Romance in the OR episode 7

šŸ’‰šŸ’‰šŸ’‰ ROMANCE IN THE O.RšŸ’‰šŸ’‰šŸ’‰


šŸš‘ EPISODE 7 šŸš‘

šŸ’Š Jasmine’s POV šŸ’Š

Andrew drove me to the orphanage Linda is registered in

“Jasmine!” Linda quickly ran to hug me immediately I came down from the car

“Awww Linda” I said as hugged her back

“Are you only going to hug Jasmine and not me? So unfair” Andrew said trying to make a sad face and I chuckled

“But I don’t know you” Linda said to Andrew

“This is Andrew, he’s my colleague at work” I said to Linda

“Nice to meet you Linda” Andrew said

“Nice to meet you too” Linda replied

“How have you been Linda? Do you like it here?” I asked

“Well everyone is nice to me here and I have my own bed but I miss my brother and daddy”

“Am sorry sweetheart” I said as I drew her closer and hugged her

“How’s my daddy doing? Has he woken up yet?” She asked

“No, I spoke with the doctor today taking care of him today but he’s still in a vegetative state” Andrew answered

“What’s a vegetative state?” Linda asked

“It’s a state where the patient drifts into coma indefinitely with no way of knowing when he’ll wake up or if he’ll wake up” Andrew explained

“Is it possible for me to be a doctor like you guys when I grow up?” Linda asked

“Why do you want to be a doctor?”

“Just in case, if my Dad is still asleep when I grow up, then I’ll be the one to wake her up” she said and I smiled

“Sure, you can be a doctor, all you need to do is work hard and your dreams will come true” I assured

“Thank you Jasmine” she said as she hugged me again

“Why are you guys always excluding me from the hugs?” Andrew complained and we laughed

Then Linda went to hug him too….

šŸ’Š Susan’s POV šŸ’Š

“The Prime Minister’s daughter is coming to the hospital to get admitted to today and the Prime Minister is bringing her himself” I said to Ryan over the phone

šŸ—Øļø Okay, you know our plan right? You mustn’t fail me

“I’ve never failed you Ryan and I certainly won’t this time” I assured

šŸ—Øļø Good, bye then, call me when the first phase of the plan is done

He ended the call and I put the phone back in my pocket

I kinda pity doc Alex, he’s going to face so much trouble when the Prime Minister’s daughter dies on his operation table

But he deserves it, he shouldn’t have got in Ryan’s bad side cause Ryan always win

I came out of the washroom and went straight to doctor Alex’s office

Both Andrew and Jasmine are already there

“Why are you here so late? I thought I told everyone to be here by exactly 9am” doctor Alex said

“Am sorry doc, I actually came early, I just had to use the washroom” I said

“Just have a sit” he said and I sat down with everyone

“Am sure you all know we have a very important surgery coming up soon, the Prime Minister’s daughter was diagnosed with brain tumor and we’ll have to operate on her but just like a patient we once operated she also has sickle cell anemia and we’ll be using the same procedure to operate on her. The Prime Minister will be bringing her to get admitted here today so I want everyone on there best behavior, if anything goes wrong because if any of you, I won’t ever forgive you” he said

“Yes doctor” we all said

“I’ll be performing a the pre-surgery test when she comes right?” I asked

“There’s no need for that, am going to carry all the tests on her personally”

“But doctor, am the anesthesiologist, I should be the one to perform the tests” I said

“I said there won’t be any need Susan” he said curtly and I sighed

“Yes doc”

“You can all go but don’t wander too far cause we’ll all be going to welcome the Prime Minister when he comes”

“Yes doctor” we all said

We came out of the office and I stood confused outside the door

How am I supposed to inject the Prime Minister’s daughter with the drug if am not the one attending to her?
I guess I’ll just have to find another way

“Are you okay Susan? You seem distracted” Jasmine said

“Am…. Am fine thanks”

šŸ’Š Alex’s POV šŸ’Š

“Welcome to the National hospital Mr Prime Minister” the director said with a bow and we all bowed along with him

The Prime Minister and his convoy just arrived we all gathered at the entrance of the hospital to welcome him

“You must be the Director of our Nation’s national hospital, thank you for always promoting the country’s image with your good work” the Prime Minister said as he shook hands with the Director

“Thank you Sir” the director said

“And you must be Doctor Alexander Sanchez” the Prime Minister said turning to me and I quickly shook his hand

“Yes Sir”

“It’s a pleasure to finally be able to meet one of the country’s finest doctor”

“The pleasure is all mine Sir, if I may ask, where is your daughter?” I asked

“At the rooftop” he said and I looked up

A helicopter was landing on the hospital rooftop

“I have a lot of political enemies you know and I couldn’t risk coming to the same hospital in the same car with my daughter in case my convoy gets attacked” he explained

“Sure, we perfectly understand, please let’s go in” the director said and we all went inside the hospital


The Prime Minister and his daughter was taken to the VVIP room in the hospital and I went to the room with my surgery team

“Doctor Alex” the Prime Minister called immediately I entered the room

“You requested to see the surgery team that will be operating on your daughter”

“Yeah, so will you all be in the O. R with my daughter?” He asked and I nodded

“This is Jasmine, my surgical assistant, Susan my anaesthesiologist and Andrew my surgical assistant” I introduced

“Welcome Mr Prime Minister” they all bowed

“It’s nice to meet you all” he said with a smile “I hope you all will be able to help my daughter”

“We’ll try our best” I said and he laughed silently

“Her name is Olivia, she’s my only daughter and she’s everything to me, did you say you’ll try your best? Many people have tried their best but still failed, most of the doctors that diagnosed my daughter told me she has no chance at life so I don’t care about your best doctor, what I care about is for the surgery to be successful” he said

“You are here because am your only hope, your last resort but not to worry Mr Prime Minister, no one’s dies on my operation table” I assured

“For both our sakes I hope you are right, if you succeed in this surgery it will be known Worldwide that you operated on my daughter and you succeeded, am sure the World Health Organization will certainly find that interesting and they will name you the best Neurosurgeon in the world, then you’ll be quite the rare gem” he said

“When I succeed in your daughter surgery and the WHO decides to name me the best Neurosurgeon in the world, it won’t be because I operated on your daughter, it will be because I operated on a patient that’s at a late stage of brain tumor whom is also a sickle cell, so it won’t be because of your connection, I’ll get the recognition with my skills” I said and the Prime Minister laughed loudly

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“Would you like to be the Queen’s personal doctor Mr Alexander Sanchez?” He asked

“No” I replied

“Why? We are talking about the Queen of England here, you’ll earn much money than you’ll ever imagine”

“Am sure that’s true but I’ll also be limited and restricted, I’ll only be able to treat the Queen and no one else, I won’t be able to achieve anything, it’s just like putting a leash on a dog so that he’ll only serve his master and no one else and I can’t be like that, I have a goal, an ambition and until I achieve that, I can’t afford to be put on a leash like a dog” I said and he laughed again

He then stood up and patted my shoulder

“At least now I know that even if you are offered money by my political opponents to kill my daughter in the operation room, you won’t succumb” he said with a smile

“Can we examine your daughter now Sir?” I asked

“Sure, don’t let me stop you” he said as he made way for me to pass to his daughter’s bed

“How long has she been unconscious?” I asked as I examined her eyes

“Since last night, it’s been happening alot nowadays, she sleeps off for hours and only wake up for a few minutes then she loses consciousness again, she also gets into seizure sometimes” he said

“We need to perform some test on her” I said as I took a syringe and drew her blood

“Just in case there are any other complications we should know about before the surgery” I explained

“Sure” the Prime Minister said

“We’ll also need to perform a full body scan” I said

“I already did, I have her result right here” the Prime Minister said as he opened his briefcase and gave me the results

“Why did you wait so long to bring her to the hospital Prime Minister, the tumor has grown so large and if it grows any further, even I won’t be able to save her” I said

“I told you before, everyone told me she was gonna die, I only got hope when I heard you successfully operated on a brain tumor patient with anemia” he said

“Anyway, you can take this” I said as I gave him back the scanning results

“Don’t you need it?” He asked

“I’ll like to perform my own tests myself, just in case”

“Okay then” he said

The heart rate monitor connected to the Prime Minister’s daughter started beeping loudly while the daughter was shaking rapidly

“She’s having a seizure!” I said and Jasmine quickly ran to me

“Help me turn her to her sides, it should help relax the muscles and if we are lucky, stops the seizure” I said and she nodded

We turned her to her side but the seizure didn’t stop

“It’s not working doctor” Jasmine said

“Ummm….. Get me the autoinjector, fast!!” I yelled and Jasmine quickly ran out of the room to get it

“Doctor” the Prime Minister called and I turned to look at him

“The autoinjector is used to temporarily stop a seizure in case of emergency, it will help your daughter” I explained

Jasmine came with the injection and I quickly found a muscle and injected on the Prime Minister’s daughter

Moments later she calmed down and I sighed

“The seizure was pretty extreme, we might not be able to save her if she gets a seizure again so we have no time to waste, if you want your daughter to live we have to perform the surgery now” I said to the Prime Minister

“Right now?” He asked and I nodded “Okay, you may go ahead”

“Jasmine take this to the lab and get it tested right now, report back to me if there are any complications” I said as I gave her the vial of the blood I took from the Prime Minister’s daughter and she left

“When did you perform the body scan that you just showed me the result?” I asked the Prime Minister

“Yesterday” he answered

“I would’ve wanted to carry out the body scanning personally but there’s no time so I guess I’ll just have to use your results”

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“Sure, it’s authentic, it was performed by my personal doctor in my presence” he said and I nodded

“Susan, administer anesthesia to the patient and get her ready for surgery”

“Yes doctor” Susan replied

“And Andrew, go to the O. R, prepare the place for the surgery and get everything we need”

“Okay doctor” he replied and left

I was also about leaving and the Prime Minister held my hand

“You must save my daughter, if anything happens to my daughter, you’ll regret ever being a doctor” he said

“Right now, your daughter is just my patient and no patient of mine dies in my operation table” I assured and he let go of my hand and I left

šŸ’Š Susan’s POV šŸ’Š

“Can I have the room please, I need some privacy to do my work” I said to the Prime Minister

“Don’t mind me, just assume am not here” he said as he kept staring at me

I sighed and continued administering the required drugs

Why won’t this man give me some privacy so that I can give her the injection Ryan gave me!

I’ll just have to give her the injection when am taking her to the O. R

But before that, I need to do something else

“Please Sir can you tell me what the time is?” I asked and looked at his wristwatch

I said as I quickly brought out a letter Ryan gave me from my pocket and dropped it on the desk beside the bed

“10: 32am” he said and I smiled

“Thanks, am done, I’ll be taking your daughter to the O. R now” I said as I started wheeling the bed out of the room and he followed me

“Am sorry Sir but you can’t follow me, you won’t be allowed in the operation room”

“I know, I just want to follow you till you get to the door of the Operation room” he said and I sighed

“I really do not mean to say this but you make me uncomfortable Sir and I get nervous when I feel someone’s eyes always on me so if you want me to perform my job effectively, trust me and stop watching me like a hawk watchs it prey” I said and he chuckled

“Am sorry, I just have trust issues, you may go on”

“You’ll be notified when the surgery is starting” I said as I wheeled the patient away

I continued walking and when I confirmed that the Prime Minister was no longer in sight, I found a corner with no camera and quickly administered the injection Ryan gave me

Then I wheeled the patient to the O. R

šŸ’Š Prime Minister’s POV šŸ’Š

I sighed as I went back to the hospital room

I just really have a bad feeling right now and I hope nothing happens to my daughter

I walked to the table where I kept my phone and I saw a white envelope beside it

“What’s this?”

I opened the envelope and it was a letter

šŸ“ƒ Doctor Alexander Sanchez is planning on killing your daughter in the operation room, she won’t survive the surgery


………to be continued……….


What will the Prime Minister do?
Will his daughter survive the surgery? Or will Doctor Alex be accused of murder in the end?