Romance in the or episode 14



🚑 EPISODE 14 🚑

💊 Alex’s POV 💊

“It’s a great honor to have been given the opportunity to work with you guys, am so looking forward to knowing you all and with your help and support, we’ll make this hospital a greater and better place for all, thanks” Emma said as she bowed a little and stepped back from the podium

What’s she doing here?
I thought she was the secretary of the Neurosurgeon organization
How is she now the deputy director of the hospital?

The meeting was done and I waited by the door so that I could talk to Emma

“I guess you were surprised to see Emma too doctor” Jasmine said as she walked up to me

It’s been a while since she called me doctor and it sounds weird now
I liked it better when she calls my name

“Are you seriously going to continue ignoring me?” Jasmine asked and then Emma came

“Hey, how are you guys doing?” She asked with a smile but I remained quiet and so did Jasmine

“I guess you both are surprised on seeing me here” Emma said

“I thought you were the secretary to the president of the Neurosurgeon society” I said

“I am and since the Seminar for this year is already done, I asked the President for a favour, to fix me here in London and he did, he has lots of connections after all”

“Why did you want to come to London?” Jasmine asked

“First, to work and end more money, second, to help you guys”

“You came all the way from Brazil to London just to help us?” Jasmine asked surprised just like I was

“Yes Jasmine and rather than asking all this questions like an investigator, you should be happy I came to help clean up the mess you cause, maybe you still don’t know what you did but lemme enlighten you, because of you, Alex might be sacked and arrested” Emma said

She sounds like she hates Jasmine

“I….. You are right, it is my fault, am really sorry, I’ll try and find a solution to this” Jasmine said and started walking but I quickly held her hand

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“Where are you going?” I asked and she smiled

“You finally spoke to me, am sorry for putting you in this tight spot but am going to do all I can to make sure you don’t have to quit being a doctor” she said and walked away

“At least now she knows it’s her fault” Emma said

“It’s not her fault Emma, I made the decision myself, she never asked me to make that recording” I said

“She asked you to save her and you did thereby getting yourself in trouble but now that am here, I’ll see what I can do, go home and rest for today, I’ll try to come up with a plan by tomorrow” she said and walked away

There’s definitely something strange about Emma

I waited in front of the elevator waiting for it to open so that I could go to my office

The elevator dinged and the door opened

The Prime Minister came out of the elevator

“Doctor Alex” he called happily and I bowed a little

“Good afternoon Sir” I greeted

“You should’ve at least said your goodbyes before traveling, I just asked of you one day and I was told you’ve gone to Brazil” he said

“Am sorry Sir, it was an emergency journey, how is your daughter?” I asked

“She’s recovering well thanks to you”

“I thought by now, you’ll have taken her home and gotten her a private doctor, why are you still keeping her here?”

“You are right Alex but I don’t want to stress my little girl, she seems to be comfortable here and I think here is the safest place for her, I mean it will be harder for some to assassinate her here than if she’s at home” the Prime Minister said

“You sure do have a lot of enemies Sir”

“I have a lot of enemies because I know who and where my enemies are, so what about you? Have you figured out who your enemy is?” The Prime Minister asked

“I think I have”

“Who? If I may ask” he said

“Ryan, Ryan Wilson”

“You mean doctor Ryan?! The Neurosurgeon?! The son of James Wilson?!” he exclaimed

“Am not really sure about his father’s name but yeah, he’s the one” I said

“So he’s the one that tried to kill my daughter?!” The Prime Minister asked obviously getting angry

“Yeah and am in a tough situation right now, he’s gonna blackmail me, he’s got this recording that he’ll use to prove that I tried to kill your daughter” I said

“What?! You know what Alex, we’ll discuss about this when I come here tomorrow, for now, I have a very important meeting to attend”

“Sure, thanks”

“I’ve read your biography Alex, heard you have one of the highest IQ in the world, your brain is a weapon itself, learn how to use it and no one will ever be able to put you down” he said as he patted my shoulder and then walked away

I stood transfixed for a minute
Somehow, I feel like that was a fatherly advice and it felt nice

My phone ranged and it was Tony

🗨️ Heard you are back, where are you?

“Am still in the hospital” I said

🗨️ And I just left the hospital, anyway how was the trip?

“Honestly, I don’t even know the right adjective to use to describe how the trip was, lots of things happened Tony

🗨️ Let’s meet at your place in the next one hour then and we’ll talk

“Okay” I said and then end the call

💊 Jasmine’s POV 💊

I went to my locker to keep my coat before going back home

I closed the door to my locker and I flinched as I saw Emma standing there

“U scared me, why were you standing there silently?” I asked

“What are you gonna do?”


“What do you plan on doing to solve the problem you caused for Alex?” She asked again

“I…. I don’t know yet” I replied

“Stay away from him” Emma said curtly


“Alex is meant for greater things Jasmine, he’s part of a bigger plan that you can never comprehend, he has a goal, a purpose, an ambition and right now, you are a hindrance to him and all he has to achieve”


“You distract him Jasmine” Emma said “You distract him from his purpose and if you want the best Alex, you’ll stay away from him and give him some space” she said

“I don’t really understand you, I don’t know how am distracting Alex from whatever you are saying is his purpose but I work here Emma and if you’re suggesting that I quit my job, no thanks” I said

“You are stubborn” Emma said

“Am not stubborn, you are just trying to get me confused, I know I caused Alex trouble and I’ll definitely do all I can to help him out of this, I won’t let you confuse me” I said and she smiled

“If you continue to be a problem to Alex, I’ll just have to forcefully remove you” she said and walked away

Okay now I don’t like that girl
What’s up with her?
She seems to know something about Alex
I’ll have to keep an eye on her

💊 Ryan’s POV 💊

I went to the family Mansion and I met my older brother, Robert in the sitting room

“Where’s Dad?” I asked

“How are you too Ryan?” He asked and I scoffed

“Where’s Dad?” I asked again

“In his room” he replied and I went off to Dad’s room

I knocked on the door and then walked in

He was sitting on the couch

“Dad” I called

“Welcome son” he said

“I have good news Dad”

“I hope it’s something worthy” he said and I smiled

“Listen to this Dad” I said as I played the recording for him

“Wow, this is……this is…..”

“Yes Dad, this is Alexander Sanchez’s voice, am going to frame him Dad, I’ll summit this to the police station and he’ll be arrested” I said

“Wow Ryan, how did you manage to pull it off?” He asked

I was about explaining when my phone rang
An unknown number

“Gimme a minute” I said to Dad as I picked the call


🗨️ “This is the Prime Minister speaking”

“What?! Prime….. Prime Minister?” I said surprised

🗨️ “I don’t really have much time to waste so I’ll go straight to the point, stay away from Alexander Sanchez and destroy whatever recording you have against him but if you still go ahead and release the recording, then consider me as your enemy, that boy have already went through a lot and I won’t let you continue to make him suffer so be warned” he said and ended the call

“What’s wrong son?” Dad asked and I told him all the Prime Minister said

“Don’t worry, go ahead with your plans, tell my driver to get my car ready, am going out” Dad said

💊 Prime Minister’s POV 💊

I sat on the couch at home going through some important documents and the security came in

“There’s a Mr James Wilson that wants to see you” he said and I turned to look at him

“James Wilson? Let him in, he’s an old friend” I said and thr security left

Minutes later, James Wilson came in

“Am surprised you came to visit me today” I said

“It’s been so long, I think 17 years or 18 that we last met” James said

“Yeah and I thought we agreed never to meet up again” I said as I dropped my files and looked at him

“I’ll have honored our agreement Mr Prime Minister but you called my son today and threatened him to leave Alexander Sanchez alone”

“Well it was well deserved, he was going to blackmail that innocent young man” I said

“And since when do you care about Alexander Sanchez?” He asked

“What do you mean by that? Am the Prime Minister, am supposed to care for all the citizens”

“Well you didn’t seem to care much 17 years ago when you ordered me to get his parents killed, hell you ordered for Alex to be killed too if not for the unexpected turn of events so why the hell are you protecting him now?” James said

“That’s long in the past James, long before I became the Prime Minister, times have changed, Alex grew up to be such a talented person, he’s one of our nation’s best surgeon and it’s my duty to protect him, I have nothing against him now, I only ordered you to kill his whole family back then due to some circumstances that you are well aware of so enough of all this journey through memory lane, if this is all you came to say then you may leave now” I said

“You must not interfere with My son’s plan on taking down Alex, infact you must act along with him, with the recording Ryan have and you supporting him, then Alex will definitely be imprisoned” James said

“And why will I act along with you?”

“Because if you don’t, then I’ll tell the whole world what happened 17 years ago, think about it and make your choice carefully” James said and walked away

………to be continued………


Prime Minister 😲😲