Romance in the OR episode 3




💊 Jasmine’s POV 💊

Bone fracture repair surgery is a simple surgery where I just support the broken bones WI metal screws and with the Susan’s help, it didn’t take me much time to finish the surgery

The surgery was successful!

“Thanks Susan” I said as we wheeled the patient out of the O. R

“It’s okay, just don’t tell Doctor Alex am involved in this” she said

“Sure I won’t, if he finds out I’ll also be in trouble, let’s just pray the patient recovers well”

💊 Alex’s POV 💊

The Seminar was done and I walked out of the hall

“If it isn’t Alexander Sanchez” someone said and I turned back see who it was

“Ryan Wilson” I said

“Being a long time since we met, thought you’ll be dead by now” he said with a smile and brought his hand for a handshake

“And you’re still a doctor, thought someone would’ve found out how devilish you are by now” I replied as I shook his hand

“Oh my, you hurt me such baseless accusations” he said making a sad face and pretending to be hurt and I scoffed

“Anyway, it’s nice to see you alive and I hope you continue to stay that way but you never know what the future might hold” he said with a smile and left

That cunning being, did he just threaten to kill me
I wonder what he’s up to now

It’s already evening so I decided to check on Mason before going home

I’ll go to the hospital tomorrow

I entered my car and drove straight to Mason’s house

“Been a long time you visited me at home Alex, what do I owe this pleasure” Mason said as he came to hug me

“I was coming back from a Seminar and I decided to check on you guys at home. Where’s Brianna?” I asked

Brianna is Mason’s wife

“She went this evening for some grocery shopping and she’ll be back soon. If she meets you here, trust me she will force you to spend the night here cause she’s been complaining of how you hardly come here nowadays” Mason said and I laughed

“That isn’t my fault, I’ve really been busy this past few days” I said

I heard the gate opened and I guessed who it was

“It must be Brianna” Mason said

Moments later Brianna came in and Mason went to hug her while I collected her bags

“Welcome back darling” Mason said as he gave her a kiss

“And who do we have here, I thought you had totally forgotten me cause am sure you still visit Mason in his office but you never cared to check up on me” she said arms akimbo

“Am really sorry Brianna, I’ve just been really busy at work, you know how hectic my work can be” I said trying to make a sad face

She looked at me for some moments and then sighed

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“Well, what are you waiting for, drop those bags and come give me a hug” she said and I quickly dropped the bags and hugged her

“My poor boy, you must have been stressing yourself all this while” she said as she finally let go of me

“Thank God I just went grocery shopping, am going to prepare a good meal for you Alex, then you’ll spend the night here, no excuses” she said with a serious face and I smiled while Mason muttered a ‘told ya’

“Fine, I’ll spend the night here” I said

“Great, give me some minutes” she said as she took the bags and went to the kitchen

💊 Jasmine’s POV 💊

I entered a cab home and I slumped on the couch immediately I entered the sitting room

“What’s wrong with you? How was your first day at the hospital?” Megan asked

“Hectic” I managed to say

“Oh yeah, I watched on the news that a petrol tanker exploded and all the victims were brought to the National hospital” she said

“There were so many patients Meg, everyone was so occupied and I even had to perform an unauthorized surgery”

“What?! Why the hell did you perform an unauthorized surgery? Couldn’t you get a senior doctor to perform it?” She asked

“The patient’s was really in pain Meg and all the senior doctors were busy with other patients, I couldn’t just standby and do nothing” I said and she sighed

“Hope there were no complications during the surgery?” She asked

“Nope, I was helped by Susan, she’s the teams anesthesiologist so everything went well” I said and she smiled

“You should eat, I’ve prepared a meal for you” she said

“Thanks Meg”

💊 Alex’s POV 💊

It’s morning and I went to the bathroom to take a bath

I still ended sleeping at Mason’s place

When I was young after my parents disapeared, Mason had asked me to move in with him since I have no family of my own and I did, I only moved out of the house few years ago and I do come back here to spend a few days. So I have a room here and some of my clothes are still here

I came back from the bathroom, dressed up, took my phone and car key, then I went downstairs

Mason and Brianna were already downstairs and I greeted them, then we moved to the dinning room to have our breakfast

My phone suddenly rang and it was the hospital director calling

“Good morning Sir” I greeted immediately I picked up the call

🗨️ Come to hospital right now and straight to my office

He said and ended the call

I wonder what’s wrong, he so angry

“Am sorry guys, I have to go to work now” I said as I quickly stood up with my car keys and rushed out of the house

I entered my car and drove off to the hospital

I got to the hospital and I took the elevator straight to the fifth floor, to the Director’s office

“What’s wrong sir?” I asked as I got into his office

“Look at this” he said giving me a patient’s file and I collected it

“There was a petrol tanker explosion yesterday and she’s one of the patients that was brought in” he said

“According this file she had a fracture and a surgery was performing to repair the fracture” I said

“The file also showed the patient was pregnant, she was pregnant yet she was given anesthesia during surgery, am sure you know what that means” he said

“Pregnant women are prohibited from taking anesthesia even during surgery cause it’s really harmful to the foetus, if this lady was really given anesthesia then she’s going to loose her baby, she’s going to have a miscarriage, I might be able to help her, I can try I flush the anesthesia out of her system” I said as I quickly started running for the door

“It’s already too late Alex, she had the miscarriage this morning” the director said and I stood still then turned back to look at him

“Why are you telling me all this? I wasn’t the one that performed the surgery”

“Of course you weren’t, you wouldn’t have to made such a stupid mistake but it was your New surgical assistant, Jasmine Wright that performed the surgery, I thought I made it clear that junior doctors aren’t allowed to perform a surgery on their own!!” The director yelled

“I promise you Sir, I know nothing about this, I sternly warned her before leaving the hospital yesterday not to go into the O. R alone”

“Well she disobeyed you, we had to lie to that lady that she lost her unborn baby due to the explosion, if she ever learns that she lost her baby due to the mistake of one of our doctors, then she’s gonna sue the whole hospital and we both know that mustn’t happen cause it will ruin our image” he said and I sighed

“Excuse me sir” I said as I took the patient’s file and walked out of his office and took the elevator down to the first floor

“Where the hell is Jasmine Wright!!” I yelled

“She just came in, I think she went to your office with Susan and Andrew cause you are supposed to have a surgery this morning” Nurse Chloe answered

I took the elevator back to the third floor, to my office

“Good morning doctor we were just waiting for you, you have a surgery to perform to…” Susan was saying but I interrupted her

“Jasmine” I called and she quickly stood up

“Yes doctor”

“What happened yesterday while I was away?” I asked trying to keep my temper in check

“Nothing Sir, well a petrol tanker exploded and many patients were brought in that’s all” she said and I threw the patient’s file at her

“Then please explain to me why the hell is your name written there as the surgeon for that patient!” I yelled

She hesitated a bit before talking

“Am sorry for lying to you Doctor but I had no choice, the patient was in so much pain, you weren’t around and all the senior doctors were busy with other patients, what was I supposed to do” she said

“You should’ve called me! The patient’s was in pain not dying, you should have called my phone and I’ll have come back right away!”

“Am sorry Sir, that idea didn’t occur to me at the moment but I did the surgery perfectly and the patient is recovering well, I even went to check on her when I just came and she’s recovering well, she even thanked me for saving her life so I don’t regret doing what I did doctor”

“She thanked you for saving her life because she obviously doesn’t know you are the reason she lost her pregnancy!” I yelled and she looked surprised

“Pregnancy?” She asked

“Is it not common sense to do a full body scanning for your patient before proceeding to surgery or didn’t your school teach you that!!” I yelled

💊 Jasmine’s POV 💊

I did a full body scanning, no, I wanted to do a full body scanning but Susan said she’ll do it, Susan was the one that did the scanning, I never saw the result to know if she was pregnant or not, only Susan did

I looked at Susan and she was silently pleading for me not to tell doctor Alex

“And why are you suddenly so silent!” Doctor Alex yelled

“I…. I did a full body scanning doctor, I swear I did” I said

“Then were you so blind to have overlooked the part that said she was with a baby and you went ahead and gave her anesthesia during surgery!” He yelled

“Am really sorry Sir, I didn’t know she was pregnant”

“Well your sorry won’t bring her baby back!!” He yelled “I told you yesterday that mistakes are not tolerated in my team yet you just made another grave mistake! Now the director has told that lady that she lost her child due to the explosion cause if she ever comes to know that it was due to some foolish doctor’s mistake, then she’s going to sue everyone to court, you, me and the whole hospital!”

“Am really sorry sir but I think she deserves to know the truth, I don’t think my conscience will be okay if I don’t tell her the truth, whenever she sees me, she keeps thanking me for saving her life when I actually made her loose her pregnancy, I can’t bare it doctor, I need to tell her” I said as a tear rolled down my face

“Are you stupid!” He yelled “Or have you actually gone deaf that you didn’t here all I just said! If you tell her the truth and she decides to sue you, you won’t be the only one going to court, I’ll be going too cause am the senior doctor in charge of you and am responsible for all your stupid mistakes, you’ll ruin my reputation Jasmine, the reputation I’ve worked hard for years to build”

“Am sorry Sir but she really needs to know the truth and I’ll beg her, I’ll go on my knees and beg her not to sue us”

“And she doesn’t listen to you?” He asked

“I’ll try my best to convince her doctor perhaps it’s a doctor’s duty to always tell her patients the truth, it’s path of our integrity and I want to keep that” I said as I cleaned the tears in my eyes with my hand

“Umm….. Doctor, it’s time for the surgery you need to perform today” Andrew said

“Should we all go to the O. R and wait for you?” Susan asked

“Both of you should go but I don’t want this fool near my operation table, who knows what mistake she might make again and call doctor Tony, tell him I need him to act as my assistant surgeon today” doctor Alex said and I sniffed

I feel so bad

Susan and Andrew left the office and I continued standing, not knowing what to do

“Well what are you waiting for, get out of my office! I can barely stand the sight of you!” He yelled and I quickly ran out of his office

I found an empty seats and I sat on it as I couldn’t stop the tears from running out of my eyes

“Jasmine” someone called and I raised up my head

It’s Andrew

“Am really sorry for Doctor Alex’s harshness, he’s just really angry” he said

“I swear I didn’t know the lady was pregnant but now I killed her child, I made her loose her unborn baby cause of my ignorance” I cried and Andrew hugged me

“It’s not your fault, everyone makes mistakes Jasmine so stop blaming yourself, you didn’t give her anesthesia deliberately, you didn’t know she was pregnant” Andrew said as he patted my back

“I must go now, doctor Alex will be at the O. R any minute” he said and I nodded

“Thanks Andrew” I said and he left

💊 Susan’s POV 💊

I went to doctor Tony’s office and informed him that Doctor Alex needs his assistance in today’s surgery

I was about going to the O. R went I saw Jasmine sitting down alone and I smiled

My plan totally worked

When I did the full body scanning, I found that the lady was pregnant but I deliberately hid it from Jasmine cause I knew to perform the surgery, she’ll definitely give the patient anesthesia to was the pain and make her sleep off which is actually harmful to the baby

Everything went as I planned and if I continue making her make mistakes, Doctor Alex will kick her out of her team in no time

I quickly made a sad face and walked up to Jasmine

“Am really sorry Jasmine, this is all my fault, I swear I didn’t know the lady was pregnant or I would have told you, I must have skipped it in the scanning report, am so sorry” I cried

“It’s okay, everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect after all” she said and I smiled

“And thank you for not telling doctor Alex that I was involved in the surgery” I said

“It’s fine, I was the one that gave her the anesthesia, I should take the blame alone. You should go, you have a surgery to take part in” she said and I nodded

I muttered a thanks and left

I’ll call Ryan after the surgery, I deserve a reward for this

💊 Jasmine’s POV 💊

I stayed seated for long as I tried to gather up the courage to go speak to the lady

I was finally able to get up and I went to the ward where her bed is

She was lying on her bed and another man was sitting beside her, probably her husband

I walked up to them and she smiled immediately she saw me

“Darling, this is the doctor that saved my life, she performed the surgery to repair my leg for me” she said to her husband

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“Thank you for saving my wife’s life doctor” the husband said though their was sadness in his voice

It’s obvious he’s sad that they lost their child and I felt more guilty

I quickly went on my knees and they looked surprised

“What’s wrong Doctor, why are you kneeling down?” her husband asked

“Get up please” she said

“I can’t get up unless you’ve forgiven me ma’am, you didn’t loose your pregnancy due to the petrol tanker explosion, you lost it cause of my mistake, I had no idea you were pregnant and I injected you with anesthesia during the surgery and injection is harmful for a foetus so you lost your pregnancy, am really sorry”

“What!” Her husband said

“I loosed my baby because of you?” She asked sadly

“Yes, am really sorry, I really had no idea you were with a child”

💊 Alex’s POV 💊

We finished the surgery and I walked out of the O. R

I was about stepping into the elevator to my office when I had a change of mind and decided to go check on the lady that lost had a miscarriage

Is Jasmine foolish enough to have really gone to tell them the truth?
I was curious

I went to the patient’s ward and saw Jasmine kneeling down in front of the patient and another man, definitely her husband

The lady on the bed was crying while the husband looked really angry

“You killed our child” the husband yelled while Jasmine cried

She is really foolish, I warned her not to tell them, did she really think they were just going to forgive her

“Am really sorry, I swear I didn’t know she was pregnant, am so sorry” she cried

“You should have done some kind of test to know if she’s pregnant or not, you should’ve taken some kind of precautions but you didn’t, and cause of your mistake we lost our baby, am going to sue you, all of you!” The husband yelled

I sighed then I walked up to them and knelt beside Jasmine

“Am sorry Sir but Jasmine isn’t entirely at fault, your wife never mentioned she was pregnant too, if she did, Jasmine would never have given her the anesthesia” I said

“Are you seriously trying to put the blame on my wife right now? She was in so much pain how could she have told her!” He yelled

“Exactly, now you are getting my point, your wife couldn’t tell her cause she was in pain, the same pain Jasmine saw her in that made her rush your wife to the operation room, you don’t understand do you? There were so many patients that day that all the doctors were busy, if Jasmine hadn’t rushed your wife to the operation room, no one would have attended to her and she would’ve died so Jasmine only tried to save your wife, she never wanted to make her loose her unborn child, she just didn’t know she was pregnant” I explained hoping to change his mind

“He’s right darling, I would’ve died along with our baby if Jasmine hadn’t help me, please don’t sue them to court” the wife begged

“But we lost our baby sweetheart” he said as he hugged his wife

“But am alive thanks to her, and we can always have another one” she said

The husband then stood up and faced us

“I….. I forgive you” the husband managed to say

“Thanks, thank you so much” Jasmine said

“Let’s go” I said as I stood up then I helped her stand up and we walked out of the patient’s ward

“Thanks for coming to help me” Jasmine said

“Well I had to, you were clearly making a fool of yourself when I had strictly warned you not to tell them anything” I said

“I had to doctor, that woman trusted me, she trusted whatever we tell her to be the truth so it’s my responsibility to always tell her the truth” she said and I shook my head

“You amaze Jasmine, you really do and for both our sakes I hope you don’t make any mistakes again, we might not be so lucky next time” I said and walked away

……….to be continued……….