Romance In The OR

Romance in the or episode 28

πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰ ROMANCE IN THE O.RπŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰


πŸš‘ EPISODE 28 πŸš‘

πŸ’Š Alex’s POV πŸ’Š

“Ryan!!” Susan yelled as Ryan fell to the ground

The bullet had hit his leg and it was bleeding profusely

“The next time you speak out of turn, it will be your heart” the leader said and one of his men wheeled him out of the room

I stood up to go help Ryan but Emma held my hand

“He doesn’t deserve your help” she said

“Neither do you deserve my obedience, not until you’ve tell me everything you know” I said as I jerked off her hand and went where Ryan was yelling in pain and Susan was holding him

I made to touch his leg but he jerked my hand off
“What are you trying to do? Are you here to mock me?” He asked and I scoffed

“That is something you will do Ryan am not a total asshole like you” I said said as I examined the gunshot area

“I can’t remove the bullet cause the necessary equipment aren’t here”

“I know puppy, am a doctor remember, so just put some pressure on the damn wound to stop the bleeding” Ryan said and I scoffed again

“The only thing stopping me from pressing this gunshot area and causing you unimaginable pain right now is the oath I took as a doctor”

I looked around for something to tie the wound with and I noticed Susan wearing a jacket on top of a gown

“Can you lend me your jacket Susan?” I asked and she quickly removed her jacket and gave me

“Please nothing should happen to him please” she cried and I looked at her surprised

“Were you acquainted with Ryan before?” I asked

“Umm…… I……. We…….. I don’t…….” She stuttered

“You do know each other” I said and she kept quiet

“We’ll definitely talk about this some other time” I said as I tied her jacket around Ryan’s bleeding leg and he yelped in pain and I chuckled

“Am gonna enjoy seeing you endure this pain till the Afghanistan soldiers comes to rescue us, that’s if they ever come” I said with a smile and left them to where I was sitting before

“Are you okay?” Jasmine asked

“Of course, at least something good happened today” I said

“You are happy Ryan got shot?” She asked

“Should I have been sad?” I asked and she chuckled

“But even though you don’t like him, you still went and helped him, am proud of you” she said and I smiled

“Thanks sweetheart” I said and she laughed

“Sweetheart?” She asked raising brows

“Don’t look at me like that, you started it” I said and she nodded

“About what just happened….. Why does the Prime Minister wants to kill you? I actually thought were close” Jasmine said

“I don’t know what to think and I don’t know what and what not to believe so I’ve decided to forget about for now, I’ll definitely get everything sorted out when we go back to London”

“How sure are you that we’ll be able to go back to London when we are not even sure if we’ll get out of this place alive” Jasmine said

“We will, trust me” I said and she nodded

Moments later, one of the soldiers came in with a carton of burgers and started sharing it

“We can’t have you guys starve to death when you are our life insurance against the Afghanistan soldiers” he said

πŸ’Š Captain Ameer’s POV πŸ’Š

“I just got off a call from the the leader of the Taliban forces, he threatened to kill all of the hostages if we attempt on rescuing them, he wants us to remain still until he calls us again to negotiate for their release” the General said

“So what are we going to do?” I asked

“There’s nothing we can do Ameer, nothing but to wait for them to call again” he replied and I looked at him surprised

“So you are really going to negotiate with those bunch of hooligans when you well know that they are definitely going to request for something outrageous?”

“What choice do I have, there’s no nothing I can do, I have no other option” he said

“Then let me go” I said


“There’s an emergency exit door at the back of the camp and only I have the key, give me some few well trained soldiers and I’ll infiltrate the camp and bring them back safely”

“It’s going to be a big risk Ameer” he said

“My life has been full of nothing but risk General” I said and he nodded

“Start getting ready then, I’ll deploy 8 of our best soldiers along with you” he said said and I saluted him

πŸ’Š Prime Minister’s POV πŸ’Š

I sat in my office with James Wilson thinking of what to do next

“Your plan didn’t work” James said “The Taliban leader refused to kill Alexander Sanchez, so what next?”

“Nothing James, there is absolutely nothing I can do anymore, the news of our medical teams being held captives by the Taliban forces have gone round, there are many calls of complaint and petition coming into my office requesting for me to bring them back, my hands are tied, if they are rescued by the Afghanistan soldiers I’ll have no choice but to get them back to London immediately” I said and James looked at me wide-eyed

“You must be joking, you said it yourself, Alex already suspects you and if he really comes back to London…..”

“It will make no difference” I said interrupting him “Whether he’s in Afghanistan or London makes no difference cause am going to kill him anyway” I said and he sighed

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“You should leave now, I have a doctor’s appointment in 10 minutes” I said

“Doctor’s appointment? Are you sick?”

“That’s none of your business James, leave” I said and he shrugged as he stood up

“Well I was just concerned” he said and walked out of the office

πŸ’Š Alex’s POV πŸ’Š

We atcontinued staying in meeting room sorrounded by the soldiers
No one is even allowed to go on a bathroom break alone, you’ll be accompanied by soldiers

I wonder how long this is gonna continue

I looked in Ryan direction and I almost laughed, how great the mighty has fallen
He looks so weak and exhausted but I don’t pity him though, he totally deserves this

The lights suddenly went off and I couldn’t see a thing and everyone started panicking

“What the hell is going on!”

We suddenly heard some people march in and the swoosh sound of a gunshot

I quickly held Jasmine’s hand
“Stay by my side okay?” I said

“Okay” she replied

The lights suddenly came back on I saw Captain Ameer

“You all should follow me quietly and quickly, they are soon gonna realize that we broke in, that’s if they haven’t realized it yet” he said

I looked around and all the Taliban soldiers guarding us was dead

I took the boy and tightened my grip on Jasmine’s hand while Susan and Nathan struggled to get Ryan up

We quickly followed the Captain and his men

I saw trails of the dead body Taliban soldiers as we ran with the Captain

He took us to a secret door and soon we were out of the camp, we escaped through the back

We ran farther and there were vehicles waiting for us
We entered and they drove us immediately

“Thanks for saving us Captain” I said

“You welcome and am sorry for not coming earlier” he replied

“So how are you going to deal with them? The leader of the Taliban force will definitely be furious when he finds out what happens”

“That’s none of your concern anymore, we’ll deal with that but am taking you and your teams to the millitary headquarters to spend the night and tomorrow morning, you all are entering the first plane to London” he said and I looked at him surprised

“London? But it’s not yet up to one month”

“Your lives were in danger doctors so your people wants you back home, you guys have done more than enough for us, we are already preparing to launch a full a scale attack on the Taliban forces by tomorrow morning so we’ll be fine” he said and I nodded

We reached the millitary headquarters and we were welcomed by the General

“You guys have went through a lot, you all should go freshen up” he said

Ryan was taken to the infirmary and the bullet was removed from his leg by the Nurses there

We had to share rooms again and I made it clear I won’t be sharing a room with Ryan like before so I ended up with Andrew

All our belongings were left at the camp so the soldiers had to provide new clothes for us
I guess we’ll be going back to London empty handed tomorrow

We freshened up and had a meal together
Immediately we finished eating I called Emma outside

“What’s it?” She asked

“We are going back to London tomorrow Emma, you have to tell me everything you know” I said and she kept quiet

“You promised Emma, so answer my questions, the first one being who the hell are you?” I asked and she hesitated for a while

“Remember The Davis family? They were your parents friends and colleagues at work, you guys would hang out with the Davis family sometimes and eat together” she said

“Yes, I remember them but…. But how do you know all these?” I asked surprised

“Remember they had a 18 year old daughter back then?”

“Yeah, Julia, her name was Julia, she was my best friend back then even though she was 6 years older than me” I said and she smiled

“I am Julia Davis” she said and I looked at her wide-eyed

“You must be joking, you are Julia? That can’t be true, I would have been able to recognize you” I said

“I made it so no one would recognize me, I had a plastic surgery to change some of my facial features, I had to live like a ghost” she said

“What really happened Emma I mean Julia….”

“Emma will be fine, my name is Emma now” she said and I nodded

“What happened?” I asked

πŸ’Š Emma’s POV πŸ’Š


I sat with Mom and Dad that night watching a movie in the living room

“You have to go to bed soon Julia, it’s past bedtime” Mom said

“I’ll go immediately we finished this movie, you don’t expect me to stop watching it halfway do you?” I asked

“Just let her finish the movie with us darling” Dad said

There was suddenly a loud knock on the door

“Are your friends coming for sleepover Julia?” Dad asked

“No” I replied

“Then who could it be at this hour?” Mom asked

“You both should stay here, I’ll go check” Dad said as he stood up to go open the door

He opened the door and my parent’s friends, Mr and Mrs Sanchez came in with their 12 year old child, Alex

They looked very scared and Mr Sanchez had a cut on his forehead

“What’s wrong Sanchez?” My Mom asked

“We are being chased” Mr Sanchez said

“Chased? By who?” Mom asked

“Wait a minute” Dad said and turned to face me

“Julia, take Alex upstairs” he said

“Okay Dad” I said and Alex followed me upstairs

“Are you okay?” I asked

“Am scared” Alex said

“What happened? I thought you guys were traveling out of the country”

“We were but on our way to the airport we almost got hit by a truck but Dad managed to turn the car and we hit a tree by the roadside instead” Alex said

“That’s how your Dad got injured?” I asked and he nodded

“We got out of the car and some men with guns started chasing us, we managed to escape from them and we came here”

“It’s alright Alex, you’ll be fine now, go freshen up in the bathroom” I said

“Why are those guys chasing me and my parents?” He asked

“I don’t know Alex just go and freshen up in the bathroom”

“Am not going to the bathroom” he said and I huffed

“You said you are scared but why are you still being so stubborn?!”

“Am not leaving you alone Julia, what if the men comes to get you, I have to be here to protect you” Alex said and I laughed

“You? Protect me?” I laughed again

“You think I can’t? Am no longer a kid Julia” he said

“Fine, you are not a kid, go freshen up, I’ll wait for you here” I said and he finally agreed

Immediately he entered the bathroom, I went to the door and peeped outside

“So you don’t know who is chasing you guys?” Mom asked

“I have no idea” Mr Sanchez said

“Could it be William Sanders?” Mrs Sanchez asked

“But we told him we’ll keep our mouths closed and leave the country and he agreed to let us be” Mr Sanchez said

“What are you guys talking about?” Dad asked and they hesitated a bit

“No, we can’t tell you guys, if you know he’ll want to kill you too” Mrs Sanchez said

“You guys are being chased by unknown men, I don’t think this is the time to be keeping secrets” Mom said

“Okay, ummm……. Remember the Prime Minister died of heart attack some days ago?” Mrs Sanchez asked and they nodded

“I got an opportunity to examine the corpse and I sensed something wrong, he had red rashes around his neck, I told Sanchez about it, we carried out our research and turns out the Prime Minister didn’t die naturally, he was injected with Cemptrofin which induces heart attack, we tried to tell the James Wilson…..”

“Who’s James Wilson?” Dad asked

“Director of the National hospital” Mr Sanchez replied and Dad nodded

“So we told him but he refused to hear us out so we threatened to go to the police station and the press with the information and left his office. On reaching home that day we met William Sanders already in our house and he threatened to kill our son if we ever say a word about this to anyone, he told us to leave the country and never come back and we agreed” Mrs Sanchez narrated

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“Wait a minute, does this mean that William Sanders is responsible for the death of the Prime Minister?” Dad asked

“Yes and James Wilson is working for him” Mr Sanchez said

“Wow, this is unbelievable” Mom said

“If he already agreed to let you guys off if you travel out of the country then why is he still chasing you now?” Dad asked

“I’ve no idea” Mrs Sanchez replied

We suddenly heard the sound of cars driving into the compound and they checked the window

“It’s them, how the hell did they find us” Mrs Sanchez said

“We have to call the police” Dad said as he brought out his phone

“It’s of no use, this people are very powerful, they were able to inject Cemptrofin on London’s Prime Minister in his own house, there’s no limit to their power” Mr Sanchez said

“Then what do we do?” Mom asked

“It’s us they want” Mrs Sanchez said “Both of you should take the kids and run far away here and never come back”

“But you guys will be killed” Mom said

“If it’s going to keep you guys save then we have no problem with dying” Mr Sanchez said

The sounds of footsteps were now getting closer to the house

“Go get them now!” Mrs Sanchez said and Mom and Dad started climbing the stairs to come get us

I quickly closed the door and I flinched in fright on seeing Alex right behind me

“What the hell are you doing?!” I asked

“I was eavesdropping, just like you were, those bad guys are here to kill my parents aren’t they?” Alex asked

The door opened and Mom and Dad quickly came in

“We have to get out of here fast” they said as they held our hands and we ran out of the room downstairs

“Mom, Dad, let’s go together” Alex said when we got downstairs

“You have to go with them Alex, we’ll meet you up later” Mrs Sanchez said

“You are lying, you won’t meet me up later will you?” Alex asked sadly

“There’s no time Alex, we have to go” I said as I dragged Alex

“Leave me, I won’t leave my parents” he said

The door suddenly opened and Mom and Dad quickly hid us behind the sofa while Alex’s parents remained standing

“You said you’ll let us be if we leave the country William Sanders, why are you still after us?” I heard Mrs Sanchez asked

“I don’t believe in sending the problem away, I believe in killing it, kill them James” William Sanders said and Alex quickly jerked off my hands and ran from behind to meet his parents

“Don’t kill my parents” Alex said as he stood in front of his parents

I tried to run after Alex but my parents held me down behind the sofa

“Look who’s here, the brave little Alex, I guess I’ll just have to kill you all” William Sanders said

“Please, please don’t kill him, he’s just a kid and he’s innocent, he knows nothing about this” Alex’s parents pleaded

“Not anymore, he’s not innocent, he heard everything I said, there’s no way I’ll let him live” He said

“I can make him forget” Alex’s Dad said


“Your only problem is he’ll remember all you said right? I can make him forget everything about this night” he said

“How?” William Sanders asked

“By injecting him with Bupropin” Mr Sanchez said

“Bupropin? I’ve never heard of such a thing”

“Its something I newly invented myself but I’ve not taken it for approval by the WHO yet but…but the drug is not here, it’s in my luggage, in the car, please let me go there to take it” Mr Sanchez said

“Why would I go through such troubles when I can just kill the three of you right now”

“Please, my son has nothing to do with this, killing him would gain you nothing, nothing but more bloods on your hands, my son is one of the most intelligent kids in the world right now, killing him would only attract unnecessary attention” Mrs Sanchez said and he sighed

“Take some of the men with you and go bring his luggage from their car James” William Sanders said and I heard some men leave the house

Minutes later, they came back with the luggage and Mr Sanchez took the injection from the luggage and injected Alex

“So?” William Sanders asked

“It’s going to take sometime to start working and I suggest he should be taken out of here before that happens” Mr Sanchez said

“Am not leaving you guys Dad” Alex said

“And the son remains adamant but I really have no time to waste anymore, kill them all James” William Sanders said and we suddenly heard two gunshots

“Mom! Dad!!” Alex yelled and I tried to stand up but my parents held me down

“I said kill them all James, the child is still alive” William Sanders said

“He has already been injected by the drug, he’s going to forget all this so is there really any need to kill him?” The man he called James asked

“I can’t take any chances so kill him” William Sanders said and I quickly tried to stand up but my parents held me down

“We are going to save Alex, immediately I call your come out, take Alex’s hand and run as fast as you can away from here” Dad whispered

“What are you going to do?” I asked and Mom gave me a kiss on the forehead

“I love you sweetheart, remember that” Mom said and they both stood up out of our hiding place

“Who the hell are you guys?” James asked

“It doesn’t matter, kill them” William Sanders said

Dad quickly tried to fight the man with the gun and Mom quickly called my name

I ran out of the sofa and grabbed Alex’s hand and quickly ran out of the house

One of the men tried to shoot us but Mom put herself in the way

I heard another gunshot as we ran and I knew both my parents was dead yet I couldn’t stop
I ran with Alex as fast as I can as the men chased us

We ran into the woods and we hid under a big rock

William Sanders and his men ran to where we were but they couldn’t see us hiding under the rock

“Maybe we should just stop chasing after them, the boy is gonna forget everything after all” I heard James say

“I agree but am more worried about the girl than ran with him, she knows everything and we must find her” William Sanders said and then walked past us

We waited for some minutes and we started running in the opposite direction of where they went

We ran for long not knowing where and when to stop

It was almost morning and we finally sat down to rest under a tree by the roadside

“Am starting to get dizzy Julia, I think Dad’s medicine is working, am I really going to forget everything?” Alex asked

“I think so, your Dad clearly said you’ll forget everything that happened tonight”

“But I don’t want to forget, I want to remember everything, I need to remember so that I can get back at those who killed my parents” Alex said

“I’ll get them for you Alex, for us but for now, I think we have to go our separate ways, when the time comes for us to get our revenge, I’ll come find you” I said and he looked at me surprised

“Separate? Are you going to leave me? Please don’t leave me Julia, do not leave me” Alex pleaded weakly and a tear rolled down my face

“I can’t stay with you Alex, it’s not safe, you heard William Sanders back then, they don’t care about you cause you are going to forget everything but they have to find me that’s why I have to stay away from you to keep you safe” I said but Alex couldn’t answer he was slowly becoming unconscious

“We will get our revenge Alex, stay safe till then” I said as I managed to carry him to the middle of the road and I hid behind the trees watching him and I only left when a man found him and called the police

******End of Flashback******

……….to be continued……….



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