Fallen Angel

Risen Devils, Fallen Angel Episode 69 – end


Risen Devils, Fallen Angel

They both sadly slept.
Soon, it was morning and the two brothers prepared for work.
Joojo, I suggest you stay back home since all the work has been taken care of. I have a meeting with some CEO’s of other companies, I will call you to meet me in the office when I’m back. Selorm informed.
But bro, I want to go to the office. Joojo resisted.
I insist Joojo, please stay back. Selorm stated and walked away.
I don’t understand this! What is Selrom up to? Joojo worriedly thought.
At 11:30am, Angela walked into his room almost [email protected]
Angela what is going on? Do you have any idea why my brother stopped me from going to the office? He asked.
Not at all cupcake, what happens between you and your brother is none of my business. I am only here for the activation.
And hey, guess what? She quizzed.
What Angela? What? Joojo unhappily questioned.
No need to yell Joojo. Your brother apologized to me yesterday for some offence his instincts have never allowed him to rest on. And the good news is, I have forgiven him. Today is our last day of making love, and afterwards, I will walk out of your lives for good. Angela began.
I promise to travel to the States and never to come back. In other not to kill your brother, I will be calling him from time to time till he gets fed up with me and forget about me. She added.
Wow! Thanks so much Angela! Joojo happily screamed.
Now come here, and give me the double dose of what you promised. She seductively spoke and pulled Joojo’s head towards her b00bs.
Joojo happily made love to her for the sake of the good news.
He slowly lifted her unto the bed and began licking sweetness out of her.
Mmmmmm Joooooooo…. Oooouuuuccchhh. Angela almost screamed.
Slowly, he climbed up on her and penetrated her so deep.
Aaaaaaahhhh! Mmmmmmmm! Oooouuuuccchhh! She m0aned.
Joojo slowly penetrated her crying and demanding pvssy.
Before he could move his waist, his door was pushed opened.
Happy Birth Dayyyyyyyyyyy! It was Selorm.
Angela and Joojo jumped out of the bed with a loud scream.
With the cake in Selorm’s hand, he slowly hit the floor.
Joojo run in tears to him and began shaking his unconscious body.
Selorm please wake up! Selorrrrrrrrm!
Angela wore her clothes and took to her heels.
She run faster in tears and fear out of the house.
Joojo screamed so loud and arranged for ambulance.
Soon, Selorm was taken to the hospital in an unconscious state.
Doctor Ansu almost cried whilst attending to Selorm. His lawyers arrived, as well as some of his workers.
They tried everything possible but he was still in coma.
Doctor Ansu dragged Joojo behind him into his office.
Joojo, what happened to him! He yelled.
Eeerrmm Doc, he came home from work and before I knew it, he fell down. Joojo fumbled.
This is a lie Joojo! I don’t trust you anymore! He yelled.
Now listen to me, pray his wife and the cook says the same thing when they are questioned, if not, you will be behind bars for murder! Doctor Ansu threatened and walked out on him.
Doctor Ansu with his team tried everything possible to resuscitate Selorm.
Joojo hurried out of the hospital. He tried calling Angela but her lines were off.
He drove on top speed into the house.
Immediately he entered the house, the cook run to him.
Sir please how is he? She asked in tears.
Afia tell me, were you here when Selrom walked into this house? Joojo questioned.
Yes sir. He walked in with a cake in his hand and told me today is your birthday so he wanted to surprise you, hence, his refusal to allow you go to work today. Afia narrated.
Joojo raised his head up in the sky in tears.
Sir, but why did you do that? Why did you sleep with madam Emefa? Afia questioned.
Joojo quickly slapped her onto the floor!
How dare you ask me such a stupid question? Did you see me on top of her? He yelled.
No sir, but I saw madam Emefa running out of your room [email protected] after orga Selorm had collapsed. She explained on the floor.
Now listen to me! If anyone asks you anything, simply tell them Selorm entered the house and fell down all of a sudden, do you hear me? He threatened.
Yes sir! I hear you sir! Afia panicky responded.
Afia, if you dare say otherwise, consider yourself a dead woman! Joojo threatened and drove out of the house.
He angrily drove into Angela’s apartment to caution her too.
Immediately he walked in, he saw Angela in the arms of another man kissing and consoling her as she cried.


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Immediately he walked inn, he saw Angela in the arms of another man kissing and consoling her as she cried.
Angela! How dare you! Joojo screamed on top of his voice.
Angela hurriedly hid behind the guy in fear.
What am I seeing? Chris? You? With Angela? God I’m lost! What is happening here? Joojo confusedly questioned.
Exactly what you are seeing Joojo! What else were you expecting? Chris angrily questioned back.
Slowly, Joojo sat on the floor.
God I am weak! Chris, what business do you have with Angela? My brother’s wife. Joojo questioned in tears.
Interesting Joojo! Did I hear you call her your brother’s wife? Joojo, you are simply pathetic! And I wish I could kiss this day over and over again. The day I made you, the know it all man, sit on a bear floor in tears. Chris insulted.
Now back to your questions. Angela is my fiancee and we are planning to get married soon. He added bluntly.
What? How? Since when? Angela please wake me up from this dream! Wake me uuuuuppp! Joojo loudly screamed and began rubbing his hands in his hair.
Cut the nonsense noise Joojo! You think you were smart to have filmed me [email protected] to disgrace me right?
Well, it is pay back time. All these silent while, has been a pay back muteness.
If you care to know, Angela and I have been lovers since the day you befriended her and abandoned her to go and rescue your brother from Mina’s hands.
Yes Joojo, that is how I met her. And she couldn’t stand the pain of you filming me [email protected] with another woman just for your brother’s sake.
You and your selfish brother! Chris angrily confessed.
Chris, simply because of a pay back, you sent my brother to coma? Is that how wicked you could be? For sending Angela into our lives just to torment us? Joojo questioned.
It is rather unfortunate your Angelic brother couldn’t stand the game. It wasn’t part of the plans to send him into coma, but to make him feel the heat of his selfishness! And to pay you back for the nonsense game you bribed Abigail to play on me and Mina. Chris responded harshly.
Slowly, Joojo stood up from the floor.
Whoa! What a painful day!
Anyway Chris, you’ve won big time! The stress, the pain, the maltreatment, the torment and all. You’ve done wickedly well and I compliment you for that. But one thing I can not compliment you for, is to see my brother dead.
Chris, pray, just pray so hard, because if he does, the RISEN DEVILS in the both of you, will fall with the already FALLEN ANGEL! Joojo threatened.
And to you Angela, so all these while, you were faking love just to avenge on your supposed fiance’s behalf. Congratulations! But there are few questions I want you to ask yourself, that, which sound man in love, will push his beloved woman, to marry two brothers and sleep with the both of them at the same time?
In case you don’t know, love is a bit of jealousy and care. So, if Chris was able to push you to sleep with us without being jealous or being fearful you might be hurt, then I think you should sit down and do your calculations well.
Women! Why are you so vulnerable? Hiding behind some supposed emotions to be wasted!
What in this world couldn’t Selorm have done for you? Love, faithfulness, cars, houses, businesses, name them! Yet, you chose this selfish beast, who in his entire life has never reasoned beyond stupidity!
Angela, once again, congratulations! But please, pray, just pray with this evil guy in front of you that, my brother survives, or else, you will kiss hell whiles on earth! Joojo angrily threatened.
Whether love or not, that is not your business! Go, and save your goddamn brother if you can! Chris yelled at him.
Joojo stared at him for a while and smiled in between his tears.
Chris, you will soon get the feedback of this shit. He spoke and walked out on them.


Chris, you will soon get the feedback of this shit. He spoke and walked out on them.
Joojo drove on top speed to a ghetto and hired kidnappers to kidnap Angela and Chris, while he attended to his brother.
In an hour and half time, the kidnappers called him.
Hello sir, the job is done! They are right here with us, but bros, you were so smart, if not, they were relocating out of the country. We actually met them packing with their passports placed on the center table. They had a flight to catch up in 30minutes. The leader of the kidnappers informed.
That’s great, please give the phone to the guy and let me talk to him. Joojo ordered.
In seconds, Chris spoke on the other side of the phone.
Joojo, don’t you think you are going to far by kidnapping us? He angrily spoke.
No my colleague devil! We are still so near!
The devils in us are risen, and it is the survival of the fittest. Chris please pray, pray so hard, Selorm wakes up, if not, the fire of hell, will have it’s branch, right here on earth! Joojo angrily threatened.
Joojo please don’t kill us! I am begging you! Angela spoke at the background.
Tell your woman, our woman, to stay calm, for we have not started yet. Death is not death if it is straight forward. And like I said, pray the angel among the devils wakes up. Joojo spoke and hanged up whiles still waiting in front of the ward for Doctor Ansu to come out.
In few minutes, Doctor Ansu and his team came out from the ward in sweats.
Doc please how is he? Is he awake? Joojo nervously inquired.
Joojo, get ready, the police will soon come for you for questioning. He responded.
Meaning? Joojo fearfully asked.
Meaning, Selorm couldn’t make it out of the pain you and his wife caused him! You think we wouldn’t find out? Well, the cook is currently in police custody and she has confessed everything to them. Doctor Ansu informed in tears and walked out on him.
Noooooooooo! This is not happening! Selorm can’t do this to me! He screamed and run into the ward.
He held Selorm’s dead body in tears.
Selorm please listen to me, even if you will not wake up, just listen! I went through pain for you! I did what I did just to make you happy! Selorm, my last wish is to see you this frozen. Angela was playing a game on us! She killed you not me! Joojo screamed in tears until the nurses forced him out of the ward.
He hurried out of the hospital but left his car behind and picked a taxi to the ghetto of the kidnappers to avoid trace.
In few minutes, he arrived with tears all over his face.
Joojo what happened? Is Selorm dead? Angela questioned in fear.
What else did you expect after slushing his throat with a dagger.
Well Angela, the only person who must live right now is me! Yes, me! Me because, I ought to tell the story of how an ANGEL FELL for DEVILS to RISE. Joojo spoke in pain.
Joojo please, we didn’t mean to do this. We didn’t intend involving your brother, but when you traveled, we had no option than to involve him. We are sorry. Chris pleaded in fear.
Wow Chris, I can see you meant business! So tell me, apart from you and Angela, who else was involved in this nonsense revenge? Joojo angrily questioned.
No one else Joojo. Mina backed out after denying the pregnancy. Chris answered.
So tell me, who is Angela to you? A lover, or just a tool? He questioned.
I’m sorry to say this Angela, but she is just a tool. All the money she saved from Selorm’s account, is in my wife’s name. Chris confessed.
What! Wife? Chris? What are you talking about? When did you get married? Angela screamed in anger.
Yes baby girl, you heard him right, wife! That means, he is a married man, using a bitter and stupid fool like you for his selfish gains. Joojo cut in.
Anyway, I am not the only person who has job to do, considering how angry you are right now. He added.
Chris, tell me you are joking! Simply tell me you haven’t fooled me into believing you love me and that, we will get married after this revenge. Angela spoke in tears.
I’m sorry to disappoint you Angela, I got married to the daughter of government official after school. I am very sorry for deceiving you. Chris calmly apologized.
I swear! Chris I swear to deal with you when we are out of here! How dare you! How dare you fool me! Angela screamed in pain.

I’m sorry Angela, none of you is leaving here! We are ending this drama right here, this minute! Joojo angrily spoke.
Guys, please give me a dagger! Joojo instructed.
The kidnappers pulled out a dagger and handed it to him.
Angela, if I give you this dagger right now, what will you do with it? Joojo questioned.
Of course I will stab this useless fool over and over again for wasting my time and pushing me to push an ANGEL to FALL. Angela angrily answered.
Slowly, Joojo handed the knife to her and stepped back.
Chris struggled to fight her but Angela stabbed him on the neck severally until he fell dead.
Good job baby girl, now get your ass on the floor! Joojo commanded but Angela smartly turned to him and struggled to stab him.

To be continued…

Good job baby girl, now get your ass on the floor! Joojo commanded but Angela smartly turned to him and struggled to stab him.
The kidnappers struggled with her too and one of them stabbed her so many times on the chest.
With blood oozing from her chest and mouth, she struggled to talk.
Joojo I am sorry, please forgive me for Selorm’s loss.
I was manipulated. I was deceived and I wish I could go back to the world and educate women to stop hiding behind emotions to sin. She slowly spoke.
Selorm, I can see Selorm. She struggled on the floor and closed her eyes to eternal sleep.
Joojo slowly turned to the kidnappers in tears.
When the devils arose, the Angel fell without prayers.
I wish I knew God, I wish I didn’t depend on my intelligence to fight a battle that was obvious of loosing. He spoke in tears.
He dipped his hand into his pocket and paid the kidnappers off.
Slowly, he walked away.
Selorm I am sorry, wherever you are, please forgive me.
I turned into an adulterer because of you, a murderer because of you, a sinner because of you, and soon to be a prisoner because of you.
Never for once did I enjoy my life without your weakness staring me deep in the face. This is the life I lived as your brother. Always thinking of you. He sadly thought as he walked to the police station.
Finally, he arrived at the station and placed a call to Theo.
Hello Joo. Theo spoke.
Hello Theo, Selorm died and I am a prisoner. The company needs an owner and you so much deserve it. Wherever you are, please come and take over. But before then, pass by the police station to preach some peace into my life. Remember the God you talked to me about? I need him now. He spoke and entered the police station.
Hello who are you? They asked.
I am Joojo the murderer. I murdered my brother and his wife, and I hope this is where you keep such people. He spoke in tears.
Of course yes! Our team is already dispersed in search of you. One of the officers responded and pushed him behind bars.
Days passed into weeks, and Joojo was finally sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.
Theo visited him afterwards for few talks.
I’m glad to see you Theo. He spoke.
And I’m sad to see you Joojo.
I don’t want to ask what happened, because I have been part of it all this while.
Joojo, Selorm is no more and I can’t entirely blame you for that, but Joojo, my question is, did you really find time to speak to the God I told you about? Theo wittily spoke.
No Theo, I was busy solving the problem. He sadly responded.
Exactly where we go as humans. When we find ourselves in trouble, we try handling it based on our own wisdom without consulting Him but it is written in Proverbs 3:5-6 that, “Trust in the Lord will all your heart and lean not onto your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge him and he shall direct your path”
And the verse 7 says “Be not wise in your own eyes, fear the Lord and depart from evil”
Joojo, this God is a problem solver, he is all knowing. Kind and just.
I personally met him when my mother fell sick, that was when I decided to recommend Him to you.
Anyone who lives in his own wisdom will fall a million times. God is the only answer and not our wisdom.
What didn’t you do Joojo? You were kind, generous, loving, caring and all, but one major ingredient that would have made you whole was the God you never turned to. You totally forgot Christ, and fought the unfightable battle your own way.
Joojo, you gave the DEVILS a chance to RISE and an ANGEL heavily fell!
Selorm died a painful death because you both refused to know Christ.
From this moment, I recommend him to. Take him, and know peace! Theo preached.
They both prayed in tears afterwards and Joojo accepted Christ as his personal savior.
Joojo later called their family lawyers and officially handed the company into Theo’s hands.
RISEN DEVILS, FALLEN ANGEL! This can only happen, when you refuse to make Christ the host of your life. It only happens when you sideline our Savior.
Accept Christ now, in other to rise the Angel in you above the struggling devils!

THE END!!!!!!
Written by Lincy Gyamfi,

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