Romance in the or episode 15

šŸ’‰šŸ’‰šŸ’‰ ROMANCE IN THE O.RšŸ’‰šŸ’‰šŸ’‰


šŸš‘ EPISODE 15 šŸš‘

šŸ’Š Jasmine’s POV šŸ’Š

I took a cab back home with my luggage

“Jas!” Megan as exclaimed as she ran to hug me

“Oh how I’ve missed you, it was so boring living here alone” Megan said

“You speak like I’ve been gone for months, it was just a few days Meg” I said as I sat on the couch and she sat beside me

“Well it felt like months to me” she said

“You look so tired, lemme get you something to eat” Megan said as she stood up

“I’ll go freshen up first” I stood up too and dragged my luggage to my room

I took a shower, wore some relaxing cloth and went to the dinning

“So tell me how your trip was, it was probably fun right?” Megan asked as we ate

“Well, at first, it was fun but then I almost got thrown off a 2,500ft tall cliff” I said as I continued eating

“What?! You are joking right?”

“I wish I am, and now doctor Alex is in a tough situation all because of me”

“What happened?” Megan asked and I told her everything that happened in Brazil

“I can’t believe this, I can’t believe Doctor Ryan can do such a thing” she said

“You think am lying? That asshole tried to kill me and to save me Alex had to make that darn recording that Ryan is using to blackmail him now!” I yelled

“I know you can’t be lying Jas, am just finding it hard to believe that the person I’ve been working for for almost two years now is so evil” Megan said

“I never expected him to be that bad too, but he is the true definition of evil, he’s not worth to be called a doctor”

“I really can’t believe this is true, whenever I hang out with my friends Jas, I always tell everyone how upright and talented my boss is and now he…..he even tried to kill my cousin sister, I can’t keep silent about this Jas, I can’t” she said

“There’s nothing you can do Meg, if you say anything against Ryan, he’ll fire you”

“I’ll turn in my resignation letter before then, I can’t work for such an evil person. Tomorrow when I go to work, I’ll give him a piece of my mind and then turn in my resignation letter” Megan said obviously making up her mind

“Wait a minute” I said as an idea clicked inside my head

“Since you’re part of Ryan’s surgery team, then you are allowed into his office without authorization right?” I asked and she nodded

“Then you must not quit working with him Meg cause I really need your help” I said

“My help? What for?”

“It’s risky but I need you to steal the recorder from Ryan”

“What?!” Megan exclaimed

“I know, I know what am asking for is dangerous, you’ll get in big trouble if you are caught but am out of options here Meg, I don’t know what else to do”

“Okay, I’ve got to admit I had goosebumps when you said that but I want to do it, I’ll do it” Megan said

“Really?” I asked and she nodded

“Thanks Meg” I said as I stood up and went to hug her

“So how do we go about it?” Meg asked

“You’ve been working with Ryan for long and you know him much more than I do so, where do you think he’ll keep the recorder?”

“Am not sure…….but since the recorder is so precious to him, he’s most likely to keep it close to him or even on him so it’s going to be pretty difficult” Megan said

“Yeah but we can’t just give up”

“I know, I’ll do all I can to get the recorder and when I’ve gotten it, am quiting” she said with a tone of finality

šŸ’Š Alex’s POV šŸ’Š


My phone ranged and I lazily sat up

“Who would be calling me so early in the morning” I said as I picked it up


šŸ—Øļø “Oh, did I wake you up? I can’t believe you are really sleeping peacefully when today is your last day of grace, if you don’t quit today then I’ll send the recorder to the station”

“Ryan! You’ll pay for all this, I’ll make sure of it” I said and ended the call

I stood angrily from the bed, showered dressed up and left for the hospital

I parked the car outside the hospital and walked in

“Good morning Doctor, you are early today” Andrew greeted

“Is the Prime Minister here?” I asked

“Not yet” he replied

“Do we have any surgery scheduled for today?” I asked

“Yeah but it’s in the afternoon”

“Okay, I’ll start my routine check-up on the patients, inform me when the Prime Minister arrives”

“Okay” Andrew said and I walked away

šŸ’Š Jasmine’s POV šŸ’Š

I ate with Megan after getting dressed for work

“I have to go now Meg” I said

“Okay, I’ll be leaving soon too and I’ll call you later to tell you how things turn out”

“Be careful Meg” I said as I hugged her

“I’ll be fine Jas, now go or you’ll be scolded by doctor Alex for being late” she said and I smiled

šŸ’Š Alex’s POV šŸ’Š

I was still checking on the patients in the wards when Andrew walked up to me

“The Prime Minister just arrived” he said

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“Thanks Andrew, can you take over from here?” I asked referring for him to continue with the patient I was attending to

“Sure, you can go”

I muttered a thanks and went straight to the VVIP room the Prime Minister’s daughter is in

I knocked and then walked in

“I was about calling for you Alex” he said immediately I stepped in “Olivia has been sleeping a lot, is that normal? Or should I worry?”

“There’s no need to worry, she had a brain surgery recently and brain surgery takes time to heal and her brain needs all the rest it can get too” I explained

“I guess it’s fine then, I was starting to get worried thinking something was wrong. Anyway, what brings you here?” He asked

“It’s about what we talked about yesterday, about Ryan blackmailing me, I was hoping you could help me” I said and he kept quiet for some moments

“You said he has a recording in which you confessed that you tried to kill my daughter?” He asked and I nodded

“Am sorry I can’t help you Alex, if he gives that recording to the police, it will be a strong evidence against you and even my words would hold no authority then”

“But you can just deny it Sir, if it get released you can tell the police that I never tried to harm your daughter not to talk of killing her” I said

“Even if I can do that, your image would already be tarnished, I mean who would want to get treated by a doctor that was once suspected of attempted murder, your problem shouldn’t be what to do after the recording get released to the public, your problem should be how to stop the recording from being released to the public, cause of it gets released, convicted or not, your image would already be ruined” the Prime Minister said

“Am just so confused, I don’t know what to do, I was hoping you could help me” I said

“Remember what I said yesterday? Your brain is a weapon itself, learn how to use it and no one will be able to put you down” he said “Just think hard Alex, am sure you’ll find a way out of this”

“I will, thanks” I said as I walked out

The Prime Minister was my only hope, now he says he can’t help me
What the heck am I supposed to do?!

šŸ’Š Megan’s POV šŸ’Š

“Has Doctor Ryan arrived?” I asked one of the nurses when I got to the hospital

“No, not yet” he replied

“Okay thanks” I said and walked away

I went to Doctor Ryan’s office and slowly closed the door

I just hope I can find the recorder here

I searched the tables, drawers, shelf but I couldn’t find anything

“Where the hell did he keep the recorder?!”

The door suddenly opened and Ryan came in

My breathing increased and I freezed right on the spot

“Good….. good morning Doctor” I stuttered

“Are you looking for something?” He asked

“I…….am……..I……I was just looking for a file”

“What file?”

“The files of ummm…..the patients we are supposed to operate on today, I thought I left it here yesterday” I said quickly

“How many patients do we have to operate on today?” He asked as he sat on the couch

“Two” I replied

“Postpone their surgery till tomorrow, I don’t think am in the right mind to operate on anyone right now” he said as he brought out a black device from his pocket

It’s the recorder!!
How the hell am I supposed to get it from him now

“Is there still anything else you want to say?” He asked since I was just standing and staring at him

“No, nothing, I’ll take my leave now” I said as I quickly walked out

I went to the washroom, brought out my phone and called Jasmine

“Hey Jas”

šŸ—Øļø “Meg, were you able to get the recorder?” She asked

“It’s not as easy as you think Jas but I do know exactly where the recorder is”

šŸ—Øļø “Where?”

“With Ryan, he’s holding it right now in his office but there’s no way I can get it from him”

šŸ—Øļø “Ummm…… gimme some minutes, I’ll call you back soon” Jasmine said and ended the call

šŸ’Š Alex’s POV šŸ’Š

I sat in my office thinking hard on what to do and how to get the recording from Ryan

There was a knock on the door and moments later, Emma walked in

“What’s wrong with you? You don’t look fine” she said

“Just thinking” I replied

“Were you able to come up with any plan?” I asked Emma

“Yeah but you aren’t gonna like it” she said and I looked at her

“Just say it”

“We need to….” The door suddenly opened and Jasmine ran in

“Am really sorry for barging it but it’s really important” Jasmine said

“What’s wrong?” I asked

“Remember I told you I have a cousin, Megan” she said and I nodded “She’s an anaesthesiologist and works for Ryan, so I asked her for a favor, I asked to help me get the recording from Ryan”

“That’s a pretty good plan Jasmine, I think it’s much better than my plan of kidnapping Ryan’s father and using him to get back the recording from Alex” Emma said

“What?!” I exclaimed

“I told you that you aren’t gonna like my plan” Emma said with a shrug

“Anyway, she just called and informed me that Ryan is in his office now with the recorder but there’s no way of getting it from him” Jasmine said and I smiled

To be honest am surprised, I never knew Jasmine was so concerned, for some reason it makes me happy to know she cares about me

“We have to distract him and maybe, get him to leave the office without the recorder” I said

“But how? There’s absolutely no way Ryan will leave his office without the recorder” Jasmine said

“There is actually, we can just used my plan….”

“We aren’t kidnapping Ryan’s father Emma” I interrupted

“We don’t need to” she said as she took her phone “Forward Ryan’s contact to me” she said and I did

Then she pressed somethings and made a call

“Will you explain all you just did?” I asked

“I forwarded Ryan’s contact to the emergency ward and I told them to call him that his Dad has been involved in a ghastly accident and his Dad might only have some minutes to live so he should come to the hospital immediately” Emma explained

“So call your cousin and ask her to check Ryan’s office, if luck is with us, then he will leave the recorder behind” Emma said and Jasmine quickly brought out her phone to call Megan

“Hey Meg, you should check on Ryan now” she said

šŸ’Š Megan’s POV šŸ’Š

I left the washroom after receiving Jasmine’s call and walked towards Ryan’s office

Suddenly Ryan ran out of his office and bumped into me

“Where are you going Sir?” I asked

“There’s no time to explain, 911 just called me, my father got into an accident just take care of everything here” he said as he ran out

I quickly went to his office but there was nothing on the table, he took the recorder!

I was about leaving when I saw something black on the couch where he was sitting before

It’s the recorder!
He left it on the couch!

I quickly took it and walked out of the office and out of the hospital

Then I called Jasmine to tell her the good news

šŸ’Š Jasmine’s POV šŸ’Š

“She got the recorder!!” I exclaimed as I got off the phone with Megan

“Yess!!” Emma said bumping a fist in the air while Alex moved closer to me and hugged me

Okay this is so unexpected

“Thank you so much Jasmine, thank you” he said and I smiled

There was suddenly a knock on the door and Alex quickly moved back

Moments later, Andrew came in

“Ummm…. Doctor, about the surgery I told you about this morning, the patient is already in the O.R, Susan is their too and I just came to call you and Jasmine” Andrew

“I don’t think I can perform the surgery now, maybe we should postpone it till…..”

“Go Andrew, Alex will be there” Emma said interrupting Alex

“Okay” Andrew said with a little bow and left

“You should never postpone a surgery Alex, other things can be postponed but a person’s life can not, perhaps, it won’t be good to your reputation if people hears it” Emma said

“But you told Ryan that he’s father is here, so he’ll be coming to this hospital” Alex said

“Do not worry about that, you should both go” Emma said and I nodded

“Let’s go doctor” I said and we both left the office

“Thank you Jasmine for everything” Alex said as we walked to the O.R

“Am happy the plan worked out, at least you’ll stop blaming me for everything that happened and you’ll stop avoiding me too” I said and he stopped to look at me

“I didn’t avoid you because I blamed you, I’ve never blamed you Jasmine, not even once” he said

“Why did you avoid me then?”

“Cause I….. I felt happy around you, when Ryan took the recorder, am supposed to be angry and resentful and thinking of a way to get it back before he ruins my career but whenever am with you, am not angry but happy and I don’t think of way to get it back but I just want to forget it all, when am with you, am okay with the fact that Ryan has the recorder, am okay with the fact that he can ruin my carrier any minute, as long you are with me, anything can happen and I’ll be okay with it. I didn’t like that feeling and that’s why I started avoiding you cause even when I didn’t want to be happy, being with you made me happy” Alex said and I just continued to stare at him while my heart beats faster

What’s this feeling am having now?

……….to be continued………