Romance in the or episode 12

šŸ’‰šŸ’‰šŸ’‰ ROMANCE IN THE O.RšŸ’‰šŸ’‰šŸ’‰


šŸš‘ EPISODE 12 šŸš‘

šŸ’Š Alex’s POV šŸ’Š

“What’s wrong? What happened?” Emma asked

I was speaking with Emma in the party when Ryan called

“He took her that asshole took Jasmine!!” I yelled

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“Calm down Alex and tell me what’s going on” Emma said

“How the hell am I supposed to calm down and when he can push Jasmine off the cliff any minute” I said as I started walking away but Emma held my hand

“And where are you going? Do you have any idea where they are?” She asked

“No but he said they are at a cliff, but I don’t know where exactly”

“The Pedra da Gavea cliff” she said


“It’s the only cliff around here and it’s just some miles away, am sure that’s where they are, I’ll take you there” Emma said as she walked to her car and I followed her

We got into the car and Emma drove

“Drive faster please, or let me drive” I said as I noticed she was going slow

“Am driving as fast as I can Alex” she said and I sighed

Please be safe Jasmine, am coming to get you

“What are you going to do when we get there?” Emma asked

“Am not sure but my priority is to save Jasmine”

“Even if you might get hurt yourself?” She asked

“Yes” I said and she stopped the car by the roadside

“What the hell are you doing?! We are wasting time!!” I yelled

“Am not going to risk your life by taking you to that cliff, your life is way too important to be risked for just a mere a girl!” She yelled

“Jasmine isn’t just any girl, she’s my assistant surgeon”

“Don’t gimme that crap, you can always get another assistant surgeon, someone even better than her but I refuse to risk your life for that girl, you are way too important” she said

“What the hell is wrong with you Emma?”

“You don’t understand do you? You have no choice here, I saved you that night, I gave you the life you are living now, your life is mine Alex and I won’t let you risk what I worked had for just to keep that girl safe, am keeping you for a purpose and until you fulfill that purpose, you have no choice but to do as I say”

“I don’t totally understand what you are trying to say and there isn’t time for me to try and understand but I must save Jasmine, she’s only in that situation because of me, if she wasn’t associated with me, she wouldn’t have gotten on Ryan’s bad side, so I don’t really understand what you’re to say but all I know is I must save Jasmine, with or without help cause I’ll let anyone die because of me, never” I said but she didn’t say anything, she didn’t start the car

“I’ll just take a cab then” I said as I opened the door and she sighed

“No need, I’ll take you there” she said as she started the car and I closed back the door

šŸ’Š Jasmine’s POV šŸ’Š

“Your boss is running pretty late isn’ ft he? I guess your life is of no importance to him” Ryan said

“Please Ryan, don’t push me off the cliff, I’ll do anything you want please don’t kill me” I cried

“Anything I want?” He asked looking at me intently and I kept quiet

“So will you leave Alex and be my assistant surgeon?” He asked and I hesitated

“Yes, I’ll do whatever you say, just let me live please” I begged

“Too late, your savior is already here” he said as a car drove in and Alex quickly ran out of the car

“Alex!!” I yelled “Please save me, he’s gonna kill me please save me!” I cried

“Let go off her Ryan” Alex said

“What’s in it for me if I just let go of her and let you have her, I should just push her off the cliff right now for coming late” Ryan said as he pushed me a little closer to the edge of the cliff and I screamed

“If anything happens to her Ryan, I’ll swear am gonna killed you with my bare hands!” Alex yelled

“Calm down Alex, I told you am only here to have fun so let’s see, what should you do for me so that I’ll let our pretty Jasmine go” Ryan said as he pretended to think

“Oh yes, I know, first go on your knees” he said

“What?” Alex said surprised

“Kneel before me” Ryan repeated but Alex kept standing

“You can’t? Is your more important than our pretty lady’s life here?” Ryan said as he pushed me closer to the edge of the cliff and Alex quickly knelt down

“Alright am on my knees, do not hurt her” Alex said and Ryan laughed

“This is much more fun than I expected, the great Alexander Sanchez, the doctor that has never had any failed surgery, kneeling before me” he said amidst laughter

“I’ve done what you wanted so let Jasmine go” Alex said

“Oh no, we are not done here” Ryan said as he brought out a recorder from his pocket and threw it at Alex

“Pick that up and press record, then you are going to say in you nice pretty voice that what happened during the Prime Minister’s daughter surgery wasn’t any kind of accident, it was planned by you, you tried to kill the Prime Minister’s daughter during surgery by injecting her with Cemptrofin, a drug that induces heart failure” Ryan said and I looked at him surprised

He’s really the devil himself

“How did you know about what happened during the surgery and the drug that was injected into the Prime Minister’s daughter? Were you responsible for that too?” Alex asked

“Is that really important right? Just take the recorder and say everything I’ve told you to say”

“I’ll never do that” Alex said

“Then I guess it’s goodbye to our dear Jasmine then” he said as he pushed me back and I screamed

Am really standing at the last edge of the cliff now, if Ryan push me again, I’ll really fall

“Wait wait, don’t let her fall of the cliff” Alex said as he slowly took the recorder

“What the hell do you think you are doing Alex!” Emma who has been quiet all this while yelled

“I have no choice Emma” Alex said

“Do you really not know what he’s trying to do? You are going to confess to a crime you never committed and he’s going to send that record to the police station, he’s going to frame you for medical malpractice and you’ll be stripped of your medical license, you won’t be a certified doctor anymore!” Emma said

“Wow, this lady is also very smart too, how come you always get all the smart and pretty ladies Alex?” Ryan said as he laughed

šŸ’Š Alex’s POV šŸ’Š

“But anyway what’s it gonna be Alex, any slight push from me now and Jasmine will really fall of the cliff, so what’s your decision?” Ryan asked

I looked at Emma, she looked so angry and she kept shaking her head signifying that I shouldn’t do it

Then I looked at Jasmine, she’s I tears, she looked so scared, none of this is her fault, none of this have anything to with her, I can’t let loose her life because of me, I can’t

I slowly took the recorder and Emma shouted

“Don’t do it Alex, don’t”

“I don’t want to but I have no choice” I said to Emma

I pressed record and said everything Ryan instructed

“My name is Alexander Sanchez and I am responsible for the complication that happened during the Prime Minister’s daughter surgery, I injected her with Cemptrofin, a drug that induces heart failure because I wanted to kill the Prime Minister’s daughter during surgery” I said and then stopped the recording

“Wow that was great” Ryan said “Now I want you to stand up slowly and hand me the recorder and no funny plans Alex, need I remind you just a little push from me and Jasmine is already down the Cliff”

I slowly stood up and handed the recorder to Ryan

“This was much easier than I thought, anyway it was fun doing business with you” he said as he let go of Jasmine, quickly went to his car and drove off

Jasmine fell to the ground and I quickly ran up to her

“Are you okay?” I asked

“Am sorry Alex, am so sorry” Jasmine said weakly

“Hey, it’s not your fault, now stop talking or you might really pass out cause you are too weak”

I carried her to the car and Emma drove us back to the hotel

It was obvious that she was angry but she kept silent

We got to the hotel and I carried out of the car

“Are you coming?” I asked Emma but she didn’t say a word and drove straight to the Parking lot

I carried Jasmine back to our suite and laid her on the couch

“Am sorry for all you went through Jasmine, you should rest so that you can regain your strength” I said

“No Alex” she said as she tried to sit up and I helped her

“All my life, I’ve always carried myself with pride because I’ve always tried my best not to be selfish and make a good decision but today I was selfish Alex, I thought I was strong but…. but the moment I realized I might really die, those strength collapsed, all I wanted was to save my life regardless of what I had to do” she said as a tear rolled down her face

“If this is about the recording I made then don’t blame yourself, I made the decision myself”

“No, that’s not the main reason am apologising” she said and then sobbed “Ryan….. He wanted me to leave you and come work for him, at first I said no but the moment I was standing a few paces away from that cliff, I agreed Alex, I agreed to betray you and work for Ryan, I deeply regret it but what scares me the most is that I might make the same decision again if am put in such a similar situation, am not as strong as I thought I was Alex and am so sorry” she cried

“It’s not your fault Jasmine, you almost lost your life, anyone would make the same decision if the were in your shoes”

“Am really sorry Alex” she said and I hugged her

“I said it’s okay” I said and then laid her down “You should rest, I’ll go get some drugs that’ll help you regain your strength quickly”

She nodded and I stood up and walked out of the room then I met Emma and she walked up to me

“Are you okay?” I asked

“Sure, how’s Jasmine?” She asked

“She’s resting, am going to go get some drugs for her” I said and she nodded

“About what happened today, you said something about saving me that night…” I said and she interrupted

“I just meant I saved you that day from the fire and you shouldn’t take any of the things I said back then to heart, I was just worked up” she said

“Sure?” I asked

“Yeah, you should go get the drugs for Jasmine” she said and I nodded

“Thanks for everything you did today” I said

“You welcome” she said with a smile and I was about walking away when she called me back

“What are you going to do if Ryan takes that recording to the police station?” She asked

“Am not sure yet” I said

“You must not loose your medical license Alex neither should your image be tarnished, you are part of a bigger plan and nothing must go wrong” Emma said

“Again, you are saying things I don’t understand”

“Am just trying to say you have a great future and you shouldn’t let Ryan ruin it” she said

“Don’t worry Emma, I know what I went through to get to where I am today, I had to go through a lot of hardships and a cycle of loneliness and endurance cause being a surgeon was really hard for me, I won’t let Ryan ruin everything I’ve worked hard for, he won’t win so easily, I’ll find a solution to this, I definitely will” I said and she smiled

“It’s a good thing you are determined, you should go now” she said

“Later then” I said and left

……… be continued……….


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