Romance In The OR

Romance in the OR episode 1



THEME; Romance, Medical


Alexander Sanchez is a Neurosurgeon that works at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London
He is ranked among the best Neurosurgeon in the country
He is handsome, skilled ambitious and aims at being the World best Neurosurgeon

He has a mysterious past he is yet to understand and unknown to the world, Alex has a medical condition, essential tremor, a nervous system disorder that causes rythmic shaking of the hand, head, voice, arms or legs

Ryan Wilson is also a Neurosurgeon whose skills is also rated among the best in the country
He works at the best Private Hospital in London owned by his family, he is as greedy as anyone can be

He comes from a family who has a long line of amazing doctors and his father expects him to make him proud by being the world best Neurosurgeon

Jasmine Wright is a simple but brilliant girl, she graduated as the best student from National University, London as a Surgical Technologist

She got hired as an assistant surgeon at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery

What happens when Jasmine gets entangled in Alex and Ryan power tussle to become the world best Neurosurgeon





💊 Alex’s POV 💊

“Close your eyes and take a deep breath Alex” Mason said and I did

“Relax your muscles and free your mind, let the darkness take over” I heard him say and I sighed freeing all my body and letting the darkness overwhelm me

“Now picture yourself in a car Alex, you are just 12 years old and you’re in a car with your parents!”

Mason’s voice slowly faded as I opened my eyes to see myself in a car with Mom and Dad

“We are going to the States Alex” Dad said while driving

“But why?” I asked

“We can no longer live here, we’ll be better off in the States” Mom said

“Since I’ll be starting a new school then, can you get me into a medical school there?”

“Why do you want to get into a medical school?” Mom asked

“Cause I want to be a Neurosurgeon like you Mom” I said and they laughed

“Sure, we’ll get you enrolled in a medical school and when you grow up, you’ll definitely be the best Neurosurgeon in the world” Dad said

“Really? Will I be able to the best Neurosurgeon in the world?” I asked

“You have an IQ of 200 son, you are one of the smartest kid the world has ever known so am sure you’ll be able to do it” Mom said

“Then I’ll definitely fulfill your wish, am going to be the best Neurosurgeon in the world”

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“Now tell me, what do you see?” Mason’s voice asked

“Am in a car with Mom and Dad, we are going to travel out of the country” I said subconsciously

“Yes, what happened next?” Mason’s voice asked

The car kept moving but everything was starting to become blurry

“I….I…can barely see anything” I said

“Focus Alex, you have to remember what happened that night, it’s in your memory, remember it!” I heard Mason say

Everywhere was suddenly pitch black and I quickly opened my eyes and stood up

“Did it work? Did you see anything? Did you remember something?” Mason asked

“It didn’t work Mason, I saw nothing, everywhere was just pitch black”

“But this is an advanced hypnosis method, if this didn’t work then I don’t know what will” Mason said

“We can’t just give up, my tremors started after the police found me unconscious on the road the next morning, I have alot of questions Mason, why did my parents suddenly disappear, why was I alone on the road the next morning, why did my tremors start from that day and why can’t I remember anything that happened that night?! Am sure they are all connected to each other Mason and you know am right”

“Yeah, you are right, that night holds the key to solving your tremors, something must have happened that night that triggered your tremors and if we ever have a chance of curing it, it lies in you remembering. I’ll make more research, you should go to work, I’ll call you when I find something else we can try”

“Thanks Mason” I said as I took my suit jacket and walked out

I entered my car and drove off to the hospital

Mason is my therapist, when the police found me unconscious the next morning after that night, I was all shaken up, my legs and hands where shaking vigorously beyond my control and that’s how the tremors started.
The police decided I needed some help with my mental health and I was taken to Mason, he has been my therapist ever since and now he’s grown to be more of a fatherly figure to me

For the past 17 years, I’ve been wondering what happened that night. All I remember is that we were on a car going to the airport cause we wanted to move out of the country and then nothing, the next thing I remember is the policemen waking me up in the middle of the road and I was all alone, my parents were nowhere to be found, up till now

💊 Jasmine’s POV 💊

“Breakfast is ready Megan!” I called as I set the dinning table

“Perfect, I was getting really hungry” she said as she walked into the dinning, yawning

“Toasted bread and bacon, yummy” she said and started munching into her food

“Aren’t you going to work today?” I asked

“No, Doctor Ryan won’t be at the hospital today, he doesn’t have any surgeries to perform today too and since am the anesthesiologist in his surgery team, am free for today” Megan replied

“What about you? Still no reply from the National hospital?” She asked

“Yeah, I’ve submitted all the documents they required and my interview was a success but I don’t know why they haven’t called me for the job”

“Patience Jas, the National hospital isn’t an easy place to get a job in but since you are such an amazing doctor, am sure you’ll be called to work soon” Megan said and I sighed

“I hope you are right”

Megan is my cousin and we’ve been living together since we got into college though she’s a year above me

My phone beeped and I took it to check what it was

“Holly Molly!! Megan are you a psychic?”

“If am a psychic then I’ll be out saving the world right now, why? What’s wrong?” She asked and I showed her the message I just received

“Woah!! You got the job!” She exclaimed

“And am to start work tomorrow!”

“This is amazing Jas, we should totally celebrate it, I’ll go get a drink” she said as she walked out of the dining

I can’t believe am really going to start working in one of the best hospitals in the whole world

“My dream has come true!” I squealed

💊 Alex’s POV 💊

I parked my car in the parking lot and walked into the hospital

I went straight to my office and sat on the chair

Moments later, the door opened and Tony came in

“I saw you walked in, so how did it go with Mason, were you able to remember?” He asked

Tony is my childhood friend, he’s a doctor here too and he knows about everything, even my tremors

“Nope, it was futile” I replied

“You really need to remember Alex, the earlier you remember the sooner we can finally cure your tremors cause if people find out of your condition, your medical license will be revoked and you won’t be able to work as a doctor”

“I know the consequences Tony and am trying my best to remember, it’s just not working” I said

“What if you have a hand tremor during surgery someday? What will you do then?” He asked

“The tremors usually kick in whenever I overstress myself and I’ve been avoiding that, I’ve also been taking the drugs Mason prescribed and I assure you Tony, something like that will never happen”

“I hope so Alex, I really hope so. But I still don’t get it? Why are you taking this risk, I mean there’s many other jobs you can take apart from being a doctor” Tony said

“My Mom was a Neurosurgeon and my Dad was medical researcher, I made a promise to my parents the night they disapeared, I promised them I’ll be the best Neurosurgeon in the world so if am not able to find them, the least I can do is keep my promise to them. I’ve learnt alot in medicine and surgery just from seeing my parents work and going through their medical research journals, it will be such a waste of knowledge if am anything but a doctor and I’ve come too far to go back now perhaps the doctor’s coat suits me really well” I said with a smile and Tony scoffed

“You are always so full of yourself Alex and since you’ve made up your mind on not going back on this then I guess that I can as well inform you that I’ve found you a new surgical assistant” Tony said

“Who?” I asked

“Her name is Jasmine Wright and she a new Doctor here, she’s really smart Alex, she graduated with top scores from the National University and I was among those who interviewed her, she’s smart”

“Are you sure about her?”

“Of course Alex, or are you doubting my judgement?” He asked

“I think my doubt is justified considering the fact that last Surgical assistant you found for me turned out to be a spy for Ryan and he almost caused a death on my operation table”

“Trust me Alex, this one can be trusted, she’s new and am sure she can be trusted, you just need to meet with the Director and ask him to put her in your surgery team when she resumes work, with her brain and your skills, am sure you guys will make a history in the Medical world”

“I hope you are right Tony cause am not giving Ryan a chance again to try and kill the patient am operating on” I said

“But why is Ryan even doing this?” Tony asked

“Why else, he also want to be the best Neurosurgeon in the world and am his main competitor, none of the surgeries I’ve performed have ever gone wrong and trying to cause a death for my patients will definitely ruin my record and my reputation and if that happens then nothing is stopping the World Health Organisation from announcing him as the best Neurosurgeon in the world and I can’t let that happen”

“Wow, there’s definitely lot of bad blood between you and Ryan” Tony said

“Why can’t you just be my surgical assistant Tony?” I asked

“You know that’s not possible, am one of the main doctors in this hospital and I have my own surgery team, I can’t be your surgical assistant” Tony explained and I sighed

“Fine, I just hope you are right about this Jasmine Wright of a girl”

The door opened and Susan and Andrew came in

They are part of my surgery team
Andrew is my surgical technologist, he hands me the surgery equipments I need during surgery and he’s quite good at it
Susan is my anesthesiologist, she’s responsible for the stability of patients during surgery, she gives the suitable anesthesia during the surgery and painkillers after the surgery and she’s also good at her job

“There’s a patient the Director asked us to operate on immediately Doctor, the patient was diagnosed with brain tumor” Susan said

“I don’t think we should operate on the patient doctor, his situation is quite complicated” Andrew said

“Are you referring to the brain tumor patient that was brought here last night?” Tony asked and they nodded

“All the doctors are avoiding that patient, I guess that’s why the Director threw it to you” Tony said

“Why are they avoiding it? It’s just a brain to me, all we have to do is perform craniectomy, it’s not that complicated” I asked

“It is Alex, to remove the tumor, craniectomy must be done which involves drilling a hole in the skull, now this patient happens to have anemia, they already have low count of red blood cell and creating a hole on the skull further reduces the number of the cells and if that happens, the patient can go into a seizure and then he dies” Tony explained

“That’s exactly why I don’t think we should operate on him doctor, you’ve never had a fail surgery and if you do this, well the might fail” Andrew said

“We are operating him” I said

“Are you kidding me! The chance of a successful surgery for that patient is less than 10%” Tony exclaimed

“The more the heart beats, the more the red blood cells is needed so we just have to lower his heartbeat to a very slow rate during the surgery, can you do that Susan?” I asked

“Yes I can” she replied

“Also connect him to a drip of blood during the surgery”

“Okay” Susan replied

“Are you sure this is going to work?” Andrew asked

“Yes Andrew, since he’s heartbeat is going to be slowed, he won’t need much red blood cell and a seizure will be avoided” I explained

“The god of surgery has spoken! You never cease to amaze me Alex” Tony said and I laughed

“Well, I’ll be needing your help too Tony, I can’t do the surgery alone, be my surgical assistant, just this once” I pleaded

“Sure, let’s do this” he said as he stood up

“You guys should go on, I’ll meet you at the O.R” I said and they left

I walked towards the wall and opened the safe

I brought out the drugs Mason gave me for my tremors, I swallowed one put the rest back in
Then I wore my white coat and walked out


“Have you slowed down the heartbeat?” I asked and she nodded

“And the blood drip?”

“In place doctor” she replied

“Then let’s us begin, Scalpel” I said and Andrew quickly gave me a Scalpel and I began to make an incision on the skin covering the skull

Tony helped me cleaned the blood and Andrew gave me a cranial drill for cutting the skull open

I was drilling into the skull and the monitors started beeping

“What’s wrong Susan?” I asked

“The red blood cells count is getting too low even though I’ve decreased the heartbeat rate” she said

“Then give her more blood from the drip” I said and she obeyed

The patient’s condition became stable again and I continued the surgery


We were done with the surgery and it was successful

I cleaned up and went straight to the Director’s office

“I was just about to come meet you Alex, you are just simply amazing, I heard you’ve successfully operated on the brain tumor patient with anemia” he said and I nodded

“Yes though I came here because I need a favor from you Sir” I said

“What’s it? I’ll surely deserve to be granted a favour for the feat you just achieved”

“I heard the hospital has just employed a new Doctor, her name is Jasmine Wright” I said

“That’s true, she’s to begin work tomorrow” he said

“But I currently don’t have a surgical assistant in my team so can you assign her as my surgical assistant please?”

“Sure, it’s not a big deal, she’ll be your surgical assistant”

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“Thanks Director, I’ll take my leave now” I said and left his office

💊 Ryan’s POV 💊

Am at the Family Mansion with Dad and my elder brother, Robert having a boring meal together

I hate it whenever the three of us are together cause Robert always looks for opportunities to find faults in me in front of Dad, just so I’ll loose Dad’s favours since I happen to be Dad’s favorite

Robert is a cardiologist and he’s one of the best while am a Neurosurgeon also one of the best

But I’ll be the best soon, the only obstacle standing in my way is Alexander Sanchez, he’s my main competitor

“While you are here eating, Alexander Sanchez just made another great feat in the medical world, I just saw it from the web” Robert said while looking at his phone “He successfully operated on a brain tumor patient with anemia, you and I know how hard that should be”

“Shut up Robert, you know nothing about Neurosurgery!” I said

“Lower your voice Ryan, I have great hopes on you but you haven’t made me proud” Dad said

“I will make you proud soon Dad, I just need a little time” I said

“Time is what you don’t have Ryan, the more time you waste not doing anything, Alexander Sanchez continues to rise in fame and very soon he might be announced as the best Neurosurgeon in the wort” Dad said

“That won’t ever happen Dad, I promise”

“You’ve been promising for a long time Ryan, am beginning to doubt if you can do it” Dad said and left the dinning room

“Looks like someone is beginning to loose Dad’s trust” Robert laughed and walked out of the dinning too

My phone rang and I smiled when I saw who was calling

🗨️ Its done Sir, Alex got into our trap, he believed that his surgical assistant is your spy just like we wanted him to and he fired him

“That’s great, does he have a new assistant yet?” I asked

🗨️ I don’t think so but he’s looking for one

“Since you’ve covered your tracks and he doesn’t suspect you now, make sure that all the surgeries he does from now on is a complete failure and notify me when he has found a new surgical assistant”

🗨️ I make sure of that

I ended the call and I smirked

Things aren’t going to be so easy for you from now on Alexander Sanchez, let’s how you’ll maintain your perfect record when you start having failed surgeries

…………to be continued…………


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For those that doesn’t know, O.R stands for operation room

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