Revenge Of A Dead Girl

Revenge Of a Dead girl – episode 5

Episode 5

She reluctantly grabbed her hand and Irene helped her stand up, putting Young Ji’s arm around her shoulders to support her in walking. “You should go to the infirmary first, you just hit your head.”

“T-thank you” She smiled, knowing that there’s still someone nice to her. Completely forgetting about Yoo ma, since she already left early.

As soon as they reached the infirmary, Irene gently placed Young Ji on one of the beds letting her rest before going to the cabinet where the disinfectants were located.

“Ah, this should do it.” Irene murmured, grabbing all the things she can and putting it next to Young Ji. “Show me your head, I’ll fix it.”

Young Ji scooted a bit and placed her slightly bleeding head in front of Irene. “Thank you very much for helping me.” She mumbled

“It’s fine it’s fine.” She replied, gently applying a certain liquid on her wound. “It must really hurt, you landed on your head.” She commented, putting bandage all over her wounds after applying disinfects

“Ah yeah… it… hurts.” She replied, quietly glancing at Irene in a suspicious way. “By the way… How did you know that I landed on my head? I’m sure that there’s no one at the hallway that time…”

Irene paused for a second, before smiling thinly. “How did I know, you ask?” She stood up, walking back to the cabinet to put all the things she used back to where it belongs. “Well of course… I’m the one who pushed you.” She giggled, looking at Young ji’s shocked expression.

“Wh…Why?” She asked, looking downwards making her tears fall. “You even treated my wound, I thought you were nice.”

“Well I didn’t actually treated it, in fact I made it worse” She giggled, showing the bottle she had been using to put on Young Ji’s wounds. “It’s Peracetic Acid.” She said with a thin smile on her face

“What?” Young ji removed the bandages and touched her wound, feeling her skin become quite irritated and small lumps forming.

Irene laughed at how Young Ji looked, panicking over her wound ” Don’t worry, Peracetic Acid is a type of disinfectant so at least thank me for killing the microorg-nisms in your wound. But you would experience irritation on the skin since it’s a strong oxidizing agent.”

“Why are you doing this?!” She scre-med, crying her eyes out. Irene looked calm and composed watching her gawking.

“Well… I don’t have any particular reason why I did that.” Irene smiled, walking towards the door. “Well maybe because… It’s fun to play with you.” She giggled before leaving the room, her footsteps echoing until it wasn’t heard anymore.

Young Ji clenched her fist, tired from everything, so sick of how everyone treated her. She stood up, and immediately walked out of the room. Reaching the ground floor, she saw Fei and the others that were about to leave the school.

She mustered up all her strength and yelled “Hey!” earning everyone’s attention and looking at her walk to their direction.

“Oh, if it isn’t the greatest s–t of the school, how can we help you?” Jina crossed her arms, but Young Ji wasn’t listening and kept walking to their direction

“If you’re just gonna kneel and beg for forgiveness then I’ll consider wasting my time on you.” Fei smiled but instead of Young ji kneeling down, she suddenly slapped Fei’s face causing her to tumble down.

“Fei!” Kelly helped her up, but Fei pushed her away and stood up on her own.

“This b—h got the guts to slap my pretty face.” She angrily said, pulling Young Ji’s hair down.

She tried to fight back but Hye mi, Jina and Kelly held her down to keep her from moving and Fei violently punched her stomach and constantly slapping her face.

“Don’t make that ugly face, you hoe. You’re the one who started this.” Hye mi said, tightening her grip on Young Ji’s hand so she won’t be able to fight back.

“Hey, I want to slap her too. Let’s switch” Kelly smirked, and Fei agreed letting her do the honor of beating Young Ji to a pulp.

“Stop! Help me!” Young Ji scre-med, wriggling around to escape but her wound on her head made her unable to properly think or move.

“No ones gonna help you, they don’t care about a s–t, and the teachers left early.” Fei boasted, while pulling Young Ji’s hair.

“What an idiot…” Yoo ma mumbled, watching them beat Young Ji from the classroom. She was reading a book but their loud voices caught her attention. She closed her book and stood up, trying to look for a quiet place to continue reading.

“Yoo maaaaa!” She heard Young Ji’s voice, causing her to stop and look back outside the window. She saw her lying on the ground and her back was being kicked by their sharp high heels. She was crying and covered in dirt, but they didn’t show any mercy and kept kicking her. “Save me.” She cried

“How adorable, you think Yoo ma’s gonna come and save you?” Fei laughed, stopping and fixing her hair. “I’m done with you, let’s go and have a facial treatment.” She pushed her hair away from her shoulders as she walk away, with the girls trailing behind her.

Young ji sobbed, not moving from her place and kept saying Yoo ma’s name

“Yoo ma…. Yoo maa.” She mumbled, while Yoo ma watch her pathetic state right now.

“How foolish…” She said, closing her eyes before leaving the room. Not glancing one last time at her own best friend and left.

Yoo ma’s POV

The next day, nothing was the same anymore. Police cars were parked in front of the school, the teachers were horrified by the news, and the students were not speaking a word about the girl who just took away her life.

Everyone feigned ignorance, acted as if they’re the victim.

The principal decided to cancel the class for a month as to give respect for the dead, but I know it was just his act, I know he’s hiding something. I looked around and everyone was crying, some looked shocked and traumatized. But I know that tomorrow they’ll forget about her, they don’t give a single d–n about her.

They concluded that it was a suicide, that she just simply took away her life.

And as her body was taken away from the police, I know something wasn’t right about her corpse.

I know… that it wasn’t suicide.

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