Robin – Batch 6


Robin woke up in a cold sweat. Today she
was getting married, her emotions were all
over the place. She was excited and yet
nervous as hell, tonight Luca had said he
would make love to her. It was what she
wanted but was afraid, she had no idea what
to expect. Would she be enough for him?
could she satisfy him? All these thoughts
raced through her mind. Walking out onto
her balcony she looked down at the activities
going on below. People were running around
getting everything ready. Lifting her face and
closing her eyes she let the morning sun
warm her face. It was going to be a lovely
day for an outdoor wedding.
Someone knocked and she went to answer it,
a maid carried in a breakfast tray for her.
But she was too wound up to eat, drinking
her coffee sat down. She wondered what
Luca was doing at this moment, was he also
nervous or maybe regretting his decision to
marry her. The wedding was set for one
o’clock, she had plenty of time to shower,
change and do her hair before it was to
After seeing that things were running
smoothly Luca showered and got into his
suit. His hand shook as he did up his tie. He
was nervous as hell, a first for him.
Standing by the mirror checked himself to
make sure he looked alright before going
He met with Filippo and they had a drink
together before going outside.
“So you’re really going through with it Luca,”
Filippo said as he poured them another drink.
“Yes, why wouldn’t I?”
“Just asking, and thanks for allowing me to
walk her down the aisle.”
They went outside to make sure things were
ready. Luca smiled, it looked lovely, simple
but classy. It was going to be a small
wedding, around two hundred guests
Robin changed into her gown, with no one to
help her she struggled to do the zipper up.
Sitting down she looked in the mirror, the
diamond earrings and necklace Luca had
given her sparkled. A knock made her jump
and one of the maids entered, carrying her
bouquet of flowers.
“Is anything wrong Miss,” the young woman
asked when she saw the pain in Robin’s eyes.
“I-I can not do my dress up,” she said sadly.
“Let me help you,” she went over and helped
Robin. “My, you make a very beautiful bride,
Mr. Mariani will go out of his mind when he
see’s you.”
“Have you worked for him very long?”
“Going on two years. Would you like for me
to do your hair?The maid asked, giving her a
warm smile.
“You wouldn’t mind?” Robin asked, feeling
grateful to the woman.
“Not at all, please sit.”
“Tell me about Luca,” Robin asked nervously.
“What would you like to know? not that I’ll be
able to tell you much.”
“Is he good to his help?what’s he like?”
“I don’t think it’s my place to talk about Mr.
“Please tell me what you think of him, it will
just be between us.”
“Well, he has a temper and has no patience.
But he is a fair boss and pays really well. I
noticed he is very protective and possessive
of you. I also have to say that since you have
come here he is more relaxed, seems happy.
I have never seen him smile before, but now
he smiles a lot.” The maid stood back to look
at her handy work. “So what do you think
Miss? if you don’t like it I can change it.”
I love it, thank you so much,” she said,
smiling when she looked in the mirror.
“Good luck today Miss, I’ll leave you to finish
up, unless you need help with anything else.”
“No, that will be all, thanks again Holly.”
Robin applied a touch of l¡pstick and a dab
of perfume behind each ear. The closer the
time got the more nervous she became. A
light knock sounded and she called out for
whoever it was to enter. In walked Filippo, a
smile plastered on his face.
“My dear, you look amazing, absolutely
stunning,” he said as he approached her.
Standing behind her he placed his hands on
her bare shoulders. “Luca is one lucky man.”
She started to feel uncomfortable when
Filippo kept his hands on her, his thumb
rubbing her shoulders. “Thank you,” she says,
moving away and from his car-ss. “What’s
Luca doing?” she asked, trying to stay calm.
“Luca is busy making sure everything is
perfect for your big day. Here, drink this.” He
hands her a glass of champagne, seeing her
hesitating smiles. “It will calm your nerves.”
Lifting the glass to her l-ips takes a couple of
sips, then set the glass down. She didn’t think
she’d ever get used to it.
“Well it’s almost time for the show to start,
are you ready to go?”
Nodding she takes the arm he offers her and
they head downstairs. Little beads of sweat
formed on her forehead, her knees felt weak,
like they were about to give out. Walking
outside she saw Luca standing at the front
with the minister, looking so handsome in his
dark blue suit and he smiled at her, showing
appreciation for the way she looked. She
never even noticed all the guests watching
She began sweating with the hot sun beating
down on her. The music began and Filippo
started walking her down the aisle. She felt
light headed, things got so bright and the
next thing she knew Luca was by her side,
calling her name.
When Luca saw Robin she took his breath
away, his heart started beating fast and it felt
as though there were butterflies dancing in
his stomach. But she looked so pale and
when she collapsed he wasted no time in
getting to her side.
“Robin,” Luca said as he touched her cheek, a
worried look on his face.
“What happened?” she managed to whisper.
“You fainted,” he replied, scooping her up in
his arms carried her in,side.
Grazia stood and told the guests there was
nothing to worry about, that there would be a
short delay and she ordered the help to serve
them a c*cktail.
He laid her down on the sofa and handed her
a glass of water. “Just sip it. The help tells
me you that you have not eaten today, I think
this is why you fainted. I asked them to bring
you some cheese and crackers.”
She tried to sit up but he made her lay still.
“I’m so sorry Luca, I’ve embarrassed you in
front of your guests.” She lowered her eyes,
afraid he’d be mad.
“No Robin, you haven’t. Here, eat something
and you’ll feel better soon.” He takes the
plate from the maid and hands her a piece of
cheese on a cracker. He could see the color
coming back to her face after chowing down
on a few of the crackers. “Feeling better?” he
asks, gently touching her cheek.
“Yes,” she answers.
“Ready to marry me? or would you prefer not
to?” He searched her face for any clue that
she wanted out of this marriage.
“I’m ready,” she said, standing she brushes
the crumbs from her dress.
“Filippo, we are ready, give me a minute to
get there.” He turns to Robin. “Before I go I
want to tell you how beautiful you look.”
Wrapping his arms around her tiny wa-ist
gave her a k-ss before walking away.
“Perhaps that champagne was a mistake,
Robin, I am truly sorry,” Filippo said as he
took her arm and led her outside.
“No, don’t blame yourself, I should have
Having something in her stomach she felt
much better, though she was still nervous as
hell. As soon as they reached the front
Filippo let her go and went and sat next to

Luca took her hands in his, looking into her
eyes. He knew right then that he was
dangerously close to falling in love with her,
or perhaps he already was. Why else would
he become enraged with jealousy whenever
he thought of her being with another man.
They went with the traditional vows, tears
filled her eyes when the rings were placed
on their fingers and they were pronounced
man and wife. Taking her face in his hands
gave her a passionate k-ss. “You’re mine,” he
mouthed the words to her, sending shivers
throughout her entire body.
After mingling the food was ready to be
served, which Robin was grateful for, she
was starving. Luca put his hand on her th-gh
and leaning over whispered in her ear.
“Tonight I shall ravish every inch of your
body, I will give us the pleasure I’ve been
denying us for so long.” He then k-ssed her
cheek which had turned a dark shade of pink.
His hand still on her th-gh moved up, under
the dress, stroking her soft flesh.
She swallowed the lump in her throat,
thankful the tablecloths were long and no
one could see what Luca was doing. “Luca,
not here,” she choked out. Of course, he
ignored her and kept his hand on her, making
her squirm when he got close to her p-nties.
She could see he was enjoying teasing her.
It was time for them to cut the cake. She
sighed with relief knowing he would have to
remove his hand before she lost control, her
p-nties feeling damp.
Cutting the cake she fed him a tiny piece with
her fingers which he licked clean in front of
everyone. Her face turning red when she
saw the lust in his eyes and she was sure the
others noticed it as well.
It was now time for them to start off the
first dance. He pulled her close, not caring
who was watching or what they thought.
Moments later the others joined in and with
all eyes off them, Luca placed his mouth on
her neck, his k-ss’s soft, lighting the fire in
the pit of her belly.
“I can’t wait to get you upstairs,” he mo-ned
into her neck. He turned angrily when Filippo
tapped him on the shoulder.
“Don’t hog her all night Luca, others wish to
have a dance with your bride.”
With a disgruntled sigh, he left her to dance
with Filippo. He found himself dancing with
some of the other women but kept an eye on
her. That green-eyed monster crept up when
he saw her dancing with an older man who
he thought was holding her way to close.
Letting go of the woman he was dancing with
went over and putting his hand on the man’s
arm glared at him.
“You will respect me and my wife by not
being so close.” Removing her from his hold
took her hand and moved to another area to
“Luca, was that necessary? he wasn’t doing
anything wrong,” she said, feeling sorry for
the poor guy who was shocked by Luca’s
“You are right, I was out of line. But I can’t
help myself when I see you so close to
another man, it makes me so mad.”
“Jealous is more like it Luca, and there’s no
need to be.”
“I will try to control my jealousy,” he said but
he stopped talking when he s₱0tted Eleonora
with Grazia. Taking her hand pulled her along
with him to where the two women were
standing. “What is she doing here? he
growled, pointing to Eleonora.
“I invited her Luca,” Grazia answered.
“Well, didn’t.” He looks at the other woman. “I
want you off my property, now.”
Robin laid her hand on Luca’s arm. “It’s ok,
let her stay.”
He looked at her as if she were crazy. “Are
you sure you want this troublemaker here?”
“Not particularly, but she is Grazia’s friend.”
Since Grazia has been civil to her lately she
didn’t want to have her revert back to her
nasty ways. It was better to stay on her good
“If that’s what you want.” He looked at
Eleonora, his l-ips set in a firm line. “Very
well, you can stay. But if you cause any kind
of trouble I personally will throw you out on
your rear.”
Not wanting to spend another minute with
that woman he leads Robin away.

Luca stood behind Robin with his arm around
her wa-ist as they watched the people dancing
and having a good time. He put his l-ips to
her ear. “It’s time we head upstairs and get
you out of this dress. But first I must go talk
to someone, I’ll be back soon.” Giving her
cheek a k-ss he left her to talk to a woman
who had just walked over, congratulating her.
Suddenly Robin started to sweat. Though she
had tried on numerous occasions to sed-ce
Luca she was now scared. Grabbing a glass
of champagne from the tray the waiter was
carrying took two long gulps. Others made
their way over to her making small talk, all
were quite friendly. She was handed another
glass which she drank a little too fast. The
champagne helped to ease her anxiety and a
little giddy.
When Luca returned twenty minutes later he
found her surrounded by four men and she
was drinking. Seeing them laughing and one
man took a hold of her arm and he heard the
man asking her for a dance. This set Luca’s
blood boiling to see another man with his
hands on her. He rushed over, putting his
hand on the man’s shoulder, adding enough
pressure it made him winch. “This dance
belongs to be.”
She giggled when he led her to the dance
area. “You’re so s€×y when you are being
possessive,” she slurred her words.
“You’re drunk, how much have you had to
“I don’t know,” she snickered. “But my feet
are killing me.” Pulling free from his hold
she kicks off her shoes, holding them in her
hands she puts her arms around his neck
and they continue to dance.
When he felt her body pressing into him and
she reached up, grazing his mouth with her
l-ips he couldn’t fight the raging desire that
filled him. “You are teasing me, making me
want you but I can not make love to you in
your condition.” No, he wasn’t about to let her
first time be this way, with her drunk.
“You said you would Luca, you promised,”
she said, pouting. Her fingers played with the
back of his hair and her l-ips went to his
neck, k-ssing ever so softly. “I want you,
Luca, I want to feel the pleasure only you can
give me.”
The way she ran her fingers through his hair
sent a tingling s-nsation shooting throughout
his body, not to mention what was happening
when she k-ssed and s-cked lightly on his
neck. He was so turned on he couldn’t wait.
Taking her hand practically dragged her away
from the dance area and headed in,side. With
no one around he pinned her up against the
wall. “Oh my God, I want you so bad. I only
pray I can wait till I get you upstairs or the
guest will be seeing one hell of a show.” His
mouth came down hærd on hers, attacking
her l-ips like some kind of wild animal.
A cough behind them stopped Luca, annoyed
he looked over his shoulder to see who it
was. “Grazia, what the hell do you want,” he
said, then letting go of Robin.
“For God sake, Luca, making out where
anyone can see you,” Grazia hissed.
“I asked you what you wanted.”
“Mr. Spencer has some papers for you to
sign. I told him this was not the time but he
said you wanted to sign them tonight.”
“Tell him I’ll be waiting in my office.”
When Grazia left he k-ssed Robin’s cheek.
“This will only take a few minutes, go to my
room, I mean our room and wait for me.”
Swaying a little she giggled. “Don’t keep me
waiting.” She walked away barefoot and gave
him a sed-ctive smile.
He had forgotten about those damn papers,
but since they were important he headed to
his office.
“Let’s get this over with, my bride is waiting
for me,” Luca said as he took the doc-ments
from Spencer’s hands. Ten minutes later he
shook the man’s hand and rushing out took
the stairs two steps at a time. He had
removed his tie and jacket by the time he
reached his bedroom, he was anxious to get
Robin into bed.
Entering the room Robin was laying on the
bed still wearing her wedding dress and not
moving. Walking closer he felt all the lust
and desire draining from his body when he
realized she had passed out. Sitting on the
edge of the bed and looking down at her
sweet face he shook his head. Putting his
hands on her back pulled her up, her head
fell onto his shoulder and he pulled down
the zipper of the dress, laying her back
He then slid the dress down, exposing her
br-asts since she wore no b-ra. It was driving
him mad seeing them and not being able to
do a damn thing about it. He continued
pulling it down till he had it off her, draping
it over the chair. Reaching for her p-nties he
stopped. It would be better to leave them on
or he may not be able to control himself and
he wasn’t a pervert who was going to have
his way with a woman who was passed out.
He heard her murmur his name when he
covered her with the blanket.
Removing his own clothes he poured himself
a drink before getting into bed next to her.
Needless to say, he was disappointed as well
as s€×ually frustrated, what was to be a night
of passion was ruin when she got drunk.
Maybe it was a sign telling him that he was
right to begin with, that she should be his
wife in name only. Getting into bed he tossed
and turned, sleep did not come easy that
night. ******************
When Robin woke her head was pounding, it
felt like drums were banging away in,side her
head. Sitting up she rubbed her temples and
realizing she was unclad pulled the sheet over
her exposed br-asts. Looking up she saw
Luca sitting in a chair, staring at her. He
looked so handsome in the white shirt and
dark p-nts he wore, but he looked angry.
Robin tried to swallow the lump in her throat,
but it seemed to be lodged in there. “Luca,
I’m so sorry about last night.”
He sat there, arms crossed. “Why are you
“I’m sorry I got drunk and fell asleep,” she
said, turning her head away so she didn’t
have to see the anger in his eyes. “I don’t
know what I was thinking.”
“You didn’t fall asleep Robin, you passed out.
For the past two weeks, you have been
tempting me with your body, begging me to
make love to you. Were you playing some
kind of game? and when the time came you
decided you didn’t want s€× so you
deliberately got loaded. What was to be a
night of passion you ruin.”
“Luca no, I wasn’t playing a game. I wanted
you, I have for a long time now, it’s just-it’s.”
Her words were cut off when he stood up
and barked at her. “Then what the f-ck was
it? I don’t take kindly to being made a fool
“I was afraid,” she cried out, looking at him
with tears in her eyes.
Luca could deal with just about anything
except seeing her cry, any other woman he
didn’t care. But with her it was different, it
tugged at his heart strings to see her sad.
“Afraid of what?” he said a little less harshly.
“Of disappointing you, afraid you wouldn’t be
happy with me and seek the arms of one who
could satisfy you. I panicked so I had a drink
and then someone handed me another one.
I’m not sure how many I had, but I swear I’ll
never drink again.”
Luca was still upset and couldn’t help being
cold towards her. “Take a shower and get
dressed. I’ll have some breakfast sent up and
then we’ll leave, we have a three-hour drive
ahead of us.”
“Where are you going?” she asked when he
went to walk out.
“Downstairs to my office, I have a few things
to clear up before we leave.”
She sat back down on the bed when he left,
she was heartbroken. What might have been
she ruined by getting drunk, she feared that
now he would never want her and probably
regrets marrying her. **************
Luca was sitting behind his desk when Filippo
walked in carrying coffee for them both. “I
thought you would still be in bed with your
new bride. Are you ok?” he asked when Luca
took the coffee he was offered to him
without answering.
“What makes you think anything is wrong?”
he snapped.
“I have known you for years and I can tell
when something is bothering you. I’m
guessing it has to do with Robin. Has she
kicked you out of the bedroom already?
maybe she needs a break from your
insatiable lust.” He laughed at his own joke.
“Nothing happened, she passed out, my bride
is still a V-rgin and is going to stay that way.”
Filippo darn near spit out his coffee, this was
news to him. “A V-rgin, she’s a V-rgin? you
never told me that?”
“Why would I?”
“Look, Luca, I like Robin and I admit I didn’t
think you should marry her at first. But I see
she makes you happy and the girl is head
over heels in love with you. You can not deny
her the love every woman wants and needs.
Go to her, make love to your wife and let her
know how much you care for her. She will
someday give you a child, an heir. I know you
are in love with Robin.”
“Now what makes you think I’m in love with
her?” Luca scoffed.
“Come on man, I see the way you look at her
and the way you are so protective. Why won’t
you just admit it, Luca, you are in love. Go to
her and tell her how you feel. I must leave
now, but I’ll see you when you get back from
your honeymoon.”
Sitting behind the desk he runs his hand over
his face. Perhaps Filippo was right, maybe he
was in love. Removing his tie he headed
upstairs, it was time to make this marriage
official. Opening the bedroom door he calls
out to her but gets no answer. As soon as he
reached the bathroom he hears the sound of
Robin throwing up. There she was squatting
in front of the toilet.”
“Go away Luca, I don’t want you to see me
like this,” she cried out when she saw him
walking over to her.
He held her hair back, gently rubbing her
shoulder with his free hand. “I’m your
husband, it’s my job to be here and to help
you.” Shit, I can’t catch a break.
Moments later she stands. “Give me a few
minutes to freshen up and then we can be on
our way.”
Well, making love would have to wait till she
was feeling better. “Take your time, there’s
no hurry.” He leaves her to do what she
needed to.
Robin splashed water over her face, looking
in the mirror she gro-ned when she saw how
pale she looked. After brushing her teeth she
applied a touch of makeup. It was bad
enough that she ruin their special night and
now he had to see her with her face in the
toilet. How he must be disgusted with her.
Taking a deep breath went into the other
room where he was sitting waiting for her.
“If you’re not up to it we can go tomorrow,”
he said, his eyes traveled over her. She
looked so pretty in her white cotton dress. He
had every intention of coming up here and
throwing her down on the bed and ravish her
body as he had promised to do last night.
“No, I’m feeling better.” Picking up her purse
followed him out.

There was tension between them during the
ride to the hotel where Luca had booked them
into for a two-week stay. Robin knew she had
disappointed him, as well as herself. Her
heart did a flip when she looked over at him,
he was so handsome and so serious as he
maneuvered his car through the busy street,
swaying slightly to avoid a dog that darted
across the street in front of them.
“Luca,” she said timidly.
“Are you still mad at me,” asking though she
knew the answer.
“Mad? no, but I am disappointed. I feel you
are not ready to take the next step in our
relationsh¡p so I will wait until you are. In the
meantime, I shall show you the sights, take
you to the opera and ballet. I’m sure you will
enjoy them,” he said and placed his hand on
her knee but removed it quickly when he felt
a spark of desire run through his veins.
Damn, why does this woman have such an
affect on me?
Robin was in awe when they pulled up to the
most elegant hotel she could have imagined.
It was something like you’d see in the
movies. A valet greeted them to park the car
and a hotel staff member was there to carry
their bags in. The doorman smiled as he
opened the door for them.
She stood next to Luca while he took care of
booking them in. She s₱0tted a small dog
and not thinking walked over to it and the
owner. She didn’t really notice the owner and
squatting down petted the puppy. “My you are
so adorable, what’s your name, little guy?”
The man chuckled,” His name is Toby. He
must like you, he doesn’t often take to
strangers right away. My name is Glen
Robin stood and flashed him a friendly smile
as she kept petting the puppy. “I’m Robin
Potter,” she snickered. “Well, it’s Robin
Mariani now.”
“Married, what a shame,” Glen said as he
shook her hand. “Your husband is a very
lucky man. Have you been married long?”
“Since yesterday,” she replied.
When Luca was done and found she wasn’t
by his side looked across the room and saw
her talking to a young man, judging my his
hair and skin color he guessed him to be
American. In his eyes, the two were being
very friendly and he didn’t like it, not one
little bit. Walking over to them he put his arm
around her wa-ist, showing the stranger she
was his.
“Who do we have here?” he said, his tone
“Luca, this is Glen Travis and his c*cker
spaniel Toby,” she answered. She could tell
he was upset by the way his jaw tightened
and his bottom curled up.
“Our room is ready, let’s go.” Taking her arm
and glaring at Glen didn’t bother to speak to
In the elevator, she yanked her arm from his
grip. “You were terribly rude to that man,”
she said, making it clear that she was not
happy with the way he behaved.
Start from the beginning
“You shouldn’t have been talking to him in the
first place.”
“Excuse me?” she snapped.
“You heard me. You’re my wife and I find
you and some stranger flirting with each
other, you’re lucky I didn’t break his bloody
“Oh my God, what the hell is wrong with you?
you are not only being overly jealous but too
possessive. I’m not your property, you don’t
own me.”
Out of anger, he said something he didn’t
mean, something he regretted the moment it
slipped from his mouth. “I actually do own
Turning to him, her face a dark shade of red
and anger flashing with fury she was about
to say something when the door to the
elevator open and two ladies entered. What
she wanted to say would have to wait until
they were behind closed doors.
They walked in total silence, Luca unlocked
the door and once in,side she turned to him,
her hand raised she slapped him across the
face. “You bastard, you do not own me.”
Giving him a shove she went to walk away but
he grabbed her arm and she found herself
pinned up against the wall.
“You are allowed one slap my little bird. God,
you are so s€×y when you are angry.”
Looking at her neck and seeing the soft
smooth skin he lowered his head, k-ssing as
he held her hands above her head, his body
pressed against hers. He felt her struggling,
but seconds later stopped and she mo-ned.
Both breathing heavily she managed to free
her hands and put her hands on his chest
and managed to shove him back, their eyes
locked. She didn’t know what got into her but
she grabbed his tie and pulled him back and
her mouth went to his mouth, her hands
undid his tie and started undoing the buttons
on his shirt while he quickly tore off his
Pulling apart from Robin he removed his
shirt, then kicking off his shoes pulled down
his p-nts. His eyes still locked on hers,
watching as she licked her l-ips, chest heaving
rapidly. Turning her around so fast, making
her gasp he slowly pulled the zipper on her
dress down and lifting it over her head. With
her still facing the wall he placed his l-ips on
the back of her neck, his hands going around
her he cupped her br-asts in his hands.
Her palms on the wall mo-ned as he ran his
thumb over the n-pples. “Luca,” she cried out,
loving the feel of him touching her, his hot
breath on her neck. She was turned to face
him and he claimed her mouth, letting her
know they belonged to him and no one else.
Her bare br-asts against his muscular chest
felt as though they were on fire, as was the
rest of her. And when he placed his hand
in,side her p-nties and she felt a finger going
between her womanly flesh and he started
stroking in,side her.
“You are so w-t for me, I can not wait
another minute.” Removing his finger he
cupped her butt cheeks and hoisted her up,
she wrapped her legs around his wa-ist,
forgetting all about their argument as he
carried her into the bedroom and laid her
Before climbing in he slid down her p-nties
and threw them to the floor. Climbing into
bed he hovered over her, looking down into
her eyes. “Tonight I make you my woman.”
He started off by savagely attacking her
mouth, pushing his tongue between her l-ips
traced it along the roof of her mouth, teasing
her. Moving down her neck, stopping to s-ck
and nibble as he moved slowly down. He felt
her slender body squirming beneath the
weight of him. Meanwhile, while his mouth
was busy with her br-asts his hand went
between her thighs, pleasuring her until she
trembled and shook from an orgasm that hit
her like a raging storm.
It got him so hærd when she called out his
name, her h¡ps rocking against his hand. It
was torture not taking his own release but he
wanted her first time to be special, she
needed to experience everything there was to
making love, not just s€×.
Robin thought she was losing her mind, he
was a loving and generous lover but she
wanted to feel what it would be like to have
him in,side her. “Luca, make love to me,” she
mo-ned as she pressed further into him.
“Not yet little bird, now open your legs for
me,” he ordered as he moved his head down
between them and almost laughed out loud
when she shrieked. “Relax my sweets, I told
you once I before what I was going to do to
you.” When he knew that neither one of them
could hold back any longer he moved back
Perspiration dampened their bodies and he
moved the hair from her face, telling her to
open her eyes and look at him. “I can’t wait
much longer to have you. This will hurt for a
few minutes but I promise to make it as
painless as I can. But first I have to ask, do
you want me to continue? if not tell me, once
I start I will not be able to stop.”
Nodding she smiled up at him. “I want this
Luca, I want you.”
With that being said he got out of bed and
took off his briefs, she saw him for the first
time. Biting her bottom lip she was a little
shocked at the size of it, blushing she turned
her head away.
Smiling he got back into bed, climbing on
top. “You do not have to be embarrassed or
“I’m not afraid,” she said and pulled his head
down to k-ss him.
Shifting his position he lowered his head and
took her mouth with a possession that made
her mo-n. Embedding himself between her
legs eased the tip of his manh-od into her
plump swollen womanly folds that were slick
and moist. He heard her cry out in pain when
he thr-st in deeper, popping her cherry. His
breathing ragged and choppy looked down
into her face and saw a tear sliding down her
“I’m so sorry, the pain will pass and then it
will feel good.” He felt terrible for hurting
her but he couldn’t stop now, he was so
close. When she car-ssed his mouth with the
tip of her tongue he felt a tremor go through
him and knew by the way she was looking at
him that she wanted him to keep going.
The muscles in his stomach tightened and he
began thr-sting in and out, showing her that
he had every right to be there, her body
belonged to him and him alone.
When she felt the blunt tip of his manh-od
sliding into her and felt only a few seconds
of piercing pain she let out a yelp, a tear fell
from her eye. But as he moved slowly in and
out, his mouth on hers as he k-ssed her the
pain went away and an incredible pleasure
took its place, she raised her h¡ps and
started moving to the beat of his thr-sts.
Placing her hands on his chest she mo-ned
as she felt the hot, velvety length of him
thr-sting h-rder and faster, going deeper.
Sparks of light burst behind her eyes, like
fireworks going off and she cried out his
name when she felt her orgasm. Then she
knew he too found his own release when he
let out a loud grunt and his thr-sts were so
hærd and fast until he collapsed on top of
“Shit, that was amazing and you were
fantastic, so w-t and tight for me.”
Not knowing if that being tight was a good
thing she timidly said, “I’m sorry, I don’t mean
to be tight.”
Still, on top he laughed, thinking how
innocent she was. “No my little bird, that is a
good thing. I am sorry that I hurt you. I also
want to apologize for saying I own you,
please forgive me.”
“I do Luca, but you really have to stop being
so jealous and possessive. Am I not allowed
to talk to another man?”
“You’re right, I’ll try to tone it down a little.
It’s not that I don’t want you talking to men,
it’s just that you are so sweet and innocent
and can’t see that they are coming on to you.”
When she saw the wicked smiled that crossed
his face and felt him getting hærd she
smiled. “What?” she asked.
I’m going to make love to you again, and this
time I will not take my time, I’m going to take
you hærd and fast. First, time was  for you,
this will be for me, you ok with that?”
“Would I be able to stop you? she asked and
let out a squeal when he surged in,side her
and growled, NO.


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