said and clicked the gun, switching it from safety and aimed it at Sharron.

“why did I come late?” Stan muttered under this breath

“Steve” Jess tried “I know about your mental illness and how you’re not completely healed but think about this woman who had always stood by you”

The policemen aimed their gun at him. “Mr Steve, I’ll advice you to drop that gun”

“if you move a step again or say a word, she’s gone” Steve said and pulled Sharron up putting the barrel of the gun on her temple

His eyes flashed daggers at the police. “I can’t lose.” He closed his eyes and sighed but before the police could shoot to disarm him, the sound of a gunshot went off, breaking the shrilling silence.

Time stopped for a few seconds and……….

“Noooo………” Jessica screamed, tears flowing from her eyes ceaselessly.

I stood frozen in shock, Sharron slumped the ground freely but Stan was there to cushion her fall before her head hit the ground. I also saw Steve take a step backwards before falling to the ground, blood oozing from his head

I did a double take back to him, Steve killed himself???!!!! Sharron wasn’t shot?

That finally got my feet moving and I ran towards Steve to check if it’s still alive somehow though I doubt it while the police called for ambulance.

I got to him and knelt beside him, checking his pulse on his hands. After waiting for several heartbeat, I confirmed him dead.

“Steve, I forgive you”Jessica knelt beside him crying “Just come back, wake up” she slapped his cheeks. His empty eyes only stared right back at her defiantly.

Even in his death, the guy looks menacing. I give him credit for that.


After Steve’s burial the following day, I called Sharron’s/Lisa’s parents and told them I’ve found their daughter.

They booked the next flight immediately, including her other siblings. I waited in the airport for them, leaving Sharron with Jessica and Stan while I thought on the best way to approach the subject to Sharron.

“What do I say?? Hey Sharron, I know your name is Lisa?? Do you have an explanation for what we both felt whenever we touched or what!!!!?” I said to myself, people giving me weird looks

Stan asked me to bring her family that way, she wouldn’t deny anything.


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