Revenge Of A Dead Girl

Revenge of a Dead Girl – episode 13

Episode 13


I was wandering around the school, trembling in fear as I watch the unmoving bodies on the floor hoping that they won’t come alive and drag me down.

If it wasn’t for that stupid lightning then I wouldn’t be separated away from Fei and the others, now I have to make my way through here and find them.

I know it’s stupid to go alone, but I saw it.
The person behind these murders is targeting groups of students instead of students who were alone. Maybe because it’s much convenient to kill a lot of people in one go.

“It’s freezing.” I mumbled to myself, looking out of the window. The storm was still dreadful, as if it wants this wh0le building shatter and fall to the ground with it’s strong wind.

I tried leaving the school but there was something that is keeping me from exiting, as if I was being pulled back in by a strong unknown force.

“I better look for some jackets to protect me from freezing to death—” As soon as I was about to finish my sentence, I felt myself falling to the ground after a strong blow coming from my head.

“Ugh…” I wheezed some blood out of my mouth, my hand desperately trying to reach for the leather shoes lying on the ground next to me to protect myself.

But a pair of black shoes stopped behind that leather shoes.

“You want these?” She asked me, but I wasn’t able to say a word due to my throat being dry and burning.

“Mn… Ack…” I whimpered but no definite words came out from my mouth.

“Here, I’ll help you.” She lifted her other foot and kicked the leather shoes, sending it straight to my face.

The hærd surface caused my face to feel burning, even though I can’t see my own face. I know that there’s some cuts and wounds on it, and a few bruises.

“Hmm… How about I make you run around the campus unclad?” She chuckled, although I can’t quite see her face, I know that she’s making a satisfied look watching me in this pitiful state. “Alright, let’s take your clothes off first.”

Her voice was excited, one by one taking my clothes off. She took off my blazer then my blouse, sliding my skirt off and removing my shoes and socks.

The only thing left I’m wearing is my undergarments.

“There you go, all set to run.” She easily lifted me up from the ground, helping me stand up straightly. “Don’t worry, I didn’t hit you that hærd so you can be able to run normally.”

“Stop… H-help.” I muttered in a low voice, my feet staggering and my vision as blurry as a translucent glass.

I wasn’t able to identify her face or voice from the blow I just received, but one thing I know for sure is that she hates me to the point of letting me die painfully.

“Okay, ready… Set… Go!” She happily cheered but I wasn’t running since I can’t see clearly. “You don’t want to run?”

I can see from the corner of my eyes that she was preparing to hit me one more time, so I decided to run away.

But with a slow pace since my feet kept stepping on some corpses.

“I’ll see you later! I’ll take care of the others while waiting for you.” I heard her yell, I don’t know what I’m doing anymore.

It feels like it’s wrong to run, because I know that at the end of this, she’s quietly waiting for me. 1

“Ack!” My foot got caught on one of the dead person’s mouth, causing me to stumble and land on another corpse.

“Uuugh” I began crying, rapid tears falling on the head of the corpse that is only inches away from my face. “Someone… help me”

I slowly stood up, my knees still trembling from the impact of the fall. I felt my foot sting since it was caught in,side the mouth of one of these dead people.

After a while, I began to run once more. But this time, much slower, as if I was just walking and limping at the same time.

“… Help me.” I said in between sobs, I couldn’t take the pain I was feeling. 2

I know that person will find me and kill me slowly, I know that there’s no where out of here, I know everyone is gonna face the same fate…

I know that I’ll die.

If I’m gonna die, then I might as well experience a death that is not by the hands of her.

I won’t let her kill me as she wish.

I stopped, turning myself, I walked towards the window and with one swift motion, I slid it open causing the strong winds to enter the hall. I wasn’t feeling anything anymore, my body became numb. I can’t even feel the freezing temperature even though I’m only wearing my underwear.

I climbed up the window ledge until both of my feet we’re on it, smiling to myself as my wh0le life flashed before my eyes.

“Kelly!” I heard, I turned my head to see Fei with wide eyes as she watch me preparing to jump. “What the hell are you trying to do?!” She marched towards me, probably gonna stop me from jumping.

But I won’t let her.

I want to die on my own.

“Goodbye.” I smiled, feeling my body in mid air, falling nonstop towards the concrete ground.


In the end, the only thing I saw was a flash. An insufferable, burning light, the pain ripping apart my body, I felt it tearing out my soul.

After a while, I was nobody, nothing. The light went out and I vanished into an overwhelming darkness.

I welcomed the end with delight.


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