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Rob and Raped episode 1 – end


Rob and Raped

Episode 1

The sharp sound of gunshots woke me with a terrible jolt. I sprang up confused and nervous.
Another gunshot went off outside my window, sending me tumbling on the floor. I laid down quietly for some seconds before getting up to peep through the window. What i saw unsettled me tremendously.
I saw about a dozen men standing well inside our hostel, near the gate, whispering amongst themselves. About five others stood outside the hostel keeping watch. They equally were the ones firing the gunshots, because just as i looked out of the window, one of them fire another shot.

I was extremely scared and at lost on what to do. I remembered the horrible tale my coursemate Ujunwa told me some weeks back, when her hostel was attacked. The hostel equally was an all girls hostel just like mine and remembering the agony on her face as she told me how she was defiled, ripped my heart apart. I felt like crying. I felt like throwing up.
Just that moment i heard gentle taps on my door which quickly sent my nerves flying high.
“big mama, it’s me Jenny, please open up” a female voice begged. I quickly opened my door and was surprised to see five of my neighbours who were living in the same floor with me standing and shaking with fear. They quickly rushed into my room while i shut the door instantly.
“our hostel is being attacked. We are being robbed. They are downstairs” Jenny said with fright……

Being older than most of my neighbours, plus my huge body size. I was highly respected and called Big Mama by all the girls, which kind of made me the defacto head girl of the lodge.
My hostel being an all girls hostel used to be an easy target for cultists and armed robbers according to the stories i heard from older students who graduated the period i moved in. The hostel management then had to improve security by raising up the walls and upgrading the barbed wires on them. Iron protectors were equally installed on all corridors and entrances leading to each floor. The security measures made the lodge very safe that for two years after i moved in, nobody disturbed us until that fateful night.

Looking at the hoodlums, there wasn’t any doubt they came heavily prepared with enough manpower to subdue us…
The sound of cries from downstairs soon hit our ears, notifying us that the mischief-makers were now fully in control of the building.
“what do we do?, we can’t just sit and wait for them to come rob and rape us?” Jenny cried with despair, while the other girls nodded in agreement, looking up to me for a solution, but unfortunately i was the most scared…..
I was forced to play down my fears and think like a leader…



More cries soon filled the air, sending more fear into us. We shook and stared at each other, too scared to say anything.
I rushed to my window and peeped out again.
“my God” i gasped as my eyes fell on more men who were freeing trooping into the hostel. The gate was now flung open like that of a night club..
It was just as if all members of a particular cult group were paying us a midnight visit. It really looked as if they came for another thing, not merely to rob us.
“please leave me”
“kill me”
“i beg of you don’t touch me” were the cries coming up from downstairs likewise the sound of doors being broken.


calmly waited for our turn even though i was extremely surprised that the hoodlums were yet to come up to the first floor. We were yet to hear any noise from our section of the lodge.
“quickly call the police Jenny. I hope you have the security numbers the caretaker dropped earlier in the year?” i said to Jenny who quickly nodded.
“i have been dialing the numbers for the past ten minutes but nobody is answering” she replied nervously.
“they are definetly messing up the girls downstairs. They are taking their time with them, that’s the reason they are yet to come up. Isn’t this a one storey hostel with just thirty five rooms? And the time is still 1:15am” one of the girls in my room sobbed.
“we have to prevent them from coming up” i finally concluded,
“what?” they all asked curiously.
“they didn’t kill the lights {electricity} we can use it to our advantage” i revealed,
“yea because they are probably wearing masks” Jenny argued.

“first i have to take a look at the corridor. If the protectors are firmly locked as they should be, then we have a chance” i addressed the girls,
“I still don’t get you?” another girl spoke out,
“we have to prevent them from getting to the two protectors guiding our floor by messing up the protectors” i answered.
“with what exactly?” Jenny asked,
“with faeces and urine of course” i answered with a nervous smile.
“We pour them on the iron protectors, the rest will spill on the steps” i explained.
“heyyyyyy!” they all gasped.



“That’s totally insane” Jenny cried,
“insane measures are what we need in order to avoid being humiliated” i defended.
“but we can’t be taking such a decision without the support of others. We are not the only girls living on this floor. Don’t you think we will be putting them more at risk?. What if the plan backfires and the idiots gets their way inside?” jenny questioned fearfully.
“calm down my dear, we are already in danger. We have nothing to lose trying” i answered.

“after messing up the protectors, who will clean them in the morning?” she asked,
“see question. Abeg if you are scared just return to your room” i said with anger, stood up and went to my toilet where i fetched a small bucket.
“we have no time. If you are with me, just come forward and make use of this bucket” i said with a commanding tone. None of the girls made any move.
It was obvious my idea was sickening to them.
“very well. I guess i’m on my own in this. Alright let’s wait and get robbed. I have nothing to lose, after all i’m the least pretty here. I doubt if the guys would fancy me” i said with resignation. They all stared at each other with more fear.
A girl stood up.
“i’m in, let me have the bucket” she said.

Five minutes later, the small bucket was half filled with human waste. The girls looked at me waiting for the next stage of my plan. I opened my door and looked around.
“the corridor is still free and safe. It’s time to make use of the little time we have left” i smiled to them, carried the smelling bucket and headed out of my room. I acted as if i was very brave but unknown to them i was almost dead with fright.
Slowly i cautiously carried the bucket of human waste to the corridor. My heart throbbing wildly and shaking my entire body
I was risking it all, putting my life and body on the line.

Sincerely, it wasn’t easy in any way. I forced myself to be courageous in order to pull it out successfully.
I soon got to the corridor without any harm. I breathed deeply and opened the bucket. It was time to do the unthinkable.

I slowly emptied half of my load on the first iron protector, which quickly spilled to the stairs, polluting the whole place. A very nauseating experience, i must add.
I quickly headed to the second protector and began pouring the rest of the stuff on it. In the process two guys showed up unexpectedly, on their way to our floor.
I had no time to take a proper look at them because they first saw me and screamed furiously, leaving me with no choice than to nervously drop the bucket and run.
I headed to my room totally shaken and scared.

“They saw me. They almost got me” i nervously said to the girls. They all shivered and stared at each other.
“I finally got the police when you left to do your thing. They are on their way, seems like someone else called them before i did. But i guess it’s of no use now, since the idiots saw you and will probably get here before the police arrives” Jenny said sadly.

“the stairs are well littered with the stuff and it’s oozing down there. I don’t think they can get across unless they are very determined” i said to her.
“but they saw your face which could make them very angry and determined my dear. They might see your action as a challenge” she said, sending more fear into me. As i made to say something, male voices instantly hit our ears. We all froze and listened but couldn’t pick out much of what they were saying.

Their voices were coming right through the corridor, which told us that they were definetly close and about clamping down on us.
I rushed to my door and placed my ear on the key hole while the girls in my room ran into the toilet.
“chai you girls are in soup. You dared to keep us away with your smelling s–t abi. With all these diseases una carry dey waka. We dey come” i heard them scream without anyone attempting to break the key used to lock the iron protectors.
I realised this, because i heard no sound of clashing metals.
I smiled to myself. It was obvious my plan was working, even though it made them very angry.
Suddenly shots were fired well inside our lodge for the first time, almost killing me with shock. It instantly dawned on me that they were very determined to deal with us, perhaps for daring to challenge them.
The guns that were fired outside the lodge were now being fired inside.
“God help us” i prayed.

Final Episode*
The sound of police siren coming
from a distance soon caught my
attention. I breathed deeply and
thanked God.
“Is that the police?” Jenny asked,
peeping out from the toilet.
“I guess so” i replied and hastily
headed to the window, smiling in
relief as i saw the hoodlums racing
out of our lodge.
“they are running away” i
informed the girls. They all ran out
of the toilet and joined me at the
“idiots” Jenny cursed. I closed my
eyes and thanked God over and

Seriously i can’t describe how
relieved and happy i was seeing
the police arrive that moment. They
came at such a crucial point, who
knows what could have happened
supposing they came an hour late.
“how do we now clean the mess
you left outside?” Jenny queried. I
stared at her for a while before
“i guess we have to leave it there.
We can’t do anything about it” i
answered, shocking her with my

“Did you hear that?” she said to the
“c’mon you girls owe me a lot for
sticking out my head for your
safety, So let it be our secret. It’s
for our own good, you know the
guys could return any day for
payback huh” i addressed them
convincingly. They all nodded in
agreement and our secret it
remained till we graduated.
Nobody else knew the story
behind the mysterious human
waste littered all over the first floor
of St. Gabriel Girls hostel after the
terrifying robbery. It amused the
police even though they all
admitted that the horrible objects
might have saved the girls living on
the first floor.

I saw myself as a hero. A super girl,
someone who did the
unimaginable to save her friends,
even though i saved only but few
girls. The horrible tales and cries
from the unlucky ones however
overshadowed my happiness.
Till this day, i still dream about that
terrible night.


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