Fallen Angel

Risen Devils, Fallen Angel Episode 52 – 53


Risen Devils, Fallen Angel


Love is not love, when you so much consider appearance than character. Heed to these words and let’s make it together to heaven someday. He concluded.

He together with his family members asked permission to leave.

Abigail pleaded in tears and remorse, but it was too late.

Abigail, if I accept you back now, I don’t know what you are going to love. My money or my personality? It is too late to plead. Pastor Asamoah spoke again.

Asamoah, I swear to love you! I swear! Abigail screamed in tears.

First of all Abigail, it is written in the bible that, do not swear. Let your yes be yes, and your no be no.

So you see, you’ve answered my question wrongly, talk of acting them. He said.

I suggest you start from a humble beginning to prove your change. Just get yourself a farmer and put yourself to test by loving him. If you are able to, you are indeed a changed person and can go ahead to plan your future with him. He advised and walked away.

Abigail through tears got so emaciated.

God, I have sinned against you and I need your forgiveness. She daily prayed.

Days later, she traveled back to the city to go and beg Selorm to accept her back into the company.

Sir, I know I disrespected you, but I am sorry, please forgive me. She pleaded.

Abigail like I said, I don’t hold anything against you. The decision you made was your choice and you were entitled to it, but the reality is, someone has occupied your position and the company is full. Selorm responded.

Selorm what about being a cleaner? She sadly asked.

A cleaner? From a clerk to a cleaner? Come on Abigail, don’t be desperate. There are lots of companies in this city and I think you can maintain your dignity by walking out of here and writing application letters to any of them. Selorm advised.

Abigail had no option than to go back to the village.

When she got to the main gate, she saw a familiar person on phone.

Hello madam, we seem to have met before. She asked.

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No please, we haven’t. If we have, it probably might have been here. The person answered and walked away.


sadly walked away too.

The familiar person walked into Selorm’s office.

Good afternoon sir, please who is that lady I met at the gate? She seemed to be coming out from your office. She inquired.

She was a worker here Emefa, but she called to resign and now back to be reinstated. Selorm narrated.

Called to resign? That was disrespectful! She almost screamed.

You are right Emefa. Anyway, she is history and this company can never work with her again. Besides, the place is full. Selorm responded.

That’s good. Emefa stated and began walking away.

When she got to the door, she paused. Eerrm sir, have you please had something to eat today? She asked.


yet, but I will eat soon. Selorm answered.

I’m sorry to scold you sir, but I’ve advised you several times not to starve.

Anyway let me get to the restaurant and get you your favorite. She smiley responded and walked away.

Wow, Emefa is so caring. She most times behaves like my mother, and I am so much growing fond of her. Selorm monologued.

I wish Joojo was here to assess her for me, but unfortunately, I don’t even have his number to call him. He has never bothered to call me since he left this country. My own brother, have left me to my faith because I wanted the best for him. It is well anyway. He sadly thought with tears running down his face.

In few minutes, Emefa entered the office with a pack of banku and tilapia.

She happily brought out a bowl from the cubicle and served Selorm.

Sir please eat for me and make sure you clear everything. She happily spoke but Selorm was so down.

Sir what is it? Are those tears I’m seeing in your eyes? Emefa questioned.

Sir please talk to me, what’s wrong? Have I in anyway offended you? She insisted.

No Emy, I’m just missing my brother. Selorm responded.

What happened to him sir? Is he dead? She asked.

No, he traveled and hasn’t called me till date. He got mad at me due to a problem we couldn’t resolve. Selorm explained.

Awwww that’s bad, I pray he comes back soon to fill that vacuum he left, but in the mean time, I promise to be here for you. Kindly let me know when he calls, so that I can personally plead with him on your behalf. Emefa heartily spoke.

Now let me wipe those tears so you can eat. She stated and took her handkerchief to wipe the tears.


stared deeply at her face without knowing how to thank her.

Emefa slowly and gently moved her lips towards his and kissed him.

In a second, she pulled back.

I am sorry sir, I didn’t mean to do that. I am really sorry. She apologized and hastily walked away.


I am sorry sir, I didn’t mean to do that. I am really sorry. She apologized and hastily walked away.

Selorm looked so confused.

What is happening? Why am I weak for Emefa? Does it mean love? He thought.

No! I’m scared. The last time I tried love, I nearly died. He further thought.

And wait a minute, for how long will I continue to be scared? Does that mean I will not get married? I think I have to give love another chance.

Yes, I will give it another chance. If things get on well, I will get married before Joojo returns, and I believe he will be happy. Wow, it will be a mega surprise to him. He began smiling.

And one more thing, I promise to allow Joojo marry his fiancee Angela. I think that will make him happy and bring peace between us once again. I’ve thought about this, and I think I am ready to sacrifice my opinions and fears to make him happy. Selorm happily thought.

Later after work, he called Emefa on phone.

Hello Emy, how is your evening? He asked.

Very well sir. Sir, once again I’m sorry for what happened. She apologized again.

Come on Emy, it is past and gone, besides, you don’t have to be sorry for what I enjoyed. Selorm confessed.

Sir you did? Are you sure? She s£xily asked.

Yes I did. This is my first time kissing a woman, and really, I felt good. Selorm happily confessed.

Wow! I guess I’m lucky then. Anyway sir, this lips will be there for you always only if you want it. It will be there to advise you, speak for you, scold you, tease you and kiss you. That is a promise. Emefa calmly promised.

Emy, then I am happy to inform you that, I will need this lips for the rest of my life. Selorm almost whispered.

Sir, is that supposed to be a proposal? She whispered back.

Call it whatever Emy, but I call it a promise. Yes, a lifetime investment of my happiness, trust, love, achievements, weaknesses and strengths into your caring hands. Selorm softly spoke.

Emy, make me your baby, and I promise to treat you like my mum.

Make me your brother, and I promise to treat you like my sister.

Make me your husband, and I promise to make you the happiest wife. Selorm added.

Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s a yes!

Sir, I have accepted everything you say! I promise never to disappoint you. Emefa happily screamed.

Emy, this happiness has earned you a date with me tomorrow.

Let’s meet in my house from morning till evening to have a good time. My cook will pamper you with sumptuous meals. Selorm invited.

They spoke for hours before ending the call.

Yaaaaassss! Emefa has accepted my proposal! Selorm screamed and threw himself on the bed.

Yes I did it! For once, I’ve been able to propose to a woman! Joojo where are you? Come and see your brother! Come and see how he is making you proud. Selorm soliloquised happily.

I can’t wait for Joojo to come so I narrate my beautiful proposal lines to him.

But wait oooo, I won’t tell him I read them online. Selorm thought and began laughing.

Few minutes after, the maid came to draw Selorm’s attention to a visitor who was waiting for him in the sitting room.

He hurried out and jeez, it was Mina.

How may I help you madam? Selorm unhappily questioned.

Selorm, I’m looking for Joojo. He has refused to come and see me and the baby. She talked.

Which baby? Mina, by the count of five, I want you out of this house!

How dare you! How dare you accuse him of someone’s baby? Between Chris and Joojo, which of them did you have the last s£x with? Selorm yelled.

Selorm, it was Chris, but he used condoms. Mina responded almost in tears.

Condoms you say? That means the love making was neither twice nor thrice. Do you know which of the condoms got burst? You are such a disgrace to society and I curse the day my brother ever penetrated you. You are so shameless and evil.

Now get your prostituted protruding belly out of my house! Selorm screamed in anger.

The security guard rushed inside and forced Mina out of the house.

She sadly got home in tears and called Chris.

Mina what is it again? I thought whatever deal we have is over. Or? Chris harshly spoke.

Chris please for once listen to me. I went to Joojo’s house and his brother sacked me saying the last person I slept with is the one responsible for this pregnancy. Chris, judging from the past, you are the last person I slept with. Even though you used condoms, I believe one of them got burst, especially when we were in the “Parliament” position. Mina narrated.

“Cabinet” position and not “Parliament”!

Have I ever mentioned any position to you? With this addicted lifestyle of s£x, which sane man will fall for you? No wonder you always recited the national anthem anytime we are making love. Such a hallucinatory s£x addict!

Chris please don’t do this to me. I’m speaking the truth. This baby is yours. Mina still in tears, pleaded.

Mina, what do you take me for? A fool?

You think I don’t know you slept with Abigail’s CEO of a boyfriend when I connected the two of you to plan how best to hunt Abigail down?

Well, for your information, he informed me of how you cheaply threw your frustrated self at him. With your fallen b00bs like that of a hanging scrotum! Rigid cl!toris like the country’s economy! Your uncivilized piercing pubic hairs!

Mina listen to me, this should be the last you will call me concerning that bastard in your womb! Chris cautioned.

What! Chris, so you set me up with that guy? If not, why did he tell you he slept with me? Mina questioned in tears.

Well Mina, don’t forget I was the one who employed that guy, and he was in every way indebted to me. He had to account for everything, including your reincarnated pvssy! Chris angriky answered.

With tears spewing from Mina’s eyes, she began to wipe them with the back of her palm.

Chris please, have mercy on me. That guy seduced me. He walked to me in the bathroom. My back was facing the door so he got access to my b00bs and began fondling them. When I finally became weak, he hastily carried me into the sitting room and penetrated me. Chris, I didn’t deliberately sleep with him, he lured me into that. Mina narrated with a bitter throat.

Spare me the details Mina, I already have that. Unplanned s£x, comes with an unplanned pregnancy, and you must deal with it!

A slippery penis, falls into a slippery pvssy and forces out slippery sperms to travel through slippery uterus to form slippery babies which fvcking needs slippery abortions!

For all I know, I ain’t responsible for your god damn pregnancy!

And listen to me, you and Abigail were business partners and nothing more. I am done with you both and I don’t ever want to have anything doing with you again! Chris yelled.

Chris, don’t tell me you slept with Abigail too. Please don’t! Mina burst into a loud cry.

Mina, I am a business man and I can do business even with animals if they can so fvcking afford. I slept with Abigail just like I did with you. Not for pleasure, but for money. Chris answered in anger.

Chris, you won’t go away with this! My God will punish you! No wonder you wanted to revenge at all cost. You just used me for your nonsense games, and the God I serve, will punish you for that. Mina cursed in tears.

Mina, if indeed you have a God, tell him to help you abort that bastard in your womb! I am done with a loose ass like you. Chris insulted and dropped the call.

Mina inconsolably wept her eyes out throughout the night. She didn’t know what step next to take than to keep the baby, because the CEO of a guy was as mad as Chris and there was no way he was going to accept that pregnancy talk of fathering it.

Very early in the morning, Selorm called her.

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