Fallen Angel

Risen Devils, Fallen Angel Episode 34 – 36


Risen Devils, Fallen Angel


Anyway Joojo, I will resume work tomorrow and I expect you to go back to school. Selorm informed.

The next morning, Joojo drove back happily to campus.

Theo run to hug him immediately he stepped down from his car.

Congratulations Joojo! You won the intellectual game. He spoke.

Come on Theo, you deserve all the accolades. The game was mapped by you but executed by me. Without that brilliant pass, there wouldn’t have been a goal. Joojo happily responded.

Anyway tell me, how did you know we won, because I didn’t call you. Joojo inquired.

Well, Chris came to the hostel yesterday, ranting about you double crossing him. And from the way he was bitter, I knew we’d won.

I deliberately didn’t call you because I thought your brother might be around. Theo explained.

Interesting! Anyway, we’ve indeed won.

You should have seen the tears on the face of that cheap slut called Mina. Joojo began.

I made sure I rendered her wordless. She couldn’t even utter a word of defense. Unfortunately, Selorm suffered most, out of all these. He fainted, but our family medical team was there to save him. He is fine now and has resumed work today, whiles Mina is currently jobless and might be roaming on the streets in search of a job. Joojo narrated.

That is a wow! You indeed stood up for your brother. I only pray he never finds out you slept with her. Theo responded.

He won’t bro, all evidence against me is cleared. Joojo said.

That’s alright Joojo.

Anyway, there is this beautiful lady who almost all the time came here looking for you. She requested for your number, but I refused giving it to her. Theo informed.

And what did she say her name is? Joojo asked.

She mentioned Angela or something like that. He answered.

Oh yeah, Angela! I rather call her Angel because she looks like one. Joojo exclaimed.

Indeed she does. She is really beautiful and almost all the guys in this hostel is targeting her. I overheard some of them discussing her the last time she came looking for you. Theo narrated.


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should close their eyes because they ain’t going to have her! She is introvert and the way I struggled before being able to befriend her. I am yet to propose to her though. Joojo narrated.


you ought to be fast, because the guys make wild. Theo teased.

Sure bro, I will visit her this evening in her hostel. Joojo responded.

The two friends prepared for lectures after their intensive conversation.

Later in the evening, Joojo went to Angela’s hostel in search of her.

Unfortunately, she was not around, and he had to wait for a full hour.

Joojo was soon tired of the wait, and he decided to go back and check up on her the next day.

Seconds after he started the engine, he saw Angela alighting from a taxi.


quickly pulled over and walked to her.

Hi, good evening. I’ve been here for the past one hour. Joojo informed.

Joojo, is this you? So you think you can walk in out of my life at will right? She unhappily questioned.

I’m sorry Angel, I had to attend to my sick brother. Joojo explained.

Your brother was more important than this friendship yeah? She questioned.

Angel I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to abandon you. Please forgive me. Joojo insistently apologized.

I have heard you, but as you can see, I just returned from a date and I am tired. I will see you later. She stated and began walking away.

Angel please, can I have your number now? The last time I requested, you refused giving it to me. Joojo pleaded.

Angela reluctantly called the numbers to him and walked away.


Angela reluctantly called the numbers to him and walked away.

Joojo sat in his car and bowed down his head on the steer.

God help me, I don’t want to loose this lady. I love her so much and want to make her my wife. He prayed for seconds and drove away.

Immediately he got to the hostel, he began texting her messages.

Angel, I am sorry for abandoning you. Like I said, I am back now.

And like I said, I have heard you. She texted back.

But hey Angel, you looked gorgeous and s£xy in your outfit. Whoever took you out on that date was lucky. Joojo jealously texted.

Indeed he was. She texted back.

He? Now you are making me jealous. May I please know who? Joojo texted.

That is suppose to be personal, don’t you think so? She texted back.

Sure, but since we are friends now, I think we can share everything. Joojo texted.

This friendship shouldn’t deprive me of my privacy. I am a woman, and have the right to keep my stuff to myself. She unhappily texted back.


sorry Angel, I didn’t mean to coerce you. Joojo texted.

Less than a month in this friendship, and you seem to be apologizing every second. You are getting boring already. She texted back.

I am sorry. Joojo texted.

There you go again Mr Sorry. Anyway good night. She texted and slept off.

Jeez what is this! Just when I am falling in love, I seem to be maltreated. I know she is mad at me, and I must do everything possible to win her to myself.

And wait a minute, I hope she didn’t go on that date with one of these guys? He deeply thought till sleep carried him away.

Days quickly passed by and Joojo’s love for Angela kept intensifying.

He bought her various gifts to woo her.

From dresses to shoes, from shoes to perfumes, from perfumes to panties.

Gradually, Joojo won her attention.

She began visiting Joojo again.

Angel, you seem reserved about a lot of things, can you please tell me something about your family? Joojo asked.

Nothing much to tell Joojo, as you already know, my name is Angela Doe, and I am the second born of my parents out of the four siblings I have. As you already know, I am an engineering student in level 100. She opened up.

Wow, I can’t wait to meet your family. I think they are all beautiful like you. Joojo playfully asked.

Yes they are. You will meet them someday. She answered.

Now tell me something about your love life. Joojo inquired.

Nothing much to tell. I had a man in my life who happens to be a CEO of an oil company, but we are no more. She answered.

Good news! That means, Joojo is lucky right? Joojo almost whispered.

I can’t really tell for now Joojo, I ought to be sure of you first. She answered.

Joojo moved a bit closer to her and began staring deep into her eyes.

Angel, just look at me, I am dying to have you in my life.

You are everything in a woman that I need. He whispered.

Angela stared back into his eyes silently.

Slowly, Joojo moved his head closer to hers and tried kissing her.


Slowly, Joojo moved his head closer to hers and tried kissing her.

She quickly pushed him off and stood up to leave.

Angel please don’t go! I am sorry. He pleaded.

Joojo listen to me, I am not one of those girls you can easily penetrate! I ain’t desperate nor cheap! She yelled.

Angel please I’m sorry. He apologized but she walked out on him.

God what have I done? He screamed and kicked his leg against the wall.

Few minutes later, Theo walked into his room.

What’s up with you Joojo? I just got back from the bank. He said.

Theo I messed up! Joojo bitterly spoke.

How? He inquired.

Angela visited, and after few minutes talk, I don’t know what pushed me towards her. I tried kissing her and she got angry and walked away. He narrated.

That was really bad Joo! Did you have to move that fast? Theo unhappily responded.

I messed up Theo, but trust me, it wasn’t my fault! Joojo spoke with teary eyes.

Listen Joojo, not all women are weak, some of them have enough experience to resist temptations. Theo began.

I have not gone too close to Angela, but I see decency in her. You ought to be careful the way you handle her, or else, you might loose her. Theo advised.

Sure bro, thanks for the advice, I will see her in the evening and apologize to her. Joojo responded.

Anyway how is Chris? It’s been days since I saw his womanizing face. How are the both of you coping in that room? Joojo inquired.

He is around Joo. He keeps himself busy from talking to me by making numerous calls to his numerous girlfriends.

This semester will soon end, I won’t be in the same room with him next semester. Theo explained.

I understand how you feel Theo, his attitude might be nauseating but please endure. Like you rightly said, the semester will soon be over. Joojo advised.

Later in the evening, he drove to Abigail’s hostel to see her but as usual, she had gone out.

He waited deep in the night. He called her several times but she refused to answer.

After several hours of waiting, she came back.

Hey Joojo, you didn’t call me. She spoke.

I called Angel, but you didn’t answer. Where are you coming from at this hour? And who was that guy who just dropped you off? He unhappily questioned.

All these questions for me? Joojo, am I in an exam hall or something? Angela questioned back.

Anyway let’s get into my room and talk, the walls have ears. She added.

They both walked into her room and she offered Joojo seat.

Angela, the way I see you is different from what you are portraying. Can you please answer my questions? Joojo insisted.

I have told you times without numbers that I have the right to my privacy! She answered.

Angela, look at you! Just look at what you are wearing! This skimpy dress exposing almost your b00bs.

And the smell coming out from your mouth is so alcoholic. Joojo complained.

That is because I drink. Joojo, unlike you, I take alcohol. She responded.

Why don’t you stop? Angela, this attitude doesn’t befit you and my brother will not be happy to find out the woman I want to marry drinks alcohol! Joojo almost screamed.

Spare me the sermon Joojo! Your brother this! Your brother that! Are you living your life to please him? If you think you can not love me like this, just take a walk! She yelled.

I’m sorry Angela, I didn’t mean to upset you. I only want the best for you. Joojo calmed down and responded.

Now come on here, and show me how much you love me. Angela tipsily spoke and pulled Joojo towards herself.

Angel, this is not you, the alcohol is overriding your reasoning, please let go off me. Joojo pleaded and tried pushing her off.

To be continued…

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