Romance In The OR

Romance in the or episode 34



🚑 EPISODE 34 🚑

💊 Ryan’s POV 💊


“Why did you come back James?” The Prime Minister asked as we walked into his sitting room

“I asked him to bring me here” I said and he looked at me

“Ryan, why are you here? I thought you refused to do whatever your father tells you?” Prime Minister asked

“Yeah and am sorry, I didn’t know the gravity of the situation at first” I said

“Gravity of the situation?” The Prime Minister asked looking at my Dad

“I told him everything, he’s my son, we can trust” Dad said

“I don’t care if he’s your son or not but I don’t trust people easily, I only trust people when they have something to loose weight if I go down” he said

“I do have something to loose Sir, you and my Dad are in the same boat, if you fall, he falls too and I can’t allow that, so I want to help” I said and he was quiet for some moments

“Well, there’s no way you can help now, Alex is going to perform my surgery and there’s no going back” he said

“Will he agree to carry out the surgery, according to what I’ve heard he hates you” I said and he nodded

“Maybe you can help me out after all, do you know anyone Alexander Sanchez cares about alot?” He asked

“Ummm, yeah, there’s someone he cares about and will do anything for, I’ll once used her against Alex and it worked perfectly well” I said


“Jasmine, his surgical assistant, he loves her” I said

“Do you know where we can find her?” He asked

“I don’t know her address but I can find out” I said

“How?” The Prime Minister’s said

“I can find out, don’t worry about how” I said

“I don’t like it when people hide things from me so how will you find out?” He asked again and I sighed

“I have an insider in Alex’s surgery team, I’ll call her to check the employees record and tell me Jasmine’s address”

“Wow, that’s smart Ryan” he said and I smiled

******End of Flashback******

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“Fine, I’ll do the surgery, I’ll save your life so release Jasmine now, she’s my assistant surgeon and I can’t do the surgery without her” Alex said and we laughed

“You do not understand do you?” The Prime Minister said “Jasmine will be released the day I walk out of the National hospital hale and hearty so am sure you can find someone else that’s skilled to be your assistant surgeon”


“The public must not know that I have such a deadly ailment so I’ll announce to the media that an going to the hospital for a very minor surgery and I’ll be admitted in your hospital tomorrow and you’ll be my attending surgeon”

“You son of a bitch, how could you kidnap an innocent person to threaten me!” Alex said

“Am someone that kills anyone who comes in my way and you know that so the fact that I kidnapped Jasmine shouldn’t be a surprise to you, so I hope you understood all I’ve said and not do anything stupid or dear Jasmine will suffer the consequences” Prime Minister said

“Am sure he understands, now leave and go prepare, you’ll start treating the Prime Minister tomorrow” I said to Alex

“Just shut up you ungrateful jerk! I regret ever helping you out when you were shot at Afghanistan, I should have let you bleed to death and you” Alex said turning to the Prime Minister “You will pay for all this William Sanders” Alex said

“Maybe but its definitely not going to be now cause you are going to save my life” the Prime Minister said with a smile

“See you tomorrow” I said and Alex gave me that hateful looks

“If you hurt as little as a strand of her hair, I’ll kill you both myself” he said and walked out

💊 Alex’s POV 💊

I drove angrily to the hospital and parked my car in the parking lot

Then my phone rang

It’s Megan so I picked it up


🗨️ “Where is Jasmine? I had a night duty yesterday so I wasn’t able to come home at all last night, I came back this morning and I couldn’t find her, I tried to call her but her phone is right here, is she with you?” Megan asked worried

I sighed sadly not knowing how to answer her

🗨️ “Is something wrong Alex? Cause if there’s anything wrong with my cousin, I deserve to know”

“Come meet me at the hospital” I said

🗨️ “Okay I’ll be there in a bit” she said and ended the call

I walked into the hospital and I met Andrew

“It’s good to see you again Doctor” Andrew said with a smile

It would’ve been good to see him too if not for the situation am in right now

“Where’s Emma?” I asked

“You mean the deputy director? She’s in her office” Andrew replied

“Tell doctor Tony to meet me in Emma’s office” I said and walked into the elevator

I got to Emma’s office and I walked in

“Alex, you came in late today, did the Prime Minister call you?” She asked and I nodded

“So? Did our plan work? He gave you the red file right?” She asked and I felt bad

Emma sacrificed alot for this to be possible and now it’s going to get ruined again because of me

“Answer me Alex!” She said

“It didn’t work, they kidnapped Jasmine!” I said and she looked at me dumbfounded


“I have to save the Prime Minister if I want Jasmine to live” I said

“What? You are kidding right?”

“Am sorry Emma, am sorry but there’s nothing I can do now” I said

“There is Alex, forget about Jasmine, tell William Sanders you don’t care about her then he’ll be forced to agree to your terms and give you the red file”

“What? You know I can’t do that”

“You have to!!” She yelled

“I can’t!!” I yelled back “If I do something like that he’ll definitely kill Jasmine and I can’t let that happen, if….. If anything to Jasmine, I won’t be able to live with myself”

“What about me?” She asked “Aren’t you being selfish? You only care about yourself and how you feel, do you know what I went through just to make this plan work? You have no idea what I had to do, what I sacrificed and now you want to throw everything away because of that girl?” She said and I kept quiet

“Your parents and my parents died that day, is Jasmine’s life more important than the four of them? You do not remember but I still remember the looks on their faces that night, the looks on their faces as they were shot, now am so close to getting my revenge and you want to give it all up? I won’t let you” she said

“An sorry Emma, I really am but I can’t do this, I can’t sacrifice someone else’s life just for me to get what I want, I can’t, if I do that then there will be no difference between me and William Sanders”

“Is that really what this is about? Or you saying all this because you love Jasmine?” She asked but I kept quiet

“I can’t believe this, I don’t care what happens to Jasmine but either William Sanders will die, now get out of my way you self-centered son of a bitch!” She said as she pushed me aside and walked out

Am sorry Emma, I really am but I can’t let Jasmine die, she doesn’t deserve to die

The door opened and Tony walked in

“What’s wrong with the deputy director? I bumped into her and she looked really angry and why did you ask me to meet you here instead of your office?” Tony asked

“Alot has happened Tony, the night that I’ve been trying to remember my whole life? I’ve finally found out what happened that night”

“What? That’s amazing! So what happened to your parents? How did they disappear? Are they still alive?” Tony asked and the suddenly opened and Megan came in

“I was told I could find you here” she said

“Who’s this?” Tony asked

“Megan, Jasmine’s cousin” I introduced

“Nice to meet you Megan, am Tony” Tony said as she shook Megan’s hand

“So where is Jasmine?” Megan asked

“Is Jasmine missing?” Tony asked and I sighed

I told both of them everything including how William Sanders killed my parents and how he is trying to make me save his life by using Jasmine to threaten me

“Oh my God!” Megan staggered and Tony quickly caught her arm

“Are you okay?” Tony asked

“Hell am not okay! My cousin sister’s life is in danger because of some stupid politician’s greed, I know how important it is for you to get your revenge Alex but Jasmine must not die” Megan said

“She won’t Megan, I won’t let her die, I can always plan my revenge another time. The Prime Minister will be coming to the hospital tomorrow, I need you to be my assistant surgeon for the surgery Tony”

“Sure, that’s won’t be a problem” he said

“And you’ll have to be my anaesthesiologist Megan” I said

“What? What about Susan?” She asked

“She can’t be trusted” I said

“Will the hospital allow it when am not working here?” Megan asked

“Don’t worry about that, I’ll take care of it, excuse me for a bit” I said and walked out and entered the elevator down to the reception

“Where is Susan?” I asked the first nurse I saw

“There she is” she replied pointing at her and I went to meet her

“Doctor Alex” she said immediately she saw me

“I remember saying we have some unfinished discussion in Afghanistan right?” I asked

“Ye…..yes” she stuttered

“How are you acquainted with Ryan?” I asked

“He…… I……. he’s a friend” she said

“Friend? Are you working for him?” I asked

“Am working for you doctor Alex” she said

“Don’t you lie to me, you are Ryan’s mole aren’t you?” I asked and she kept quiet

“So you are responsible for always trying to harm my patients? You are fired Susan, from my team and this hospital, don’t ever let me see you in my O.R again” I said and walked away

💊 Prime Minister’s POV 💊


I stood in front of the mirror in my bedroom
Even though am all dressed, I still look pale and I’ve shrinked

“The red file and in exchange I save your life” Alex’s word rang in my head

How did he know about the red file?

I went to my safe, unlocked it and brought out the file

There was a knock on my door and Ryan came in

“My Dad has a meeting to attend to the so he won’t be able to accompany you to the hospital, that’s why I came instead” he said

“It’s good you came, have this” I said as I gave him the file

“What’s this?” He asked

“A very important file, that file can destroy me and Alex is after this file, since I’ll be staying in the hospital for some days and I’ll probably be unconscious most of the time, I need to make sure this file is in safe hands and that’s why am giving it to you” I said

“Thank you for trusting me with it, I’ll definitely keep it safe” he said

“I don’t trust you yet but the only reason I gave you that file is because if that file gets into the wrong hands and it’s used against me, I won’t fall alone, your father and I will fall together and am sure you don’t want that to happen so make sure to keep it safe”

“I will, I promise” he said and I smiled

“So are you ready? Let’s leave for the hospital” he said

“I am ready but you won’t be going with me to the hospital, go to where we held Jasmine captive, stay there with her and if you here that anything bad happened to me, kill her” I said and he nodded

“Okay” he replied

💊 Emma’s POV 💊

I sat in my sitting room as I watched the morning News

“The Prime Minister is leaving for the National hospital this morning for his minor surgery” the reporter said

I stood up and went to my room
Dressed up, took some money and left the house

I drove to a silent part of the City and entered an old house

Then a man walked up to me immediately I walked in

“Do you have what I asked for?” I asked

“Do you have the money?” He asked and gave him the money and he gave me the package

“But what does an innocent looking lady like you need a gun for?” He asked

“It’s none of your business” I said and walked out

I put the gun in my bag and drove straight to the hospital

I met the Prime Minister’s convoy outside the hospital and all the hospital staffs were out to welcome him and I walked up to them

“Oh, this is our deputy director, Mrs Emma Griffin” the director introduced

“Yeah, we’ve met before when I brought my daughter for her surgery here, it’s nice to meet you again Mrs Griffin” the Prime Minister said he brought his hand for a handshake and I shook his hand

“That wasn’t the first time we met” I said

“Really? Though I think am pretty sure we first met here, in this hospital” he said

“No, we met 18 years ago, remember Julia Davis? The girl you hunted for years after killing her parents along with another couple, Mr and Mrs Sanchez?” I asked and he looked at me wide-eyed

“What the hell are you trying to say Mrs Emma Griffin?” He asked

“My name is Julia Davis and am here to reign karma on you, you kill by the gun, you die by the gun” I said as I quickly brought out my gun and shot him before his security agents caught me

………to be continued………


Emma 😳
Do you blame her for what she did?

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