Robin – batch 4


When Robin moved in closer to Luca’s body
he gave her a gentle shove back. “No, not so
close. You should keep a little space between
you and your dance partner.”
“That’s not the way Seth showed me, he said
it was important to get as close as you can.”
Luca’s jaw twitched. “Oh, I’ll just bet he did.”
Hearing this made him angry, knowing the
punk was only trying to get close to sed-ce
her, he would have to have another word with
him. “Now one hand goes on my shoulder,
the other one rests in my hand. That’s it,
you’re doing good, don’t look down. Close
your eyes,” he instructed her.
“If I do that I won’t be able to see what I’m
doing.” she looked at him, terrified that she
would step on his feet.
“Trust me, close your eyes. Good, now feel
the music, let it go through you. Sway to the
beat and follow my movements, let me guide
She opened her eyes, a wicked little grin
appeared and she pressed into him, so close
you wouldn’t have been able to slip a piece
of paper between them. “I like being this
close, feels so much better.” She felt his
arousal and heard him gro-n.
“You little temptress you, you’re trying to
sed-ce me into giving you what you want.” He
suddenly turned her around so that he was
behind her, putting one arm around her wa-ist,
his hand moved her hair over to the side and
he placed his l-ips on her neck.
“Who’s trying to sed-ce who?” she said and
mo-ned when he nipped at her tender flesh
and felt his hand going down the front of
her dress. His hand was firm as he went in
her b-ra, cupping her br-ast. “Luca,” she cried
out softly. All he had to do was k-ss her neck
and she was putty in his hands.
He backed her up and against the wall.
Moving his hand up her leg till he reached
her p-nties, he slipped his fingers in,side till
he was able to touch her womanly folds. He
hadn’t dared to go this far before and when
one finger went in,side her she was w-t. This
got him so hot and his member grew hærd
and with her breathy p-nts, the way she dug
her nails into his shoulders and mo-ned he
knew if he didn’t stop now he wouldn’t be
able to.
Pulling out and pressing against her who was
still up against the wall, he rested the palms
of his hands on the wall. She was trapped
between his arms, his face buried in the
crook of her neck. He tried to slow his
breathing down, his d*ck still pressing against
her. “What’s happening to me? whenever I am
near you I forget everything and lose control.
What is this power you’ve got over me and
why can’t I resist you?”
“Then don’t fight it, take me, Luca. My body is
aching for your touch, to be made love to.”
Grabbing a handful of his hair drew his face
up to hers and k-ssed him hærd and felt him
responding as his mouth took control over
Hearing footsteps approaching Luca pulled
away, both looking flushed and out of breath
when the butler walked in.
“Miss Rossi requires your presence in the
family room Sir. Her guest has arrived and
would like for you to join them.”
“We’ll be right there,” Luca barked. Turning
back to Robin, his eyes full of lust.
When they were alone he took Robin’s hand.
“That was too close, we must control
ourselves from now on.”
Grazia and Filippo were there along with
Eleonora Gallo.
“Eleonora, you are here early. I didn’t think
you were coming till later on in the week,”
Luca said with a hint of annoyance in his
Robin felt a cold chill run down her spine
when she saw the woman. She was thin with
long black hair. Her skin a beautiful shade
of bronze, a real beauty. When she walked
over and k-ssed him on both cheeks Robin
felt the first pang of jealously race through
her veins like a raging river and wanted to
scratch her eyes out.
“I decided to come early, I missed you all so
much.” She looked at Robin, her eyes
narrowed. “This must be the one you’ve
chosen as your wife. She is too young for
you Luca. She lacks grace and class.”
“Yes, Eleonora meet Robin Potter,” Luca said,
squeezing her hand. “You will not insult her
nor will you treat her disrespectfully.”
“Robin, that’s a silly name for a person, why
that’s a name of a bird, a tiny frail creature.”
“Trust me, Eleonora, she is not frail and
again I’ll say it, I expect you to treat her with
respect while you are in my home. Now I
believe dinner is served, shall we go in.”
Taking Robin’s hand they all entered the
dining room.
Dinner conversation was mainly between
Grazia and Eleonora, Filippo jumped in every
once in awhile. Of course, Grazia had to stir
the pot.
“Remember when the four of us went to the
island up north for that week in July.” She
laughed and looked at Robin. “Luca and
Eleonora went missing for two days.”
“Grazia, keep your damn mouth shut,” Luca
barked. He did not want to be reminded of
that time, it was the worst experience he’d
ever had with a woman. What made things
more awkward was she expected they would
become a couple.
“Oh come now cousin dear, if it’s Robin
you’re worried about she’s a big girl and
knows you had a life before she came along.
Anyways we found them in a motel room, it
was quite embarrassing when we caught them
in bed together.”
Tears sprang to Robin’s eyes, laying down
her napkin she stood. “Excuse me, I’m not
feeling well, I need to lay down.” She fled the
room before anyone could say another word.
Giving the two women an angry glare he
followed Robin out, catching up to her just as
she reached her room.
“Go away Luca, I don’t want to talk to you
right now.” Walking into her room went to
shut the door on him but he pushed it open
and stepping in slammed it behind him.
“You are angry,” he said, moving closer to
her but she backed away.
“I’m hurt, I know I shouldn’t be but you slept
with her.”
“That was a long time ago, it meant nothing
to me. You have no reason to be jealous of
her, I can not stand the woman.” Reaching
over he grabbed her arm. “Do not let what
those two women say bother you.”
“Eleonora still wants you, I can see it in the
way she looks at you. You say you can’t stand
her but I wonder if she’ll be in your bed
while she is here. She’s not a V-rgin so
what’s stopping you from sleeping with her?”
She knew she was behaving like a jealous
fool, with her pouting l-ips and her childish
“You are what’s stopping me, I only want you
and before you say it we are waiting.”
Releasing her he walked over to the window
and looked out at the night sky. A storm was
coming, streaks of lightening lit the sky. “I
wish you would try and understand why I
want to wait and that I will not sleep with
Eleonora, it’s not her I want. I wish you would
just trust me.”
“Then make me understand Luca.”
“I respect you, Robin, enough to make you my
wife. If I didn’t I’d have f-cked you the first
night I brought you here. But I do not want to
just f-ck you, I want to make love to you. So
to show my respect to you I will wait, even
though I am finding it hærd not to. So I beg
you, please stop tempting me with your
Robin bites her lip. “I get so jealous when I
hear about you and other women, and with
Eleonora here, under the same roof with you
I can’t help but feel she will find her way into
your bed. You did spend that time with her
and you made love to her.”
“I did not make love to her, I f-cked her,
there is a difference. It was like doing it with
a piece of driftwood, boring and unmoving.
There was no warmth, no feelings and she
was cold as ice. You need not worry about
her, now come to me, I want to k-ss you.”
Lifting her head and giving him a defiant
stare shook her head. “No. You will only k-ss
me, your hands will touch me and I’ll get so
worked up and then you’ll stop, leaving me
wanting more. If you insist on waiting till we
are married then no more fooling around till
He started walking closer and smirked when
she backed up. “Do you think you can stop
me if I want to k-ss you? I think not my little
bird.” She went running but he caught her
from behind, his strong arms held her as
she struggled to break free. His mouth went
to the back of her neck, moving around and
over her shoulders. “Do not fight it, you will
“Oh, you are so arrogant,” she squealed when
he found the sweet s₱0t on her neck. He
knew just where to s-ck that made her weak
in the knees and melt into him. Turning her
around he cupped the back of her head and
k-ssed her so hærd it took her breath away.
mo-ning she wrapped her arms around his
neck and felt his hærdness when he placed
his hand on her ass, pushing her tight
against him.
“See my little bird, I always get what I want,
you can’t resist me.” He let her go, leaving
her breathing hærd he walked to the door and
opened it. Before leaving he turned to look at
her, a smirk on his face. “Night Robin.” As
he walked out he heard her curse as one of
her shoes hit the wall next his head. He only
chuckled and left the room.
She wanted to slap that smug look off his
face, his gorgeous chiseled face. Why did he
have to be so damn handsome and why did
she have to melt whenever he was close.
Just because she was a V-rgin she wasn’t
stupid and knew what she was feeling was
s€×ual frustration.
Putting on her nightgown and climbing into
bed vowed she would not fall for his charms
or let his k-ss’s sway her anymore. It was
about time she played hærd to get, let him beg
for it, two can play this game she thought to
herself just as she fell asleep.

The next morning when Robin came down to
join the others for breakfast Luca could tell
she was still pissed off at him for last night.
She avoided his eyes and talked with Filippo
since the other two women ignored her. He
was grateful to him for being nice to Robin
and not judging her, he treated her with
respect which earned him Luca’s
The party was to take place in four days and
Robin had been working hærd doing her
etiquette and dance lessons. When everyone
left the dining room Luca pulled her over to
the side, wanting to make up.
“You are still angry with me aren’t you my
little bird?”
When he tried to take her in his arms she
pushed him away. “Stop calling me your little
bird, where did you get that from anyway?”
“I kind of like it, you are like a tiny fragile
bird that I must treat with gentle loving care.
I need to go run some errands. Some people
will be coming with your wedding dress for a
“My wedding dress,” she repeated. “Must you
have control over everything? can I not at
least choose my own dress?” and I am not
fragile. Pouting, she turned her back on him
only to find his arms going around her wa-ist,
his mouth k-ssing the back of her neck.
“If that is what you wish then I shall have
them bring several for you, you can choose
the one you want. Will that make you happy?”
“It’s a start, will you be gone long?” she
asked. Finding herself starting to melt she
placed her hands on his and removed them
from her wa-ist. Not wanting to give in to his
charm she moved further away.
“Most of the day. I hope when I return you’ll
be a little more friendly.” Saying that he
walked out, clearly, he was angry.
Later she tried on a dozen dress, all were
lovely but she picked out her favorite. A
strapless long white dress with sparkles on
top. Grazia and Eleonora were waiting for her
in the dining room, Robin had hoped they
would have gone out for lunch.
“So what are your plans for the rest of the
day Robin?” Eleonora asked with a fake smile
on her face.
Taking a bite out of her sandwich she waited
till she swallowed before she answered, the
way she was taught at one of her lessons.
“Luca told me I could go exploring since this
is now my home.” She added the last part
Grazia snorted. “We’ll leave it to you then,”
she said, standing she asked her friend to
join her in the other room.
Robin heard them whispering as they left the
room, Grazia glanced back at her before
disappearing down the hall. Going back to
her room she changed into jeans and a tee
shirt and headed up the back stairs. She
wanted to explore the top part of the castle,
Luca had told her it had not been renovated
and the rooms were filled with stuff dating
back several Centuries. She was anxious to
see what she could find.
Taking a flashlight with her she went through
a few of the rooms. Some were empty,
others had broken furniture and nothing of
interest. Then she came to a room that was
filled with paintings, old books and a variety
of other items. Finding a light switch she was
surprised to see the light worked, though it
was dim. Afraid of the door closing on her
and of being trapped in,side she put a book
between the door and the frame to prevent it
from closing on her.
Setting the flashlight down she opens a large
chest, wrinkling up her nose from the stale
smell and wishing she had brought a pair of
gloves with her. Having only been living here
a few weeks she was starting to become
spoiled. Back at her uncle’s she never gave
dirt or smells a second thought.
The chest had photo albums, she flipped
through them. The pictures were very old and
faded, the corners turning yellow and torn.
This was obviously Luca’s grandparents and
great-grandparents and even further back.
The men all resembled Luca, the same dark
hair and muscular build, all tall. The women
in the photos were also beautiful with the
same coloring and dark hair. There was so
much history in this chest and was surprised
that it all laid untouched, neglected. She
found that so sad, wishing she had at least
one picture of her parents.
Going over she checked out the paintings, all
were extremely old and she suspected they
were worth a fortune. The room also held
children’s furniture, cribs, beds, and articles
of clothing. Checking the drawers she found
a small box, opening it she saw some old
jewelry and taking out one piece at a time.
There were necklaces, earrings, and other
items, she admired them and wondered if
Luca would allow her to keep them to wear.
The sound of the door slamming shut made
her jump in fright. Dashing over she tried to
open it but found it locked, she was trapped.
Banging on the door with her fists she cries
out. “Help me, is someone there, please let
me out.” She kept hammering on the door till
her fists started to bleed, her throat dry and
sore from scre-ming. Giving up she goes
over to the tiny window and looks out. There
was no way to open it, which wouldn’t have
mattered anyway since she was up so high no
one would be able to hear her.
Sitting down she hugged her knees, trying to
keep warm as it was cold and drafty. She had
to think of something, a way out. No one
knew she was up here and might never find
her, she would die here, a V-rgin. Shit, she
swore under her breath, why couldn’t she
have felt a man’s love before she died.
Refusing to give up she searched the room
for anything that would help her pick the
lock. **********************
Luca had returned just before sunset. He
found the three in the family room, drinking
and talking, but no Robin.” “Where’s Robin,”
he asked, it pissed him off how the women
weren’t making her feel welcome, no wonder
she didn’t want to spend time in their
“I haven’t seen her all day Luca,” Filippo
“Neither have we.” Grazia too answered.
“Did she say what she had planned for
today?” His eyes burrowed into Grazia’s.
“She might have mentioned something about
exploring, but that was right after breakfast
when you left.”
Luca grabbed her arm, pulling her up from
her chair. “You didn’t think to check on her?”
“Why should I? she’s a grown woman and I’m
not her babysitter.” She yanked her arm from
his grip.
“Robin doesn’t know her way around here.
You should have called me when she didn’t
return.” He picked up his phone and dialed.
“Who are you calling?” Filippo asked.
“Security, I’m having them check the grounds
and the woods.” Luca had never feared
anything in his wh0le life, men feared him.
But now he felt fear, his eyebrows pulled up
and together. Trembling he stumbled over to
the chair and sat before falling down. Sweat
stung his eyes and he wiped them with his
hands. His gut told him she was in danger
and he had to find her before something bad
“Where are you going, Luca?” Filippo asked
when he stood and started walking out.
“I’m going to search upstairs, she has to be
here somewhere.”
The two men searched all the bedrooms and
the other rooms, there was no sign of her.
Luca’s eyes went to the staircase leading to
the upper part of the castle. “I wonder if she
might have gone exploring up there.”
“Didn’t you tell her not to go up there? it is
being too dangerous and all.” Filippo asked,
his eyes following Luca.
“I did, but she has a mind of her own and
may have ignored my request. I’m going to
check anyway.”
“Wait, Luca, I’ll go with you,” he said and
followed him.
Robin tried everything she could find from
old rusty nails to some of the jewelry she
had found, but nothing worked. Gritting her
teeth she swore. Why isn’t there a f-cken
screwdriver or knife up here, God there’s
everything else? It was getting cold and she
was in dire need of water, she had no idea
how long she’d been up here. She knew it
had to be hours since it was getting dark out.
Exhausted and feeling dizzy she went and sat
back down, rubbing her arms. Seeing a
mouse scurrying past her feet she let out a
scre-m and jumped to her feet and climbed
onto the top of an old table. She could smell
the dirt and sweat on her, cradling her knees
she let the tears fall. Since Luca had
forbidden her to enter this part of the castle
it hit her like a ton of bricks that no one will
ever think to look up here.
Luca and Filippo started from the very top,
the tower, searching every room and corner,
making their way down. Luca shivered from
the cold. He really had to start renovating the
upper floors before they start to crumble.
Coming to one of the doors it wouldn’t open,
it was locked. Both men used their shoulder
and putting all their weight into it was able to
break it down.
It was too dim to see so turning on his
flashlight Luca ran it along the floor and
swept the room until he came to the table.
His heart felt as though it had stopped when
he saw a lifeless body lying curled up into a
ball on the table. “Robin,” he shouted and
hurried over to her. He felt her for a pulse
and thanked God there was one. ******
Robin had been drifting in and out of
consciousness but hearing his voice she
opened her eyes. Seeing him she pulled
herself up and throwing her arms around
him buried her face in his neck, sobbing.
“You found me.”
He held her tight and felt her trembling, her
skin like ice against him. “You’re freezing,”
he said and taking off his jacket wrapped it
around her, scolding her. “What are you
doing up here, I told you never to come
“I’m sorry,” she cried out, shivering. “I need
Scolding her would have to wait, right now
he had to get her out of here and somewhere
“Let’s get you to your room.” Putting his arm
around her back and the other one under her
knees carried her. “Filippo, call the doctor.”
“No Luca, I’m ok, just cold and need a drink, I
don’t need a doctor.” The warmth of his body
was warming her, she rested her head on
him and closed her eyes.

Filippo followed them to Robin’s room and
when Luca sat her down on the bed he turned
to him, “Have the staff bring some food up.”
Turning back to Robin he handed her a glass
of water. “Drink it slowly.
Still shivering she took what he offered her,
taking small sips. “Thank you, Luca.”
“What were you doing up there after I warned
you how unsafe it was?” His tone was harsh
and he regretted snapping at her. Sitting
down next to her he pulled her into his arms,
crushing her against him. “I was worried sick
to death, you scared the shit out of me when
I couldn’t find you.”
“Luca, I can’t breathe, you’re holding me too
tight.” When he loosened his grip she
swallowed hærd and looked up at him. “I was
bored and wanted to explore.”
“You should have put something between the
door to prevent it from closing,” he said,
stroking her face.
“I did, I put a book between the door and
frame,” she said, defending herself. “It was a
think red book, really old and the edges were
Eyebrows raised Luca frowned. “I didn’t see
any book.” He searched his mind, he was
positive there was no book. “Well, never mind
that now. You’re freezing, I’ll light the
fireplace and then I’ll run you a hot bath, that
will warm you up.”
Hands trembling she watched as he threw
some logs in the fireplace and headed to the
bathroom. She heard the water running and
shouted out. “Can you put some of those
scented bubble packs in?”
“Already did,” he called back. Moments later
he returned and helping her up led her to the
bathroom. There he removed his jacket from
around her and started to pull her tee shirt
up over her head till she stopped him.
Arms crossed over her chest she smiled. “I
know how to undress.”
Uncrossing her arms he smiled back. “You’re
weak, I wouldn’t want you passing out. Now
be a good girl and let me help you.” He
raised her shirt up over her head and
reaching his arms around her he unclasped
the b-ra and tossed it to the floor. His eyes
for the first time got a full look at her
br-asts, his heart began pounding, they were
perfect. Round, firm, not too big or too
small, just right. He hid his rising desire
from her as he unzipped her jeans, pulling
them down along with her p-nties. His Adam
Apple moved up and down and his member
started twitching when he saw her fully
unclad, she was so much more beautiful than
he could ever imagine. Oh God, he knew he
was in serious trouble, how was he to wait
till their wedding night now.”
Clearing his throat he stood, held her hand
while she lifted one leg over the massive tub,
then the other and sat down hiding her
uncladness from him under all the bubbles
that he had accidentally poured into the tub.
“Can I have some privacy?” she asked, her
face flushed from seeing the way he stared
at her body.
“Hum-yeah sure, I’ll just wait in the other
room till you’re done. Here’s your nightgown,
when you’re done come out and have
something to eat and then we’ll get you into
bed. Are you feeling any better?”
Sinking lower into the tub she purred. “Yeah,
I’m feeling warmer but getting sleepy.”
“Well don’t fall asleep in here or I’ll have to
come get you.”
She couldn’t help but smile when he said
this. “I won’t,” she giggled.
Feeling refreshed but so tired she dried
herself off with the thick luxuriously bath
towel and slipped into her nightgown. She
could smell the food as it drifted into the
bathroom, making her stomach growl.
Waiting for her were roast beef with gravy
and creamy mash potatoes, glazed carrots.
Lucas pulled the covers down and indicated
for her to get into bed. “You can eat in bed.”
Once she was under the covers and sitting up
he placed the tray over her lap. He smiled
when she immediately dug in, then his smile
turned into a frown. “I should have let you
eat first, you must be so hungry.”
“I’m starving, haven eaten since breakfast,”
she said with a mouthful of food. She
swallowed the food and gave him an
apologetic look. “I’m sorry, I’m not supposed
to talk with food in my mouth.”
“It’s ok, you are hungry.”
When she was finished he removed the tray
and told her to lay down, pulling the covers
over her. “Sleep now, I’ll check on you later.”
“Luca, thanks for coming to my rescue.”
Closing her eyes she went right to sleep.
Turning off the light he bent down, k-ssed
her cheek and left. Going down to the family
room, he was in dire need of a stiff drink.
The other three were there talking but
stopped when he entered.
“How is she doing?” Eleonora asked.
“Better now that she’s eaten, she is asleep,”
Luca answered, pouring himself a drink.
“Robin swore to me she had wedged the door
open with a book but I didn’t see one. Were
any of you up there?” He turned to look at
them, they all shook their heads.
“The girl probably thought she had, she is
young,” Grazia said as she took a sip of her
“Young yes, stupid no. If I find out that
anyone of you removed that book and left
her trapped in that room I’ll make you pay
“Seriously Luca, you are becoming paranoid.
I’m tired of hearing about that girl, she is
turning your brain to mush. Start thinking
with your brain and not your d*ck, I’m going
to bed. Grazia stood and walked out, followed
by Eleonora.
Luca poured him and Filippo another drink
and handed it to him. “My gut tells me that
someone is out to get Robin, and I think it’s
“Why would she want to harm the girl?”
Grazia wants me to marry Eleonora, she
wants Robin out of the picture,” Luca
snapped. “I’m going to hire a bodyguard to
keep an eye on her.”
“You’ve fallen in love with her, haven you?”
“I care for her, she is going to be my wife.
Love, I don’t believe I’m capable of loving.”
“Perhaps your cousin is right, maybe it would
be better not to marry Robin.”
Luca narrowed his eyes, glaring at Filippo. “I
thought you liked her?”
“I do, I think she is a lovely woman, but she
is so young and sweet. Being the wife of
Luca Mariani will not be easy, much pressure
will be put on her. She would have to have
tough skin to put up with all the gossip and
social activities. Right now she is a sweet,
kind hearted girl, do you really want to see
her turn into a cold heartless bitch. Grazia is
right, you are best off with Eleonora.”
Luca banged his fist on the table. “I am going
to marry Robin. If you have a problem with
that you are free to leave my home.”
Filippo’s jaw twitched, taking a deep breath
he held his temper. “Ok my friend, if Robin is
who you want then you have my back. I shall
retire for the night.” He goes to leaves but
stops to say one more thing. “I saw how
upset you were when she was missing and
how you were when you found her. You are
a man in love. Goodnight Luca.
Filippo’s words haunted him, could he have
fallen in love with Robin so quickly? It was
true that when she was near his heart would
pound rapidly in his chest and his stomach
did fl¡ps. When he had her in his arms he
alway became ar-used right away. He wasn’t
sure how much longer he could go without
s€×, and cold showers weren’t working.
Remembering he left his jacket in her room
decided to go get it, he also wanted to check
on her.
He entered her room quietly so as not to
wake her, grabbed his jacket and was about
to leave when he heard her scre-m. Reaching
her he holds her, soothing her by stroking
her back. “Shh, it’s ok my little bird, you are
“Luca I was so scared, I dreamed I was still
trapped in that room.” She clung to him, her
arms around his neck. “Stay with me tonight,
I don’t want to be alone.”
When she looked at him with those big blue
eyes of hers, he melted. He proceeded to
remove his clothing but left on his brief and
climbed into bed. “Come here,” he said,
holding out his arms for her.
She moved into his arms and felt them
wrapping around her, laying her head on his
chest. She felt safe, warm, protected. “Luca.”
“Yeah,” he answered.
“That room I was trapped in, it is full of
treasures. You really should go through it, I
saw some paintings that look like they could
be worth a fortune.”
He’s laughs. “What do I need with more
money? I am one of the richest men in
“You could sell them and donate the money
to charity. There’s one that’s really pretty, it
was a woman holding a child by the river.”
“You like this one painting?”
“Yes, I do.”
“Would you like it for yourself?”
She looked up at him. “I can have it?”
“It is yours, when you are feeling better we
will go up and get it for you. While we are
there I’ll look at the others and see what
there is. But do not go there alone, ok?”
“Ok, I won’t, and thank you.”
When she k-ssed him he pulled her close,
returning her k-ss. It was meant to be a
simple one but soon turned passionate. His
hand moved down and going under her gown,
moving between her thighs. Putting his hands
under her p-nties started stroking her
opening, he felt how w-t she had become
and her mo-ns lit the fire in him. He places a
finger in,side, then two, she rocketed against
his fingers as he moved faster, going deeper
till he heard her scre-m and she had her
first orgasm. Her p-nties at this point had
been removed.
Removing his fingers he looked at her, she
had her eyes closed and was p-nting heavily.
A smile crossed his face, she had a satisfied
look on her face. “Did you like that?” he
asked her, taking her chin in his hand turned
her face to look at him.
She opens her eyes and nods. “Yeah, what
did you do to me?” she asked through breathy
“That my little bird is what is called an
orgasm, one of many that I will give you
once we are married.”
“Am I no longer a V-rgin?” she asked
This made him laugh, he had so much to
teach her. “You are still a V-rgin.” Taking her
hand he placed it on his crotch to let her feel
the hærd bulge in,side his briefs. “This needs
to be in,side you for that to happen. Have you
ever seen a man’s p*n*s?”
She shakes her head.
“You will, soon, now sleep.” He pulls her
back into his arms.
She laid there, she felt w-t down there and
her heart was still thumping wildly. He
placed her hand on him and she felt how
hærd he was under the confines of his
underwear. She was curious as to what he
looked like and at the same time scared.
Never having seen one before she didn’t
know what to expect, would it look gross?
would it be too big to fit her? not wanting to
think about it closed her eyes and waited for
sleep to claim her.

When she woke Luca was gone, feeling a
little disappointed she gets out of bed and
takes a shower. She could still feel his
fingers in,side her, the way he touched her
and the way she had responded had her
blushing. At first, she thought it was just a
dream but knew it couldn’t have been since
she was still w-t between her thighs. If the
actual act of s€× was anything like what he
did last night she could hærdly wait till he
made love to her.
Coming from the bathroom wrapped in a
towel Luca was there, waiting. Seeing him
there in his suit, looking so dangerously
handsome her pulse began to race and she
felt a tingling in her core and dampness
pooling between her legs. It didn’t help that
his tongue darted out and ran over his
bottom lip. Clearing her throat she smiled at
him. “You’re all dressed up, are you going
“Yes, I have a business luncheon to go to.
You best put on your nightgown and get back
into bed before the maid brings your
“But I’m feeling better, I don’t want to go to
bed,” she cried out.
“Do as I say.” Seeing the flash of anger that
crossed her beautiful face added. “Please,
you went through a horrible ordeal yesterday
and need to rest. Tomorrow night is our
engagement party and I need you well
When he flashed her his killer smile she felt
her anger go away. Smiling she dropped her
robe right in front of him and took her time
putting the nightgown on. It brought joy to
her when she noticed how he reacted to what
she did. His eyes went wide and moved down
her body, his eyes filled with lust and there
was movement in,side his p-nts. In bed, she
tried to entice him into bed. Moving her gown
up, showing a great deal of th-gh held out
her hand to him. “Wouldn’t you like to lay
down for awhile?”
Walking slowly toward the bed he took her
hand, sitting down he leaned over and pulled
her gown down past her thighs. “Why Miss
Potter, you little temptress, are you trying to
sed-ce me into bed?”
She laughed. “Me, a temptress, I think not.”
“You really don’t know how beautiful and
s€×y you are, do you?” Taking her face in his
hands k-ssed her hærd, crushing her l-ips. “I
can not miss this meeting and if I stay much
longer I will. I won’t be long, do as I say
please, rest.”
She pouted and threw a pillow at him as he
walked out. But once again he was right, she
did need to rest and after she ate went back
to sleep.
When she woke up she dressed and decided
to ignore Luca’s orders to stay in bed and go
downstairs. Opening the door she saw a big,
burly man standing there. Not knowing who
he was or what he was doing there quickly
shut and locked the door, she began to sweat
and her hands shook. Looking around the
room for some kind of weapon all she could
find to use was the poker from the fireplace.
If the man tried to get in she would smash
him across the head. Moments later the door
handle turned, she raised the poker, she had
never hit a man before and prayed she had
the strength to do so now.
“Robin, unlock this door.” Luca’s voice
shouted out.
Dropping her weapon she flung the door
open and pulling him in,side shut the door,
shaking like a leaf. “Thank God you’re here,
there was a man outside my door. I was so
scared, I didn’t know what to do.”
“I’m sorry, I should have told there would be
someone there.”
“Who is he and why is he there?”
“He’s your bodyguard, I hired him to keep an
eye on you.”
“I can’t believe you did that, am I your
prisoner?” Glaring at him she went and sat
down. “Are you afraid I might steal
Running his hand through his hair he walked
over and sat next to her. “God, you are quick
to lose your temper, I think I liked it better
when you weren’t talking.”
“Fine, I’ll never speak to you again.”
Her angry voice pierced his ears and when
she went to get off the bed he grabbed her
wrist and flung her on her back onto the bed
and pinning her down towered over her. “You
are one feisty female. I must say it turns me
on. Now if you’ll keep quiet for a minute I’ll
explain. I hired him to protect you.”
“Protect me, from what?”
“Too many bad things have been happening to
you, I’m just making sure no one hurts you or
that you hurt yourself.”
“I’m not a child, I don’t need protecting now
get off me.” She tried pushing him off but
he wouldn’t budge no matter how much she
shoved or tried squirming from underneath
him. Little did she know that by wiggling
around she was getting him excited.
His hold became more firm, pinning her
hands once again above her head. “If only
you knew how much I want to take you right
now, your anger only excites me that much
more.” His mouth claimed hers, refusing to
let her move away.
She stopped struggling, his k-ss was deadly,
turned her to jelly and she couldn’ resist him.
“Oh Luca,” she mo-ned. He pulled at her lip
with his teeth, letting go of her hands he
fondled her br-ast.
“You taste so good I could eat you, and soon
I will my little bird,” he said with ragged
She had no idea what he meant by that and
pouted when he pulled away and stood up,
holding out his hand to help her up. “What
would you like to do? go for a walk, maybe a
“Let’s go check out that room upstairs. I
really want you to see what’s all up there.”
Her eye sparkled and face lit up.
“Yes Luca, now.”
“Ok,” he let out a sigh. “Come with me to my
room, I’ll change into jeans.”
Taking his hand she followed him and sat on
a chair and waited while he went into the
other room. He came out wearing jeans and
no shirt.
Unconsciously she licked her l-ips, her eyes
followed him as he went to the drawer in his
dresser and pulled out a black tee shirt and
lifting his arms pulled it over his head. Such
a different look from his expensive suits and
tie. This was a good look on him, rough and
s€×y, and she got turned on.
“Ready?” he asked.
“Hum-yes.” They grabbed a flashlight and
headed up the stairs, he told the bodyguard
to go have something to eat and to make
sure he guarded her door when she retired
for the night.
Luca put a heavy chair in the doorway, he
didn’t want to take a chance on it shutting and
trapping them. She went right to the painting
that was stacked up against the wall and
started looking through them.
“It’s not here,” she kept searching.”
“What’s not here,” Luca asked.
“That painting of the woman holding a child,
the one I told you about, it’s gone.”
“Is this it?” He picked up one and showed it to
“No,” she shakes her head.
“But it is with mother and child, are you
“I’m not stupid Luca. The one I saw she was
standing by the river, holding a child, you
couldn’t see her face, only the baby. It has to
be here, I saw it, I swear I didn’t imagine it.”
Luca started going through the other
paintings. “You’re right, some of these
paintings are worth a fortune. I shall have
them taken down and cleaned up, and as you
suggest donate the money to charity.” Seeing
her rummaging through a rusty tin box was
curious and walked over. “What treasure have
you found now?”
“Jewelry,” she holds up some earrings and a
necklace. “They’re so pretty.”
“They are of no value,” he said, examining the
“But they are old, too nice to be kept hidden
“You like them?”
“Yes, Luca. Cleaned up they would make
some lovely pieces.”
“Then take them, they are yours.”
“Really, I can have them?”
“Yes. I could buy you some real jewelry,
diamonds, rubies, whatever you want.” She
was so easy to please, unlike the other
women he knew.
“No, I like these. Thank you, Luca.”
After searching through the other items they
found some valuable pieces, candlesticks,
and vases that were solid gold he suggests
they wash up for dinner. Grabbing her tin box
with the jewelry she followed him out. He
stopped when they reached her room.
“Tomorrow is the party, I have many
important people coming. I’m counting on
you being on your best behavior.” He laughs
when he saw the anger flashing in her eyes.
“No biting the guests, ok?”
“As long as they don’t bite me first.” She
smiled and disappeared into her bedroom.
Over dinner, Luca told the others of his plans
for cleaning out the room upstairs and
selling what was of value.
Filippo seemed upset about this news. “Do
you think that is wise? is it not better to leave
things as they are. It’s not like you need the
“Robin has convinced me to donate the
money to charity.”
“Really? since when do you do what a mere
girl tells you to do? next thing you know
she’ll be telling you how to run your
business,” Grazia snorted.
“What she has suggested, not told me to do
is a very good idea. There are many who are
poor and the money can go to help them,”
Luca said, glaring angerly at her.
“Since when do you care about the poor,” she
snapped back.
“I will not discuss this with you any further
Grazia. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m taking
Robin for a walk outside, it’s a beautiful
night.” Taking Robin’s hand they leave the
others to gossip.
Once they were gone Grazia threw down her
napkin and looked at Eleonora and Filippo.
“This has to stop, we have to get rid of that
girl before she has Luca doing whatever she
wants. Before she convince’s him to kick us
out.” She looks at Eleonora. “You have to
make a move on Luca before it’s too late.
Tomorrow night during the party find a way
to get him alone and sed-ce him.”
Filippo laughed. “Good luck with that. Robin
is never out of his sight, he keeps her too
close. I believe he is falling for her.”
“Then perhaps while Eleonora is occupied
with Luca you should flirt with Robin. Better
yet if you could sed-ce the girl and get her
into bed Luca will not go through with this
stupid marriage.”
Filippo choked on his wine. “Are you insane
Grazia? Luca would beat me into a bloody
pulp and I would be out on the streets. No
dear, we’ll let Eleonora take him to bed and
I’ll bet when Robin catches them she will
refuse to marry him.”
“I’ll sed-ce him, one way or another, but
Filippo you keep her busy and when the time
is just right you bring her up to Luca’s room.”
Eleonora raised her glass to the others.
Filippo winked at her. “You are evil my love.”
Luca walked Robin to her room, leaned in
and k-ssed her. “Goodnight. I won’t be here in
the morning to have breakfast with you. I
have things to attend to.” He left as soon as
her bodyguard turned up to stand outside her


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