Robin – Batch 1


Luca woke up, getting out of bed he put on
his briefs and glanced down at the woman
lying unclad in his bed. She was a pretty
brunette he picked up at the party he attended
that night, he couldn’t remember her name.
That was nothing new to him, he never
bothered to get to know them, they were just
a means to satisfy his urges. After taking a
shower and changing he went down to enjoy
a hearty breakfast, he had worked up quite an
Grazia, his cousin was already seated at the
table with Filippo, his friend and business
associate of over ten years. They also lived
with him in his castle, he somehow inherited
Grazia when her parents, were killed in a
tragic car accident six years ago.
When his meal was brought to him by one of
the kitchen staff, Charles, he instructed him
to send some food up to the young lady in
his room. He was also told to tell her a car
would be waiting to take her where ever she
needed to go.
“Really Luca, you brought another one of
your wh-res into your home,” Grazia scoffed.
His eyes turned dark, his cold stare sending
shivers down her spine. “You’re right, this is
my home and who I choose to bring into it is
my business. You’ll do well to remember that
cousin dear. I will be gone for the rest of the
day, don’t hold dinner for me.”
“Where are you off to?” Filippo asked,
scooping scrambled eggs into his mouth.
“I’m heading to the country, there’a man, Dan
Potter has some horses for sale. I’m thinking
of getting a couple, might as well make use
of the stable that I paid a small fortune to
have built.”
“I could go with you,” Filippo suggested.
“No, I prefer to go alone, besides, you have
that meeting with Hillbrook winery. Get them
to sell their company to me.” Luca ordered.
“Why do you want it so bad? it’s such a small
company and you have your own, the biggest
one in the world.” Filippo asked.
“I just do. It’s not for you to question me, it’s
your job to do as I say.”
“Luca, you are turning thirty soon, do you not
think it’s time to find a wife? you are a
wealthy and important man in Rome. People
are beginning to talk about you and all the
women you are sleeping with. It’s time for
you to marry, someone with class, refined, a
woman who will be an asset to you and your
Sitting back he looked at his cousin, she was
tall, slender, dark black hair, same as his.
She was also a greedy, conniving witch, living
off him instead of finding a rich husband to
take care of her and her thirst for the finer
things in life. She had it made living here in
his castle with her own suite of rooms,
household help waiting on her hand and
foot. “Just who would you like me to marry?
your friend Eleonora Gallo?” He questioned
“As a matter of fact, yes. Eleonora would
make the perfect wife for you, she has
“She is also a stuck up bitch, no sense of
humor and I’ll bet her legs are so tightly
closed no man could get between them. I
prefer my women warm and willing to spread
her legs and give me great pleasure.”

“s€× is all you think about Luca. Think about
the family business, the one your father build
up from scratch and left it all to you when
he died. He’s probably turning over in his
grave with all your behavior. Not to mention
that you are a descendant of royalty, you
make a mockery of it all.”
“Quiet, you will not speak to me in this
manner.” Tossing his napkin down he stood
and turned to Filippo. “I’ll see you later, good
day to you both.”
Jumping into his new Lamborghini he sped
out the driveway of his castle. He was sick
and tired of everyone telling him he had to
marry and always pushing women on him.
They were all well bred, rich and upper class.
But they bored him, they were cold and had
no s€× appeal, sure most of them were quite
beautiful. But God forbid they should mess
their hair up during s€×, lying there, barely
moving and making no sound.
It was a four-hour drive to where he was
going, a small remote place out in the
country. Driving along the dirt road he saw a
broken down sign that read Potter’s farm.
The place was run down, fence needed
mending. The house was nothing more than a
shack and he saw the horses in the fenced
off area. Pulling to a stop he got out and
walked over to where there were three
horses, he liked what he saw. They were
beautiful animals, they seem to be well taken
care of, he was impressed considering how
the house and the rest of the place looked.
Moments later an older man walked over, he
was in his late fifties and had on dirty
overalls, his hair thinning and had a big
potbelly. Two younger men were with him, he
assumed they were the older man’s sons.
“I’m Luca Mariani, I called about the horses.”
He held out his hand for the man to shake.
“I’m Dan, these here are my boys, Jason and
John. These here are three of the finest
creatures you’ll find around these parts.” He
points to the horses.
Going in,side the gate Luca checked them out,
they were friendly and didn’t run off, that
was a good sign. “Yeah, they look healthy, I
think I’ll take them,” he said, patting them.
Dan grinned, showing his missing teeth, the
ones left were yellow and stained with
tobacco smoke. “Good, good. Come in,side
and have a cold beer and we can discuss the
The sons went off to do chores while he
followed Dan in,side. Something he regretted
when he saw the in,side. It was so run down,
the floors creaked, the furniture was old,
torn and tattered. It consisted of a sofa, two
ripped chairs, and the kitchen was small with
a table and three wooden chairs. A cot laid in
the corner of the living room, as run down as
the place was at least it was clean.
He hesitated when Dan pointed to a chair and
told him to sit, finally sitting he pulled out
his checkbook.
“Robin, get your scrawny ass out here and
fetch me a couple of cold beers,” Dan yelled
as he flopped down across from him.
Luca looked over at the fridge and wondered
why he didn’t just grab them himself.
A moment later the door to what Luca figured
was the bathroom opened and a girl walked
out. Her hair looked dirty as was the rest of
her. She wore a long baggy dress and a
sweater that had h0les in it, he couldn’t tell if
she was a child or a woman. For a moment
her eyes locked with his before she lowered
them to the ground and walked further into
the kitchen.
“Get us two beers girl,” Dan barked at her.
She took out the two bottles and reaching
into the cupboard grabbed two glasses.
Setting them down in front of Dan she
turned to leave, accidentally knocking one of
them over. The beer ran down the table onto
the floor. Standing up he slapped her across
the face and yelled at her.
“You stupid girl, clean up this mess.” He
shoved her to the floor, tossing a rag at her.
“The girl is as useless as tits on a boar,” he
said, looking at Luca.
Luca was shocked to see such violence
towards one so young. “Mr. Potter, it was an
accident, no need to hit the girl.”
“Dan scoffed as he went and took another
beer from the fridge. “The girl has been
nothing but trouble from the day she came to
live here. She’s my brother’s girl and when
he and his wife died the county dumped her
off on me.” He talked about her as if she
wasn’t even there while she washed up the
She went to the sink, rinsing out the cloth.
Taking a swig of his beer Luca opened his
checkbook, looked over at her and then set
his pen back down. “I want to buy those
horses, I’ll pay triple what you’re asking.” His
eyes went to Dan and he saw the greed in the
old man’s eyes.
“Triple, well sure, if you want to I’m sure as
hell ain’t going to say no.”
“There’s one catch though,” Luca said, looking
back over at the girl, who he now could see
was a young woman.
“What would that be?” Dan asked.
“I want the girl,” he saw the way she turned
sharply to look at him, fear showing in her
“What would you be wanting with the likes of
“Well now, that would be my business. Do we
have a deal, Mr. Potter?”
Dan wiped the drool from his mouth, looked
from her back to Luca. “Oh, I see, it’s a s€×
thing. I think you’ll be pleased to know she’s
a V-rgin, fresh, untouched. Ok, Mr. Mariani, I’ll
throw Robin into the deal.” Holding out his
hand to Luca, waiting for a handshake which
he never received. He greedily took the
cheque from Luca and going over to Robin
told her to go with the man who just paid him
a lot of money.
When she shook her head and tried to run
out he grabbed her, raising his hand to strike
her but Luca grabbed his wrist, stopping him.
“You will not strike this girl again, is that
clear?” He looked at her. “Get your things,
you’re coming with me now.”
Dan laughed. “All that is hers she is
This took Luca by surprise, how could anyone
not own another set of clothes. He took her
arm and when she tried to pull away he
tightens his grip. “I’ll send someone in a few
days to pick up the horses. He then led her
out to his car, opened the door and ordered
her to get in. She still had not spoken a
word, and if it weren’t for her uncle he
wouldn’t even know her name.
Going around to the driver’s side he gets in
and fastens his seatbelt, ordering her to do
the same and takes off down the long dirt


“You don’t talk much, do you?” Luca said,
glancing over at her, she was looking out the
window, not answering him. “You want
something to drink?” Still no answer he let
out a sigh. “Well I do, I’ll stop up ahead and
grab us something.”
Pulling up to a small store he turned off the
car and turned to look at her. “You wait here
and don’t you dare try to take off. On second
thought I’ll lock the door, that way I’ll know
you’ll still be here when I get back.” Stepping
out he locked his vehicle, knowing very well
that she would never be able to figure out
how to unlock it.
He returned moments later with two bottles
of water, handing her one. When she wouldn’t
take it from him he placed it beside her. “It’s
right here if you want it.”
Robin looked down, it looked so tempting and
her throat was dry. So picking it up she
opened it and finish it all in a few gulps.
Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand
she looked over at him. He was unlike any
man she had ever seen, he had to be around
thirty years old. His hair was pitch black, his
skin a dark olive shade. He had a strong jaw
and broad shoulders, muscular and extremely
handsome. But he had an aura about him, an
arrogance mixed with danger combined with
a heart-stopping magnetism. She was deathly
afraid of him, afraid of what he was going to
do to her. Was her uncle right, was this man
going to use her body for s€×? She would
die before she let him touch her.
“I bet you’re wondering why I wanted you.
Still not talking, ok I’ll tell you. I need to find
a wife and you’re it.” He saw her mouth drop
open and her eyes as wide as saucers. “No
need to look so scared, it’s only for
appearance sake. I only need a wife in name
only, I won’t be bedding you, I don’t do
V-rgins. I’m really getting tired of this silent
treatment, you better start talking before I
lose my temper.”
After three hours of driving, he lost his cool,
pulling over to the side of the road put the
car in park and grabbed her arm. “Talk, say
something, anything.” Maybe he had too tight
a grip on her arm, or he scared the heck out
of her and a pang of guilt hit him when she
started crying.
“I-I won’t marry you.”
Her soft cries touched his heart, she sounded
so scared, so young and he thought maybe
this was a mistake. “How old are you?”
“Twenty,” she sniffed.
“Thank God, for a moment I thought you
might be underage, but twenty makes you a
woman. Old enough to marry, you will marry
me or I’ll take you back to your uncle. Is that
what you want?”
Shaking her head she yanked her arm from
his grip and sitting back turned her head to
look out the window. She didn’t want to go
back. It was only a matter of time before her
uncle got drunk and with his violent temper
he would surely one of these days do serious
damage to her, or worse would end up killing
her. So perhaps being the wife of this
wealthy man would be better than the life she
was living now, and he did say it was in name
only. But what if he also were to abuse her,
was she to cook and clean for him, be not
only his wife but his slave. She wondered
what she had done to make God want to
punish her like this.
“When we get back to my place you’ll have to
clean up, shower and I’ll see if I can find
something for you to wear. Tomorrow we’ll
go shopping and get you a wh0le new
wardrobe. With luck, Grazia won’t be home.
If she sees you looking this way she’ll have a
coronary, but that might not be such a bad
thing,” saying as he chuckled at his own joke.
Robin wondered who this Grazia was. If she
were his mistress then why wouldn’t he just
marry her? She wanted to ask him but was
afraid, she’d learn in the past not to question
anything a man said or did, it only earned her
a beating.
The rest of the drive was done in silence and
when he pulled up the long driveway she
stared in awe. “Your home is a castle?” she
said as she stared at it. Never had she seen
anything like it in her life. A fountain stood
in the middle of the enormous front lawn,
statues of rom-n Gods stood on either side
of the double doors leading in,side.
Getting out of the car she followed Luca up
the steps and they were greeted by a man
wearing some kind of uniform.
“Welcome home Sir, shall I prepare your
drink for you in the library?”
“No, not now Seth. Show this lady up to the
suite next to my room and have Martha
prepare her a bath and see if any of the help
has a dress she can have.” Without saying
another word to either one of them walked
“This way Miss,” he said and walked ahead of
Robin. She followed meekly behind him,
looking at the pictures that lined the wall all
the way up the staircase. Pictures of whom
she guessed were Luca’s family. She was
shown into a room, a very large room, two
times the sizes of her uncle’s home. “Wait
here, someone will be here shortly to tend to
you.” Seth walked out, shutting the door
behind him.
Being left alone she explored the room she
assumed would be hers. There was a sofa
and chair off to the side. A small table with
two chairs, another smaller table with a
matching chair and a large mirror hung on
the wall, she had no idea what this piece of
furniture was for. She then went over to the
bed, it was huge, sitting down she bounced
up and down, never had she felt anything this
Getting up she opened a double door, it was
a closet, the kind you could walk into. Going
over to another door she opened it to find the
most spectacular bathroom ever. The tub was
enormous and the shower was encased in
glass. Everything was shiny and clean, the
towels neatly folded and hung over the
railing. Everything sparkled, and there were
no rust stains in,side the toilet bowl. There
was another door she hadn’t checked out yet,
it was made of glass and was covered with a
sheer covering, pushing it aside walked out
onto a balcony.
The view was amazing with its trees and
hills. A sense of fear coursed through her
body, she did not belong in a place like this,
and not with a man like Luca. Would he beat
her, force himself on her and would he not
expect s€× once they were married. Hearing
a knock at the door went back into the
bedroom and a young woman walked in,
wearing a maid’s uniform carrying some
clothes in her hands.
“I could only find this dress and a pair of
new p-nties and a nightgown and robe. Now,
let’s run you a bath.” She looked at the state
of Robin’s appearance and hair, shaking her
head. “I think a shower is more in order,
follow me.” She walks to the bathroom where
she turned on the water, letting it get to the
right temperature.
Luca went to check on how things were going
with Robin and when he reached her room he
heard a blood curdling scre-m. Not bothering
to knock he rushed into a fight scene
between Robin and the maid. “What the hell is
going on in here,” he barked loudly.
“She bit me, Sir.” The maid held up her arm,
showing teeth marks.
Clutching the top of her raggy dress in her
hands Robin snapped back. “She was
attacking me.”
“No, no I wasn’t, I was only getting her ready
to take a shower.” The maid cried out.
“Go,” Luca ordered. “I’ll take care of this.”
When she was gone he turned to Robin and
she felt she had to defend herself. “I don’t
need anyone to undress me, I’m not a child.”
Walking up to her he stood so close she
backed up as fear made her tremble.
“You will not hit or bite the hired help, and
you will apologize to her. Now go, take your
shower and after you are dressed we’ll go
down for dinner.”
He heard the door locking when she entered
the bathroom and sat down on the sofa,
rubbing his face, thinking. This girl was wild,
untamed, she was going to need a lot of
work in order to make her a prim and proper
wife. Since he had decided to make her his
wife she would have to fit in and behave like
a lady, and not like a wild animal. After all,
people would be watching them, he had his
reputation to think of. It was acceptable to be
a playboy, but any wife of his must have
class and be a respectable member of
He waited till she was done showering and
she walked out, wearing only a towel around
her slender form. A smile crossed his face
when he saw her, this was no girl he thought.
Who would have thought that under those
dirty baggy clothes she wore was a woman
with an amazing body? her legs long and
slender, shapely. Not to mention the br-asts
that were barely covered by the towel. The
sound of her angry voice and the way she
crossed her arms over her chest in an
attempt to hide them brought him out of the
trance he was in.
“Christ, what the hell are you doing in here,
get out,” she scre-med at him.
Going over to her took her chin in his hand,
no one talks to him this way. “Never raise
your voice to me again. Now get dressed, I’ll
wait for you and then we’ll go down and have
dinner with the rest of them.” His hand
lingered for a moment and he looked down at
her l-ips, they looked so pink and soft, a
stirring of desire flared within him, his eyes
moved slowly down to the top of her br-asts.
Letting go of her she grabbed the clothes
from the bed and stormed into the bathroom,
he chuckled when she slammed the door
behind her, once again locking it.

He checked her appearance when she
returned, the dress did nothing for her. It
was a little big on her, but at least it was
clean. The shoes she wore were a pair of old
sneakers, he would have to make sure to buy
her some proper footwear. All in all, she
looked pretty, new clothes and a touch of
make-up would really bring out her beauty.
Robin stood there feeling like she was a
piece of meat as he checked her out. The
way he looked at her, his l-ips turning up in a
smile and eyes sparkled, she felt her cheeks
turning red, no man ever looked at her this
way. Having no experience with the opposite
s€× was unsure of what he was thinking, yet
it sent a warm tingling s-nsation coursing
throughout her entire body. Her emotions
were mixed, she feared this stranger and yet
was excited by him. He looked amazing in his
expensive tailored black p-nts and white
shirt. She knew women must throw
themselves at him, he could have any woman
he wanted, so why did he choose her as his
“Ready to go? you must be hungry by now,”
he said, going to the door opened it and
waited for her to walk through it. When she
walked behind him he stopped. “Walk beside
me, not behind me,” he said, a hint of
annoyance in his voice.
As soon as they walked into the massive
dining room and when two sets of eyes fell
upon her she became as nervous as a cat on
a hot tin roof. The woman seated had jet
black hair, same as Luca, she was tall and
thin and her eyes held no warmth in them.
Robin could see the disgust on her face when
she checked her over. The man, around
Luca’s age, was short, with blond hair and
though he was attractive he didn’t come close
to Luca. Yet his eyes held the warmth that the
woman lacked, he smiled and stood.
“Now who do we have here Luca?” he asked,
taking her hand and k-ssed the back of it
which she quickly pulled away.
Luca turned to them. “This is Robin Potter.”
He turns to her. “Robin, this here is Filippo
Russo, friend, and business associate. And
my cousin Grazia Rossi,” he pulled out a seat
and motioned for her to sit.
“Why Luca, you don’t usually bring your
wh-res to dine with us,” Grazia said, her nose
turned up as she glared at Robin.
“I’m not a wh-re you bitch,” Robin hissed but
quickly closed her mouth when Luca gave her
a dirty look.
“Grazia you will watch your mouth around
Robin, and I assure you she is no wh-re. “
His angry tone made it clear he would not
tolerate any more of her rude remarks.
“Her face reddened when she looked at him.
“Then who is she? why is she here and
dressed like that?”
Luca grinned. “Robin is going to be living
here, we are getting married.” He wished at
that moment he had a camera, the way
Grazia’s jaw dropped open and the look of
horror on her face he found priceless.
She rose angerly from her seat and gripped
the edge of the table. “Is this some kind of
sick joke?”
“I assure you, dear cousin, it is no joke. Was
it not you that said I should find a wife? well,
that’s what I did so you should be happy.”
“My God Luca, have you lost your mind? yes, I
said you should marry, but to someone in the
same class as yourself. Not to the likes of
this girl, she obviously comes from trash,
and look at the state of her, those clothes,
her hair. Not to mention her age, she’s way
too young for you.”
Robin sat wringing her hands together under
the table. She felt so uncomfortable as they
discussed her as if she wasn’t right there
with them. All she could do was sit quietly
while they argued.
“Grazia, who I marry is my business, as far
as Robin’s age goes ten years is not a big
deal. I will be taking her shopping for
clothes and whatever else she requires.”
The conversation was put on hold when the
help brought the food in, setting it in front of
them. Robin’s eyes went to the plates of food
and her mouth began to water, the smell
alone was making her stomach growl. She
had never seen so much delicious food in
her wh0le life. Not haven eaten in over a day
she couldn’t resist the aroma of the roast and
using her fingers picked up a slice and
shoved it into her mouth. Hearing Grazia
gasped she looked up to find everyone
watching her.
“Just look at her Luca, eating with her hands
like a wild animal. This is the one you wish to
marry and let your business associates meet.
You will be a laughing stock in Rome, no one
will want to buy your wine or do business
with you.”
Luca tapped his fingers on the table, his eyes
glued to Robin as he thought of what to do
with her.
“Now, now Grazia, Luca can always hire
someone to give Robin etiquette lessons,”
Filippo said, with a friendly smile.
Luca nodded. “Yes, that’s an excellent idea,
Filippo. Now, let us eat before our food get’s
cold.” Looking at Robin he picks up his knife
and fork, raising an eyebrow, indicating for
her to do the same.
Robin followed his lead, watching and
imitating him. She was never allowed to use
utensil’s at her uncle’s home, she was made
to eat with her hands, like an animal on the
floor in the kitchen. The wine was poured
into her glass and she shook her head.
“You don’t want any wine?” Luca asked her.
“No, just water,” she replied, her eyes
lowered. Though she used the utensil’s she
still wolfed down her food. Reaching for
another dinner roll and when she saw the
disgusted look on Grazia’s face she pulled
her hand away. Luca, having noticed he
picked up the plate and motioned for her to
take one.
Filippo broke the tension by asking Robin
some simple questions. “So where are you
When she answered Grazia snickered. “I
should have known, that place is so poor,
only the lowest of the low lives there. No
wonder the girl has no manners, she doesn’t
belong here.”
Luca banged his fist on the table, startling
Robin and she cringed when he jumped from
his seat and going over grabbed his cousin
by the arm, yanking her out of her chair. “I’ve
had enough of your condescending attitude,
go to your room, I’ll have someone bring
your dinner to you.”
Grazia glared at Robin with pure hate in her
eyes. “That is fine with me, I will not eat
around poor white trash.” Turning she fled
out the room.
“I apologize for my cousin’s behavior,” Luca
said, looking at her as he sat down and
continued eating.
“I will speak to Grazia,” Filippo said, I will try
and reason with her.
“You best let her know if she does not
change her ways she will be removed from
my home. I will not tolerate any more
rudeness towards Robin.” Luca turned to
Robin. “Come to me if anyone disrespects
you and I will take care of them.”
Lowering her head she couldn’t bring herself
to look at him. Never would she want to
cause problems for anyone, especially
between family. It was obvious Grazia hated
her and she knew the woman would always
treat her like trash.
Once they were done eating Robin stood up
and started to clear the plates away but Luca
stopped her, looking a little disturbed. “No, I
have people to do this, you will not cook, or
clean. Do I make myself clear?”
“Yes,” she answered, nodding.
She followed the men into the main family
room where they poured themselves a scotch
and offered her something. She declined and
just sat there quietly, listening as they talked
business. Her eyes were growing heavy and
were desperate to go to sleep, but afraid to
say anything in case Luca became angry.
Filippo was the one to notice how her eyes
kept closing. “Ah Luca, we are boring this
young lady and she looks about to fall
asleep. Shall I esc-rt her to her room?”
Swallowing the last of his drink Luca rose to
his feet. “No need, I shall walk her up as I’m
about to turn in myself, goodnight Filippo.”
Taking her arm they walked out. He kept hold
of her till they reached her bedroom.
“Again I’m sorry for the way Grazia is treating
“It’s ok, I understand where she’s coming
from. She’s right about me, I have no class
and I’m nothing but poor trash.” She lowered
her eyes as a pool of tears clouded her
vision. “You need to find someone else.”
Using his index finger her lifted her chin up
and saw her tears, his heart softens at that
moment. “I never want to hear you talking
that way ever again. You’re as classy as the
next person, we just have to bring it out in
you. Also, I don’t want anyone else for my
wife, I want you and now isn’t it better than
living with your uncle? I get the feeling you’ve
been horribly abused by him.”
“You told me you don’t expect s€× from me,”
she said, moving her chin from his finger.
“That’s right, I don’t,” he replied.
“If that’s true then why do we have to marry?
what is the point?”
“I already told you, Robin. I’m being
pressured to marry for appearance’s sake.
Think of it as we are helping each other, I
saved you from a life of doom and you are
giving the way out of being forced into
marrying someone who would expect more
from me than my name.”
“So, will you be having affairs?”
Luca ran his finger along her cheekbone.
“Would that bother you?”
“It’s of no concern of mine what you do,” she
answered. But for some reason, she felt a
little sad at the thought of Luca in bed with
another woman. Though he had made it clear
he didn’t want her, mainly because she was a
V-rgin. Also, she was sure he didn’t find her
attractive, and she couldn’t blame him, she
was poor and not his type.
“Then why do you look so sad?”
“I’m just tired,” she said, not wanting to tell
him the real reason.
“Then I shall let you go to bed. Tomorrow
we’ll go shopping, get your hair and nails
done. We’ll stop and have lunch in the city,
goodnight sweet Robin.” Leaning down
brushed his l-ips softly against her l-ips, a k-ss
so soft it could hærdly be called a k-ss.
Shutting the door behind her she traced her
fingers along her l-ips where he had touched
her with his. Getting undressed got into bed,
she dreamed of Luca that night, dreamed that
he was next to her as his hands wandered
over her and his l-ips k-ssing her. She woke
up with a start, the dream felt so real. Laying
back down she tried to get him off her mind,
but the h-rder she tried to the more restless
she became. Feelings she never felt before
flooded her body and an ache between her
legs started to throb, a pool of dampness
soaked her p-nties. This new s-nsation
frightens her, not knowing for sure what it
all meant.


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