Romance in the or episode 26

šŸ’‰šŸ’‰šŸ’‰ ROMANCE IN THE O.RšŸ’‰šŸ’‰šŸ’‰


šŸš‘ EPISODE 26 šŸš‘

šŸ’Š Captain’s Ameer šŸ’Š

I drove straight to the military headquarters with the rest of soldiers in a hurry

We got there and I went straight into the General’s tent

“General!” I called with a salute immediately I entered his tent

“What the hell is going on, I heard some shooting, what happened?” He asked

“We were ambushed General, I took some of my men out on a patrol and we were ambushed by the Taliban forces, I lost most of men Sir, we were able to retreat and hide in the woods and the next thing I heard was them invading the camp” I explained

“They’ve taken over the camp?” He asked

“Yes Sir”

“Are the medical teams from the London still in the camp?”

“I think so” I replied

“This is bad, I gave my word to the president that I’ll protect them, if anything happens to them we’ll loose England as an ally and we can’t afford that, get my car ready, we are going to the President’s Villa right this moment”

“Yes General” I replied with a salute

šŸ’Š Alex’s POV šŸ’Š

I went to the hospital wing with my surgery team and the Taliban forces accompanying us with guns pointed at our heads

I got to where they laid there leader and examined him

“His pulse is very weak” I said

“Then carry out the surgery right away!” One of the men said

“Not yet, first we need to do an x-ray on him, to see exactly where the bullets are embedded in his body” I said and then turned to Susan
“Susan you’ll take the this patient to……” I was cut short by one of the men who held the collar of my shirt

“He’s our leader and you’ll address him with respect” the said sternly

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“I don’t care what you guys call him but right now he’s fatally wounded and am his attending doctor so he’s nothing but a patient to me right now” I said and he tightened his grip on my collar and I almost couldn’t breath well

“Stop this nonsense!” Jasmine yelled and the other soldiers pointed their guns at her “You guys are just so shallow minded, you claim he’s your leader right, yet you are delaying us from saving his life just because of your useless sentiments, fine do whatever you want then, we’ll just keep staying here and the next thing you’ll here is your leader is dead” Jasmine said and the man slowly loosened his grip on my collar

“Our leader must not die” he said

“No patient dies on my operation table” I replied
He stared at me for some moments and then nodded

“Susan” I called again “Take this patient and get the X-ray done him, after that take him straight to the O.R”

“Yes sir” Susan said as she wheeled the patient away and half of the soldiers followed her

“Andrew” I called

“Yes doctor”

“Get the O.R ready for use” I said and he nodded then left and some of the soldiers followed him too

“Jasmine let’s go change into our operation overall” I said and she nodded

We started walking towards the room where the overalls were kept and soldiers followed us

“Are you seriously going to follow us to get changed?” I asked and they stopped

“We can’t risk you escaping” one of them said

“The room only has one door and you’ll be standing right outside the door so how will we escape? Perhaps my friends are still here, am not heartless enough to leave them in your brutal hands and escape” I explained

“You can go in then, we’ll be standing right outside this door and if you don’t come out soon, we’ll barge in” he said and I nodded

Jasmine and I went inside the room and I locked the door

“Are you okay?” I asked

“I should be asking you that, you hand is shaking vigorously” she said pointing at my hand and it was then I noticed it

My tremors are back

“Am… fine” I stuttered

“You are not fine, you stressed yourself out so much trying to find a cure to the bubonic plague, you did and we are just starting to recover from it and now all this is happening, you didn’t have anytime to rest at all, and someone with tremors shouldn’t undergo such stress” Jasmine said and I looked at her wide-eyed

“How…… How did you know about my tremors?”

“During our trip to Brazil, I kinda figured it out” she said

“Jasmine, no one must…..”

“No one must know about your condition or your medical license will be taken away from you, I know and I won’t ever tell anyone, not even Megan, you trust me right?” She asked

“More than myself” I said as I hugged her and it felt comforting

“What are we going to do about the surgery?” Jasmine asked

“Am just going to do as you said, do my job and save the patient” I said

“And your shaky hands? You can’t even hold a Scalpel with those hands” she said and I brought up my hands

“The tremors stopped” I said and she looked at me surprised


“The tremors only start when am agitated, nervous or stressed so I guess it stops when am relaxed and being with you makes me relaxed” I said and she smiled

“You guys aren’t done?!!” The soldiers yelled from outside knocking the door

“Almost” I replied

“We should start changing” she said as she took one of the operation cloth and I took one too

“You’ll have to turn around” she said


“You want to see me undress?” She asked raising her brows

“That’s not a bad idea” I said with a smirk

“I never thought you are such a pervert” she said as she moved closer to me to turn me around and gripped her waist moving her much closer to me

“What the hell are you doing?!”

“I don’t know, I just acted on impulse” I said as I slowly moved my face closer to hers to kiss her

“You guys are still not done?!!” The men from outside yelled and she quickly jerked away from me

“Turn around” she said

“Fine” I replied as I turned around

“And don’t you dare look back” she said and I smiled

We changed into the blue operation cloth and then wore the overall and we stepped out of the room

We went to the Operation room and everything was all ready but they were sorrounded by soldiers pointing there guns at us

“What’s the meaning of this?” I asked

“It’s to give you enough motivation to save our leader, the moment you aren’t able to save his life, a bullet goes straight into your heart” one of the soldier said and I sighed

This is so messed up

“Let me see the X-ray result” I said to Susan and she handed it to me

“There are four bullets in this patients body, two are in his stomach cavity while the other two are near his heart, let’s just hope the bullets didn’t hit any vital organ” I said “How’s the vitals?”

“All stable doctor” Susan said

“Do we have all the equipments ready?” I asked Andrew

“Yes doctor”

“Are you ready Jasmine?” I asked and she nodded

“Then let’s start”

Andrew gave me the Scalpel and I started with the bullets in the stomach cavity

I made an incision on the stomach and with Jasmine’s help, we are able to remove the two bullets in the stomach

We moved to the chest and I immediately I made an incision on the chest, the monitors started beeping

“What the hell is going on?” One of the soldiers yelled

“The blood pressure is dropping rapidly, he’ll die if nothing is done” Susan said

“This isn’t supposed to happen, you told me the vitals were stable” I said

“I don’t know what happened doctor” she said and I sighed

“Okay…… Ummm……. Increase the blood supply into his vein” I said and she just stood looking at me

“Didn’t you hear me?”

“I didn’t bring any blood supply into the operation room” she said

“What! Are you suddenly lacking common sense Susan! Or isn’t it common sense to always have extra blood supply ready in the O.R!!” I yelled

“Am sorry” she said

“I’ll scold you later, for now….. give him……give him adrenaline fast, it will boost his system” I said

“Okay doctor” she said as she slowly moved to get the adrenaline injection

“What are you doing? I said give him the injection fast!” I yelled and she stopped and looked at me

“I was just about to get the injection doctor” she said as she stood still and I scoffed

“Get out” I said


“Get out of my Operation room!!” I yelled and she flinched

She went out and Jasmine administered the injection to the patient

“We still can’t do the surgery without an anaesthesiologist” Andrew said

“Then get Megan” I replied

……… be continued…………


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