Robin – batch 3


Robin took a nice long hot bath, her body
ached and it seems to help. The bruises on
her body were still dark but starting to get
that yellow tint, showing they were starting to
heal. She was tired so putting on her
nightgown went and laid down, falling asleep
instantly. When she finally woke she felt
better but was not looking forward to seeing
Grazia sitting across from her at the dinner
table, looking down on her, letting her know
she didn’t fit into their world.
They were almost done their meal when
Grazia, who seemed to be in a better mood
piped up excitedly. “Luca, I’ve invited
Eleonora to come for a visit. I do hope
darling that you will be polite to her when
she gets here.”
Luca was not pleased when he heard this,
and that was because both Grazia and
Eleonora wanted him to marry her. “Just keep
that woman away from me, and no tricks.”
“I promise we’ll be on our best behavior.
Eleonora and I are going to plan an
engagement party for you and Robin. Since
you are planning on marrying her then our
friends should know and you can announce
the date of your wedding.” She looked over at
Robin, giving her what was obviously a fake
Luca was wondering why Grazia was doing a
turnaround, first trying to talk him out of
marrying Robin to wanting to plan a party for
them. He couldn’t help but wonder what she
was up to and why she was in enlisting
Eleonora to help. “You’re right, it is time to
pick a date, Robin and I will discuss that later
when we’re alone.”
Fed up with being talked about as though she
weren’t sitting right there got up and walked
out the room without excusing herself.
Grazia shook her head and stared at Luca.
“Storming out like that is so un-lady like,
guess those etiquette lessons are not
“Keep your damn mouth shut,” Luca said.
Rising he went after Robin.
He found her sitting in the garden, sadness
showed in her eyes when she looked up at
him. “Why did you run out?” he asked, sitting
down next her, stroking her hair, loving how
soft it felt, it was like silk and he loved how
it smelled.
“I am to be your wife and yet I am talked
about as though I’m not in the room. I expect
it from Grazia, but not you Luca, and that’s
what hurts.” She let out a sob and hung her
Taking her chin lifted it up. “Forgive me, I
have been ignoring your feelings. It will
never happen again, I give you my word. Will
you forgive me?”
They say if you look deep into someone’s
eyes you will see the truth. Looking into his
eyes she knew he was being sincere. “Yes,”
she answered.
Taking her hand he k-ssed her fingers, one
by one. “Thank you, but now we must set a
date. I was thinking one month from today.”
“So soon?” she gasped, thinking that they
would be waiting a few months, not weeks.
“I see no reason to put it off. I have a
surprise for you in my office, come, let me
show you.” He took her hand and led her
in,side. “I had these delivered while you were
asleep. If there’s anything else you require
let me know.”
Robin went and looked through the bags that
were on the sofa. There were sketch pads,
markers, brushes and tons of other things
needed for sketching. “I can’t believe you did
this, it’s too much and I’m not that good.”
“Don’t underestimate yourself, Robin.
Besides, it doesn’t matter how good or bad
you are, if you enjoy doing it then I want you
to have whatever you need so that you can
indulge in your hobby.”
“Thank you, Luca, this was very thoughtful of
you. Can I ask you something?”
“Anything,” he replied.
“Who is Eleonora? and why did you ask
Grazia to keep her away from you?”
“She is Grazia’s friend and is always trying to
get us together. I am not interested in the
woman, she wants me as her husband.”
“So is she in love with you?”
“Love, no. Eleonora wants a wealthy husband
and I fit the bill.”
“Is she pretty?” Robin regretted saying this,
she didn’t want Luca to think she was jealous.
“I must admit she has beauty, but her beauty
in no way can compare to you. I’m not just
talking about the outside, but the in,side as
well. You need not be jealous.”
“I’m not.” Oh God, that sounded unconvincing
even to her. She swallowed hærd and turned
her back to him, pretending to check out the
rest of the art supplies. “Have you slept with
her?” She felt his arms going around her
wa-ist, his breath warm on the back of her
“I’m not about to tell you who I have bedded,
you really don’t want to know.” His mouth
moved up and down her neck, leaving soft
k-sses in its path. He heard the start of
mo-ning as she closed her eyes, tilting her
head to the side. Smiling to himself when he
found the s₱0t that had her putty in his
hands. “Sketch me,” he said, his teeth grazing
her earlobe.
“What now?” she asked when he stopped
k-ssing her neck.
“Yes, now. I want to see what you can do.”
“Hum-ok. Sit down over there, behind your
desk,” she said, grabbing the pad and some
pencils she sat on the sofa and waited for
him to be seated. When she started sketching
and looked up, seeing him watching her she
smiled. “I can’t draw you if you keep staring
at me.”
“What would you like me to do then?”
“I don’t know, look at some papers or write
something. Surely you must have work on
that desk that needs doing.”
Grinning he pulled open a drawer, took some
files out and started going through them.
When she felt confident that he wasn’t
watching she got started. It was different
working with professional equipment, much
better than scraps of torn paper and old
worn out pens and pencils. Her heart was
thumping and her hands worked fast as she
began, smiling when she saw him busy at
work. His facial expressions amused her,
one minute he would frown, his forehead
creasing into fine lines, the next minute he
smiled. At one point his eyebrows lifted, he
was so deep into work he had forgotten she
was there, sketching him.
Signing the last of the files he looked up,
finding Robin sitting there, her knees up, her
arms hugging them and staring at him.
Smiling he stood up, walking over sat next to
her. “Why are you staring at me?”
“I love watching you work, you’re so intense.”
“Are you done with my picture?”
“Let me see it,” he said, going to grab it she
moved it from his reach.
“No, I don’t want you to see it, it’s not that
“Hand it to me,” he said, holding out his
hand. When she did as he asked he stared at
it, a smile appeared on his face. “This is very
good, you are quite talented.”
Her cheeks reddened, she was not used to
getting compliments. “Thank you.” Her eyes
locked on his, he moved closer till his mouth
touched hers. Cupping the back of her head
his k-ssed deepened as he lowered her down
on the sofa, dropping the sketch pad.
She arched her neck when his mouth moved
down, lightly k-ssing and s-cking so as not to
break the skin. Her body began to tingle, her
breathing hærd when she felt his fingers
undoing the top few buttons of her top. His
l-ips traveled down to her br-asts, she heard
the mo-n coming from the back of his throat
when he s-cked on them through the thin
material of the b-ra. She ran her fingers
through his hair, hair that was so thick and
soft for a man. His scent filled her nose, his
hand moving down her thighs, she wished
now that she had worn a dress, desperate to
feel his hand on her bare flesh.
He lifted his head to look at her, her eyes
were closed, her l-ips parted slightly in
anticipation of being k-ssed. “These damn
b-ra’s you women wear, they should be
outlawed.” His mouth then came down on
hers, wanting so badly to see and taste her
br-asts, to lick her er-ct n-pples.
Being so into their passion they hadn’t heard
anyone enter until someone cleared their
throat loudly. Pulling apart Robin clutched at
her top, nervously doing the buttons back up.
Luca ran his hand through his hair in an
attempt to strengthen the mess her hands
made of it. He glared angrily at Filippo. “What
do you want?” he barked.
“Sorry to interrupt Luca, but we have to leave
now, we’re meeting Mr. Riavia,” Filippo said,
averting his eyes from the two on the sofa.
“You’re leaving?” Robin asked, looking at him.
Luca glanced over his shoulder at Filippo.
“Give us a moment, I’ll be right there.” He
turned back to Robin who’s face was red
from embarrassment. “Yes, I hate to leave
you at this moment, but business calls. It will
be late when I get home so I will see you
first thing in the morning.” He takes her chin
in his hand and pulls her close, k-ssing her
until he had to stop before it went too far. As
he was walking out the door she called out to
him and he looked back.
“I’ll miss you,” she said, hugging her knees
as she sat curled up on the sofa.
An unfamiliar feeling raced through him, a
warm s-nsation making it’s way to his heart.
He didn’t know what to say at that moment,
what he was feeling was so new to him.
Smiling at her he walked out.
Luca was preoccupied during their meeting
with Mr. Riavia, he kept going over what
Robin had said to him. She was the only
woman who had ever said that to him, and he
could see in her eyes that she meant it.
“Luca, Luca,” Filippo blurted out, bringing him
back to the present. “What?”
“Mr. Riavia has agreed to our terms, are you
Luca stood up, shook the man’s hand. “Yes
we have a deal, now if you don’t mind I’m
heading back home. You coming, Filippo?”
“You go ahead Luca, I’ll take a cab home.”
Arriving home he climbed up the stairs,
thoughts of Robin in bed raced through his
mind and he considered sneaking into her
room and surprising her. But he thought
better of it, knowing darn well what would
happen if he did that. His desire to have her
was becoming stronger every day, but he
wanted to wait until their wedding night. That
is if he could go through with it, he had only
one other V-rgin and it did not go well and he
didn’t want what happened to Mira to happen
to Robin.
Just as he walked passed her room heading
to his own he heard her scre-ming, Turning
around he flung open her door.

Bursting in he saw her in bed, paralyzed,
unable to move. A tarantula, but not an
ordinary one, but a rare spider, extremely
poisonous and not found in these parts
slowly making its way up to her. Dashing
over he scooped her up into his arms and
carried her trembling body over to the door
and set her on her feet. “Get me one of your
shoe boxes,” he ordered. When she just
stared at him, a look of utter terror on her
face he snapped. “Now Robin, go.”
When she returned with the box Luca was
closer to the bed and took the box from her.
With precision timing he managed to capture
it, putting the lid on he rang down for one of
the staff members who were on call.
Robin backed away, she wasn’t going to get
anywhere near that thing, or Luca as long as
he had it in his hands. “Are there many of
those things here?” Her hand shook when she
pointed to the box in his hand.
“No, these particular ones are not found in
these parts, they are very rare and
poisonous. One bite and you’d be dead within
the hour.”
When the man showed up Luca gave him the
box and instructed him to dispose of it
He went and took her in his arms. “It’s gone
now, you are safe.”
“What if there’s more? I don’t want to stay
here,” she said, still trembling but feeling
safe in his arms she rested her head on his
“Tomorrow I will have the wh0le castle
checked, every room, every corner will be
searched.” He takes her hand. “Come with
“Where are we going?”
“You’ll stay in my room tonight.”
They got there and he shut the door behind
them. She looked around, this was the first
time she had seen the in,side of his bedroom.
It was huge, the bed was the biggest one she
could have ever imagined. The carpet beneath
her feet was so thick and soft, it was like
walking on a cloud. It wasn’t what she
expected his room to look like, it was bright
and cheery.
“Go to bed, and don’t worry,” he said,
directing her to the bed. When she hesitated
he asked her what was wrong.
“What if there’s another one in your bed? will
you check first?”
Pulling the comforter down Luca checked
under the blankets, he looked over and saw
her down on the floor. “What are you doing?”
“I’m checking under the bed to make sure
there’s nothing there.” On all fours, she
looked and satisfied she stood up, getting
into his bed. “Thank you for letting me sleep
in here.”
“No problem, I understand your concern.”
When she saw him removing his clothes she
let out a high pitched squeal. “Stop, what do
you think you’re doing? She had thought
when he invited her to sleep here he would
have gone somewhere else to sleep.
“I’m going to bed. Surely you don’t expect me
to go elsewhere.” A smile lit up his face
when he saw the shock and disbelief on her
face. “Do not worry, I have no plans to
sed-ce you, not tonight anyway.”
Robin knew she should look away but she
couldn’t, her eyes were glued to his body. He
did not have the body of a boy, but that of a
man, his muscles so defined, stomach flat
and a perfect v-line going down to his briefs.
She thought he was also going to remove
them as well but he didn’t and she let out the
breath she was holding in. A part of her was
curious as to what he looked like without
He caught her ogling him and he snickered.
“Have you ever seen a man unclad before?”
“You’re not unclad, not totally,” she blushed
when she said that. “I have seen my uncle
and cousins in their underwear before, but
they didn’t look anything like you.”
Climbing into bed he turned on his side to
look at her. “So tell me, did you like what you
Unintentionally she licked her l-ips before
answering. “I-I think you are beautiful,” she
said, stammering a little.
“Beautiful, I’ve never been called that before.
How is it at your age, though as young as
you are you’ve never been with a man or
k-ssed one?”
“I was never allowed to go anywhere, besides,
who would want me?”
“You are very beautiful Robin, any man would
be lucky to have you.” He reached up and
touched her face. “When I first saw you I
knew there was great beauty under all that
dirt and old clothes. You have the power to
bring down any man you desire, even the
strongest of men would be putty in your
“Would that include you, Luca?”
“I am going to marry you, but I can not give
you my heart. Though I have said we would
not be intimate I can’t keep that promise
anymore. Your k-sses are dangerous, leaves
me wanting more and I do not know how long
I’ll be able to stop myself from making love
to you.”
“I will be your wife, it’ll be my duty to give
you my body.” She never thought she could
be this bold as to talk to him this way. She
was giving him permission to do to her
whatever he wished. And honestly, she
wanted him to make love to her, wanted to
feel what it would be like to be made love to
by a real man, by him.
“You are so young and do not know how
much it will hurt to be taken for the first
time. Are you willing to endure such pain?”
Her eyes fluttered open and closed. “Yes.”
She reached over, taking his face in her
hands brought her mouth to his. Her k-ss
was hot, pressing her body into him, letting
him know she didn’t want to wait, wanted him
Placing his hands on her shoulders pushed
her away more roughly than he intended. He
wasn’t sure if he liked this more aggressive
side of her, the way she was throwing
herself at him. She was behaving like all the
other women he knew. She looked hurt, her
eyes sparkled from the dampness of the
tears that suddenly appeared. Sitting up he
sat on the edge of the bed, his mood had
changed from playful to moody.
“Have I done something to upset you,” she
asked, placing a hand on his back.
“You’ve changed in the last few days. You are
behaving like other women, throwing yourself
at me like a cheap wh-re.”
Her temper rose and sitting up she lashed
out at him. “You bastard, how dare you to
call me that. Am I not allowed to let you
know what I want? Do you only get turned on
when I am weak and submissive? You are
such an arrogant bully, well f-ck you, Luca. I
will never again tell you what I want or need.”
Lying back down she turned her back to him,
suddenly afraid he would lose his temper
when she swore at him. Strong hands took
hold of her, flinging her onto her back and
he climbed on top, staring down with rage in
his eyes.
“You dare to talk to me in this manner after
all I’ve done for you?”
“Am I to keep quiet when you call me foul
names? I do appreciate you taking me away
from my uncle and all you’ve done. Your
words hurt me, Luca, I am not a wh-re,” she
sniffed, turning her face away from his.
His rage slowly drained away, in its place he
felt sorrow for the way he was treating her.
“Robin, I am sorry, I was wrong to call you
that name. You are nothing like the others,
you are sweet, innocent.” His mouth came
down on hers, he laid his weight on her as
he attacked her l-ips as though his life
depended on it. The feel of his manh-od
hærd, pushing against her. She mo-ned,
raising her h¡ps, pushing up into him, driving
him mad with desire. She was so soft and
warm beneath him. He moved down her neck,
pushing the top of her gown passed her
shoulder moved his mouth over it and to the
top of her br-asts.
“Yes Luca,” she mo-ned when he touched her
br-ast and squeezed lightly.
Breathing heavily he stopped. “Not till we are
married.” Rolling off and over onto his back
he tried to calm his raging desire to take her.
It was getting h-rder to stop as time went by,
and was glad they were getting married in
less than a month. When she moved over and
laid her head on his chest, her hand going
around his stomach he put his arm around
her, listening to her even breathing as she
slept peacefully in his arms.
When she woke up he was gone, but there
were some of her clothes on the bed for her
to wear. So after changing she went down,
finding the others already eating. As usual,
the men stood till she was seated.
“Lucas told us about the tarantula in your
bed. Are you ok dear?” Filippo asked, with
“Yes, thanks for asking, saying as she took a
sip of her juice.
“Yes, you must have been terrified,” Grazia
said in her snarky tone.
Robin looked up at her, she saw the smirk on
Grazia’s face.
“I don’t understand Luca, how is it possible
for one of those things to show up here?”
Filippo asked, with a frown on his face.
“I have no idea Filippo, but I have a dozen
men going through the castle as we speak.
They will stay until every room has been
searched. The only way one of those things
got here was if someone brought it into the
“Oh honestly, who would do that? It is
possible that one of us after returning from
one of our many trips it could have gotten
into our suitcase.” Grazia piped up, now bored
with the conversation. I have started making
a list of guests for the party, I even managed
to hire a live band to play.” She looked at
Robin. “I hope you know how to dance, you
will be expected to dance with the guests.”
Robin saw all eyes were on her and she
swallowed nervously. “I never learned how
Grazia rolled her eyes. “It looks like more
lessons are necessary.”
Seeing how Robin was feeling uncomfortable
Luca cut in. “That won’t be a problem, I’ll
arrange to have someone come here and give
you a few lessons. Will that make you feel
Robin smiled at him, grateful to him. “Yes,
thank you, Luca.”
Standing up Luca took her hand in his.
“Come, take a walk with me.”
Stopping in the garden he took her in his
arms, k-ssed her cheek. “Again I am sorry
about the name I called you last night.”
“Oh Luca, I was only trying to please you. I
want to be the kind of wife you can be happy
with, in every way. I do not want you to feel
as if you aren’t getting what you need at
home and go outside the marriage to get
“Do you mean that?”
“Yes, I do.”
“I have to warn you, I do and will require a
lot of s€×. When the mood strikes me I will
take you no matter where we are. It could be
at a restaurant, at someone’s dinner party or
even in an elevator.”
“We are not having s€× yet, so are you  telling
me that you are s€×ually active since I’ve
been here.” She saw the look he was giving
her but was unsure of what it meant. “I have
been here for a week now.”
“I have not, does that make you feel any
Nodding she let him pull her in for a k-ss.


“I have the wh0le day free, what would you
like to do?” he asked, his hand running
through her hair. He loved the way it felt in
his hand, so soft.
“Anything?” she asked.
“Yes, whatever you want. I could take you
shopping, or we could go for a long drive
and stop somewhere and have dinner.”
“What I would like is to go for a ride. You
still haven’t shown me around and we could
go on a picnic, it’s a beautiful day for one.”
“A picnic,” he sighs. “If that is what you want
then that’s what we’ll do. I’ll have the staff
pack us a lunch while we change our
clothes.” He pulls her closer for another
Two hours later they saddled up and were on
their way, Luca had tied the basket to his
saddle. They rode for over two hours, he
showed her many of his favorite s₱0ts.
Finally, they stopped by the river, getting off
their horses Luca laid out the blanket they
brought with them and Robin dished out the
lunch. There were sandwiches, salad, fruit
and a bottle of wine.
“I’m so sorry, I should have told the cook to
pack some juice for you.”
“That’s ok, I’d like to try some wine,” she said,
holding out her glass for him to pour some
“Are you sure? you have never had alcohol
“Yes, I am.” She smiled at him and took a sip,
she made a face. “I guess it takes some
getting used to.”
“This is one of my best wines, very expensive
but you don’t have to drink it.” He couldn’t
stop the smile that broke out on his face
when she wrinkled up her nose and her l-ips
She took another sip. “This is actually quite
good.” She finished it and asked for another.
“Wow, slow down a little or you’ll end up
drunk. Trust me, you will not like the feeling
you’ll have the next morning.”
The food was eaten, more wine consumed
they laid down, looking up at the sky,
watching the clouds float by. Robin turned on
her side to look at him. “Luca.”
Hands behind his head he turned to look at
her. “Yes,” he replied.
“You once told me you don’t do V-rgins, why
Turning away he looked back up at the sky.
“Why do ask such a thing?”
“I’m curious.”
“Haven you ever hear the old saying, curiosity
killed the cat?”
“I have, but I also heard that satisfaction
brought it back to life.”
He let out a hearty laugh. “No, I have never
heard that.” He let out a deep sigh. “When I
was younger I met this young woman in a
bar. We ended up making love in the back
seat of my car, I was young and ho-ny as
hell. I did not take the time for forepl-y, I
surged right in, not knowing she was a
V-rgin. It caused her a great deal of pain, she
cried so hærd I took her to see a doctor. I
hurt her Robin, really bad. Mira was her
name, she was never the same after that. I
ran into a mutual friend a few years later
and he told me she was never able to have
s€× from what happened that night, when she
tried it hurt too much, she couldn’t bear it.”
Robin raised herself up on her elbow. “It’s
not your fault, you can’t blame yourself.”
“Oh but I do, if I have been more gentle, took
my time it would be different for her.” His
guilt still weighed heavily on him to this day.
“Luca, I have heard that it only hurts for a
few minutes and then it would feel good.”
He looked at her, frowning. “How would you
know that?”
“I overheard my cousin’s girlfriends talking
about it, they said it only hurt for a few
minutes and after that, it was good, really
good. I’ve also heard that some women have
a problem down there, one that prevents
them from enjoying s€×. It is possible this
Mira has a medical problem that caused it to
“Maybe, I don’t want to hurt you.”
“Luca, I have been wh¡pped, dragged by my
hair and beaten by my uncle. If I can endure
all that then I think I can handle a few
minutes of pain.”
He felt the anger rising in him at the thought
of how she was beaten and treated by the
hands of her own flesh and blood. I ought to
go back there and give him a beating, let him
see how it feels.”
“No, you can’t,” she cried out.
“Why shouldn’t I?”
“He’s my uncle, the only family I have.”
“You have a too good of a heart, and you’re
too forgiving, one that someday may end up
destroying you.”
He leaned over her, his eyes going to her
neck and knew he had to put his l-ips there,
needed to taste her. Moving his mouth up
and down her neck, leaving w-t k-sses in its
path. His hand going to the buttons on her
top undid them, spreading the fabric open his
hand car-ssed her br-asts over the thin
material of her b-ra. Her hands fumbled with
the buttons on his shirt till they were open,
running her hands over his chest, feeling his
hærd body and she mo-ned from the sheer
His mouth found hers and k-ssed her with a
hunger of a man who was starving, he felt
the warmth of her hands on his chest then
felt them moving down and unhooking his
belt. But when she started pulling at the
zipper he pulled away and got to his feet.
“We have to stop, we’re not married,” saying
as he did up his belt and buttons on his shirt.
“We don’t have to stop, I want you Luca and I
don’t want to wait,” she cried out, feeling hurt
and rejected. Standing up she lashed out,
letting her anger and disappointment show.
“This isn’t fair, you get me all worked up with
your k-sses, and you touch me and then you
pull away. You don’t do that with all your
other women I bet. What do I have to do to
get you to make love to me? would it make
you feel better if I let someone else f-ck me
first, that way I would no longer be a V-rgin.”
Hearing her speak this way he became
furious, grabbing her arms shook her
violently. His eyes blazing with dark anger,
teeth clenched he hissed. “Don’t you ever let
me hear you talk this way again. You will
never be touched by another man, if you let
that happen I swear to God I will kill him.”
His dark eyes grew darker, tightening his grip
on her. “Do I make myself clear Robin?”
“Stop Luca, let go, you are hurting me,” she
winced in pain and he let go of her. “I didn’t
mean it, I would never let another man touch
me. It is only you I want, only you I want to
make love to me. I’m sorry for speaking out
like that, it was in anger and frustration.” Not
being able to hold back her tears she let
them flow.
His heart softens, melting, and he took her in
his arms, holding her close to his chest.
“Please don’t cry, I can not bear to see your
tears. “I can not take you here in the woods
and not before we marry.”
“Why Luca? why must we wait?”
“You are young and innocent, you deserve to
be treated with respect. I promise once we
are married I will make love to you, I will
give you so much pleasure you’ll cry for
mercy.” He takes her face in his hands,
wiping her tears away. Now come, we must
get back so that you can change into a dress
and the highest heels you own.”
“Are we going somewhere?”
“No, I have arranged for you to take dance
lessons and he will be here shortly.”
“Already? but we just discussed it this
“When there is something to be done I get it
done right away. I never put things off, you’ll
soon find that out about me.”
Later Luca waited in the ballroom with a
young American named Seth who was sent to
teach Robin the art of dancing. Not who he
was expecting, this man was tall, dark hair
and very attractive. Robin showed up wearing
a black dress that showed her cle-vage and
high heels, she looked stunning and had his
heart pounding wildly in his chest.
Seth took her hand and k-ssed the back of it
after being introduced to her. “It’s a pleasure
to meet you, madam.”
“I’m afraid you will have your work cut out
for you, I have two left feet.”
Seth’s eyes boldly trailed down her slender
form to her feet. “You have beautiful feet,
those of a dancer, shall we get started?”
Luca cleared his throat loudly and the two
turned to him. “I will leave you both to it.” He
then stared at Seth, his eyes dark. “But I will
be keeping an eye on you.” Giving Robin a
peck on the cheek left the room, bumping
into Grazia.
“My, he is a handsome devil. I do hope your
little bird doesn’t take a liking to him, I hear
he is a good lover who has had affairs with
many of his clients.” She smiled when she
saw the way he glanced back to where they
were, the music has started. She had a way
of pushing Luca’s buttons, of planting seeds
of doubt in his mind.
“Shut-up Grazia,” he said, stomping away.
Two hours later he found himself pacing
back and forth, not able to take them being
alone together any longer went to the
ballroom. He stood and watched them, she
was laughing and seems to be enjoying
“See, you are doing so well. Now I will show
you a new dance, it is very s€×ual and meant
for lovers.”
Luca felt the heat rising in his body when
Seth swung her around and was behind her,
his one arm around her wa-ist, the free hand
moving sed-ctively down her side and his
face was close to her neck.
Having seen enough Luca marched over and
turned the music off, they stopped and
turned to look at him. Seth immediately
dropped his hands from her when he saw
the fury in Luca’s eyes.
Luca walked over and grabbed Seth by his
collar, teeth clenched he growled. “You’re
here to teach her to dance, not sed-ce her.”
Raising his fist he punched Seth in the
mouth, he could hear Robin scre-ming for
him to stop. Towering over him, his eyes
blazing with fury. “Your services are no
longer required, go anywhere near her again
I’ll kill you. See yourself out.”
Seth was gone and she went over to Luca as
he turned the music back on. “Why did you
do that? and you are angry, have I done
something wrong?”
Smiling he takes her hand. “No, not you. Do
you not know that man was coming on to
She shakes her head.
“There are many men who will try and take
advantage of one so young and innocent.  I
will not allow anyone to do that to you, you
belong to me.”
A knowing smile crept upon her l-ips. “You’re
“I do not get jealous,” he said, taking her
hand led her over to the center of the room,
taking her in his arms and began dancing.


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