Romance in the or episode 16

πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰ ROMANCE IN THE O.RπŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰


πŸš‘ EPISODE 16 πŸš‘

πŸ’Š Emma’s POV πŸ’Š

Alex and Jasmine
Those two seems to be getting closer
I have no problem with Jasmine but the fact that Alex’s attraction to her is distracting him is what am worried about

Alex needs to remain focused for what’s coming and if Jasmine continues to distract him, then I’ll have no choice but to do whatever I can to get her out of Alex’s sight

My phone rang and it’s the hospital receptionist

πŸ—¨οΈ “Good morning ma’am, Mr Ryan Wilson is here, he says he wants to see his father who was brought here not long ago due to an accident”

“Tell him to wait, I’ll be there in a minute” I said and ended the call

I took the elevator down and walked to the reception where Ryan was pacing about

“Hi, am Emma Griffin, the deputy director” I introduced as I brought out my hand for a handshake

“I don’t care about whoever you think you are, just tell me where the hell my Dad is!” He yelled

“You should lower your voice Mr Wilson, this is a hospital”

“Wait a minute, I’ve seen you before, you the secretary to the president of the Neurosurgeon society” Ryan said

“I was the secretary but now am the deputy director here” I replied

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“You were also with Alex when I took Jasmine….. Wait a minute, is this all you guys plan to get the recording from me? My father was never involved in an accident right?”

“You are starting to get the picture” I said with a smile

“Sorry to disappoint you but the recorder is still with me” he said as he searched his pockets frantically but nothing was there

“I…. I……shit, I left it at office!” He exclaimed and immediately turned to leave but I stopped him

“Do not stress yourself, I already have the recorder” I said and he turned back

“This is not over, I’ll get at back at you for this” he said and I smiled

“Anyway, it was nice speaking with you, you may leave now” I said

“I’ll come for Alex and everyone supporting him and I’ll destroy you all” Ryan said

“If you ever do anything to hurt Alex, I will come for you and I’ll ruin your life so be warned Mr Ryan Wilson” I said and then walked away

πŸ’Š Jasmine’s POV πŸ’Š

The surgery went well and we left the O.R

“Since we don’t have any other surgery for today, should we go visit Linda at the orphanage together?” Andrew asked


“Jasmine” Alex who was walking right in front of us called

“Maybe tomorrow” I said to Andrew and quickly walked up to Alex

“Where’s Megan, we should collect the recorder from her” Alex said

“She’s probably at home” I replied

“Then we should go meet her, I can only be relieved when the recorder is right in my hands” Alex said and I nodded

“Let’s go then”

We took the elevator down to the reception and we met Emma

“Going somewhere without me?’ she asked

“Did you meet with Ryan?” Alex asked

“Yes, though he was rather displeased to know that he has no leverage against you anymore” Emma replied “So where might you guys be going to?”

“We are going to get the recorder from Megan” I said

“Am going with you guys” Emma said and we agreed

We got into Alex’s car and he gave me the key to drive since I know the war

I got the house and we got down
The door was locked from the inside so I opened it with my key

“Jas!” Megan called as she came up to hug me

“Are you okay?” I asked and she nodded

“Yeah” she said as she stared the people who followed me in

“This must Doctor Alexander Sanchez” Megan said “It’s an honor meeting you”

“Pleasure is all mine, thanks for helping me” Alex said as they shook hands

“And this is?” Megan asked pointing at Emma

“Emma Griffin, the deputy director of the national hospital” I introduced

“Nice to meet you Emma” Megan said as she brought out her hand for a handshake

“Where is the recorder?” Emma asked ignoring Megan’s hand

“Suffering from lack of etiquette I see, anyway, the recorder is right here” Megan said as she took her bag from the couch and brought out the recorder

Alex was about collecting it when Emma collected it and quickly broke it with her heels

“Threat eliminated” she said while we all stared at her amazed

“What? You weren’t actually going to keep the recorder lying around were you? It had to be destroyed” she said

“Anyway, I just sent my resignation letter to Ryan through an email, am done working for that jerk” Megan said

“You’re quiting?” Alex asked

“Yeah, I can’t continue working there” Meg replied

“What will you be doing then?” I asked

“Don’t yet, I guess I just earned myself a holiday, till I figure out what next to do in my life” Meg said

“No….no you can’t quit, delete that email you sent to Ryan before he sees it” Emma said and we all looked at her

“What do you mean?” Megan asked

“Continue working for Ryan, it will a very good advantage for us if we have an insider in Ryan’s team” Emma explained

“No, that’s too risky” Alex said “I won’t let Megan risk her life again for me”

“I think Emma is right” I said “You said it yourself Alex, we have a mole in the hospital, there’s someone working for Ryan that’s why they were able to inject the Prime Minister’s daughter with the heart failure drug, until we figure out who the mole is, wouldn’t it be better to have someone on our side on Ryan’s team?”

“I get what you all are saying but even if I want to return, I can’t. Ryan is definitely going to suspect me, he once caught me looking for something in his office, he will definitely suspect me” Megan said

“I think…. I think I might have a solution for that” Alex said as he brought out his phone

πŸ’Š Alex’s POV πŸ’Š

I dialled Ryan’s number and he picked it up

“How are you feeling Ryan Wilson?” I asked

πŸ—¨οΈ “Alexander Sanchez, have you called to loathe me?”

“Nah, I just wanted to know how you are doing considering you just lost something important to you today”

πŸ—¨οΈ “You were just lucky today Alex and am not sure how you managed to get the recorder from my office, maybe you have an insider here but I promise you….”

“Oh wait wait wait” I interrupted “Lemme enlighten you on how I got the recorder, I made Emma distract you with that emergency call which made you ran out of your office like a stupid fool that you are, then I disguised myself as a patient and came to your office and I took your recorder though one of your doctors did try to stop me, oh what was the name on her tag again…… Megan, right Megan, she tried to stop me but a punch on the head did the trick and I escaped”

πŸ—¨οΈ “I didn’t know you to be such a cruel person Alex, I guess I’ve underestimated you all this while but not to worry, I won’t make the same mistake again”

“You won’t even have a chance to make any mistake again cause this time, I’ll be the one out for your downfall and not the other way round” I said and ended the call

“Problems solved” I said with a smile “Now Ryan won’t suspect Megan of helping us at all”

“That was amazing” Megan said “But I…… I can’t do this, I mean I can’t be your spy, am not…….am not brave enough to be your mole, I’ll definitely be caught”

“Meg” Jasmine called “I know this is asking alot and no one is forcing you, if you want out, no one will stop or blame you but Meg, think for a sec, think about what’s at stake, with you acting as our insider, we could know what Ryan is planning before he even execute his plan, with you on our side, we could find out the mole Ryan planted on our side, with you helping us Ryan will never be able to hurt anyone again

“If it’s money you need, I’ll pay you as much as you want” Emma said

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“This isn’t about money!” Megan said “This is about me not being as brave as you all think I am”

“Remember how you always fought against bullies to protect me while we were in highschool?” Jasmine asked “You are the bravest person I know Meg, I wouldn’t be asking you to do this if you weren’t up for the job”

Megan sighed and then looked up

“I guess now I’ll have to delete the email I sent before he sees it” Megan said and I smiled

“Thanks Megan, I owe you a lot” I said

She picked up her phone to delete the mail she sent but her phone suddenly started ringing

“It’s Ryan” she said

“Put it on speaker” Emma said Megan did

πŸ—¨οΈ “Hey Megan, I saw your mail, are you really resigning?

“Well…… I……..” Megan stuttered

πŸ—¨οΈ “I heard about what happened Megan, am sorry for putting you in danger but you can’t resign please, you are the only one that tried to stop Alex from taking the recorder and I need brave people like you on my side, please don’t quit because of what happened today, if you quit, I would never be able to get a talented anesthesiologist like you” Ryan pleaded

“Well….. Since my boss is pleading so earnestly, I can’t possibly say no” Megan said

πŸ—¨οΈ “Great, I’ll see you tomorrow, thanks Megan” he said and the call ended

“That went well” Emma said with a sigh

“It was perfect, Ryan would never suspect you now, instead you just earned his trust” I said

“Thanks Meg” Jasmine said as she hugged her cousin

“I should probably get some rest now since I’ll be starting my job of being a secret undercover agent working at the ememy’s lair from tomorrow” Megan said and I chuckled

“You are right and since we are done with today’s surgery, Jasmine will stay back with you” I said

“Sure?” Jasmine asked

“Yeah, don’t worry I’ll take care of everything else at the hospital” I replied

“Let’s go then” Emma said

We left Jasmine’s house and drove back to the hospital

We walked into the hospital and ran into the Prime Minister at the lobby

“Doctor Alex” he called

“Good afternoon Sir” I greeted

“And who is the pretty lady beside you?” He asked

“Emma Griffin, the new deputy director” Emma said “it’s a pleasure to meet you”

“Pleasure is all mine, it’s not everyday one gets to behold such beauty after all”

“How is your daughter recovering?” I asked

“Fast actually, the other doctors said I could discharge her now if I want, and she’ll receive the rest of her medical treatment at home” he replied

“So will you be discharging her?” I asked and he nodded

“Yeah, I’ll take her home tomorrow”

“Good luck with that” I said with a smile

“Ummm….. Alex, what about the blackmail and recording?” He asked

“All taken care of” I replied and he smiled

“I knew you won’t be defeated by such petty things” he said as he patted my shoulder “You are meant for much greater things my boy”

The Prime Minister left and I walked into the elevator with Emma

“What’s with the frown? You don’t like the Prime Minister?” I asked cause she seemed really unhappy since we spoke to the Prime Minister

“I don’t like him” she replied curtly

“Why? I think he’s a really good man” I said and she scoffed

“That’s because you know nothing Alex and I think it’s better it continues that way until it becomes absolutely necessary for you to know” Emma said

“What do you know about the Prime Minister that I don’t? From my observation, he’s a very kind person you know”

“Do not be decieved by what he portrays for all to see, that man is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie though he was right about one thing, you are meant for much greater things Alex and unnecessary emotional attachment won’t be of any help, the sooner you realize that, the better for all of us” she said as the elevator opened and she walked

Again, she’s leaving me confused and dumbfounded

There’s something about Emma that I can’t get my hands on yet, she seems mysterious

I went to my office and met Tony sitting on the couch drinking

“Why the hell are you drinking tequila in my office?!” I asked

“Mine only had champagne and I wanted tequila so I came here” Tony replied

“Ya crazy” I said as I sat down on the couch

“Want some?” He asked as he offered me a glass

“No thanks, I’ll like to remain clear-headed for the time being” I replied

“Funny, I totally want the opposite. I had a really crazy day today” he said as he drank more

“Tell me about it” I said with a sigh

“You know, the madness in the O.R, I performed up to four surgeries today, lots of patients….”

“Wait, are you seriously telling me about how your day went?” I asked

“You said I should tell you about it”

“It was just an expression man, I didn’t mean literally, I’ve had my own share of a crazy day today and I definitely don’t wanna hear yours” I said and then my phone ranged

It’s Mason

πŸ—¨οΈ “Are you busy now?” He asked

“Not really why?”

πŸ—¨οΈ “Then can you stop by my place? It’s important”

“Sure, I’ll be there soon” I said and ended the call

“Who was it?” Tony asked

“Mason, he wants to see me”

“Now?” He asked and I nodded


“I’ll go with you then, I was about leaving the hospital anyway, perhaps it’s been long since I last saw Mason” Tony said

“Sure, let’s go” I said as I stood up and took my car keys

“Since we are going on our respective car, should we race, the last person to get to Mason’s place treats the other for dinner”

“No Tony, the last time we did that, you ended up being fined for breaking traffic rules” I said as I began to walk out and he followed me

“That was just one time” Tony said

“What about the other time, you ran into someone’s car?” I asked and he was silent “Perhaps, I think you should leave your car at the lot and come with me in my car, you just drank a bottle of tequila, I don’t think you are in the right state of mind to drive”

I drove Tony and I to Mason’s place

“Welcome Alex” Mason said as we walked in “It’s been a long time Tony”

“Yeah, I’ve always wanted to check up on you but Alex won’t let me” Tony said

“That’s so not true Mason” I defended and Mason laughed

“Anyway” he said “I called you here for something important, a way that might help you remember something, it’s called the writing hypnosis”

“Hypnosis? I thought we’ve already tried all kinds of hypnosis” I said

“I thought so too but this is a method of hypnosis that is not usually practiced and it’s considered unreliable but I was hoping it could help you remember something from that night” Mason explained

“So you think a method of hypnosis that is considered unreliable will help Alex regain his long lost one night stand memory?” Tony asked

“I know, it’s a long shot but we’ve got to try it” Mason said

“So tell me, what do I need to do?” I asked

“Sit here” he said pointing at a chair and desk he has already set up

There was also a book and pen on the table

“Hold the pen straight to the book” Mason said and I did

“Close your eyes and take a deep breath, let go of everything, every thought, relax your brain. Try to remember anything you can about that night, anything at all even if it doesn’t make sense and write down whatever you remember” he said and I did exactly as he instructed

I struggled to remember everything that happened that night

“Focus your brain Alex, start from what you do remember and slowly you advance further, you mustn’t remember everything, just fragments will do” I heard Mason say

I tightened my eyes as I tried to remember

At first I was in a car with Mom and Dad, they said we were moving out of the country and then…..and then……..

“Door” I said as I saw flashes of a door opening and I wrote it down still with my eyes closed

“Gun” I said as I saw a flash of someone holding a gun but couldn’t see the face of whoever was holding it

Then I suddenly heard a name and I wrote it down and then I heard a voice say ‘Kill them all’ and I quickly opened my eyes

“Did you remember something or see anything?” Mason asked

“Barely, I just saw fragments of things I don’t even understand” I said

Tony took the book I wrote on and read it out loud

“Door, gun, William Sanders and Kill them all” Tony read “But I don’t understand, why will you write William Sanders?”

“I just heard the name, do you know who he is?” I asked

“You don’t know who William Sanders is?” Tony asked wide-eyed

“No I don’t, am I supposed to know?”

“You really need to go back to school then since you don’t know the name of your Prime Minister” Tony said and my jaw dropped

“Prime Minister?” I asked “You must be mistaken”

“You can Google it” Tony said

“You don’t understand Tony, if William Sanders is really the Prime Minister, that means he knows about my parents disapearance and he denied knowing much about my parents”

“I guess he lied to you then” Mason said

“No, he isn’t that kind of person, he’s a good man, am sure there’s a mix up somewhere, I’ll go talk to him right now” I said as I walked out

………to be continued……..