Romance in the or episode 19

šŸ’‰šŸ’‰šŸ’‰ ROMANCE IN THE O.RšŸ’‰šŸ’‰šŸ’‰


Chapter 19

šŸ’Š Alex’s POV šŸ’Š

“Step away from her!!!” I yelled but he didn’t move

I angrily moved closer to them and push Ryan to the floor

“You stay the hell away from Jasmine!” I yelled as I grabbed Jasmine’s hand

“What the heck is going on here?” Emma asked as she came in with the others

Ryan laughed and looked up at me

“Come on man, did you have to push me so hard” he said as he stood

“If I ever see you near Jasmine again, I’ll make sure to do more than pushing you” I said as I angrily walked out dragging Jasmine with me

I sat on a new seat by the window and made Jasmine sit beside me

“How many times do I have to tell you Jasmine, stay the hell away from Ryan! But you never listen to me do you”

“I stayed away from him Alex, he was the one that walked up to me!” Jasmine defended

“Then you should’ve ran or shouted for help immediately”

“I did shout for help” she said

“But at the last minute, whenever he’s coming near you, you are supposed to run away!”

“And why are getting so angry at me?”

“Because that son of a bitch touched you!!” I yelled

“Oh come on man, do you really have to call me son of a bitch?” Ryan said from behind and I ignored him

šŸ’Š Jasmine’s POV šŸ’Š

I couldn’t stop myself from staring at Alex

He continues to amaze me

The rest of the journey was silent and hours later, the pilot announced that we are landing on Afghanistanian ground

“I can’t believe we are really doing this” I said

“Scared?” Alex asked

“Who wouldn’t be scared when they are walking directly into a war zone” I replied and he smiled

“No need to be scared, I’ll be right by side and I’ll make sure no harm comes to you” he assured

“I should start calling you my knight in shining armor then” I said and we laughed

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It was time to get down from the plane and the door opened

It’s already dark here

We climbed down the stairs and met Afghanistanian soldiers waiting for us

“Hi am Captain Amir, welcome to Afghanistan” he said as he shook Alex’s hand then Ryan

“I was informed that two surgery teams are coming, am guessing you two are the leaders” Captain Amir said

“Yeah, am Alexander Sanchez” Alex introduced

“Ryan Wilson” Ryan said

“Well, am not part of any surgery team here but am the deputy director of London’s National hospital” Emma said as he shook the Captain’s hand

“It’s a pleasure to meet you all and I thank you for coming to our aid in our time of need, we’ll take you guys to the new camp we’ve just set up at Kabul” the Captain said

“New camp? What happened to the old one?” Emma asked

“Got bombed, we were infiltrated by the Taliban army and that’s how we lost most of our doctors, the ones that didn’t die were hospitalized”

“What?!” I exclaimed

“So you’re saying that could happen to us too?” Susan asked obviously terrified

“God save us all” a guy from Ryan surgery team said

“There’s no need to be worried or scared, we’ve set up a new camp in Kabul, and it’s an urban area and its not usually attacked, as long as you stay within the camp, I assure your safety” the captain said

We got into a bus they brought and they drove us to their camp

We entered one of the buildings and got to a large room with a long center table

“This is the meeting room” Captain Amir said “We’ll meet here whenever there’s anything to discuss, the hospital wing is in the East building, one of my men will take you there tomorrow morning since it’s already late now. And about your rooms, we have only five rooms available so only one person will be able to stay alone in a room, the rest of you will definitely have to share”

“I’ll be the one to stay in the single room since am not part of any surgery team here” Emma said

“So how are we going to get arranged?” Andrew asked

“If you don’t mind, the list of your names was already sent to us before hand and we’ve thought of an arrangement” Captain Amir said

“What arrangement?” Alex asked

“It was just done randomly cause of I figured out you guys might have problem getting yourselves arranged so, Nathan and Owen in a room, Megan and Susan, Emma and Jasmine, Ryan and Alex and then Andrew gets to stay in a room alone

“This arrangement is ridiculous” Emma said

“Yeah, especially with Ryan and Alex in the same room, trust me Captain that’s not a good idea” I said

“Why? I love the arrangement” Andrew said

“That’s because you get to stay in a room alone but I definitely know am not going to stay in a room together with this asshole” Alex said

“Come on buddy, I have no problem staying in the same room with you” Ryan said and I almost laughed


“I think the arrangement is okay too” Owen, from Ryan’s team said

“Okay okay, why don’t you guys put it to vote” Captain suggested

“Right let’s vote” Ryan said “If you are in support of the room arrangement, raise up your hand”

Ryan, Nathan, Owen and Andrew raised up their hands

“You guys are 4, we are 5” Emma said

“Com’n Megan, raise up your hand” Ryan said to Megan

Megan hesitated, then raised up her hand so they won

“I guess we’ll be sticking to the current room arrangement then, my men will show you all to your rooms, have a goodnight and see you tomorrow” Captain Amir said and left

“I thought coming here was gonna be boring but I guess this trip will be very interesting after all” Ryan said as they followed a shoulder who was going to show them their room

Emma and I also followed another soldier to our room

“At least the bed is large” Emma said as we walked into the room

“Though it’s as hard as a rock” I said as I pressed the bed

“There’s a shower too” Emma said as she opened the bathroom door

“You want to shower?” I asked

“Am too tired to shower, till tomorrow” Emma said as she slumped on the bed

“First time we are agreeing on something” I said as I sat on the bed too

šŸ’Š Alex’s POV šŸ’Š

The soldier showed Ryan and I our room

I checked and looked around the room while Ryan just sat on the bed

I checked the bathroom and the shower was working so I decided to take a bath

I unpacked my clothes and took out my towel

I was about going to the bathroom when Ryan spoke

“Come on, you can undress here, we are both guys after all” Ryan said and I scoffed

“You are crazy” I said and walked into the bathroom

I took my time showering in the bathroom
It’s not like am exactly eager to see that jerk waiting outside

I finished showering and I tied the towel round my waist while I just carried my clothes in my hands and walked back into the bedroom

Ryan was still sitting on the bed

“I hope you don’t snore? Or bed wet?” Ryan asked and I ignored him

He’s just trying to get on my nerves

I dropped my clothes and took another towel to dry my hair

“With us staying in the same room, I think this trip is gonna be fun don’t you think so?” He asked but I continued to ignored him

“Apart from us being in the same room, there’s something else that’s going to make this trip interesting? Do you know who? Jasmine” he said and I turned to look at him

“Stay away from Jasmine” I warned

“Why should I? I mean it’s no everyday one gets to see such a talented and beautiful lady, back at the plane today, while we were in the washroom, gosh, she almost drove me crazy with her intoxicating” he said

“Just shut up Ryan!”

“My only regret is I didn’t get to kiss those rosy lips like I planned” he said

“I said shut up!” I yelled

“Have you ever touched her skin, it feels so soft and delicate and…..”

“Ryan!!’ I yelled as I dropped my towels and punched him and he fell on the bed

“Come on, don’t tell me you haven’t noticed how sexy our little Jasmine is” he said amidst laughter and I punched him again

šŸ’Š Jasmine’s POV šŸ’Š

We had some sounds and yelling

“What’s going on?” Emma asked as she stood up

“Let’s check” I said and we both left the room

We met Susan and I asked him what’s going on

“Seems like Alex and Ryan are fighting” she replied and Emma and I quickly ran to their room

Ryan and Alex were punching each other and Andrew and the guys from Ryan’s team were trying to separate them but seems they weren’t strong enough as Alex and Ryan continued to punch each other

“Stop this nonsense!” Emma yelled as she tried to separate Alex from Ryan but I just stood still

I stood still with my eyes fixed on Alex

Is it weird that they are fighting and all I can see is Alex’s hot and dripping body???

……….to be continued……..


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