Robin – batch 8


Robin woke with a smile on her face, last
night Luca was so tender, so loving. In her
wildest dreams, she never imagined making
love could feel that good. He had different
ways of making love. The sweet and
generous lover, and the rough and
demanding one, one where he took her
greedily, satisfying his lust. Either way was
amazing, setting her body aflame with heated
passion. Opening her eyes she sees him,
dressed and about to leave.
“Were you going to leave without saying
goodbye?” she said, sitting up she held the
sheet over her, feeling let down she pouted.
Seeing that sad face he went and sat next to
her, his hand moved a strand of hair away.
“Of course not my little bird. I was going to
wake you for a k-ss before I left. Filippo and
I will be gone most of the day. It’s raining so
you won’t be able to go riding, I asked two of
the staff to go with you upstairs, they will
help you go through everything and pack
them up. Maybe you’ll find that painting you
were looking for.”
“I hope so,” she replied. “There are so many
cool things up there.”
“If you see anything else that you like it’s
“Well, there was a pair of gold candle stick
holders, cleaned and polished they would
look so nice on the mantle above the
fireplace.” She points to the fireplace.
“Then they are yours.”
“Really Luca, you don’t mind?”
“You are my wife, whats mine is yours.” He
gives her a k-ss and was about to leave but
she grabbed his hand.
“Luca, about last night, what I did to you.” She
blushed and looked away, too shy to look at
him. “I mean about how I went down on you.
I’ve only heard about it and don’t know if I
did it right.”
He stared at her face that had turned a bright
red and smiled. Taking her chin in his hand
lifted her face so that she had to look at
him. “I have to admit you took me by
surprise, I never expected you to do that. But
it was a pleasant and most enjoyable
surprise, and yes, you did it just right, I loved
it.” He k-ssed her passionately before leaving.
After showering and putting on a pair of
jeans and one of Luca’s hoodies went down
for breakfast before tackling the room
upstairs. Two staff members went with her,
Holly, the one who helped her on the day of
the wedding and the handy man, Paul went
with her.
They wrapped some of the valuable painting
and boxed several of the smaller items. She
looked everywhere for the candle stick
holders but couldn’t find them, they just
weren’t there. The old photo albums and
framed pictures they packed in the plastic
containers and decided to leave them for
another time. They worked for several hours
and were covered in dirt and grime, tired they
stopped for the day.
As she was leaving the room and not looking
where she was going bumped into the hærd
chest of the man she loved. “Luca, you’re
back early,” she said, a smile broke out on
her face. She wanted to hug him but she was
covered in dirt and didn’t want to get his suit
dirty. But when he took her in his arms and
held her close as he k-ssed her dirty face
she cried out. “Your suit is getting dirty.”
“I don’t care, I’ve missed you and can’t wait to
hold you in my arms.”
“Let me take a shower and change.”
Smiling he took her hand and pulled her
along with him as he rushed them down the
stairs. “Yes, let’s get you in that shower.”
“Wait, why are you home so soon? I wasn’t
expecting you till dinner.”
“The one appointment we had got canceled.”
Once in,side their room they tore off their
clothes and stepped into the shower, taking
turns washing the other before he had her up
against the wall, his mouth traveling down
her body as he k-ssed and teased before
taking her. Showers were never this good
when one was alone.
Robin threw on one of her robes and going
into the other room saw Luca sitting in a
chair putting on his shoes. She stood before
him wanting to tell him about her day, he
pulled her down onto his lap so that she was
straddling him.
“I hope you aren’t planning on wearing that to
dinner,” he laughed when she swatted him
and leaning over to k-ss him. “How was your
day?” he asked.
“It’s going good, but.” She was finding it hærd
speaking when his hand moved up her leg.
“But what?” he asked, his hand stroking her
“Those candle sticks I was telling you about,
they’re missing.”
“Missing, are you sure?”
“Yes, they aren’t there and I can’t be sure but
I think there are some other items missing.”
“Like what?” she now had his attention and he
stopped stroking her leg to listen.
“I can’t really be sure.”
Luca frowned. “Someone must be stealing
from me, but who? it can’t be Grazia or
Filippo, they both have their own money and I
pay him very well. The staff I employ have
been with me for a long time and I’ve never
had any trouble with them stealing. I will
have a meeting with them and see if anyone
will confess.”
Climbing off his lap she went over to the
closet and took out a dress and shoes, taking
a pair of p-nties from the dresser looked
over as he was buttoning up his shirt. “I am
going to have to go shopping for new
“When you want to go let me know and if I
can’t take you then your bodyguard will. I
think I’ll head downstairs, or would you like
me to wait for you?”
“No, you go ahead, I’ll be down shortly.”
Over dinner, Luca brought up the subject of
the missing items.
“Well, I certainly hope you aren’t accusing me
of stealing,” Grazia snapped, offended and
outraged at the very thought. “I wouldn’t be
caught dead up there, it’s so dirty and filled
with all kinds of vile things.”
“Luca, I would never dream of stealing from
you, you are my friend and pay me well. Why
with the enormous bonus you gave me for
closing that deal I bought myself this Rolex.”
He lifts his arm, showing it off. “Maybe one
of the help has sticky fingers.”
“I talked to them and they deny taking
anything, I believe them,” Luca said, rubbing
his chin as he looked at the two across the
“Anyways Luca, I’ve arranged the press
conference for tomorrow. It’ll be held here
and I thought the ball room would be the
perfect place to hold it, plenty of room.”
“That’s fine, thank you for getting it done so
quickly.” He looked over at Robin and seeing
the look of fright on her face took her hand
and gave it a squeeze.
The conference:
Camera’s were set up, chairs placed for the
numerous reporters and for the others who
would be there. Robin was a complete mess,
her hands shook and she was sweating. She
marveled at how calm, cool and collected
Luca was. But then why wouldn’t he be,
unlike her he used to being in the public eye
and speaking to large groups.
“I’ll be right next to you, holding your hand
the wh0le time. It’s time, you ready?”
“No,” she shook her head but held his hand
as they stepped out and stood in front of the
microphones. The camera’s started flashing,
blinding her and if it wasn’t for Luca holding
on to her she would have fallen flat on her
Every reporter stood and started shouting
questions till Luca raised his hands,
motioning for them to settle down.
“Ok, one question at a time,” he pointed to an
older woman in the front.
“Mr. Mariani, is it true you paid your wife’s
uncle so that you could have her?”
“Miss, that is outrageous. I merely paid him
for three horses I purchased from him, my
wife had nothing to do with it. Next.”
“Mr. Mariani, isn’t it unusual to marry after
only knowing her for a month?” a young man
Luca smiled and looked at Robin when he
answered. “When you’re in love you don’t
want to wait. True, we only knew each other a
month before we got married, but we are in
love.” He k-ssed her hand, showing his love
for her.
More questions were thrown at Robin, she
answered as best she could and what she
stumbled on Luca stepped in. When asked
about the argument between Robin and
Sandra Luca laughed it off, saying that they
had a disagreement, nothing more.
Robin was relieved when it was all over and
Luca guided her through the crowd and out
of the room.
“You did well out there,” he said beaming
with pride. Though she was nervous and was
squeezing his hand so tight it was causing
him pain he ignored it. He was proud how
she answered the questions and didn’t freak
The next two week were busy ones for Luca,
leaving Robin to what she wanted, drawing,
went riding, her bodyguard following right
Two months into their marriage”
Luca, can you take me shopping, I need new
“I’m so sorry, I can’t today. I’ll get the
bodyguard to take you,” Luca said as he
looked over some papers that needed
“His name is Shane, it’s rude not to call him
by his name.”
Dropping the papers stood up and going over
took her in his arms. “You are way too nice,
so sweet. From now on I’ll call him by
name.” He k-ssed her, his hands car-ssing
her rear end. “You feel so nice.”
“You ho-ny bugger, let go, you have work to
do and I need new p-nties thanks to you.”
Laughing he hands her a credit card. “Here
you go, this is your card, keep it. I’ll see you
when you get back and you can model the
new p-nties for me.”
He laughed when a scowl crossed her face
and she left the room.
Robin and Shane walked out the store, he
insisted on carrying her bags. She also
bought some s€×y lingerie that she thought
Luca would like, and she hoped he wouldn’t
wreck these ones like he did with the
others.”I bet you didn’t sign up for shopping,”
she giggled.
A tiny smile appeared though he tried to hide
it. “I’ve had worst jobs,” he answered back.
It was a hot day and the streets were
crowded, all she wanted now was to go home
and take a relaxing bath. With any luck, Luca
would be busy and she could have some time
to herself. Not that she didn’t like being with
him but whenever she took a bubble bath
he’d be right in there with her.
They stood waiting for the light to turn green
before going to where their car was parked.
As they starting walking they didn’t see the
car coming at them at a high speed. Shane
turned his head and when he saw the car he
yelled at her to run, grabbing her arm but
with the speed and closeness of the vehicle
he had to push her out the way. She was
shoved out of harm’s way but Shane was
struck down.
Having hit her head on the pavement things
got blurry and before she passed out she
saw him laying in a pool of blood.

Luca and Filippo were busy wrapping up
some paper work when the phone rang.
Filippo being closes answered. His face
turned pale and he turned to Luca, hanging
up the phone he swallowed the lump in his
“Luca, Robin was involved in a hit and run.”
“What did you say?” his eyes turned dark and
l-ips set in a firm line as he rushed over to
Filippo and grabbed him by the collar. “What
happened? where is she? is she ok?” he
flung question after question at him.
“She’s at the hospital, all I know is she and
her bodyguard were struck down.” Prying
Luca’s hands from his collar. “Let me drive
you to the hospital, you’re in no shape to
“Step on it,” Luca yelled and pounded his fist
on the dash. “F-ck, I should have taken her
myself, if anything happens to her I’ll-I’ll.”
His voice cracked, so close to breaking
“Luca, you can’t watch her twenty-four seven,”
Filippo said as he put his foot all the way
down, driving at an ungodly speed.
“Like hell, from now on I’ll never let her out
of my sight. I can’t lose her Filippo, she has
become my world and one without her won’t
be worth living. When I find out who ran her
down I will use my bare hands to choke the
life out of them.
It seemed to take forever to reach the
hospital and when they did Luca didn’t wait
for the car to come to a full stop. He opened
the door and jumped out, dashing toward the
swinging doors to the emergency entrance.
His heart was pounding and felt as though it
would burst out of his chest, muscles tense
and breathing heavily made it to the reception
“My wife, where is she he bellowed out,
scaring the people around him.
“The man behind the desk looked up. “Who is
your wife?”
“Robin Mariani, she was brought in with
another man, Shane Smith.”
“Oh, the hit and run.” He checked his
computer while Luca waited impatiently,
drumming his fingers on the counter. “The
doctor is in with your wife and Mr. Smith is
in surgery.”
“Tell me where my wife is, I need to be with
“Sorry, you’ll have to wait till the doctor is
done examining her.”
“Look you little punk,” he hissed and reaching
over pulled the man up. “I want to know
where she is.” He could feel the thin man
with the dark rimmed glass’s tremble under
his touch.
A hand gripped Luca’s arm. “Luca, let go of
the man. You have to let the doctors do their
job, come, let’s sit,” Filippo said, tightening
his grip.
“I don’t want to sit,” Luca said and letting go
of the man pushed Filippo’s hand off him.
“I’m calling security,” the shaken man said,
picking up the phone.
Filippo placed his hand over the phone.
“Don’t do that, he is just worried about his
wife.” Reaching into his pocket pulled out his
wallet, taking out a hundred dollar bill and
set it down in front of the younger man.
“Let’s just forget this happened, shall we?”
Grabbing the money and stuffing it greedily
into his pocket adjusted his glasses. “If it
happens again I will call security.”
Filippo went over to Luca who was running
his hand through his hair and pacing back
and forth, lines of worry creased his
forehead. “I’m sure she’s going to be ok.”
Before Luca could answer a nurse came over
to them. “Are you Mr. Mariani?” she asked,
looking at Filippo.
“No, I’m her husband,” Luca barked.
“Your wife is asking for you, follow me.”
“Tell me, nurse, is she ok? I need to know.”
“The doctor will be right with you,” she
answered and opened the door for him to
walk in.
It felt as if a vice grip was squeezing his
heart when he saw Robin laying on the bed.
A bandage on her forehead and a cast on her
arm, she had cuts and bruises all over her.
When she turned her head his way, with tears
in her eyes and saw him she cried out his
name. Her arms reaching out to him and he
ran to her, taking her gently in his arms.
“Thank God you’re alive,” tears formed in his
eyes as he held her close to him and she
“Luca, what about Shane?”
Pulling back he wiped her tears away. “I don’t
know yet, he’s in surgery.”
“He saved my life, pushed me out of the way
and I remember seeing him laying on the
ground, so still, covered in blood. He’s got
live Luca, he has a family and is such a nice
“I’ll see he gets the best of care,” he said,
stroking her face. “Tell me, are you in pain?”
“My head is killing me and my arm, not so
much now.”
Their conversion was cut short when the
doctor walked in, carrying her chart.
“Mrs. Mariani, how are you feeling now?”
“I’m ok, but please tell if if Shane is alright,”
Robin said, looking at the kindly and older
“He’s in surgery, he sustained some serious
injuries but we won’t know till later if he will
survive or not.” Seeing how upset she got he
continued. “But I promise we are doing
everything in our power to save him.”
“Thanks, doc,” Luca said. “But my wife, tell
me she will be ok.”
He looked down at the chart. “Broken arm, a
bump on your forehead and cuts and bruises
but no permanent damage.”
“Thank God,” Luca said and let out the breath
he was holding in.
“Yes, you’re are very lucky and it’s my
greatest pleasure to tell you that the baby is
perfectly fine.”
“Baby,” both said at the same time.
“You didn’t know?” the doctor asked.
“No, how do you know I’m pregnant?” Robin
said, grabbing Luca’s hand.
“We alway do a pregnancy test before giving
a young female any medication.” Seeing the
surprise on their faces he smiled. “You, my
dear are four weeks along. I’m going to send
you home with the strict instructions that you
have complete bed rest for a few days. I’ll go
sign your release papers and make sure to
set up some appointments.”
When the doctor was gone they stared into
each other’s eyes. A smile plastered on their
faces, out of all this horror something
wonderful came out of it, a sweet innocent
Taking her face in his hands. “We’re having a
“I’m not surprised, are you? after all, we’ve
been doing it like rabbits since we married,”
she said, crying tears of happiness.
“I love you, baby,” he said k-ssing her.
“You called me baby, that’s the first time,
usually you call me a little bird.”
“I know, but you hate when I call you that.”
“To be honest, I kind of gotten used to it,
now I like it.”
“Then I will continue,” his mouth went to hers,
his k-ss passionate and showing her how
much he loved her.
But their tender moment was interrupted
when Filippo walked in, a bouquet of flowers
in his hands. “Hey there, sorry to barge in
like this but I couldn’t wait any longer to see
how you were doing.”
“Thank you, Filippo, they’re beautiful,” she
said, taking them from him. “Is there any
word on Shane?”
“He’s out of surgery, in bad shape but he’s
going to make it,” Filippo answered.
Luca stood, looking down at Robin. “I’m going
to go see him.”
“Yes go, tell him, thank you for saving my
“Stay with her till I get back,” he told Filippo,
leaving them he went to Shane’s room. He
was shocked to see the shape he was in, his
one leg held up in the air, one arm in a cast
and it was easy to see how pain he was in.
“How you doing pal?” he asked, standing by
his bedside.
“I’m going to live boss, but I may not ever
walk properly again. How’s your wife doing?
I’m sorry I pushed her as hærd as I did.”
“You saved her life, for that I’ll always be
grateful, we both are. Listen, Shane, you don’t
have to worry about anything, I’ll take care of
all your medical bills, we’ll get you the best
doctors money and buy and I’ll see to it that
your family is financially taken care of.”
“Thanks, boss.”
“I’ve got to get back to Robin. I want you to
be the first to know, Robin and I are going to
be parents. So you see, you not only saved
her life but that of our unborn child. I’ll be
back to check on you once Robin is feeling
As he was leaving Shane stopped him. “Boss,
I don’t think that was an accident. To me, it
looked like he was aiming for your wife.”
“What makes you think that?” Luca went back
over to his bed side.
“It’s more of a gut feeling, but the way the
car swerved in her direction and there is
something familiar about that vehicle, I feel
as if I’d seen it before.”
“If you remember anything, anything at all
you call me, I want the bastard who did this,”
Luca said as he placed his hand on the man’s
shoulder. “Take care, I’ll be back to see you.”
He left to go back to Robin.
Arriving back at Robin’s room Filippo was
sitting next to her but rose when he entered.
“Let’s get you both home and into bed.”
“Both? Filippo asked, his eyebrows lifting.
Luca smiled at him and looked back at Robin,
taking her hand in his, giving it a k-ss. “Yes,
we just found out we’re having a baby.”
“That’s really great news you two,” he said
and going over shook Luca’s hand and
leaning down k-ssed her cheek.
“Congratulations Robin, I know you and Luca
will make wonderful parents. I am so happy
for you.”
“Bring the car around, will you?” Luca asked.
Sure, I’ll meet you outside.” He picked up her
flowers. “I’ll carry these out for you.”
He carried her out and gently put her in the
back seat and got next to her. Putting his
arm around her he placed his l-ips on hers,
they forgot about Filippo being there and
necked like a couple of teenagers.
Glancing in the rear view mirror Filippo
smiled and shook his head, even after the
trauma she went through they couldn’t
contain their lust for one another. His friend
was such a s€×ual beast when it came to
Once home Luca carried her in,side and up to
their bedroom, leaving Filippo to fill Grazia in
on what happened. Laying her down he went
and fetched one of her nightgowns and
helped her to put it on. Covering her up he
leaned over, k-ssing her cheek.
“I love you, and this little child you are
carrying,” he said, his hand rubbing her belly.
“You heard the doctor, you must get plenty of
rest and I’ll not allow you out of this bed till
you are feeling better.”
She was tired and her head was throbbing,
she looked at him with eyes that were starting
to close. “You got me just where you want
me, confined to bed,” she giggled at her own
joke. “I love you so much, Luca.” Her eyes
closed and within minutes she was fast
His eyes teared up and he sank to his knees
by the bed, taking her hand in his. He shed
tears right then, his heart ached, his stomach
in knots. He was so close to losing her and
made a silent vow that he would never let
anything or anyone hurt her ever again. She
had brought sunlight into his home and love
into his heart, no amount of money could
make him as happy as she had in the short
two months he had known her.

Once he knew she was asleep he slipped out
quietly, heading downstairs for a drink. He
found Filippo and Grazia sitting on the sofa
whispering, but stopped when he walked in.
Grazia stood to face him. “I’m so sorry to
hear about what happened to Robin. I do
hope she will be alright, and the baby,
“Thank you Grazia, but do you really mean
that?” Luca asked, eyeing her suspiciously.
“What is that suppose to mean?”
“You’ve made it clear you don’t like her and
have been wanting to get rid of her. I think
that hit and run was no accident and someone
was out to kill her, maybe it was you. Who
did you hire to do it? tell me now and I
promise you I’ll go easy on you.”
Grazia’s face turned red, her hands clenched
by her side. “I had nothing to do with that
accident. Sure I didn’t want her here and with
you but I would never do anything to have
her physically harmed.” She rubbed her
temple. “You’ve got to believe me.”
“Luca, she would never do that, nor would I.
You know I’m fond of Robin. I suggest you
hire another bodyguard and have your
security upgraded around here,” Filippo said,
handing him a drink.
Luca chewed on his bottom lip, staring at his
cousin, he still wasn’t convinced she was
innocent. “Ok, Filippo, make the call. I want
camera’s everywhere, through out the castle
and more guards around. If anything else
happens to Robin, heads will roll.”
“I’ve got a splitting headache, I’m going to
bed.” She looked at Luca. “I didn’t do anything
and I am happy that you are going to be a
father. But don’t expect me to do any
babysitting.” She turned to walk away and
heard him reply.
“No worries there Grazia.”
Finishing his drink sat the glass down. “Make
those arrangements asap, I’m going back to
Robin.” He left the room, leaving Filippo to
make the call.
Robin stirred when he sat on the bed, pulling
the covers over her. “Luca, my head is
pounding,” she said, sitting up.
He reached into his pocket and took out a
small bottle of pills, taking two out handed
them to her. “Here, take these, it will help,”
he said, handing her a glass of water.
She looks at the pills in her hand, biting her
lip. “I don’t know, what about the baby?”
“The doctor gave them to me, he assured me
they were safe to take, won’t harm our baby,”
he said, stroking her chin. He knew she was
going to be a wonderful mother, her
willingness to suffer to protect the child in
her womb told him as much. She gave him a
smile that melted his heart, and he forgot his
anger towards Grazia.
“I trust you, Luca,” she said swallowing the
pills and laid back down. “Will you come to
bed now? I need your arms around me.”
Smiling he started removing his clothes and
climbed in next to her, his arms going
around her and his hand touching her
stomach. “Is it possible that you have become
more beautiful since being pregnant?”
“Oh stop Luca, you will not think so once I
become huge, now let me sleep.”
“You’ll always be beautiful, ” he k-ssed the
top of her head and went to sleep.
Luca stayed by her side for two days, never
leaving. On the third day, he put on his suit
and going over to the bed touched her arm,
the one with the cast, she opens her eyes.
“Are you going somewhere?”
“I thought that since you were feeling better
I’d go see how Shane is doing.”
“I’ll go with you,” she said and tried getting up
but he put his hands on her shoulders and
laid her back down.
“You’re not going anywhere, you need more
“Luca, please.” She tried begging with her
words and eyes.
“No, don’t do that, you can give me those eyes
all you want but it won’t work, not this time. I
have to go but I promise I won’t be long.”
“You jerk,” pouting she crossed her arms.
“I may be a jerk but you love me, see you
With her good arm, she threw a pillow at his
back when he walked away with a smile on
his face.
Shane was eating when Luca walked into his
room. “That looks disgusting,” Luca said as
he went over to the bed.
“It is,” Shane replied.
“I’ll have some food catered in for you, will
be better than that,” he said, pointing to the
plate of mush.
“Boss. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. That
car belongs to a man called Slime.” Seeing
the look Luca was giving him he smirked.
“That’s his nickname, people call him that
because the slime ball will do anything for a
few bucks, and I mean anything.”
“What’s his real name?” Luca felt his anger
“That I don’t know, but he works at a garage
called Walters. I don’t know if he was the
one driving but it was his car.”
“Thanks, Shane, I have to go.” Storming out
the room he made a call and headed to the
address he was given.
He arrived at the address an hour later with
two men. The garage was a run down h0le,
there were three cars in,side the building and
one man was working on one of the cars, he
was alone.
“I’m looking for a man called Slime,” Luca
barked as the two men stood behind him.
“Who the f-cks looking?” he answered
without looking up.
Luca went over and pulled the man away
from the vehicle and had him pinned against
the car, his forearm over Slime’s neck,
cutting off his air. “Listen, you little piece of
shit, you ran down my wife a few days ago,
why? tell me or I’ll let my man break every
bone in your body.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,”
Slime choked out.
Luca pressed his arm tighter into his throat.
Slime held up his hands. “Ok, I’ll tell you, just
let me go.” Coughing he rubs his throat.
“Someone paid me five grand to run her
down, they wanted her dead.”
In his anger, Luca grabbed the man and
punched him in the mouth. “You mother
f-cker, who paid you? tell me now or I swear
I’ll kill you.”
Wiping his mouth Slime didn’t dare try to
stand in fear he’d be knocked down. “I don’t
know man, it was done over the phone.
Whoever it was said they would leave the
money in my mailbox, I never saw who it
“Was it a man or a woman?” Luca barked.
“I don’t know,” he said, gro-ning when Luca
kicked him hærd in the balls. “I swear I don’t
know, their voice was disguised, all jumbled
like they were talking into something.”
“You didn’t, success,” Luca said as he yanked
the man to his feet.
“I was to try again once things calmed down.”
This set his blood boiling and let his rage fly
as he started beating the man until the other
two stopped him. Now he was glad he had
left Robin with a bodyguard outside her door
before he left her. “Take this slimy bastard
to the police and give them this recording of
him confessing.”
After wiping his hands clean of Slime’s
blood he headed home. He was still no
further ahead than he was before, all he
knew for sure she was still in danger.
Meanwhile, Eleonora picks up her phone and
has to hold it away from her ear as the
person on the other end started yelling.
“You stupid bitch, do you have any idea what
you’ve done?” The voice on the other end
“Oh what are you going on about?” she
answered back.
“You had someone try to run Robin down, the
girl is pregnant. I told you to just sit tight and
wait, but no you had to take matters into your
own hands.” The caller kept yelling at her.
“Luca will never let her out of his sight, not
without a guard being glued to her side.”
“What makes you think I had anything to do
with the hit and run?” Eleonora snapped back.
“I know it was you. I’m going to tell you this
one last time, stay out of it and just wait till
the baby is close to being born. Then we’ll
put the rest of the plan into action, let Luca
and Robin enjoy what time they have left
together in peace.” The caller hangs up,
slamming the phone down.
Eleonora was getting tired of being treated
this way and she had no plan on waiting eight
or nine months. Pulling out a syringe
laughed, once Robin was far enough along
and it was safe for the baby she would
induce her labor, first, she would have to do
some checking to see when that would be.
Luca was in a foul mood when he returned
home, stopping to tell the new bodyguard to
leave and told him to keep an eye on Grazia
and Filippo and if he saw them doing
anything suspicious he was to let him know
right away.
Robin came from the bathroom and going
over gave him a k-ss, but she noticed he
didn’t return the k-ss. “What’s wrong Luca?”
“Nothing,” he snapped at her. “Why aren’t you
in bed?”
This mood of his made her blood boil. “I
don’t know what happened today but don’t
you dare talk to me in that tone. I will not
stay in bed when I feel perfectly fine.”
Turning she walked away only to be held
back by a pair of strong arms. “Get your
damn hands off me,” she said, pushing him
Being careful not to hurt her sore arm pinned
her against his chest. “F-ck, you get me so
hot when you’re angry.” His mouth came
down hærd on her and he untied the belt on
her robe, he smiled when he felt she was
unclad underneath.
“You beast, you’ll not have me after treating
me the way you just did” she hissed when she
was able to break free of his l-ips.
Laughing he pulled her robe off and she was
pulled back into his arms as he k-ssed her,
his hand moving down till he reached in
between her legs and putting a finger in,side
her w-t p*ssy. “You say I won’t have you yet
you are so w-t for me, I will have you, it’s
been too long.”
His car-sses and l-ips felt so good and it had
been a couple of days since they made love,
she could never resist him. Her arms going
around him returned his k-ss and helped him
in shedding his clothes.
His arm went under her knees and the other
one around her back, lifting her up laid her
down on the bed. He let out a gurgled mo-n
when she took his er-ction in her hand and
guided it in,side her. A smile crossed his face
knowing she couldn’t wait as she arched her
back, raising her h¡ps and started grinding
into him. Her mo-ns and ragged breathing
encouraged him to keep going, giving her
what they both wanted. One orgasm was
never enough for him, turning her around
raised her h¡ps as he kneeled behind her,
going slow he heard her cry out for him to
go faster as he entered her.
“Oh my God Luca, that feels so good, hum-
yeah, like that, keep going.”
His smile w¡dened when he heard his once
V-rgin bride so brazening beg him for more,
she had come out of her shell in a short time
and he loved her all the more for it.
Both satisfied he laid her down next to him,
cradling her head against his chest, being
gentle as to not hurt her arm.
“Luca, is it ok to have s€× while I’m pregnant?
will it not harm the baby?”
He chuckled as he held her tighter. “No my
love, women can have s€× right up to near
the end as long as it’s not painful for them.”
“Hum-good,” she purred. Her eyes w¡dened
when she noticed his bruised knuckles. “Luca,
your hand, what happened?”
“It’s nothing, go to sleep.”
“Luca, I’m your wife, I have a right to know
what’s going on. Please don’t shut me out,”
she said, her eyes filling with tears.


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