Romance In The OR

Romance in the or episode 37



🚑 EPISODE 37 🚑

💊 Ryan’s POV 💊

“Dad!!!” I yelled as I barged into the Family Mansion and saw him watching TV in the sitting room

“What’s wrong son?” He asked

“Do not call me your son” I said angrily

“Oh God” Robert said as he walked out of one of the rooms “What’s going on now that you had to wake me up with your shouting this morning?”

“What’s going on? Well take a look at this” I said as I handed some papers from the red file to Robert

“What’s it?” Dad asked but I ignored him

“This shows that the Prime Minister, Dad and the Minister of aviation purchased already used airplanes that were not functioning properly for the National airport just to cut down the cost” Robert said “Come on Alex, we both know Dad has always been involved in shady deals, it’s not a reason enough for you to barge in here shouting like this”

“I knew you were dumb but I never knew you were so stupid and clueless Robert”

“Watch what you say you disrespectful fool!” He said

“If I were fool I wouldn’t have been able to figure out this” I said as I moved closer to him and collected the papers “Look at the airlines the plane was bought for, look at Eagles airlines here, doesn’t it ring a bell?” I asked Robert

“Am not sure, what’s special with Eagles airlines?” He asked and I huffed

“Mom died in a plane crash from Eagles airlines fool!!” I yelled and he looked at me wide-eyed

“Are you trying to say…..”

“Yes, look at this” I said as I showed him another paper “This shows that one of the planes they bought for Eagles airlines crashed, look at the date, it’s the same day as Mom died in that plane crash”

“Both of you are mistaken” Dad said

“What mistake, it’s crystal clear!!!” Robert yelled “I knew you were bad but I didn’t know you could kill your own wife, our mother!”

“I didn’t kill her, there are many airplanes in eagle airlines, how are you sure she died in the one we bought?” Dad asked

“Because the only plane that crashed on the day Mom died was the one you guys bought!” I yelled


“You still want to lie? Well lemme prove to you beyond doubts that I know what am saying” I said as I brought out my phone

“According to this file, the plane that you guys bought for eagles airlines that crashed was named EA-1034, now I’ll browse all the names of passengers that died in that crash and just pray to God that I shouldn’t find Mom’s name cause if I do….” I sighed as I browsed for the list of passengers that died in the crash

Robert came to my side as we both read through the list of the names of the dead passengers

“Mr and Mrs Wright” I read aloud

“That’s not Mom’s name” Robert said

“I know, I think it’s Jasmine parent’s name, Jasmine Wright” I said

“Who’s Jasmine?” Robert asked

“Not important” I replied

“Look at it, Mrs Sarah Wilson” Robert pointed out and I saw it too

“What do you have to say now Dad?” I asked as I showed him Mom’s name on the list

“Am sorry” he said

“You are sorry? Mom died because of your stupid greed and you’re sorry?!” Robert said

“I never knew she was going to enter that plane” he said

“Hundreds of people died in that plane crash Dad! You know what? I don’t want to hear your excuses, am going to police station right away to file a case against you” Robert said as he walked out angrily

“You can’t do that Robert! There’s no point in filing a case when you have no evidence!” Dad yelled but Robert didn’t stop

“I have evidence” I said as I waved the red file

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“You won’t give that to the police” he said

“Don’t be so sure” I said

“If you give that to the police, not only me but alot of other people are going to get implicated including the Prime Minister”

“I don’t care, I just want justice for Mom”

“I swear I didn’t know she was going to get on that plane else I’ll never have let her travel in a malfunctioning airplane, she told me she was traveling but I was too busy to accompany her to the airport so I had no idea which plane she entered” he said

“I don’t care how it happened, all I know is that Mom died because of you and that Prime Minister!!” I yelled “And am going to avenge her death” I said as I started walking away but Dad held my hand

“That file also contains evidence of William Sanders and I killing the previous Prime Minister, if that file goes to the police, it’s going to cause a great deal of damage, The Prime Minister’s administration will be ruined and I’ll be charged with high treason and you know what that means” he said

“You know Mom was the direct opposite of it, I wonder how you guys managed to get married, Mom was cool, calm and innocent, she was everything good and she didn’t deserve such a death so I don’t care who will get implicated if I handover this file to the police as long I avenge her” I said as jerked off his hand

“You can’t do this Ryan, am your only parent, if I go to prison, you’ll have no one” he said but I just started walking away

“You’ll get implicated too!” He yelled “You aided in kidnapping Jasmine, you’ll be arrested too!”

I stopped from a bit and then continued walking

“Ryan!! Don’t do this!!!” He yelled but I just walked out and drove out of the Mansion

💊 Alex’s POV 💊

“You’re still here? It’s already dark man” Tony said as he walked into my office

“The Prime Minister’s surgery is tomorrow Tony”

“Oh yeah” he said as he sat down on the chair facing me “What are you going to do?”

“The question is what can I do? Both Jasmine and Emma’s life is at stake” I said

“I understand how you feel Alex, the live of two people you care about depends your decision but you must save the Prime Minister and save Jasmine, Emma signed up for this, she shot the Prime Minister herself but Jasmine? She has nothing to do with this, she only got dragged into this because those evil people found out you care about her, so you can’t let her die, you shouldn’t” Tony said

“What about Emma? She has been sentenced Tony! She’ll be killed few days from now”

“Do you believe in God?” He asked

“Umm….. Yeah”

“You sure? I’ve never seen you attend church or any religious gathering” he said

“Just….. What point are you trying to make?” I asked

“God never forsakes His people, you’ll be fine, Jasmine will be fine, Emma will be fine too because God is there to fight for the weak” he said and I chuckled

“You just sounded like a pastor” I said

“Well am a devoted Christian” he said and I laughed

“Let’s just go through this one step at a time, We’ll do whatever we can to save Jasmine and then we’ll find a way to save Emma” he said and I nodded

“Thanks alot man” I said

💊 Ryan’s POV 💊

“Ryan! Ryan!!” Someone called and I slowly opened my eyes to see Susan

“Ryan, are you okay?” She asked looking worried

I quickly sat up and I looked around
Am at home, in my apartment and am there were lots of empty bottles of tequila on the floor

“Are you okay?” Susan asked

“What happened?” I asked

“I should be asking you that, you called me yesterday speaking all sort of gibberish about your Dad causing your Mom’s death and how you don’t have to courage to go against him cause he’s still your Dad. I figured you were drunk with the way you spoke so came here last night only to meet you drunk and asleep and with a high temperature so I stayed up overnight taking care of you” she said and I sighed

I remember
I came back here after confronting Dad yesterday
I was confused and didn’t know what to do so I started drinking all the tequila I have at home, I needed someone to talk to so I called Susan

“What’s wrong Ryan? What’s going on?” She asked

“Am confused Susan, I really don’t know what to do”

“About what?” She asked

“My Dad really caused my Mom’s death and now, I want to avenge her death and get justice for her but am having a second thought cause…. Cause I don’t know if I can bring myself to do anything that will harm my Dad, he’s the only parent I have left and if I try to avenge my Mom’s death, not only my Dad will be caused in the crossfire, alot of other people will be in trouble too, maybe including me” I said

“And you still want to get justice for your Mom?” She asked and I nodded

“I understand how you feel Ryan but if you are going to get hurt avenging your mother’s death then don’t, I don’t want to see you getting hurt and am sure your Mom won’t want it too”

“I don’t care if I get hurt”

“But I care” she said “So promise me, promise me you won’t do anything stupid”

“I promise” I said after some minutes of hesitation

“Thanks Ryan” she said

“Today’s a working day, shouldn’t you be at the hospital now?” I asked but Susan kept quiet


“I got fired” she said

“What!! Why?” I asked

“Alex found out that am your spy so I got fired” she said and I felt a stab of guilt

I stood up, wore my cloth and took the red file

“Where are you going? You are still sick, you are supposed to rest” She said

“Am a bad guy Susan, I’ve done a lot of bad things and you know it, am tired of people getting hurt just because of me, if I stay still and not do anything now, then am no different from my father” I said and she held my hand

“If you are planning on reporting your Dad to the police, don’t. You said you’ll get hurt too if you do that and the last thing I want is for you to get hurt” she said and I smiled

“Don’t worry, I won’t be reporting my Dad to the police I promise” I said and then walked out

I entered my car and drove to the place where Jasmine was held

The two guards so me and the opened the door for me and I walked in

“Ryan” Jasmine called as she saw me “Help me Ryan please, am going to die if I continue to stay tied to this chair please”

She looks tired and exhausted
I did this to her
How did I become such a monster? This was not how Mom raised me

I moved close to her and untied her

“Stand up” I said and she did

“Why? What’s going on?” She asked

“No questions, just follow my lead” I said as I held her arms and I moved towards the door

I opened the door and the two guards saw me

“Where are you taking her to?” One of them asked

“Am moving her to a different hiding location, it was the Prime Minister’s order” I said

“Then let’s escort you” the other man said

“No, there’s no need for that, I need to go alone with her” I said

“Why?” They asked

“Because its the Prime Minister’s order! The place am moving her to is a secret place that you don’t have the clearance to know so get out of my way and stop delaying me or I’ll be forced to report you to the Prime Minister!” I said sternly

“Am sorry” they said and moved out of the way

I dragged Jasmine to my car and drove off

“What’s going on Ryan? Where are you moving me to?” Jasmine asked

“Here” I said as I gave her the red file

“Why are you giving me this?” She asked surprised

“Your parents died in a plane crash of eagles airlines on 17 November 2013 right?”

“Ye….yes how did you know?”

“It’s on the file, my Mom died on the plane crash too thanks to that scumbag known as the Prime Minister!” I said

She quickly opened the file and found the papers
And then I noticed her shivering hands as she read through the paper

“Jasmine?” I called as I noticed she wasn’t saying anything

“He caused the plane crash, the Prime Minister caused the plane crash, my parents and hundreds of other people died in that plane!!” She yelled

“Am sorry”

“Your Dad, his name is here, they purchased the deficient airplane together” she said and I nodded

“Yeah, I know” I said and then stopped the car

“Get out and take the file with you, I don’t care what you do with it” I said and she looked at me wide-eyed

“You understand that I’ll definitely give this file to the police right?” She asked

“I said do whatever you want with it dumbhead! Now get out before I change my mind!!” I yelled and she quickly took the file and ran out of the car

I sighed as I tried to fight back the tears welling in my eyes

“Am sorry Susan but I had to do this, for the first time in my life, I think am doing the right thing”

……….to be continued………


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