Revenge Of A Dead Girl

Revenge Of a Dead girl – episode 2

Episode 2

Yoo ma’s POV

My mood drastically went down right after my father asked me that question, about that girl named Park Young Ji…. How could I not know her? She’s quite famous, since she became the talk of our school ever since her death. Because of her, the girl’s restroom is permanently closed and it’s very inconvenient not having a restroom for women. Because of her death, the classes I’m supposed to attend was cancelled for a month and I wasn’t able to study well. It’s all because of her…
For me, she was an average student, has a talkative personality, always causing troubles at school, she even tripped and accidentally poured orange juice on the principal’s clothes.
I never paid any close attention to her that day before her death, since I believe that she’ll only cause problems for me. And that was the most regretful thing I did in my entire life, ignoring her when she needed me the most, avoiding her when she wanted to talk to me, averting my gaze whenever our eyes meet.
She was my best friend, my sister, my family.
But I wasn’t a good friend for her, I couldn’t save her.
It all happened years ago, she was the stupidest in class. And I, as the first ranked student is responsible for teaching her. At first I was completely against it, since I believe it’ll be a waste of time to teach someone who refuses to learn. But I realized that she is different from the rest, different from the girls in my class who spent 90% of their time caking their faces with makeup and only cares for their appearances. She was like an eye sore who stands out, she caught my attention.
It didn’t take long, we were already close friends. She would constantly cling to my arm and spout nonsense things that happened in her day, and I would always listen to her tormenting loud voice.
We were happy, not worrying about anything… Not until she did something that angered the girls in our class.
She became their prey, their target and their own personal toy.
“What’s wrong Young Ji? Want some more?”I heard sounds of laughter at the back of the school, I looked out from the window and saw Young Ji just beneath the window, drenched and covered in dirt, and surrounded by 5 girls who were holding a lot of other nasty things that is probably gonna be poured on her.
“Don’t get too c*cky just because you became Joon’s girlfriend. Don’t forget that he’s my property, he belongs only to me.” The one at the middle, Fei, said leaning towards Young Ji who was on her knees and I can see from this distance that she was trembling in fear.
“How foolish.” I muttered, just watching the show. Resting my chin on my hand as I watch them pour those filthy liquids on her. Knowing Young Ji I’m pretty sure she’s used at being bullied by everyone, and it became everyone’s fun time.
“How about we make a deal, you break up with Joon and we’ll stop this.” Fei grinned, watching Young Ji’s pitiful state.
Well things have taken an interesting turn, I wonder what would Young ji say.
“NO. Never!” She yelled at their faces, they didn’t pour anything on her anymore. Instead, they slapped her and pulled her hair.
“Quite stubborn are we?” Kelly interjected, as she was pulling Young Ji’s hair making her scre-m in pain.
“Ugh, she should’ve just agreed.” I said, still watching them beat Young ji up.
“Hey how about we make her run around the campus unclad?” I heard Hye mi suggested, making me stood up from my seat and leave the classroom.

“That right! Let’s take off her clothes.”Jina, another one of Fei’s subordinates, said already ripping Young Ji’s clothes off.

“No! Stop it!” Young ji cried out, but it wasn’t enough to stop them.
They only came to a stop when they felt water soaking them from the above, they all looked up to see me holding a bucket. I put the empty bucket down and lifted another one, pouring it on them once again including Young Ji.
“Ah sorry, didn’t see you there.” I said in a mocking tone earning growls from them. “What are you guys doing there anyway?”
“My makeup is all ruined, you s–t! Just wait until we come up there!” Fei yelled in anger, but I was smiling at the sight of her stomping her foot in annoyance.
“Perfect timing you guys, our teacher here wants more people to help in cleaning duties.” I said pretending that the teacher is here with me by talking to thin air “Teacher, Fei and the others said they’ll help.”
I was watching them from my peripheral vision, and I can clearly see that they don’t want to do anything that is related with brooms and mops so they just left Young Ji alone and exited the school gates.
I looked down at Young ji and called her “That’s nice, you’re making new friends. You even went the trouble to come all the way there to meet them.” I smiled at her.
“Yoo maaaaa” She cried, snots dripping from her nose.
“Tsk disgusting. Don’t come up here until you’re fully dried.” I glared at her, walking away, grabbing a towel from my gym bag and throwing it down at her. “Here, Go clean yourself in the restroom you filthy woman.”
“Thank you Yoo maaa, you’re the best!” She yelled running towards the restroom, leaving droplets of those nasty liquids behinds.
“What an airhead.” I whispered rummaging my bag, taking out band aids and some extra towels fro her before leaving the room. I still have cram school to attend to, and I’m already 30 minutes late because of Young Ji.
Seriously, when will she learn. Fei and the others won’t stop toying her if she doesn’t break up with Joon. Well, I won’t meddle with her love life, it’s her choice if she wants to be with that guy.
My footsteps were echoing in the hallway, enough for it to be heard in all of the empty classrooms.
I happen to pass by one of the classrooms, and saw two people still in,side.
“Hmm, I thought everyone went home already.” I mumbled, looking through the translucent window that made it hærd to see who those two person was. But one thing is for sure based from their silhouettes, is that they were k-ssing.
Ugh. Is this what their parents teach them? Showing such imprudent act at school is punishable by death, It’s a good thing the windows are a bit blurry so I wont have to witness such acts.
I hope Young Ji doesn’t see this disgusting scene, she must protect her purity and innocence for her own benefit.
“Joon?” standing at the doorway, Young Ji uttered in shock, as she saw her own boyfriend k-ssing another girl.
“Ah you saw.” Joon smirked, pushing the girl slightly away. The girl was also smiling in delight, buttoning her uniform and fixing her hair.
“I’ll leave you two love birds alone, bye Joon.” She lightly k-ssed his cheeks before walking pass Young Ji with a mocking smile.
“Wha-What…” Young Ji looked down on the floor, her tears threatening to fall.
“Well sorry bout that, she was persistent and I couldn’t resist her cuteness.” He replied, far from what Young ji had expected him to say
She was expecting that he would kneel on the floor and scre-m in regret, but he wasn’t. Instead, he was leisurely sitting on the desk and has this annoying smile on his face.
“Umm. So… You… Never really liked me?” She asked.
“I would never like an ugly girl like you.” He deadpans, chuckling to himself as he watch Young ji trembles. “What? You really think someone like me would like you? How stupid can you be?”
“But you… you said you liked me, you said it yourself.” She mumbled, clenching her fist in anger.
“Hah? I would rather date your other friend Yoo ma. She’s much attractive than you.” He said lokking at his wrist watch ” Well I’m sorry to say but I still have a date to attend to.”
He walked pass Young ji muttering the words:



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