Romance in the or episode 31



🚑 EPISODE 31 🚑

💊 Jasmine’s POV 💊

“You aren’t useless Alex, you are the best Neurosurgeon in the whole world and you must keep living, at least for me cause I can’t live without you” I said as a tear rolled down my face

But he didn’t say anything

“Alex” I called as I looked at his face and he’s eyes were closed

“Alex!!” I yelled
“Tony! Tony!!” I called and he quickly ran in

We carried to his car and he drove us straight to the hospital

💊 Ryan’s POV 💊

There was a knock on my door and I stood up, with the help of my crutches and went to open the door

“Susan! What are you doing here?”

“You haven’t been picking my calls so I came to check up on you” she said as she walked in and I closed the door

“You shouldn’t have come” I said

“I was worried, we are resuming work tomorrow and today’s the only day am free to check up on you” she said as she sat down

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“So have you eaten? Is your leg healing okay? What about your pills, have you taken them?” She asked and I felt that little happiness lit inside me

“Sometimes I feel like you are the only one that cares about me and yet I treat you badly”

“Yeah you do treat me badly most of the time, you are practically just using me” she said

“If you know then why are you still staying by my side, why are you silently hurting by my side?”

“Because am trapped Ryan, I really want to leave you alone, I want to stop being your pawn and finally live for myself but am trapped, trapped by my own heart”

“I don’t understand” I said

“You can’t understand, not when your heart has never known love before. When you are in love Ryan, you do everything you can just to put on a smile on that person’s face even if it means breaking all your principles and ethics, you might think that’s foolish but I am foolishly in love with you even when I know I’ll probably be heartbroken in the end” She said sadly

“I…… Susan……..Am……..Am sorry” I stuttered

“Come on, don’t feel guilty, just be usual self, you haven’t eaten right? I’ll cook something for you” she said and walked to the kitchen

“You are too good for me Susan” I muttered

💊 Jasmine’s POV 💊

We took him to the National hospital and Tony fixed an IV drip on him

“He’s just weak and malnourished, he needs lots of rest so I gave him a sleep injection, he’ll be awake by tomorrow” Tony said and I nodded

“Are you going to stay here with him?” He asked

“Yeah, am not leaving his side” I said and he nodded and left

I sat on a chair beside Alex’s bed and held his hand

“Please be alright for me, please”

💊 Emma’s POV 💊

“No, no” I said as I saw my Dad struggling with James Wilson

“Julia!” Mom called and I quickly came out, grabbed Alex hand and started running

Then I looked back and saw William Sanders shoot my Dad

“Dad!!” I yelled then I heard another gunshot and my Mom fell to the floor lifeless

“Noooo!!!” I screamed as I woke up panting and sweating profusely

“This nightmare again, am never getting used to it” I said with a sigh as I took a glass of water on my bedside stool and I drank everything

“Alex was a big part of the plan and now I can’t use him anymore but am not giving up Mom and Dad, this is just a little step back and I’ll definitely make everything right, I will get justice for you all” I said aloud

I took my phone and dialed a number and called my insider in the Prime Minister’s mansion

“Alice?” I called

🗨️ “Emma? Why are you calling me now? It’s almost bedtime and you know if the Prime Minister finds out what am doing for you, am dead”

“Yeah, I know Alice and I really appreciate what you are doing for me, I just want to know how the Prime Minister is doing?”

🗨️ “Well he’s condition is slowly deteriorating, putting Aflatoxin in his food and water for 5 years really paid off but immediately this work finally done, am quiting being his cook”

“Sure of course, you’ve done a lot for me Alice, thanks” I said

Alice has been my childhood, she knows everything about me and she helped me hide during those years I was on the run from William Sanders
We planned this together

🗨️ “But will this plan still work Emma, I mean Alex has been has been sacked and his license revoked, he’s no longer a doctor and we have no authority on whoever is going to perform the surgery on the Prime Minister”

“The Prime Minister is a greedy man and he loves his life, if he is going to be operated he’ll want the best surgeon to operate on him and that is Alexander Sanchez”

🗨️ “So you think he’ll bring back Alex? William Sanders is an ambitious man Emma, he’ll never let his enemy operate on him so you shouldn’t trust him”

“Am not trusting him Alice, am trusting his greed and will to live, am having faith cause that’s the only thing I can hold on to right now”

🗨️ “Okay, I hope you are right. Prime Minister has been meeting with his doctor recently though, he’s even meeting with him now, privately in the room”


🗨️ “Yeah, I think he’s condition is really getting worse, he rarely come out of his room nowadays and he always looks so pale”

“That’s good news, now it’s up to the Prime Minister if our plan will work out or not. Please inform me of any new developments, goodnight”

🗨️ “Sure, goodnight” she said and I ended the call

You must choose Alex Mr Prime Minister, you have to choose Alex

💊 Prime Minister’s POV 💊

“Doctor” I called weakly as he walked into my room

“You are getting worse Prime Minister” the doctor said as he walked up to my bedside

“I actually agree, my head feels so heavy, I can hardly lift it up and I have a conference meeting tomorrow” I said

“You’ll have to forget the conference meeting, your scanning result came out you are diagnosed with Pituitary gland adenoma” he said

“Pituitary what? Please speak a language I can understand”

“A benign tumor is growing on your pituitary gland at the base of your brain”

“How serious is it?” I asked

“Very serious Mr Prime Minister, the tumor is on its last stage, am just surprised how it got to this stage without us noticing” he said

“How can it be corrected? Do I need to take some pills or what?”

“It’s not that simple Prime Minister, you have to undergo a surgery and this surgery is one of the most difficult surgery in history, few Neurosurgeon in the world can actually carry it out successfully cause they’ll have to remove the tumor that’s growing right on the surface of the pituitary gland through your nose without touching or hurting the Pituitary gland”

“What happens if the pituitary gland is touched?” I asked

“The gland is the master gland in the body and it’s very sensitive, touching it could do some serious damages, it’s ability to produce the body’s necessary hormones will be hindered, your brain functions might be affected, you body won’t be able to function normal, in a lay man’s word, you’ll be a living corpse” the doctor said and I smiled

“Wow, what if I refuse to do any surgery?”

“Then the tumor will kill your Pituitary gland and you will die” he said

“This is amazing, if I don’t undergo the surgery I die, if I undergo it, I might become a living corpse”

“Not necessarily, I told you there are few Neurosurgeons that can successfully perform the surgery and lucky for us, there are two of those Neurosurgeons right here in London, Alexander Sanchez and Ryan Wilson

“So I have to choose between Alexander Sanchez and Ryan Wilson on who’s to perform my surgery?”

“Not really, Ryan is the only one available for us, the other has been stripped of his medical license recently” he said

“But assuming Alex was still a Neurosurgeon, who are you certain will successfully carry out the surgery?” I asked and he kept quiet

“Lemme guess, Alexander Sanchez” I said

“Yes Prime Minister, though he’s no longer a certified surgeon, we can’t deny the fact that he is very smart and skilled, he has carried lots of difficult surgery successfully and am sure this surgery won’t be a problem for him” he said and I sighed

“Alex will never agree to operate on me doctor”

“Why?” He asked

“You won’t understand doctor, am at a difficult crossroad” I said

If I let Ryan operate on me, I stand a chance of becoming a living corpse cause he’s not as skilled as Alex but even if I am able to force Alex to operate on me, he might just kill me during surgery and if I decide not to undergo the surgery at all, my death is certified

What are you going to do William Sanders?….

………to be continued……..


William Sanders 😏😏😏