Robin – Last Batch


Three years later:
“Morning beautiful,” Luca said as he pulled
Robin against his chest. Still unclad from a
night of wild and hot s€× his hand traveled
down the length of her silky soft stomach,
moving lower till he reached between her
“Luca stop, have you not satisfied your thirst
for lust after last night?”
“You know I can never get enough of you.”
He growled loudly when she reminded him it
was his turn to get up with the twins and take
them down to breakfast. “I still say we
should hire a nanny, then we could stay in
bed all day and f-ck.”
She swatted his chest, shaking her head.
“Don’t let me hear you talking that way when
the twins are around. The last thing we need
is for them to say the f-word, you know how
easily they pick things up. Now go get the
twins up, I’ll be down shortly.”
“I’m going little bird, but turning me down
just now I’ll have to punish you tonight,” he
said as he went and got clean clothes to put
“I’ll look forward to it,” she said with a smirk
on her face. When he walked out she curled
up under the covers, ready to go back to
sleep. But moments later was surprised to
find him walk back in, and started removing
his clothes. “What are you doing back? and
what about the twins?”
“Grazia was there getting them dressed, she
said I should go back to bed and sleep in.”
He winks as he pulls off his briefs. “But I
have no intentions of going to sleep.”
Grabbing the end of the blanket removed it
from her, exposing her uncladness. Taking
hold of her ankles he pulled her towards
him, getting on his knees he spread her legs
open and put his head between her thighs.
“Now I will eat my breakfast.”
She wrapped her fingers around the bottom
sheet when he attacked, his tongue sliding
in,side her, flicking in and out before
car-ssing her cl*t with his tongue making her
c-m and she mo-ned his name. When she
reached her peak he pulled out and moved
his mouth up her body till he was on top, his
l-ips going to her neck, s-cking on that s₱0t
that had her squirming and mo-ning.
He knew he was close himself so easing
in,side her w-t, hot p*ssy wrapped his mouth
around her br-asts, s-cking the n-pple as he
started pumping his throbbing c*ck faster.
Removing his mouth from her br-ast came
hærd and fast, filling her with his c-m.
Getting his own release his breathing ragged
looked down at the women who completed
him. “Oh God, it just keeps getting better and
better.” k-ssing her passionately he pulled
out and rolled over onto his back, holding
her hand and s-cked on the fingers. “For
someone who had two children, your body is
more toned, s€×ier than ever.”
“That’s because you give me such a workout
every day. Will you ever slow down and not
want it so much?”
“I’ll tell you something I have not told you
before, my grandfather and his father were
known for having relationsh¡ps till they were
into their seventies. So my little bird we have
many more years ahead of us.”
“I’m one lucky lady,” she said smiling. “But
now we should shower and rescue Grazia
from the twins.”
Luca jumped up, pulling her with him. “Yes, a
shower.” He grinned from ear to ear as he
held her hand and headed to the
bathroom. **************************
They found the twins outside in the garden
with Grazia and Chad, playing and having fun
trying to catch butterflies which they could
never catch. Robin could see a warm
friendsh¡p growing between the two adults.
Chad did whatever he could to make up an
excuse to be close to her, and Grazia would
blush when he was near.
“Luca, I think they are falling in love.”
“What makes you think that baby?”
“Do you not see the way they look at each
“No, I’m too busy looking at you,” he said,
nuzzling her neck as he stood behind her.
“I’ll go tell the kitchen to serve our breakfast
out here, it’s too beautiful of a day to be
in,side. I also love watching our babies play.
They all sat and ate, Robin invited Chad to
join them. Later when they were finished the
twins went to play in the sandbox. Luca and
Chad went to the office to discuss upgrading
the security system, leaving the two women
alone to talk.
“I love those two little sweethearts,” Grazia
said and turned to look at Robin. “You are an
amazing mother. I only wish I had a mother
like you growing up.”
“Luca did tell me once how badly she treated
you, I’m so sorry.”
A tear trickled down her cheek when she
opened up to Robin. “My mother was always
hitting me, mostly when she was drinking.
She said I ruined her life and body. Before
she left she slammed my head into the wall
over and over again. I was in a coma for
months and never the same after that, lots of
headaches and these visions, they sometimes
scare the heck out of me. Luca was always
so kind and on many occasions tried to help
me, but he was too young to do anything. He
is more of a big brother than a cousin to me
and I only wanted him to be happy.” She
smiled at Robin. “You make him happy.”
Robin was choked up from hearing what
Grazia had to endure and happy that over the
last three years they had bonded, becoming
friends. “You like Chad, don’t you?” She said
wanting to change the subject.
“A smile appeared on Grazia’s face and her
face turned a shade of dark pink. “He’s nice I
“I think he likes you too, the way he looks at
“He has asked me out, but I turned him
“Why Grazia? it obvious that you two have
feelings for one another.”
“I’m afraid Robin. I’m not strong or confident
and because of my injuries I get headaches
and people think I’m crazy when they find out
about the visions.”
Shaking her head she reached for Grazia’s
hand. “He know’s all about you and he still
likes you. Go to him and make a date, see
how it goes.”
“You think I should ask him out?” Her eyes
w¡dened with excitement.
“Yes, and here they come now. Luca and I will
take the children in,side so that you can be
She stood to leave but Grazia grabbed her
hand. “Thank you, Robin.”
Several weeks later:
In the family room, Robin sat sketching while
Luca and the twins played on the floor,
tickling, and wrestling. She stopped to watch
them, thinking how lucky she was that Luca
found her. About how much in love they
were and that he was a good father to their
children. Grazia and Chad were now dating
and she suspected a wedding was in the near
All was going so good, she had the life she
had dreamed of as a child, a home and a
family that loved her. But one day out of the
blue her uncle showed up, she was in the
stable getting Star ready to take riding. Luca
had taken the twins into town to go shopping
for a birthday gift for her, they wanted to
pick something out from them.
She sensed she wasn’t alone and slowly
turned around. A small tremble shook her
body when she saw him, his beer belly bigger
and his gray hair thinning. “You, how did you
get here? More importantly, why are you

“You’re looking good girl, money suits you.
Who would have thought a man like Mariani
would make the likes of you his wife.” He
rubbed his hand over his unshaven face.
“You living the high life now, but those fancy
clothes and hair don’t change the fact that
you are nothing more than cheap trash, and a
wh-re to boot.”
“Shut your mouth,” she said, cutting him off.
“I am not a wh-re nor am I trash, but you
uncle, are a dirty, disgusting little man. One
who abused a child and made her your slave
for years. I will no longer put up with your
abuse, I am not afraid of you anymore. Now
tell me why you are here before I call
“I want you to give me some money. Things
have not been good and I figured since your
husband has so much he owes me.”
“Owes you, for what?”
“I gave him someone to f-ck, why he married
you is beyond me.”
“We love each other and I’m not giving you
anything. It was you wasn’t it? that leaked to
the press about Luca paying you.”
“Yeah, it was me. I went to them and told
them everything, the bastards only gave me
two thousand dollars. Now I ain’t going to tell
you again girl, I want fifty thousand dollars
or I’ll be forced to do something bad to
those precious children of yours.”
Hearing that threat against her children she
flew into a rage and charged him. Taking him
by surprise she was able to knock him down,
her slender fists pounded into his face over
and over. All the years of physical and
mental abuse came rushing back, it felt good
beating him. But then he got the upper hand
and she found herself under him.
Straddling her he placed his hands on her
throat and started choking her, she clawed at
his hands, trying to get some air into her
lungs. “You little bitch, I should have
drowned you in the river when you first came
to me.”
Robin was about to pass out when she felt
the weight on her leaving and his hands left
her throat. Once her eyes focused she saw
Chad punching her uncle, his voice boomed
loudly throughout the stable.
“I should kill you, but once Mr. Mariani finds
out what you did he’ll want to be the one to
do it. Now get your ass out of here and don’t
you ever come back or you will be leaving in
a body bag.” Picking him up by the scruff of
his neck flung him out the door. and turned
to Robin, taking her hand helped her up.
“Thanks, Chad,” she said wiping her tears
“I will call your husband and tell him what
happened,” he said and took out his phone.
“No Chad, he’s with the kids and I don’t want
him driving like a madman getting back. I’ll
tell him when he gets back.”
She forgot about going riding and went back
to the castle and up to her room.
She laid on the bed and must have fallen
asleep because the next thing she knew Luca
was there, sitting on the edge, his head in his
hands. She touched him, something told her
he knew about the assault. “Luca.” She softly
calls his name.
“He turned to look at her, his eyes filled with
pain. Seeing the marks on her neck he
touched them. “Chad told me what happened,
I should have been here to protect you.”
“You didn’t know this was going to happen,
neither did I.”
Luca jumped off the bed, rage coursed
through him, his fists rolled into balls let out
a cry of anguish. “I’m going to kill him with
my bare hands.”
He went to leave but Robin blocked his way,
preventing him from leaving. “What are you
going to do?”
“I’m going to his home and kill him, get out
of the way Robin.”
She took his face in her hands and forced
him to look at her. “Luca, look at me, if you
do this you’ll be arrested and taken from me
and the children, is that what you want?”
“No, I love you and our babies.”
“Then don’t do this. Chad scared him so badly
he’ll never dare come back here again.
Please, Luca, promise you won’t do anything.”
She started crying, all her fears and pain
came pouring out. If she were to lose Luca
she wouldn’t be able to bear it.
Pulling her into his arms he crushed her
against him, his mouth crashing down on
hers in a passionate k-ss. As much as he
wanted to destroy Dan Potter for her he
would find another way to make him pay for
what he did to her. Carrying her over to the
bed he k-ssed the bruises on her neck. Since
she was asleep when he and the kids got
back he put them to bed himself, telling them
mommy was tired and had gone to bed.
The next day was Robin’s birthday and they
had a party for her, just the family which
included Chad. Grazia and Chad announced
they were getting married, the twins already
calls him uncle.
Luca stood behind Robin, his arms around
her wa-ist as they watched their children
eating cake, each one feeding some to Grazia
and Chad.”
“Happy birthday little bird, I love you.” He
said, k-ssing her cheek.
“I love you too, from the first moment I saw
you sitting in the chair at my uncle’s house of
Turning her around, his arms pulling her
close he leaned down, k-ssing her. After
what happened with her uncle he would make
sure no one would ever hurt her again. He let
her go when the twins voices squealed loudly
making both him and Robin jump.
“Mommy and daddy k-ssing.”

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