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Romance in the or episode 39 – finale

πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰ ROMANCE IN THE OR πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰


πŸš‘ Episode 39 πŸš‘

πŸ’Š Alex’s POV πŸ’Š

I stood beside the Prime Minister’s bed and gave him an injection that woke him up

“Alex” he called weakly as he opened his eyes

“How are you feeling?” I asked

“My head is heavy but am still breathing well so I guess the surgery was successful. When am out of here all hale and hearty, We’ll talk about Jasmine being released to you then but for now, get me my phone, I need to make an important call” he said and I smiled

“Mr Prime Minister or should I say ex Prime Minister”

“What are you saying?” He asked confused

The door suddenly opened and some men from the FBI came in

“We are from the FBI” one of them said as he showed his ID card

“What are FBI agents doing here?” The Prime Minister asked

“You are under arrest William Sanders” the man said

“What?! What crime did I commit? Perhaps you can’t arrest me, I am the Prime Minister” he said

“You were the Prime Minister but not anymore and as for your crimes, you are being arrested for the murder of the previous Prime Minister, Mr and Mrs Sanchez and Mr and Mrs Davis, and also for purchasing under-equiped airplane for the country causing numerous plane crashes in fact the crimes are too numerous for me to mention all now, We’ll talk about them at the FBI headquarters. Can he stand?” The man asked and I nodded

“Yeah he can stand” I replied

“What the hell is going on?!” William Sanders yelled

“They have the red file and am sure you know what that means” I said with a smile

“Then why didn’t you kill me?! That was your plan before right? Get the file and then kill me during surgery, why the hell did you save me?! You should have killed me, that would’ve been more merciful”

“But you don’t deserve any mercy, you are going to face the pain of loosing everything you hold dear and I’ll be here enjoying every moment of it, the press is outside and am sure they have a lot of questions for you, good luck answering them” I said and the FBI agents started dragging him out

“Alex please! I killed your parents I don’t deserve to live so just kill me, kill me please” he pleaded

“You don’t deserve death either, death would be a mercy for you and ooh…. as for the rest of your treatment, you’ll receive them in prison” I said and the agents dragged him out

I sighed as I walked out of the room and went to meet Jasmine

“William Sanders has just been arrested, why don’t you look happy?” Jasmine asked

“I just…… It’s hard to believe that this is really happening, I mean I have always wished for this day and now that it’s here…..”

“Now that it’s here you just believe it?” Jasmine said and I nodded

“This is happening Alex, you and dreaming and right now we need to go to the station and get her, she doesn’t deserve to stay in prison any longer” she said and I smiled

“Yeah, let’s go get Emma”

We drove to the station and processed Emma’s release

“Heard William Sanders has been arrested” Emma said as we walked out of the station

“I know you wanted him dead but…..”

“No, it’s okay, the police guys there were saying that he’ll probably be sentenced to life imprisonment so I think that’s a good enough punishment for him” Emma said and then turned to Jasmine

“Am happy to see you alive” she said and Jasmine laughed

“It’s nice to see you too Emma”

“But sincerely, thanks for everything Jasmine, at first I thought you were going to be a problem for us but you turned out to be a blessing instead, thank you for helping me avenge my parents dead” Emma said as she hugged Jasmine

“What are you going to do now?” I asked

“I’ve spent the better years of my life running, hiding and planning but now that everything is over, I just want to live freely, no obligation, no worries, just going shopping, going out with friends and going for parties, you know things that normal people do” she said

“All the best Emma” I said as I hugged her

“We’ll be in touch” she said with a smile and walked away

“Uhmmm…… Alex” Jasmine called

“What’s it?” I asked

“I heard Ryan is being held here” Jasmine said and I sighed

“Let’s go check on him then” I said as we walked back into the building


“Have you come to mock me asshole?” Ryan said as Jasmine and I sat in front of him

“And here I thought you’ve changed but I guess you still haven’t learnt any manners” I replied

“You guys should stop, can’t you for once meet each other and not insult each other?” Jasmine said and I sighed

“I heard you were sentenced to 5 years imprisonment” I said

“Yeah that’s my punishment for kidnapping your lovely girl here”

“Not just for kidnapping Jasmine, this is your punishment for all your sins” I said

“I guess I should be thankful then for getting such little punishment considering the fact that my Dad was just sentenced to life imprisonment” Ryan said and I sighed

“Why did you give Jasmine the red file when you knew your father will get hurt?” I asked

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“Cause they killed my Mom and I gave Jasmine the file so that she’ll be able to avenge her parents too”

“Avenge my parents? There’s no need to avenge them, I told you they died in a plane crash” Jasmine said

“Yeah, the same plane crash my parents died in, the same plane crash William Sanders and my father caused”

“What!!” Jasmine exclaimed

“I guess you didn’t know” Ryan said with a shrug

“Jasmine” I called but she stood up and walked out and I stood up to follow her but I stopped

“Thank you” I said to Ryan and he smirked

“See you in the next five years, go after your girl” he said and I smiled and ran after Jasmine

πŸ’Š Ryan’s POV πŸ’Š

The police was about taking me to my cell when someone called me


I turned to see Susan standing there with red puffy eyes so I pleaded with the officer to give me a few minutes with Susan before am taken back to my cell and he agreed

“Am sorry Susan, I know you warned me to be careful, you didn’t want to see me hurt but am sorry I had to do this, I couldn’t just let….”

“Ryan” she called I interrupting me “Am pregnant”

“Pregnant?!” I asked looking at her wide-eyed

“Yeah, am pregnant with your baby”

“Oh my God, this is…… I don’t know what to say……. But…. But am stuck here for the next five years” I said

“I’ll wait for you Ryan, I promise” she said and I couldn’t stop the tears that flowed down my face

“I do not deserve the love you’ve given me Susan but am very grateful and I promise you, the moment I step out of this prison, am going to love you and my little baby with all my heart” I said and she smiled

πŸ’Š Alex’s POV πŸ’Š

“Jasmine!” I called as I looked around the station

And then I saw her sitting on a bench under a tree by the roadside

“Jasmine” I said as I sat beside her
She was in tears

“Am sorry about your parents Jasmine but the people behind are in prison now, your parents have been avenged” I said as I cleaned her tears

“You must have went through a lot when you found out what happened to your parents and how they made you forget” she said

“Bought I was able to survive through those period because you were by my side, thank you Jasmine” I said as I hugged her


I sat in the eatery and checked my watch again

Jasmine is running late

And then I saw her walk in

“Am sorry for being late Alex, remember the patient we operated on yesterday, he had some complications and I had to attend to him before coming, perhaps, why did you want me to meet you here when we just met in the hospital this morning” she said as she sat down

“I just wanted to eat with you” I said

“Okay then, I am really hungry after all” she replied

We ordered some food and we ate in silence and I continued thinking of the best way to begin what I want to say

“Remember in Brazil when you took me shopping with my own money?” I asked and she laughed

“Yeah, I remember”

“On our way back to the hotel you told me you aren’t dating anyone” I said and she nodded

“Is it still the same? Are you still not dating anyone?” I asked

“Yeah, with the kind of workload you assign to me every day, I barely have enough time for myself talkless of dating anyone” she said and I smiled

“I guess I’ll have to reduce you workload now so that you’ll have the time to date me”

“Date you?” She asked

“I love you Jasmine, I really do and I can’t imagine my life without you so please, will you be mine forever?” I asked

“You are supposed to go on your knees when proposing” she said

“Come on this is not a marriage proposal, do you think my marriage proposal will be as lame as this? I can be very romantic when I want to be you know” I said and she laughed

“You? Romantic? Okay tell me, how will your marriage proposal be?” She asked

“You’ll only get to find out if you accept to date me now so do you?” I asked

“I told you so” she said


“I told you back then remember? You said you weren’t ever going to fall in love and I told you that you will and I’ll be here to say I told you so when that happens” She said and I laughed

“Yeah you were right, we also made a deal to take the winner to any country of their choice so I guess I owe you a trip to any country in the world but you still haven’t given me an answer” I said and she stopped up, moved closer to me and kissed me

“Is that enough for an answer?” She asked and I chuckled

“Definitely” I said

“I love you Alex, I really do” she said

“I love you too Jasmine alot” I replied and she smiled

“So for our trip, which country do you wanna go?” I asked

“Our trip? Thought I was going alone”

“Of course not, who knows what kind of men you’ll meet there, am definitely going with you” I said

“Oh God, please don’t tell me…..”

“Yes, am the jealous type” I said interrupting her and she laughed

“Fine then, let’s go on a trip together, let’s go to Italy”

…….the end……..


Awwwwn ☺️ isn’t this such a happy ending?

Now who’s ready for Cursed 2πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

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