Romance In The OR

Romance in the OR episode 4

πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰ ROMANCE IN THE O.RπŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰


πŸš‘ EPISODE 4 πŸš‘

πŸ’Š Jasmine’s POV πŸ’Š

“Today’s definitely going to be a busy day for me, why the hell are there so many patients here for consultation today?” I asked

“That’s because Doctor Alex is the consultant doctor today, everyone wants to be treated by one of the best doctor in the world” Nurse Chloe replied

“Since there are so many patients coming in, he better get started then cause it’s gonna be a really long day, I’ll go call him” I said as I left for Doctor Alex’s office

πŸ’Š Alex’s POV πŸ’Š

I stood in front of my desk as my right hand shook rapidly

This hand tremor came back again last night and it’s probably because I’ve been over stressing myself lately, not that it’s my fault, there are so many works that fall on me here as the best doctor in this hospital

I went to my safe, opened in and swallowed one of the drugs Mason prescribed

I’ve been taking it since last night, I just it calms down this tremor soon

Luckily I don’t have a surgery today cause I can barely hold a Scalpel with such a shaky hand
Today’s my consultation day and all I have to do is sit in front of a desk and diagnose to patients that comes before

The door suddenly opened and Jasmine came in and I quickly put my right hand into the pocket of my doctor’s coat

“Is there anything wrong doctor, I saw your hand shaking vigorously” she said

“Forget what you saw but weren’t you taught the simple manners of knocking before going into someone’s office?” I asked

“Am sorry Doctor, I did knock but it seemed like you were carried away that you didn’t hear me so I just opened the door”

“Well knock harder and louder next time and don’t ever come into my office unless I tell you to do so” I said sternly

“Yes doctor, I apologize”

“So why are you here?” I asked

“It’s time to begin the consultation and their are many patients doctor, alot of patients” she said and I smiled

“Tell me about it, there are always many patients on my consultation day, well let’s go, it’s really gonna be a long day and I won’t go through it alone, you are going to stand right by my side throughout the consultation period” I said with a smile

“Must I…. Do I….. Do I really have to?” She stuttered

“Of course, you are my assistant surgeon after all or do you have any objections?” I asked and she quickly shook her head

“No” she said

“Then let’s go, the sooner we we start the sooner we finish”

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“So you usually have a runny nose?” I asked the young lady sitting in front of me

“Yes doctor and I always have this strange headache most of the time” she said

“And what part of your head do you mostly feel this pain?” I asked

” The front, near my forehead” she said as she touched it

“What does that tell you Jasmine?” I asked Jasmine who was standing beside me

“It’s a migraine” she said

“Coupled with a runny nose, it’s just a cold ma’am and you’ve also been stressing yourself too much, try to take some rest once in a while, what good are we to the world if we are on a sick bed” I said with a smile

“Thank you doctor” she replied

“I’ll write some cold and anti-stress drug for you, you can get them from any pharmacy store and make sure you take them according to the prescriptions” I said as I took one of the prescriptions sheets and tried to write the names of the drugs but the pen fell from my hand as my hand tremors started again

“Are you okay doctor?” The lady in front of me asked

“Yeah, am alright” I said as I quickly hid my hand under the table

“I’ll write the prescriptions instead, you can just tell me the names of the drugs” Jasmine said as she picked the pen from the ground

I listed out the drugs for and she wrote it for the lady and the lady left

“I think you should take your own advise doctor, try to rest once in a while, what use are you to the world if you are on a sick bed” Jasmine said but I ignored

“Call in the next patient”

Moments later, a man came in, probably around his fifties and he wasn’t looking so well

“Umm doctor, I’ve been having this cold and headache for long now” he said

“And a runny nose?” I asked and he nodded “It’s quite common nowadays, it’s just a flu”

“But what about this rashes, is it also common?” He asked as he raised his shirt revealing his chest

There so many red rashes on his chest, so red that it’s actually turning purple

“Can you open your mouth for me please” I said and he did

I took a small torchlight from the table and directed it to his mouth

There are so many blisters on his mouth

I hope it’s not what am thinking

“What do you think Jasmine?” I asked

“Flu, red and purple rashes in the skin, blisters round the lips, these are…. these are symptoms of Stevens-Johnson syndrome doctor”

“Exactly what I was thinking, how long have you been having this rashes?” I asked

“More than 2 months” he said and I looked at him wide-eyed

“2 months!! Why didn’t you come earlier?” I asked

“Am just a cleaner doctor and I have 2 children to take care of, I could barely pay the consultation fees to have this meeting with you” he said

“Stevens-Johnson syndrome is a rare type of disease Sir and luckily it is curable, seeing that you’ve already wasted 2 months and the rashes are turning purple, if we delay you might die so I suggest you get hospitalized immediately”

“Hospitalize?” He asked and I nodded

“We need to put you under medication and observe your improvement, if we are lucky, you can get cured within a few weeks” I said

I took a sheet of paper and was about taking the pen and I changed my mind

“Jasmine, take him to Nurse Chloe and get him admitted but first tell her to carry a blood test on him, just to make sure we are right” I said

“Okay doctor, that won’t be a problem”

πŸ’Š Jasmine’s POV πŸ’Š

I took the man to Nurse Chloe

“Doctor Alex said he should be hospitalized, he also said you should carry out a blood test on him” I said to Chloe

“Sure, what am I testing for?” She asked

“Stevens-Johnson syndrome” I said and she looked at me wide-eyed

“Wow, let’s go then” she said to the man and the left

I went back to meet Doctor Alex and he continued the consultation

Time passed and I started dozing off a bit

It’s just so boring here

“Don’t you dare doze off, we still have a few more patients” he said

“Yes doctor” I said as I yawned

“You aren’t even doing any work so why the hell are you so tired, am the one stressing my brain and doing the diagnosis all you do is just to stand there” he said and I shook my head

“Easy for you to say, you are sitting down” I replied and he turned to look at me

“Did you just talk back at me?” He asked

“How can I talk back at my superior who doesn’t care about his junior that has been standing for hours” I said


“I’ll call in the next patient” I said as I was about walking out but Nurse Chloe quickly ran in

“What’s wrong?” I asked

“The man…..he ran away, I was trying to take his blood for the test but he pushed me to the ground and ran away” Chloe said panting

“You mean the man with Stevens-Johnson syndrome?” Doctor Alex asked standing

“Yes doctor” Chloe said

“He must be really foolish, he’s going to die soon if he doesn’t receive the medical treatment, anyway call in the next patient” doctor Alex said and I turned back to look at him

“You aren’t going to do anything about the man?” I asked

“I already did, I wanted to help him get treated but he ran away, what more can I do” he said

“There must’ve been a reason, you said it yourself, he’s going to die soon if he doesn’t receive treatment, we need to find him”

“Last time I checked my job description, it said treat patients not find patients so will you stop all this blabbering and call in the next patient!” He said

“Maybe you took a different oath doctor but in the oath I took when I was becoming a doctor, I promised to practice my profession with uprightness and honor, does ignoring a dying patient that ran away sound upright and honorable to you?” I asked and he just stared at me

“The man mentioned he has two children, we can’t let them become fatherless when we can do something to help please” I pleaded and he sighed

“Did you fill the patient’s form for him before taking him to the ward?” Doctor Alex asked Chloe

“Yes I did” she nodded

“Then check his address on the form and text it to me, we are going to find him” he said and I smiled

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“Also tell the remaining patients to come back tomorrow, tell them something came up but I’ll personally attend to them tomorrow” he said and Chloe nodded

“Sure doc” he said and left

“Let’s go” he said to me

“Thank you” I said

“Well you were pretty stubborn” he said and I chuckled

We went out of the hospital and we were about entering the car when Susan called

“Are you going somewhere doctor Alex?” Susan asked

“Well, a patient that didn’t want to get treated ran away but thanks to Jasmine here, we are going to find him and force him to get treatment” he said sarcastically and I almost laughed

“Ohh, do you need my help? Maybe I should come with you guys” Susan said

“No, don’t worry, we’ll be back soon” he said

We entered the car and he drove off

πŸ’Š Ryan’s POV πŸ’Š

The door to my office suddenly opened and Dad came in

“Dad” I said as I quickly stood up “What brings you to the hospital today?”

“I met with the Prime Minister’s secretary today, he’s an old friend” he said as he sat on the couch and I sat facing him

“Okay, and so?”

“My old friend told me that the Prime has an only child, a daughter” he said


“The daughter has sickle cell anemia” he said

“Okay Dad but can you go straight to the point cause I have patients to attend to” I said

“Patients Ryan, this is why you haven’t accomplished anything worthy yet, you lack patience!” He said and I sighed

“Am sorry father, please continue”

“His daughter was recently diagnosed with brain tumor and he’s looking for the best Neurosurgeon to operate on her cause her case is quite critical, she has anemia and brain tumor so who is the only doctor that has ever successfully performed a brain tumor surgery on a sickle cell anemia patient?” He asked and my jaw dropped

“Alexander Sanchez”

“So he is most likely going to get chosen by the Prime Minister and if that happens, if Alexander Sanchez successfully operates on the Prime Minister’s daughter, then with such an achievement, he’ll definitely be announced as the world best Neurosurgeon, you and I know how influential the prime minister is”

“No that can’t happen, I can’t let it happen”

“I found out about this early and I’ve told you, now it’s up to you to make good use of this information, you should be the one to operate on the Prime Minister’s daughter not Alexander Sanchez, do not let me down this time” Dad said and walked out

Moments later my phone ranged

It’s Susan

“What’s it?”

πŸ—¨οΈ Doctor Alex and Jasmine just went out looking for a patient that ran away, am informing you cause this is the first time he’s doing such a thing and you asked me to inform you of any new developments

“Why the hell will I care about him going after some stupid patient!” I yelled

πŸ—¨οΈ Am sorry Ryan but I just wanted to inform you

I was about ending the call when an idea clicked in my head

“Wait did you say he went out to find a patient?” I asked

πŸ—¨οΈ Yes

“Great, find out the patient’s address and send it to me quickly”

πŸ—¨οΈ Okay Ryan

I ended the call with a smile

Let’s see how you’ll be able to perform the Prime Minister’s daughter surgery when you are dead

……….to be continued……….


Jasmine is kind and I think he’s slowly influencing Alex to be kind too


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