Robin – Batch 9


He knew he was a s-cker for her tears, he
could not deny her anything when she looked
at him with those big eyes of hers. Sighing
he took a deep breath, knowing what he was
about to say would worry her. “Shane knows
the car that struck you down and who it
belongs to, I went to visit the bastard and got
a confession out of him.”
“How? by beating it out of him,” she scowled
at him.
He would never understand this woman of
his, here she and Shane were the ones who
got hurt and she was upset that he beat the
man up. “It wasn’t an accident Robin, he was
paid to kill you.” Shit, he wished he hadn’t
said that when he saw the fear in her eyes.
She sat up, covering her unclad body. “Who
would want me dead and why?” she cried out,
her shoulders starting to shake.
“I don’t who or why, not yet anyway. But the
police are looking into it. Until then you are
to go nowhere without me or a bodyguard. Do
not trust anyone.”
“But I’m safe here though.” Tilting her head
she looks at him, confused by his expression.
“I am safe in my own home, aren’t I Luca?”
“I do not trust Filippo or Grazia, and neither
should you. Just be on your guard and if you
feel anything is wrong or you see or hear
something come straight to me.”
“I know Grazia hates me but I don’t think she
would hurt me, and Filippo, well he has been
nothing but kind to me.” She takes his
bruised hand in hers, giving it a tender k-ss.
“I trust you Luca and I know you will protect
me and the baby.”
“Always my love,” he said, pulling her close
k-ssed her fears away.
“You have not told me how Shane is doing,”
she says, pulling from his embrace.
“He’s doing pretty good all things
considering, but he’s one tough bastard and
will make a full recovery.” Pulling her back
into his arms began sed-cing her as he laid
her down.
When she woke the next morning Luca was
not there, so getting dressed she went to
leave and found a large husky man outside
her door. This time she was not frightened
since Luca said he’d be there. “Do you know
where my husband is?” she asked him after
finding out his name.
“Yes, he said he was going downstairs to the
“Thank you.” Seeing him following her she
stopped him. “There’s no need to follow me,
I’m going straight there.”
“Sorry, Mrs. Mariani, I’ve been given strict
orders to go wherever you do.”
Sighing deeply she held her hands up in
exasperation, knowing if Luca gave the order
the man would not break it.
When she walked into the gym the guard
waited outside the door. She watched as he
lifted weights. His muscled torso gleamed,
she was savoring the sight of him, lost in the
beauty of his body until his voice snapped
her out of the trance she fell into.
“Come closer little bird and get a better look,”
he said, his eyes sparkled with amusement
when he noticed how she was practically
She walked shyly over, her eyes glued to his
chest and reaching out felt him. “No wonder
you’re in great shape.” Letting out a mo-n
removed her hand. “I came to see if you
were coming for breakfast.”
“Let me shower first.”
“Ok, do you want me to come upstairs with
“No need to go there, I have a shower in
here.” Taking her hand started walking to the
bathroom. “Come, keep me company.”
He turned on the water and pulled off his
sweat p-nts, turning her around slowly slid
the zipper down, k-ssing her neck. His
breathing became ragged and choppy as he
took in her spicy feminine scent. “F-ck, you
smell so good.”

Pulling her into the shower with him he
wasted no time in lifting her up and entered
her. His mouth was hot and moist when he
claimed her mouth with fiery passion. He
could feel her fingers digging into him and
mo-ning as he pounded his c*ck into her.
Her slender legs wrapped around his wa-ist,
the way she hugged him drove him mad with
Her knees were weak when he set her down
and if it weren’t for his strong arms around
her she would have collapsed on the floor.
“You are so insatiable Luca, can you not go a
few hours without s€×?”
“Not when it comes to you my little bird, this
is what you do to me and I can never get
enough of you. God, I’m famished, let’s go
“It’s a good thing my cast has a waterproof
lining,” she laughed.
Walking hand in hand they entered the dining
room where the other two were waiting.
Grazia looked at Robin. “I have something for
you,” she said and pushing a package towards
Robin and Luca glanced at each other before
she opened it. in,side were several books,
baby books and some with baby furniture and
other items they would need. Lost for words
my Grazia’s gift all Robin could say was
thank you.
“The books tell everything you need to know
about babies and childbirth, I thought they
would be useful.” Grazia shrugged her
Robin was overwhelmed, it was so unlike the
woman to be thoughtful when it came to her.
“I really appreciate it, Grazia, thank you.”
Luca sat back, his chin in his hand. This was
so unlike his cousin and he couldn’t help
wondering what she was up to. “We should
get ready to leave now,” he said to Robin.
“Where are we going?”
“I’ve made a doctor’s appointment for you,
sorry, I forgot to tell you.” He drove them in
his car, the bodyguard followed behind in
another vehicle.
AT THE DOCTORS: “You’re fine Mrs. Mariani
and so is the baby. There was really no need
for you to come in so soon.”
“I know doctor, but my husband insisted.”
“That’s understandable, just keep doing what
you are, get plenty to eat and lots of rest.”
Taking her hand they walked out and straight
to their car, after helping her in when around
to the driver’s side and jumped in.
“Aren’t we going home?” she asked when he
took a different turn.
“I thought I’d take you to a restaurant for an
early dinner by the water, they have tables
outside and we can watch the boats go by.”
He took her hand and k-ssed it, he also
wanted her to himself without the others
They were finishing their meal when someone
walked over to their table, it was non-other
than Sandra.
Luca glared at her with hate in his eyes and
he stood. “You can turn around and go back
to where you came from,” he growled.
Sandra raised her hand in defeat. “I’m not
here to cause trouble.”
“Then what the hell do you want?” he asked
Sandra looked at Robin. “I only want to
apologize to you, I was out of line the last
time we met. I also want to congratulate you
on being pregnant and wish you all the
happiness. Before, well I was jealous of you
but I see how much in love you are with each
other. So I will leave you to enjoy your
“That was nice of her,” Robin said, then
rolled her eyes. “But I still don’t want you
anywhere near her.”
He laughed, loving that his little bird was
jealous and being territorial.
Later that night in bed Robin was going
through the books Grazia had given her, Luca
laid next to her. “These are really great
books, I’m learning a lot from them. It really
was nice of her to get them for me.” She
swatted him when he grabbed the book from
her hand and threw it on the floor.
“Let me teach you a few things,” he said as
he ran his hand up her nightgown and got on
top, his l-ips going to her neck, his manh-od
hærd, pressing into her. He loved hearing her
laughter as he assaulted her body with his
hand and his mouth s-cked on her neck,
making her squirm.
Robin was now in her third month of
pregnancy and was going to her first
ultrasound. Luca right by her side and
watched as the gel was put on her belly. She
wasn’t very big, just had a small baby bump,
he worried that it was so small and would
ask the doctor about it. After voicing his
concern the female doctor assured him that
every woman was different and that some
hærdly showed at all until their six months,
sometimes longer.
She held Luca’s hand as they watched the
“See that right there,” the doctor pointed to
what looked like a tiny outline of a baby.
“That there is your baby.”
“Our baby,” she said, squeezing his hand.
“Next ultrasound you’ll see it better and if you
want we can tell you the s€× of the baby.”
The doctor stood and handed Robin a towel
to clean up with. “You and the baby are
healthy, it has a strong heartbeat. Only thing
is your iron is a little low but we can give
you something for that. Are you getting
plenty of rest and exercise?”
“Lots of rest, but my husband won’t let me do
anything, so no, not much exercise.” She
looked at Luca.
“Mr. Mariani, without the proper amount of
exercise childbirth could be more difficult.
Walking, swimming and doing things will
keep both mother and child in shape. I know
your concern about your wife but trust me,
it’s important, just don’t over do it.” She stood
up. “I’ll just go fill your prescription and be
right back.”
Smirking at Luca she stuck out her tongue.
“See, I told you.”
Leaning over her, his nose touching hers he
said quietly. “If you want to stick that tongue
of yours out then I can think of a place
where you can put it.”
“Oh sit down you ho-ny bastard, the doctor
will be back any minute.” She tried to sound
annoyed but failed miserably at it when a
small smile crept up on her face and she
reached over, giving him a k-ss.
Robin was fond of the new bodyguard, Grant.
He was tall, brown hair with dimples and just
a few years older than herself. For several
weeks he kept a close eye on her and had a
knack for making her laugh when she was
feeling caged in. Luca noticed the friendsh¡p
between them developing and being a
possessive and jealous man fired him. Robin
was outraged when she found out.
“Why did you fire him?” she snapped when he
told her she would be getting a new
bodyguard. “I liked Grant, he was sweet.”
His eyebrows pulled down and his l-ips
tightened. “Yeah, I could see that.”
“What the hell does that mean?”
“You two were getting way too friendly,” he
barked at her.
“Oh my God, you’re jealous of him. Hell Luca,
I thought you trusted me. With you and
Filippo being gone so much and Grazia still
hasn’t warmed up to me I was lonely, Grant
was the only one I could talk to.”
“I’m your f-cken husband, you want to talk to
someone talk to me.” Seeing tears spring to
her eyes he instantly regretted his outburst.
“I’m sorry Robin, I shouldn’t talk to you that
“F-ck you, Luca, your temper, and jealousy is
f-cken annoying.” She shoved him when he
tried to take her in his arms.
Anger seized him and he grabbed her. “Stop
swearing at me.”
“Or what? are you going to punish me? go
sleep somewhere else tonight.”
“Oh my little fire cracker, I’m not going
anywhere except to our bed with you.” He
picked her up and carried her over to the
bed, her kicking and hitting him in the chest
with her fist. “You are only succeeding in
making me ho-ny. I will punish you,” he said
as he laid her down, his hands and mouth
sed-cing her as he tore off her nightgown.
She wanted to fight him off but as always
his k-sses were dangerous. Her body
betrayed her as she melted when his mouth
k-ssed and s-cked on her neck, his fingers
going in,side her she became w-t and
mo-ning she begged him not to stop. He took
one of her br-asts in his mouth, s-cking,
running his tongue over her er-ct n-pple.
Kicking off his p-nts got on top, teasing her
w-t opening with the blunt tip of his c*ck.
“Do you want it, little bird?”
“Yes, yes please,” she cried out, squirming
beneath him, wanting him in,side. Since
becoming pregnant found she was always
ho-ny, almost as ho-ny as Luca. “Please, stop
teasing me before I go mad.”
Getting his own way and knowing how much
she wanted him he grinned. After torturing
her for a little longer by going in and pulling
out he finally couldn’t control himself any
longer. Surging in he began thr-sting faster,
bringing them both to one hell of an earth
shattering orgasm.
“I love you so much baby, but I won’t
apologize for letting Grant go. He was falling
for you and you couldn’t see it, and yes, I
was jealous.”
“But I love you, Luca, I would never let
another man touch me.”
“I trust you little bird, it’s the men I don’t
trust. I’m sorry you were lonely and felt the
need for his friendsh¡p. I will cut down on
work and spend more time with you. At least
you just got some exercise that the doctor
recommended,” he snickered.
“I don’t think this was what she was talking
about,” she says, cuddling up to him.

Robin was now coming close to her fifth
month and was looking forward to her next
ultrasound. Both she and Luca decided to
find out the s€× of their baby. She was a
little concern though that she hadn’t felt the
baby kicking. She didn’t dare tell him or he
would have rushed her to the hospital.
Having read that some women don’t feel any
kicking till they were twenty weeks along
figured she’d wait till her doctor’s
Her new bodyguard was older and not very
friendly, he would answer her questions and
then clam up. Once she complained to Luca
and all he did was smiled and say at least he
was doing his job and not getting the hots for
her. If only he knew it was easy slipping
away from him when she wanted to be alone,
hiding out in the garden. She felt bad about
doing it.If Luca knew he would fire the man
on the s₱0t.
This one afternoon she sat on the sofa
sketching, Luca was working out in the gym
and Grazia had another one of her headaches
and in bed. She was alone till Filippo
returned home and he sat down next to her.
He looked over at her drawing and smiled.
“That’s lovely, you really captured Grazia,
though I doubt she would appreciate the wart
on her nose and holding a broomstick,” he
said laughing, making her laugh.
“No one was meant to see this?” she giggled
and blushed. “Filippo, why is it you’re not
married? or have a girlfriend.”
“Well Robin, I have not met anyone I care
enough about. I do date a lot you know, but it
never lasts. I find most women too clingy,
there hasn’t been one that gets my juices
running like you do for Luca.”
Just then she yelped and touched her
“Robin, what is it? are you ok?”
A huge grin appeared on her face and she
looked at Filippo. “The baby moved, oh it’s
kicking me,” she rubs her belly.
“What? it’s really moving, let’s me feel.”
Without asking he placed his hand on the
s₱0t that was moving and left it there,
making her uncomfortable. Moments later
when he still didn’t remove his hand she
stood up. “I’m going to find Luca to tell him.”
“Yes, he’ll want to know. It was wonderful,
feeling a tiny life moving in,side you Robin. I
am very happy for you.”
Robin was upset about how Filippo was being
intimate that way. It was one thing to want to
feel it moving but another to do it without
asking, not to mention leaving his hand there.
She didn’t see Luca till she bumped into his
bare chest that was sweaty from his workout.
“Slow down my little bird,” he laughed,
steadying her before she fell. “Where are you
going in such a hurry?”
Seeing her hunk of a husband forgot about
the incidence with Filippo and smiling she
took his hand and placed it on her belly.
“Feel that Luca, our baby is finally moving.”
Squinting his eyes he held his hand to her
stomach and when he felt a flutter of
movement sank to his knees. Eyes filled with
tears as the movement continued, he looked
up at her. “That is so amazing, a miracle.” He
k-ssed her stomach through the material of
her dress, speaking. “My precious baby, it’s
your daddy here, I love you.”
Standing up he cupped her face in his hands,
a tear slid down his face. “I love you so
much and you are giving me the greatest gift
of all.” His l-ips came down hærd on hers, his
k-ss passionate was filled with love. “Come,
take a shower with me, I’m feeling a little
“You can’t possibly find me attractive in this
condition,” she cried out, pulling away.
“Oh but I do,” he said and taking her hand led
her up the stairs to their room.

Later as she was drying her hair in front of
the mirror Luca came up behind her, his
arms going around her wa-ist, car-ssing her
belly. “You have never been more beautiful
than you are now, pregnant.”
Smacking him playfully when he started
s-cking on her neck, making her all hot and
bothered again. “God, you can never get
“No, you’re right, I can’t. Besides, I need to
punish you.”
“Looking in the mirror at him she stiffened.
“What do you mean?”
“Did you really think you could get away with
sneaking away from Chad, your bodyguard.”
Seeing the surprise in her eyes he laughed.
“Yes, I know all about it, the trips to the
stable and garden and down to the river.”
“But how did he know?”
“Watching you is his job, he’s good at it and
when he told me about it the first time I told
him to go ahead and let you. But he was to
follow without you knowing.” He turned her
around to face him, his fingers trailing the
top of the towel she wore. “Now for your
He ripped off her towel and lifted her up
onto the counter, gripping her legs pulled her
close. Letting his own towel drop from
around his wa-ist slid so swiftly into her
warm and w-t p*ssy and started pounding his
er-ction deep in,side her.
Leaning back, resting the palms of her hands
on the counter, mo-ning and cried out in a
low and husky voice. “Oh yes, punish me
more, h-rder.” Her head was swirling with
incredible pleasure, she wondered how he
could do it as often as he did. First in the
shower, bending her over and now just
moments later taking her on the counter, but
she wasn’t going to complain.
When he was done satisfying his lust he
carried her to the bedroom and laid her
down, getting in he covered them with the
blanket. “Promise me no more sneaking away,
please, it’s for your own safety.”
“Ok Luca, I promise. But I’ll have to think of
other ways to get you to punish me,” she said
and started giggling.
It was time for her next ultrasound and they
were both excited to find out the s€× of the
baby. Luca was holding off doing the baby’s
room until they knew. He helped her up onto
the table, holding her hand while they waited
for the doctor.
“I bet it’s a girl,” Robin said excitedly.
“Na, it’s a boy,” Luca said, running his thumb
over her fingers.
They didn’t have to wait long as the female
doctor came in, all smiles. “So are we ready?”
she asked, getting the gel ready.”
“We sure are and I can’t wait till you tell my
wife I was right about it being a boy,” Luca
said, beaming from ear to ear. He watched
the monitor when the doctor ran the thing
along Robin’s stomach. The baby was so
much clearer than last time, and big he
The doctor didn’t say anything as she kept
going back and forth, her face looked
pinched and she was frowning. Getting up
she looked at the couple. “Excuse me a
“Is something wrong?” Luca asked, holding
Robin’s hand when she looked at him with a
worried stare.
“Just give me a minute.” Then she was gone
like a shot.
“Luca, did you see her face? is something
wrong with our baby?” she shed a tear,
clutching his hand tighter.
He never got the chance to answer her
because the doctor came back with another
doctor, a male one. The male doctor picked
up the wand and saying hello started running
the scan over Robin, making little grunting

“What’s the problem?” Luca barked, worried
as shit that it was bad news.
“The older doctor smiled. “There’s no
problem, but I do have some surprising
news. It wasn’t noticeable before but now we
see two babies.”
“Twins.” Both Luca and Robin said together,
their jaws dropped open and their eyes
“I take it that’s good news.”
“Hell yes,” Luca said, leaning over k-ssed her
full on the l-ips, not caring that they were
being watched.
“Would you still like to know the s€× of your
“Yes,” they both answered.
“Ok, I see one boy and hum-a girl.” The
doctor looked at the two and knew from their
expressions they were thrilled.
After Luca threw a ton of questions at the
doctors he was ready to take her home. He
was worried that she wasn’t near as big as
some women at that stage but once assured
she and the babies were healthy he relaxed.
But she was told to get plenty of rest and
avoid stress.
Robin’s face turned red as an apple when
Luca had the nerve to ask the doctor if it was
ok to have s€× and for how long. Mad at him
for embarrassing her she wouldn’t talk to
him on the drive home and leaving him
standing in the corridor went to their
Twenty minutes later he showed up with
some roses from the garden and a bowl of
strawberry ice cream, her favorite. When he
flashed her a smile, the one that showed off
his dimples and holding out the peace
offering she just couldn’t stay mad.
“Do you forgive me?”
“Give me the ice cream and I’ll think about it.”
“I had to ask that question, I don’t want to do
any harm to you or the baby.” Giving her that
wicked smile. “Now I know we can enjoy each
other for quite some time yet.”
“If I let you.” She bats her eyes at him.
“You will,” he says with a smirk on his face.
That night over dinner Filippo couldn’t help
but noticed the way Luca and Robin were
acting, all smiles and stealing glances at one
another, as though they were sharing a
secret. “You two look like the cat that
swallowed a mouse, what’s up?”
“Should we tell them, sweetheart?”
“Yes Luca, go ahead.”
“We found out today that Robin is having
twins,” he said, beaming with pride.
Filippo and Grazia stared at them, She was
speechless but not him.
Getting up he k-ssed Robin’s cheek and gave
Luca one of those manly chest bumps and
high-fived him. “Twins, that’s wonderful.”
“Great, two kids running amuck,” Grazia
“Now Grazia, be happy for your cousin. I’m
going to open a bottle of champagne and
we’ll celebrate.” Filippo went and brought
back the finest champagne money could buy.
After downing two glasses Grazia excused
herself, saying she had another one of her
headaches. Shortly after Robin too went to
bed, leaving the men to enjoy their drink.
Though she was having an easy pregnancy,
did not experience much morning sickness
but she did tire quickly. They were to attend a
party the next night and she wanted to be
well rested.
When Luca came to bed she was fast asleep,
he was feeling a bit frisky and wanted to
make love to her but didn’t have the heart to
wake her. So stripping down went and took a
cold shower, hoping it would calm down his
hærd on.
phone rang, waking her from a deep sleep.
“What?” she snapped and sat straight up in
bed. “Twins, they’re having f-cken twins, a
boy, and a girl. Now, what happens? this is
getting too complicated. Your damn plan
won’t work with two babies.” She listened,
horrified at what the person on the other end
said, she swallowed the lump in her throat.
“There as to be another way, I don’t think I
can go through with it.” Again she listened.
“Ok, you’re right, it needs to be done.” She
hangs up, her stomach twisted in knots.
Picking up the phone pushes redial. “It’s me,
why can’t we just give one away? Ok, ok, good
night.” She slams the phone down and
rubbed her forehead, wondering what she
had gotten herself into.

Feeling his hands car-ssing her under her
nightgown she mo-ned when he went
between her legs and stroking her, she felt
the dampness pooling and her inner core
started throbbing. “Luca,” she said through
breathy p-nts.
“Tell me what you want my little bird,” he
said, his breathing becoming heavy and his
c*ck hærd as a rock. Last night’s shower was
not enough to stop his raging desire for her.
“I want you.” She opened her eyes and putting
her hands behind his head pulled him down,
her l-ips seeking his. Being this far along in
her pregnancy did not cease her longing for
Luca. If anything it heightens it.
He hovered over her, holding himself up,
hands on the bed so as not to hurt her or the
baby. “I wanted you last night but you were
asleep, I did not want to wake you. But now
that you are awake I will take what I want.”
His k-ss deepened as he entered her with
care, holding back he made love to her with
gentleness, taking care not to hurt her.
Afterward, he held her, stroking her belly. “If
you’re not up to it we can skip that party
tonight. I don’t want you getting over tired.”
“I want to go, I have not been anywhere in
ages. Besides, you spent a lot of money on a
dress that will fit over this big stomach of
mine,” she laughs and runs her hand over the
belly that had grown much bigger in the last
Later: Luca took a long swallow of his drink
when she walked into the room carrying her
shoes, she looked stunning. She had on a
black dress that reached her knees, v-
neckline, to him she was the most beautiful
creature he had ever seen. He loved that she
wore her hair down and wore the jewelry he
had bought her. “You look amazing,” he said,
running his finger along her jawline. “But
why do you look so sad?”
“I’m huge and can’t put my own shoes on,”
she sniffed.
He held in his laughter, knowing if he didn’t
she would become angry. Her mood swings
lately were getting a bit hærd to handle but
knew it was part of her being pregnant, so he
bit his tongue and tried his best to keep her
happy. “Oh baby, you are far from huge.”
Taking her hand led her over to the sofa, he
made her sit and put her shoes on for her.
Things were going well at the party being
held by Harry Jordon, a wealthy billionaire
from America who own a home here in
Rome. As Robin was wondering around
admiring all the art work hanging on the wall
a painting caught her eye. Going closer she
gasped, it was the same painting that was in
Luca’s castle, the one in the tower that she
liked. Turning she went in search of Luca and
finding him chatting to some men tapped him
lightly on the shoulder.
He turned and smiled. “Hey, baby, what’s up?”
“Can I see you alone for a minute?”
Excusing himself he let her take his hand
and leads him to another room. They were
alone so he swung her around and wrapped
his arms around her, his mouth car-ssing
her neck. “I think it would be better to find
somewhere more private, someone might
walk in.”
“No you ho-ny freak, that’s not why I brought
you in here.”
“Then why?” he pouted when she pushed him
“The painting that was in your room upstairs
is hanging on Mr. Jordon’s wall, over there.”
She points to one of the many that were
Luca walked over and saw the one she had
pointed at. “This can’t be the one.”
“It is,” she cried out.
“How can you be sure,” he asked, looking
from her to the painting. “Perhaps there are
more than one of the same.”

She shakes her head. “The one I found back
at the castle had a scratch at the bottom left-
hand corner, this one also has the same.
Luca, this is your painting.”
“But how would Mr. Jordon get it?” Luca
rubbed his chin. He knew Robin well enough
to know she was telling the truth.
“You could ask him about it.”
“OK, let’s go find him.” Taking her arm they
went in search of Jordon.
They didn’t have far to look as he was in the
next room. Getting him alone Luca asked if
they could have a word in the other room.
Jordon was appalled when he thought they
were accusing him of stealing.
“I assure you, Luca, I bought it at an auction
in America. I paid 300.000 American dollars
for it and if you think you can take it you
have another thing coming.” His face red and
his hands curled up into fists.
Robin was sure a fight was about to break
out so stepping in between the two men gave
Mr. Jordon a sincere smile. “My husband has
no intentions of taking back the painting, but
it was taken from his home without his
consent and we only want to know by whom.”
“My wife is right sir, I will not press charges
or mention your name. I don’t care about the
painting or the money. But things have gone
missing and we need to know who is stealing
from me. All I want is the name of the
auction house.”
Mr. Jordon scratched his chin, eyeing Luca.
“You won’t mention me?”
“No sir, I will keep you out of it,” Luca
assured him.
He looked down at Robin. “Why don’t you go
mingle while your husband and I go to my
office. I promise I won’t keep him long.”
After getting a k-ss from Luca she went and
joined the rest of the party.
Twenty minutes later Luca returned, seeing
her dancing with another man he felt that
jealously creeping up and forced himself to
stay calm. It wouldn’t be good for her or the
baby if he made a scene, and he knew he had
to tone his jealously down. Instead of
flipping out he walked over to them and
tapped the man on the shoulder. “Mine if I cut
in? This is our song.”
“Our song, who are you trying to fool? we
don’t have a song, you were just jealous.
Really, Luca, you’ve got to get over it.” A
wave of dizziness hit her and she swayed but
Luca caught her.
“Robin, what’s wrong?” he asked, his hold on
her tightened and there was a great concern
in his voice.
“I feel a little dizzy, maybe I should sit
down.” She let him lead her back over to the
sofa and when she sat he asked one of the
waiters to bring her some water.
Kneeling in front of her he took her hand
and k-ssed it. “I knew this was a mistake
bringing you here tonight. You should be
home in bed resting, and that’s where I’m
taking you.”
“Maybe that would be for the best, I’m sorry
to spoil your evening Luca.”
“You’re not spoiling anything little bird, you
and the babies are what’s important. Wait
here while I go tell Mr. Jordon we’re leaving.”
Standing he promised to be right back.
On the drive home, she asked if he got the
information that he needed from Mr.
“Yes, and tomorrow I’ll make some calls. I
know a guy who can find out where the
auction house got the painting, we’ll know
soon who sold it to them and we’ll have our
thief.” He glances over at her. “Let’s not tell
the others about this, not till we know who’s
been stealing from me.”
“I won’t say a word, you can trust me.”
Resting his hand on her upper leg gave it a
loving squeeze. “I know I can, you are the
only one I trust.” He continued to keep his
hand on her leg as he drove, he liked the
feel of her, especially when she placed her
hand on top of his.
Walking up the stairs he could tell she was
exhausted so he lifted her up in his arms
even though she protested, saying she was
too heavy to be carried. “I’ve lifted weights
heavier than you so I think I can manage a
few stairs.”
Luca was a man who liked getting his way so
he was delighted when she gave up and put
her arms around his neck, resting her head
on his shoulder. God, how it stroked his ego
when she gave in and let him take charge,
made him feel more of a man. She didn’t
even put up an argument when he undressed
her, slipping the nightgown over her head.
The next morning she woke to find Luca had
already left the bed and was probably making
those calls, or maybe working out in the gym.
Getting dressed she thought she would go
take another look at the babies room, it was
finished and waiting for the twins to arrive.
Approaching the door she saw it was ajar,
peeking her head in she was shocked to see
Grazia. She watched as Grazia placed a pink
blanket and a pink teddy bear in the one crib,
then she placed the blue one in the other
Robin thought this was a sweet gesture on
her part but she also knew Grazia wouldn’t
want her to know what she did. So backing
up quietly walked away and went down stairs
to get some breakfast. Grazia acted mean and
as if she didn’t care about the babies but
deep down she must, why else would she do
it. ******************************
Now that she was eight months pregnant they
decided it was better to stop having s€×, by
now she was feeling less s€×y and tired most
of the time. At first, she was worried that
Luca would be upset about not being able to
have s€×, but he was actually good about it.
But she did what she could to help him
relieve some of his s€×ual tension and he
also took many cold showers. He also gave
her pleasure without actually having s€×.
Grazia was away at a spa retreat and due
home in a day or two. Filippo had been going
out a lot and today Luca had to go into town
for a business meeting. A letter arrived for
Filippo, it looked important so she thought
she would drop it off at his room and give it
to him. She knocked on his door but got no
answer, but it was part way open.
“Filippo, are you in here?” she shouts out as
she opened the door further. Calling out
again and getting no answer found it strange
that he would leave the door open. Since she
was here she figured she’d leave the letter on
his desk. Walking over set it down. One of
the drawers in his desk was not closed all
the way and something red caught her eye.
Knowing it was wrong she couldn’t resist the
temptation to sneak a peek, something about
it seemed familiar.
A gasp escaped her l-ips and she covered her
mouth with her hand when she saw what it

She stared at the item in the drawer. It was
the book she had placed between the door to
the room upstairs, the one where she got
locked into. It was an old and rare book, it
was red and large, tattered along the edges.
Why was it here, in Filippo’s room? It began
to dawn on her, it was he who left her locked
in that room to die, but why? she asked
herself. Suddenly a cold chill ran down her
spine when she felt a presence in the room,
making her shiver.
A hand from behind her reached over and
slammed the drawer shut, she turned around
to face one very red faced angry Filippo.
“Filippo,” she gasped, trapped between him
and the dresser. She placed her hands over
her swollen belly in a protective way. Fear
gripped her when she saw the look in his
eyes, one she had never seen before, it was
anger mixed with pure evil.
“Robin, you shouldn’t be in here,” he said as
he looked down at her, his hand reaching out
to touch her face which she swatted away,
“It was you, you’re the one who removed the
book, locking that door. You’ve been stealing
from Luca, why?”
“Why not?” he scoffed. “Luca has so much,
he would never have known if you had kept
your nose out of it. Now, what am I going to
do with you?”
“I have to tell Luca.” When she went to walk
away he grabbed her wrist.
“You’re not going to say anything, you’re
coming with me.” He pulled her roughly
towards the door where she started
scre-ming for Chad.
“scre-m all you want, your bodyguard is no
longer here. I told Luca he was making
passes at you and he called him this morning
and fired him.” Filippo laughed as he dragged
her up the stairs, heading to the tower at the
top of the castle.
“Where are you taking me? she asked as she
stumbled, afraid of falling and harming the
babies. “You can’t do this, what about the
Shut the f-ck up will you? I don’t give a shit
about your damn brats, all I need is one,” he
barked as he continued dragging her.
She began to cry as she clutched her
stomach. “What are you talking about?” she
scre-med at him, trying to break free.
Ignoring her cries and reaching the tower
gave her a shove. “Sit down and keep your
mouth shut,” he hissed at her and pulling out
his phone from his pocket dialed a number.
Robin held her stomach and sat on the old
rocking chair, looking around at her
surroundings. An old cot was laying in the
corner, the only window was a large one, the
glass cracked, letting in a cold draft. She
listened to his end of the conversion.
“Come now, we have to put our plan into
action now before Luca returns. Just do it,
we don’t have a choice, she figured out I was
the one who removed the damn book.” He
listened to the other person for a minute
before yelling into the phone. “She found it in
my room, now get your ass over here.” He
then hung up and turned to Robin.
“Filippo let me go and I won’t say anything to
Luca,” she cried out, rubbing her stomach.
“I didn’t want it to end this way,” he said as he
pulled a gun from his pocket. “I really did
like you, I actually could picture us together,
once Luca was out of the picture that is.”
When she stood up and tried running to the
door he grabbed her from behind and held
the barrel of his gun to her stomach and
growled into her ear. “If you want your child
to live then I suggest you sit your sweet ass
down and behave, is that clear?”
Robin’s heart was beating so hærd, fear
running through her like a raging fire out of
control. Tear filled her eyes and she knew
she had to do what Filippo said until she
could find a way to stop him. “Yes, just don’t
hurt my babies.” Sitting down she stared at
him, trying to think of a way to talk without
him becoming angry.
Filippo grabbed some rope and told her to
put her hands behind her back. Yanking her
hands tied them around the back of the chair.
“Luca should have been more careful where
he made love to you. I’ve watched you more
than once, and would picture myself the one
on top of you, or behind.”
“Tilting her head around she looked at him
with disgust. “You watched us making love,
you sick bastard.” She felt violated and sick
to her stomach. “I thought we were friends,
why are you doing this?”
Filippo pulled up a chair and sat facing her.
“This is Luca’s fault that you are in this
situation. If only he had got together with
Eleonora, but no, he had to bring you home
to marry. Do you know how hærd I worked to
try and get rid of you? But then you had to go
and get pregnant, that changed everything and
I had to come up with plan B.”
When she didn’t answer and looked away he
became angry, grabbing her face held it
towards him. “First greasing the stairs, you
should have died from a broken neck, but
you didn’t. It was a bitch finding that
poisonous spider and having it sneaked into
this country and damn Luca had to swoop in
and save you.”
“Then you followed me upstairs and left me
in that room to die. So why did you help Luca
to find me?” Robin yelled at him.
“Well I couldn’t have him getting suspicious,
so I played the loving and caring friend. Even
Eleonora couldn’t get rid of you, she failed in
sed-cing Luca. Damn fool was so smitten
with you. Can’t say I blame him, you are a
very s€×y woman.”
She whimpered and begged him to stop when
he put his hand on her leg and started
moving up between her thighs. She closed
her eyes and cried, she knew he was going to
try and have s€× and there was no way of
stopping him. She cried silently for Luca to
save her.
“Am I interrupting something?” A female
voice barked angrily. And why did you pick
up here to do it?
Filippo removed his hand, standing up he
smiled at Eleonora. “I was just teasing her my
love. I picked this place because none of the
staff comes here nor will they hear anything,
now come here,” he said and when she got
close he shoved her up against the wall, his
mouth going to hers.
Robin turned her head away when Filippo
pulled the woman’s p-nties down and turning
her around dropping his p-nts and f-cked
her, not caring that they weren’t alone. It was
clear now that the two were in on it together,
whatever it was. She still wasn’t sure what
they were up to.
“Thanks, babe, I needed that,” Filippo said as
he did up his p-nts and smiling looked over
at Robin. “Did you enjoy the show? I thought
it was only fair that you got to see since I
“I didn’t look you sick pervert,” Robin snapped
back. “Tell me why you’re doing this.
Whatever it is you won’t get away with it, Luca
will find out and kill you.”
“I see no reason not to tell you everything.
I’m been given the power of attorney to his
will, if anything were to happen to him it
would all be mine. Eleonora was supposed to
marry Luca, once that took place he would
have a fatal accident leaving everything of
course to his wife and she and I would
eventually marry.
“But you ruin it all went you married him
instead, and now you’re carrying his child,”
Eleonora hissed.
“What do my babies have to do with any of
“Well, sweetheart,” Filippo said, getting in her
face. “Getting pregnant makes his child sole
heir to his vast fortune. With you and Luca
dead I would become the child’s guardian,
therefore have control over it and the money.
Eleonora and I together will raise the child.”
“Like hell, we will, it will be sent to boarding
school,” Eleonora laughed.
“What are you going to do to me and Luca?
and you said you only need one child.”
Robin’s hissed through clenched teeth. She
had never hated anyone as much as she
hated these two.
“You will die during childbirth, so sad. Luca
will be involved in a robbery gone wrong and
shot to death. But of course, we let him bury
you first. Works out good that way, he’ll be
grieving and won’t be aware of what’s
happening around him.” Filippo smiled and
sat back down in front of Robin.
“Now you kind of put us in a bit of a s₱0t.
Two children make things complicated, only
one can live. The male could be trouble, but
the girl we could control better, even arrange
the perfect husband for her. Women are
weaker than the male so I think we’ll go with
“You’re both sick, this will never work, I’m not
due for another month.”
Eleonora laughed, it was an evil one that had
the hairs on the back of Robin’s neck
standing up and watched in horror as she
pulled a syringe from her purse. “What’s
that,” she said, her voice cracking, and tried
to swallow the lump in her throat.
Eleonora grinned was evil. “Just a little
something to induce labor. Oh don’t look so
frightened, it won’t harm the babies. I have a
little something else to give you after the
kids are born, you won’t feel a thing. Will be
a shame that only one child survived, but it
does happen.”
“Make it easy on yourself Robin and relax,”
Filippo said as he stroked her cheek with his
“Bastard,” she swore at him and spitting in his
Getting up he slapped Robin hærd across her
face and wiped his face, turning to the other
woman. “Let’s get this over with, give her the
“No, no please don’t do this, at least let both
babies live,” she begged, her sobs loud as
Eleonora walked over and prepared to give
her the needle.
As the needle was about to be poked into her
arm a voice shouted out.
“Get away from her, now,” the voice yelled
They all turned to the person holding a gun
and pointing it at Filippo and Eleonora.


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