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Robin – Batch 2

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Robin smiled and stretched when she woke in
what felt like a cloud. It was the best nights
sleep she ever had. Except for the dream she
had about Luca, she slept like a baby. Getting
out of bed she took a long hot shower,
making use of the creams and lotions that
were provided for her.
Not sure what was expected of her she went
downstairs to one of the only two rooms she
knew, the dining room. Luca was there alone,
reading a paper and drinking coffee. He
looked so s£xy in his blue shirt and black
dress pants, she could smell his cologne
from the doorway. He smelled amazing, all
the men she’d known smelled of sweat and
body odor. Her head jerked to where he sat
when she heard him call her name, breaking
her thoughts.
“Good, you’re here. I’ve been waiting for you,
I was about to send someone up to get you.”
He was pleased to see she was wearing
another one of the staff’s dresses, he would
have to remember to pay them extra for their
“I’m sorry,” she answered, thinking she was in
trouble and would be punished, instead he
smiled and signaled for her to take a seat.
“There is no need to apologize, but we
usually eat around eight.” When he noticed
her looking around he guessed as to what
she might be thinking. “We’ll be eating
breakfast alone, Filippo had business in town
to take care of and Grazia has decided to
have breakfast in bed.”
“It’s because of me, isn’t it?” she asked.
He smiled and her heart did a flip. “We’ll eat
and then I’ll take you into town,” he said, not
answering her question.
They ate and he put on his tie and jacket.
“Shall we go?” He led her to his car where he
insisted she wait for him to open the door
for her. “First we will stop at Langon’s and
get you some new clothes.” He looked down
at her flats she was wearing. “You’ll also
need some heels and accessories.”
“Accessories,” she asked, not knowing what
that was.
“Yes, shoes, purses, earrings and necklaces.”
He chuckled to himself, she was so young
and naive.
They pulled up to a posh women’s clothing
store. It was bright and the salespeople were
all middle-aged but classy looking. Luca
talked to one and they were led into a private
dressing room, he sat down on the leather
sofa. “Follow her into the change room, let
me see everything you try on.” When she
hesitated he smiled. “It’s ok, I’ll be right
Moments later he heard a scream and
dashing into the oversized fitting room saw
the sales clerk on her rear. “What is the
meaning of this?” he barked, his eyes going
to Robin who had her arms crossed over her
chest as he helped the elderly woman up.
“She pushed me, Sir.”
“She was trying to undress me,” Robin cried
“Give me a moment with her,” he said and
waited until she was out of the room. “Robin,
you’ve got to stop being this way. It’s her job
to help you with the clothing, she was in no
way trying to harm you. Ok?”
“Ok,” she nods.
Robin modeled so many outfits it was making
her head spin, and then he had her try on
heels. This proved to be difficult for her,
she had trouble walking in them and
complained that they hurt her feet.
“You’ll get used to wearing them and before
you know it you’ll want them on all the time.”
He said and then instructed the woman to
have the clothes and shoes delivered to his
home, along with the jewelry he picked out.
Robin was shocked when she saw the price
of the items, one dress alone was over two
thousand dollars.
“Now on to the beauty salon,” he said, taking
her arms led her down the street. The salon
was filled with women, Luca being the only
male, except for the stylist.
“Give her a trim and some highlights,” Luca
told the young man who would be working on
her. He sat reading a paper while she was
being taken care of. Hearing a commotion
looked up and saw Robin, her back against
the wall, she looked terrified.
“What’s going on,” he demanded, going over
grabbed her shoulders.
“I don’t want my hair cut off, I like it long,”
she sniffed.
Stroking her cheek he gave her a warm
smile. “I promise he won’t cut it off, he just
want’s to trim the ends, that’s all.”
“You promise?” she sniffed again.
“Yes, now go sit down,” he ordered her,
seemed like he was doing that a lot.
A couple of hours later she was done and
Luca stood behind her, looking in the mirror.
“You look amazing.”
She studied herself in the mirror, she had to
admit she liked what she saw. She felt the
warmth of his hands on her shoulders and a
bolt of electricity shot through her, making
her shiver. He was looking at her in a
strange way and if she were more
experienced with men she would have known
it was a look of desire in his eyes.
“One more stop to make and then we’ll go
have a bite to eat,” he said as his eyes looked
into hers and he had a strong urge to kiss
her, but instead led her out of the salon.
He took her to a top-notch jewelry store,
where he asked to see the diamond
engagement rings. The clerk showed him the
most expensive ones since he knew who
Luca was. He held one up to Robin. “I like
this one.”
She shook her head, she didn’t want a ring
but when she tried to tell him he wouldn’t
listen. “It’s too big,” she said, looking at
another one in a different cabinet. “I like this
one,” she points to a solitaire with a couple
of diamond chips running along the sides. It
was less than half the price of the one Luca
picked out.
“You sure you want this one?”
“Yes,” saying and nods her head.
“Ok, we’ll take it,” and he slipped it on her
finger. After paying for the ring he took her
to a fancy restaurant.
While they waited for the food to arrive he
took her hand and looked at the diamond.
“You could have had the bigger one you
“I didn’t want one at all since it’s not going to
be a real marriage.”
“Oh, but it is a real marriage. I only plan on
marrying once, this is for life.” He saw the
pain that flashed in her eyes. Knowing that
she knew she would be living in a loveless
marriage and one that meant no s£x, she
would forever remain a virgin. Though he
planned on having a s£x life, she being his
wife would be expected to remain faithful,
that’s just the way it had to be.
“You ok?” Luca asked, watching her as she
studied the menu.
“I’m fine, will you order for me? I’m not sure
what any of this is.” She set the menu down
on the table.
After giving the waiter their order he started
asking her questions. “Who are you?”
She looked at him confused. “What?”
“What I mean is you have blond hair and fair
skin, even your name isn’t Italian. What is
your family history?”
My family’s from America. My uncle moved
here when he was very young and when my
parents died I was sent to live with him. If
you don’t mind I’d rather not talk about it.”
She didn’t want to relive the abuse she has
suffered at the hands of her uncle and
“He hurt you didn’t he? what did he do to
you?” Luca was determined to find out the
extent of the abuse. “Was there any s£xual
Her eyes open wide, tears filled her eyes.
“No, never that. Stop, please stop, don’t make
me talk about it.” Her eyes pleaded with him
to let it go, which he decided to, for now.
“Ok, let’s eat. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this meal.
By the way, you look really beautiful, not that
you didn’t before. Do you like your new
“Yes, but why did you buy so much?”
“You needed them. When you become my
wife you’ll need to look your best, we’ll be
going to parties, travel and I would love to
take you to the ballet and the opera. All eyes
will be on you, so what you wear and the way
you behave in public will reflect on me.”
“I’ll be your trophy wife,” she sneered.
“Yes, exactly,” he said with a smile on his
face. “We’ll have to get you a wedding dress
soon. But first I need to arrange some
etiquette lessons for you. Can you dance?”
“No, is that important?”
“Very much so. No problem, I’ll arrange for
you to have some private lessons.” Taking a
drink of his wine he watched as she started
squirming as if she had something on her
mind. “What’s on your mind? Go ahead, I’m
not your uncle, I won’t hit you.”
It’s all this money you’re throwing around,
such a waste,” she said, her displeasure
showed on her face.
“I do not throw my money around foolishly, I
spend it on things that are important. Like
your clothes I paid a small fortune for, you
needed them and as far as the lessons go
those you also need. You are an untamed
woman who lacks class and refinement. Yet
you act ungrateful, most women would be
pleased to have this opportunity to live a life
of luxury. I did rescue you from a life of
abuse after all.”
She sensed his anger. “I know, and I am
grateful, but you are also asking me to live a
life without a man’s touch while you will
more than likely have affairs.” She could
have bit her tongue when she spouted those
words out, what must he think now?
“So you want to be in my bed?”
“I didn’t say that.” Her heart was racing, the
way he was looking at her made her nervous.
“I told you I don’t do virgins. I do see where
you’re coming from, so later I may allow you
to have small affairs, as long as you are
discreet about them.”
She shook her head and rubbed her temple,
this man just didn’t get her. He had no idea
what kind of person she was, one who would
never break her wedding vows. No, once
married she would remain faithful though
she knew he wouldn’t. “Can we leave now, I
have a splitting headache and need to lay
Luca felt a pang of guilt, something told him
she was not the affair kind of woman. She
was young after all and did deserve to feel
the joy of s£x, perhaps he should re-think
their sleeping arrangments. He could teach
her the art of making love, could take her to
a height of s£xual fulfillment. But did he
want to risk having her fall in love with him?
or was it that he was worried he might fall
for her?
After paying the bill he escorted her to his
car and they drove home in silence.

Luca insisted on showing Robin to her room.
There he told her to lay down while he went
to the medicine cabinet in the bathroom,
coming out with some pills for her headache.
“Take these, they will make you feel better.”
He then went and checked the closets, making
sure the help had put away all the clothes
that had been delivered before they arrived
Sitting on the edge of the bed he leaned
down and kissed her forehead. “Rest now, I’ll
see you at dinner. Wear the red dress and
matching heels, I like that color on you.”
Getting up he walked out, leaving her alone.
Later she wore what he had asked her to,
adding a gold necklace. Standing before the
mirror and turning from side to side she
smiled. She had to admit she looked good,
the dress fit her to the tee, she hadn’t
realized she had curves. Her hair was shiny
and felt so soft, it had always felt coarse and
looked dull. She added a touch of lipstick
and eye make-up, just the way the woman at
the shop showed her. Putting on the shoes
that matched her dress she headed
downstairs only to remove them half way
Shoes in hand behind her back she quietly
walked into the dining room where the others
were waiting. All heads turned to her, a smile
on Filippo’s face showed his admiration for
her new look, he obviously approved. Now
Grazia was a different story, the look on her
face showed she hadn’t changed her mind
about Robin. In fact, she seems to hate her
even more than before and when noticing she
was barefoot scoffed.
“We wear shoes, my dear, after all, we
weren’t born in a barn.”
Luca glared at Grazia, warning her to keep
“I’m sorry, I had to remove them walking
down the stairs,” she said, setting them down
slips them on.
The men stood and waited for her to be
“I thought after dinner I’d show you around
your new home,” Luca said, pouring her some
water instead of the wine that the others were
“Make sure to show Robin outside as well. I
bet she would love a hike through the woods,
that way you could show her where not to
wander off to. We wouldn’t want her to get
lost and eaten by a wild boar, now would
we?” Grazia said and an evil grin appeared on
her face.
“I’ll be sure to do that, thanks for your
concern,” Luca answered, sarcastically.
Later Luca took her through half the castle,
telling her he would show her the rest
tomorrow since the place was too big to go
through all at once. The castle had
everything, an indoor pool, games room and
a massive gym where Luca worked out daily.
The library was her favorite room, it had a
fireplace and a comfy sofa and the walls
were lined with all different types of books.
She would ask to borrow some to read,
though she knew he wouldn’t mind.
They then went outside but only as far as the
garden since it was dark.
“These flowers are beautiful, would it be ok
if I picked a few? for my room,” she asked,
and for the first time since being here, she
Her smile took his breath away, it lit up her
whole face, making her look even more
beautiful than she already was. “Yes, anytime
you want.” He stood back and watched as she
picked some pink and yellow roses, being
careful not to prick herself on the thorns.
Back inside he handed them to one of the
maids and told her to put them in water and
take to Robin’s room.
“Tomorrow I’ll show you around outside and
please, feel free to explore. First I want to
show you my special place. It’s where I go
when I want to be alone, no one is allowed to
go there, not even you, my bride to be.
“It’s beautiful Luca, the view from here is
amazing,” saying as she goes to the window
and looks out. Though it was dark the full
moon lit the area, making it possible to see.
“I agree, I come here to get away, to think, it’s
my private spot. I hope you’ll respect my
wishes and stay out.”
“If that’s what you want. A shame though,
this would be a great spot to have breakfast.”
“It is late, let me walk you to your room.” He
held out his arm for her to take, inside she
removed her shoes.
Seeing the disapproval cross his face she
explained. “I’m still getting used to them,
going up and down stairs are tricky, I almost
fell down them coming to dinner.”
Luca nods. “I understand.”
At her bedroom door, he leaned in, kissed
her cheek and bid her goodnight.
Rising early Robin went down to the family
room but stopped when she heard Grazia
talking to someone, couldn’t hear the other
person so figured Grazia was on the phone.
She sounded angry. She was about to walk
away until she heard her name.
“Get your ass down here right away before
it’s too late. I don’t know what he was
thinking, her name is Robin. She won’t be
much of a problem, she’s nothing but poor
white trash. Ok good, I’ll see you next week,
Robin quietly walked away, not wanting to be
caught eavesdropping. It kind of had her
worried, what did Grazia mean by her not
being a problem? she would ask her but
knowing how much she hated her she
doubted that Grazia would tell her anything.
Later Luca, true to his word showed her the
rest of the castle and the grounds outside,
including the stable. “My horses will be here
tomorrow, do you ride,” he asked her.
“Yes, but only bareback.” Seeing the way he
looked at her, she explained. “My uncle didn’t
have any saddles, he said there was no need
for them.”
This seemed to anger him. “You telling me
those horses have never been saddled?”
“That’s right,” she answered, backing away.
“Shit, now it will be up to me to get them use
to one. I was hoping to start riding them right
away, that miserable old con man.” He turned
to her when she giggled. “What?”
“I thought there was nothing you couldn’t do.
If you want I’ll teach you how to ride
bareback unless you’re too afraid.”
As he went to reach for her she giggled
again and turned to run but he caught her,
pulling her into his arms. “I’m not afraid of
anything.” He brought his mouth down on
She was shocked when he kissed her. It
wasn’t a peck like the ones he had given her
before, this one was rough, demanding as he
forced his tongue into her mouth and she
felt a warm sensation heat up her insides.
Wanting to push him away she placed her
hands on his chest, feeling how hard his
muscles were. Not knowing how or why but a
m0an escaped her mouth as he continued his
attack on her lips. Feeling something hard
pressing against her she pulled away, her
breathing heavy as her chest rose and fell
rapidly. What she was feeling was new to her
and she backed away, staring at him.
“I’m sorry, I should not have done that, do not
be afraid.” He moved closer, his hand going
up he stroked her cheek with the back of his
hand. “But I must be honest, I liked it, the
kiss. I also think you enjoyed it as well.”
When she didn’t answer he smiled, knowing
damn well she did. “Lunch will be ready, we
should get back.”
When they were done eating he told Robin he
had to go out to a business meeting, leaving
her alone with Grazia. She tried being
pleasant and only got insults from the
“If you think those clothes and hair will make
any differences you’re sadly mistaken. You’ll
always be nothing but poor trash and you
don’t belong here. Do yourself a favor and
tell Luca you won’t marry him.”
“I tried that, he won’t listen.”
“Try harder then.” Grazia jumped to her feet,
shrieking at her. “I’m warning you, if you go
through with marrying Luca I’ll see to it that
you are destroyed.”
“Why do you hate me so much? and what is it
to you who Luca marry’s?”
Before Grazia could answer the butler walked
in and announced to Robin that her tutor,
Miss Cartwright had arrived. She was the one
Luca had hired to give her the etiquette
Walking past Miss Cartwright Grazia scoffed.
“Good luck with this one, you’ll need it.”
For three hours the tiny woman, no more
than four feet and eleven inches tall taught
Robin proper table manners, how to behave
like a lady around people. She still couldn’t
understand why so many forks and spoons
were needed, or so many glasses, it was
such a waste she thought. When the woman
left Robin went up to change for dinner, she
found she had missed Luca and was anxious
to see him.
After that kiss, he was all she could think
about. The way his mouth felt, so warm, the
way his tongue traveled along the roof of her
mouth, tickling her tongue. She wanted more
of his lips and was disappointed when he
stopped. Hurrying down the steps in her
heels she slipped and tumbled down the few
remaining stairs, letting out a scream.
Staff came running and one went to get Luca
who was there by her side in a flash.
“My God Robin, are you ok?” His eyes held
compassion as he felt her arms and legs,
making sure nothing was broken. Neither one
noticed the spot of grease on the one step.
Rubbing her arm, she looked into his eyes,
her own stinging with tears. “I-I think so, I
don’t know what happened.” She felt his
arms going under her when he picked her
“I’ll take you back to your room and I’ll have
a doctor come check you out.”
“That’s not necessary, put me down Luca,”
she cried out in embarrassment.
“Do not argue with me,” he said as he
continued up the stairs, somehow not seeing
the grease and was able to avoid it.
Meanwhile, someone, using rags wiped up the
spill and scurried out before anyone noticed
Luca laid her gently down on the bed, sitting
next to her. He moved her hair from her
face, his fingers lingered. Seeing her laying
on the ground he felt a weird sensation in his
heart, a first for him. “It must have been
your shoes, you are not used to wearing
them yet. Until you are no more wearing them
when you are using the stairs.
“I’m sorry Luca, I’ll never be the lady you
want me to be. I’m clumsy and have no social
skills, I have tried but-” She stopped talking
when he placed a finger over her lips.
“Shh, do not put yourself down, you’re doing
good. Besides, I kind of like the way you are,
spunky and a little wild. It’s kind of hot.”
She smiled when he did, she loved it when he
wasn’t angry, he looked so different when he
smiled, flashing those white teeth of his. “If I
am to be your wife Luca I will try harder to
be the kind you want.”
“Don’t change too much.” He went to kiss her
but was interrupted when there was a knock
at the door.
“The doctor is on his way sir.” The young
maid said and then left the room.

Going over to the dresser Luca took out a
nightgown and handed it to her. “You best put
this on before the doctor gets here, he’ll want
to check you.”
Taking it from him she sat up, raising her
eyebrows. “Are you planning on watching
“Would you like me to?”
“Luca, please.”
With a sly smile, he turned his back, giving
her time to shed her clothes and slip into the
gown, turning back around just as the doctor
After examining her the doctor, a man in his
late sixties patted her arm. “Except for the
bruises you’re going to be ok, just get plenty
of rest.”
Arms crossed Luca stared at him. “So
nothing is broken?”
“No, she’s a very lucky lady, probably will be
sore for a few days.” Saying goodbye he left
Robin and Luca alone.
“Seeing you lying on the ground like that
scared the hell out of me.” He rubbed her
arm, moving his hand up and down. “I don’t
think I could bear it if anything were to
happen to you.” Cupping her chin in his hand
kissed her, a sweet, tender kiss. “I’ll have
your dinner sent up.”
“Will you join me?” She asked, biting her
bottom lip.
“Is that what you want?”
“Yes, Luca.”
“Very well. I will instruct the kitchen to do so
and I’ll be right back.” He left, returning
twenty minutes later followed by the butler
carrying a tray. Helping her into a robe led
her over to the small table where the food
had been placed.
“This is nice, just the two of us, kind of
cozy,” Luca commented as they ate. He looks
at the bruises that were starting to appear.
“Do they hurt you? the bruises.”
Looking at her arms she shrugged. “No, I’m
used to it.”
His head snapped towards her. “You’re used
to it, how often did your uncle beat you?” He
felt the anger in him rising to the surface.
Sighing she set her fork down and stood up.
“I’m tired, I think I’ll go back to bed.”
Removing her robe she climbed into the big
bed, pulling the covers over her, her body
Luca sat next to her, taking her hand. “How
often did that bastard hit you?”
She really didn’t want to talk about it but she
also knew he wouldn’t stop until she told
him. “A lot, but mostly when he was drunk.”
Her eyelashes were w€t from her tears, she
tried never to think about those times but
Luca brought it all back.
His heart was torn when he saw her tears
and the thought of that man hurting her made
him so angry he wanted to kill him with his
bare hands. “I’m sorry he hurt you, but I
promise I will never let anyone hit you again.”
Her eyes moist looked into his eyes. “What
about you Luca?”
“Me,” he looked at her with utter shock. “You
think I would beat you?”
“You have a bad temper, I can tell. If you
were to become angry with me what would
stop you from putting your hands on me the
way other men have?”
“You might at some point see me so angry
that I may hit another man, or I may break
things. But I will never strike a woman,
especially you, you have my word on that.”
With his hands on her shoulders, he pulled
her close and his mouth came down on hers.
He lowered her onto her back as he
continued kissing her, his hands resting on
the pillow above her head. “God, I so love
kissing you,” he said and went back to kissing
her passionately.
Her arms automatically went around his neck,
returning his kiss. Eyes closed she felt the
heat in her body rising, he had control of her
mouth as he hungrily kissed her with a
savagery that she liked and wanted more of.
When he stopped she opened her eyes and
she let out a m0an, disappointed that he had
stopped. “Luca,” she said, reaching up
touched his lips. “I don’t want you to stop. I
like when you kiss me, it feels so good.”
He smiled. “I also like kissing you. You are a
very good kisser, just how many men have
you kissed?” A part of him didn’t want to
know, knowing he would be angry and want
to beat all of them to a bloody pulp.
“You’re my first,” she answered shyly.
His eyes lit up, pleased but also shocked.
How was it possible that at the age of twenty
she had never been kissed. Then he became
unsure of himself, she was so innocent and
inexperienced and he didn’t know what to do
about her. He wanted her s£xually, she was
so different from all his other women. No,
he had to stop, she was too young and so he
decided not to let this go any further. She
would be his wife in name only, s£x was out
of the question. Getting off the bed he went
to the door, stopping to look back at her. “Get
some rest, I’ll see you in the morning.”
Her heart felt like it was breaking into tiny
pieces, leaving her shattered and
heartbroken. She tried to think of what she
said or did to make him turn away from her.
Surely that kiss meant something to him like
it did for her, but then again he has been
with many women and maybe she didn’t
compare to them.
Filippo and Grazia were in the family room
when Luca came down, going over to the bar
he poured himself a shot of whiskey.
“How is Robin?” Filippo asked.
“The doctor says she’s going to be ok,
nothing is broken.”
“The girl is clumsy, a walking disaster. God
knows what will happen next, she could end
up costing you your fortune. Luca, forget this
nonsense about marrying her, choose
someone who will make you proud.”
“I will not tell you again Grazia, keep your big
trap shut. Robin is the one I am going to
marry, so get used to that fact.” He
practically screamed it at her.
Grazia stood and slammed her drink on the
table. “Mark my words, you will regret this
Luca.” She then stormed out the room.
“What?” Luca asked when he saw the way
Filippo was staring at him like he knew some
kind of secret.
“You like her, don’t you?”
“I hardly know the girl, but yeah, I do, there’s
something about her, she’s special. I knew it
the first moment I saw her, even under all
the dirt and baggy clothes. I feel she will be
a good wife to me, faithful.”
“But will you be a good husband to her Luca?
she is so very young and naive to the ways
of the rich and powerful. I don’t think she
will accept you having mistresses, it will
break her heart. Take care with her, my
friend. Are you in love with her?”
“Oh Filippo, I’ve known her for like three
days, there is no way one can fall in love that
“If you say so, my friend. I bid you
goodnight.” A smirk on his face he headed to
his room, leaving Luca to mull over what he
had said.
“In love, as if,” he said to himself as he
poured another whiskey.
As sore as she was the next day she got
dressed, putting on a pair of flat shoes and
headed to the stable. Luca was going to be
there when the horses arrived and she too
wanted to see them.
“Robin, you should resting,” he told her.
“I’m tougher than you think and I wanted to
see them,” she said and going over to the one
stall started petting the black one. “Hi Star.”
“Star,” Luca said, eyeing her as she continued
petting the animal who seems to know and
like her.
“Yeah, I named him that, he’s beautiful isn’t
“So you like this one?”
He saw the way her eyes sparkled and heard
how happy she sounded when she replied yes
to this question.
“Then he is yours.”
“Mine,” she looked at him, “Really? do you
mean it?”
“I do. Consider it a wedding gift.”
She flung herself at him, her arms going
around his neck. “Thank you so much. “Let’s
go for a ride.”
Putting his arms around her waist pulled her
in close to his body. “Not today, you need to
go back to bed, besides, they need to get
used to a saddle first.”
Pulling away she opens the stall door, leading
Star outside. “Come on Luca, unless you’re
too afraid,” she said and jumping onto the
horse’s back held out her hand. “Take my
hand and jump up.”
“I’m not scared, Robin.” Taking her hand he
got up behind her.
“Put your arms around me and hang on, I’ll
take care of you,” she laughed when he
almost slid off and had to grab her waist.
They rode for awhile before stopping by the
river. Luca got off and helped her down, his
hands still on her waist.
“I never would have guessed you could ride
like this. What other talents do you have?” he
looked down at her lips and wanted to kiss
them but she moved from his grip on her
and went and sat under a tree. “Tell me more
about yourself.”
“There’s not much to tell, I can cook and
clean, sew, the usual stuff. I draw a little, I
like to sketch people, scenery.”
Luca sat down beside her. “People huh,
perhaps you’ll do me, sketch me that is,” he
chuckled when he realized how that
sounded.But he was sure she wouldn’t get it.
Robin smiled. If she had paper and the
proper stuff she would have done it already.
“I might, only I don’t have the things I need.”
“Then I will make sure you have a supply of
everything you’ll need. You’ll also need the
right clothes to go riding in, can’t have you
horseback riding in a dress. Though I like the
one you have on now, especially seeing how
it rose up your legs.” When she sat on the
horse he liked how her dress sat high up,
showing off her long and shapely legs.
“If you were a gentleman you wouldn’t have
looked,” she said. Looking away she blushed.
“I am one, but still a man and when a
situation presents itself I’ll not look away.
Neither will any other hot-blooded male, that’s
why you’ll not be wearing any dresses when
you go riding. I will not have other men
ogling you.”
“You sound jealous Luca.”
Smiling he took her hand, pulling her to her
feet. “Time to go back, you need to rest.” He
jumped up onto Star and reached for her
hand. This time he sat in front and she
behind him with her arms around his waist,
resting her head on his back.
Closing her eyes she took in his manly scent,
she loved the way he smelled and how his
body felt against hers. She was going to be
his wife and though he had said it would be
in name only she had other ideas. She would
be his wife in every sense, all she had to do
was get him to want her in his bed. The way
he kissed her told her he wanted her too.
Once they arrived home he made her go to
her room and rest, saying he would see her
tonight at dinner.


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